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We've already won. This is the comfiest hold of the year.

Whitepaper: https://www.ghostbymcafee.com/pdfs/Ghost_by_McAfee_Whitepaper.pdf

Guys, /biz/ has had ample time to fill their bags with delicious eshies.
Now with the Whitepaper dropped we should have McAfee start his Shill run.

its time to spam out the following website:
hopefully with the shilling it should be picked up with keywords and is easy anough for the public to understand.
I had grander plans but they fell through and had to knock this up overnight. As information regarding airdrop is made available I will add it in

The links to the YouTube Videos are (some of /biz/ could do with watching them):
Metamask install: https://youtu.be/9tSr1qJoqEY [Embed] [Embed]
Buying on McAfeedex: https://youtu.be/NFCjLtlSSJE [Embed] [Embed]

Spam any crypto channels, reddit, forums etc. tweet it to McAfee see if he retweets
get it out there and get them buying. let them think they are a #realtrader

I did have idex and mercotox vids however issues meant I had to redo what i could last night.
I may add them back in if I have time. but im pretty tired from nearly 2 weeks of constant shill to you fucks.
I will add in stuff from the whitepaper to make it look more appealing.

Ghostie Airdrop is 9 days of shilling, 9 days of PUMP, 9 days of $$$ away.

McAfeedex should be be getting a lot busier once the burger populace get hold. so if you're a seller thats where you need to be

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Aisle seat ghostboi checking in. Has ESH/ghost been shilled on reddit yet?

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Holding 200 esh right now. I heard ghost could hit $40 in the next year. I should buy more esh right? Spoon feed me like the tard I am

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There is no reddit presence on this coin. Its up to each and everyone of you to shill this RIGHT NOW!!!

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it's an equal or greater value item than the $60 monero. whatcha think?

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yeah, it got shilled sub $1, and all they did was fud the hell out of it. that's why this is so comfy of a hodl

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Oh fuck... checked.

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It shall become reality. Checked

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40$ try double that as a conservative estimate

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We're going to make it

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Patriots! ghost will shit on the elite

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I have 3k ESH. once I get my ghost will I be able to exchange my switch for ETH instantly as soon as I click sell? or does someone have to buy it? if so does that mean that if no one buys I cant get out with my money?

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we going ghost recon boys

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You can literally test this right now with Uniswap. Turn 1 ESH into ETH, send it to Coinbase, and withdraw. Simple as

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Do you understand how crypto works? Who are you selling too if there is no buyer? Think anon..

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$30 by 25 may.

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Yall think theres gonna be a massive pump a couple hours before the airdrop?

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Problyl more likely to go down those last couple hours. Esp cuz you have to have it off the exchanges to get ghost.
Until then though...

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better than most TA posts here

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it's dump motherfukers, do something!

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I'm going to be camping the 25th with no service shit is going to be nerve-wracking coming back to esh dump before I can sell but I'm in it for the ghosties above all.

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I hope there's no mass sell off on the 24th
otherwise it was all in vain for ghosty

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initial supply: 13,573,415 ghost
$ 2 = 27,146,830 market cap, it's nothing!
$ 3 = 40,720,245 it's nothing!
$ 4 = 54,293,660 it's nothing!
think that at 100 rank position there is now fucking HyperCash with $ 46,031,752

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What the fuck did you mean by this pajeet

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He means that compared to other shittier projects, Ghost is still at 1/4 the marketcap of things not even on the chart.

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I see. But the supply of ghost will actually increase over time

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he's saying at $4 the market cap is nothing, and that it should easily surpass that

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yes like all the other coins, so what?

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anon, I wish we had a way to buy puts on this shit, these fags are beyond pitiful, they deseve to be poor they are so fucking dumb.
>can I switch to eth as soon as I hit sell or does someone need to buy it
HAHAHAHAHA remind me to do one of these sometime.
Where did you retards first hear about ghost? Here, twitter, reddit?

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Isn’t that what keeps some of these coins from being as valuable?

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>crayons on a cmc chart
Are you selling any puts against yourself nigger? You have to be mixed race, not even an inbred white would be so stupid

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that means its going to be worth far more for each one

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>what is slippage
the other day one of you actually said this. You are too retarded for your own good. Cash out a quarter at least, see I’m compromising. I have no stake in this pnd, but times are fucked, don’t at least withdrawal 3x your initial

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yes a shitty project with 1298372189334523237238728 of supply

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whats so special about this Ghost ( I read the wp)

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its based and quite possibly redpilled

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We literally did not fud we said buy buy buy because Mcaffee is god tier shill and this is his coin

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yes but but how... mcafee shlled skycoin, member

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I sing that song pretty after not fapping for 3 days

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What is ghost and what is esh?

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>Resolves privacy / regulatory issues regarding decentralized exchanges as present in Monero
>Token it's forking has ~2 years of trading and active development from the Switch team
>First privacy coin / decentralized exchange combo
>McAfee has been a key figure in cryptocurrency since its inception and has been publicly dreaming up his ideal token for years
>McAfee is an insane rich Chad who without question is looking at this as an opportunity to dethrone BTC
>McAfee has name recognition as being an early tech breakout success story and normie familiarity
>His highly memetic character all but guarantees an absolutely insane ride on personality alone
>It's symbol is a spooky ghost
$45 by July

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Fuck bros. I have an open limit order at 0.055 and 0.035 thinking I might pick up a few extra if a whale dumps. Don't think it is going to get filled

I wish I could hug the anon who posted about this, I never fall for shilling but this post was quality enough for me to throw in large ETH but not amount I care about losing. Sold only 2000 ESH and that made 3x ETH I put in and I am now sitting on a very comfy stack of ESH for free, either I can buy 5 less lambos if it moons or I will have made 3x on ETH if it crashes. Thank you anon. You are why we are all going to make it.

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And what is switch

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another John's movie has to come out

>> No.19146773

Don't know any blacks, but you sound like one.
I use my tools, not exchange.
Use exchange tools and see how you go, loser.

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How do I get Ghost?
I don't understand how it works.
I buy Esh, how many do I buy do receive the airdrop?
I see 3 exchanges on Coinmarketcap.
Please help

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I think you don't need ghost, just esh. Esh is over 10,000% right now there must be billionaires amongst us

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Ghost will be delivered via airdrop to addresses holding ESH (Switch). It's suppsoed to be 1:1 ratio. To acquire ESH, trade ETH for it on IDEX and then withdraw the ESH to your metamask account before the airdrop.

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Oh fuck. Ghostie reporting in ridiculously checked ghostie with call to attention.

>> No.19146936

Ahh, and now the scam all makes sense. Ghost will be worthless and ESH will dump to zero.

>> No.19146961

Please explain instead of just saying “going to zero, going to zero” while flailing your arms like a fucking idiot.

>> No.19146964

unless the whitepaper is fixed this will drop massively sometime after the airdrop

>> No.19146980

The Whitepaper is a good 28 page read. Give screenshots instead of baseless fud.

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sitting on a nice payday of 200 ESH right now and tripled my money, shall I get more or just hodl and appreciate what I can?

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Is MEW also good enough?
What about Ledger wallet?
Can I keep my ESH on an exchange to receive Ghost?
Idex and Mercatox seem to be the best exchanges on Coinmarketcap.

>> No.19147090

The whitepapers recommend against keeping esh on the exchanges. Metamask, mew, and ledger are all good options to get your ghosties. As they say not your private keys not your coins.

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Yes, MEW is fine, I assume ledger is but not sure.
Don't keep ESH on the exchange - make sure you withdraw it to your own address to receive Ghost. Idex is probably the best option for non-burgers.

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>tfw jeets hopped on the train straight to the moon way before any of us did

damn, this little nigga must have made some mad fucking rupee for his village in bangalore. Cow dung for many many years to come sirs

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From the WP:
>At May 25, 2020: 13,573,415 GHOST
>By June 2022: 15,087,292 GHOST
>By June 2040: 30,226,069 GHOST
>* Calculated and will potentially be lower due to burning fees and other factors.

It's not increasing for years, and will only be at 30 million (still very low) in 2040. 20-fucking-40. This will have a lower circulating supply than Monero (which is currently over 60 dollars) for literal decades. I think we're fine.

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GHOST Will be a white man's coin.
If you are ethnic you should sell right now before you get GHOSTED.com

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corded ware gho$t/grimm chad reporting in

>> No.19148235

As soon as the normies get on this we go to $10

>> No.19148269

Why doesn't biz orchestrate a whole ad campaign on normiebook or something.
We already have a funnel website.

>> No.19148423

Bros, I got my ESH safe on my Metamask wallet.
Do I need to add Ghost address to my wallet in order to receive them on the 25th? Or will I receive it regardless? Please help! Thanks!

>> No.19148443

wait for an exchange. normies cant use idex

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Need more ghost memes. I am weak af at photoshop but here’s an attempt. I know we have some masters in here.

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Mcafee is a massive faggot who would be anything associated with him
Isn’t this the retard that is supposed to eat his own dick?

>> No.19148515

Mercatox is burger friendly

>> No.19148527

Stay poor

>> No.19148532

he is supposed to eat his own dick? What a colorful, attention worthy individual. I must scan all his major projects, as well as him prersonaly

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I’m trying to bait some redditors

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Listen the fuck up if you wanna make money.

A lot of people want to own ghost. You can do it one of three ways: holding ESH, holding SDEX, or holding DESH.

1 SDEX = 1250 GHOST
1 DESH = 250 GHOST

Right now everyone is buying ESH to get ghost. But they don’t know that ghost is way fucking cheaper buy getting it through sdex and desh.
I’ll show you.

1 sdex = 1250 ghost
1 sdex = 22 ETH
1 ghost = 0.0176 ETH


1 ESH = 1 ghost
1 ESH = 0.114 ETH
1 ghost = 0.114 ETH

All these fucking idiots that are trying to buy ghost are buying it at a fucking 10x premium by going through ESH. You can get ghost by holding sdex and it’s way the fuck cheaper. You can also do the same with desh.

1 desh = 250 ghost
1 desh = 4 eth
1 ghost = 0.016 eth

See, way the fuck cheaper. And I used ask prices for both desh and sdex. This is what you can literally market buy, although I wouldn’t do that. Set a low ball limit buy just above the largest bid. Easy 10x for both from here.

>> No.19148758

>1 ESH = 0.114 ETH
Stop shilling.

>> No.19148764

Is it too late to get in on this? What are your current returns?

>> No.19148779

Dumb nigger trying to get people to buy your bags

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Holy shit nice

>> No.19148802

I'm jelly.
Man why do I always hear about this crap so late.

Where would you go to, to get new shitcoins hot off the presses?

>> No.19148809

My birthday is on the 25th
what did mcafee mean by this bros

>> No.19148814

Unironically here

>> No.19148820

Why the fuck is eth on mcafeedex only worth $139? I bought this eth for $200 just moments ago

>> No.19148826

Happy early bday fren!
I turn 21 today! Feeling comfy even though I only have 1k ESH

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I've seen this ghost train general crap for weeks now and ignored it. Fuck me.

>> No.19148838

Ive been shilling this for nearly 2 weeks now.
Their ticker is stale dont worry about.
just worry about vits/esh

>> No.19148839


>> No.19148855

>wonder why its lagging
>all these fuckers selling

Check the market trades on IDEX. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.19148856

Its not too late anon, still sub 3 dollar

>> No.19148866

I'm worrying cause I should be getting 250 esh but I'm only getting 175 esh

>> No.19148875

me too anon, we're predestined to make it
how old will you be? it tells how bi you will make it

>> No.19148905

ignore any $ value it isnt represantive of your eth
just make sure you are paying the least amount of vits for your esh

>> No.19148906

fucking 10x difference between me buying 2 Days later.
how much did you cash out? from the 6k i have 2700 left of which i will sell 1700 before the swap.

>> No.19148918

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhJXIOEbvKY Good talk by Mcafee from last year basically explaining the idea behind Ghosties

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You're right I get it now I'm just retarded

>> No.19148942

I have over 40k and haven’t cashed out any. Claiming all my ghosties and I wanna run at least one masternode if not two

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File: 35 KB, 700x700, 4a5001b7beea096457f480c8808572428b-09-roll-safe.rsquare.w700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.19149317


$10 EOW

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okay i've done my due diligence and trawled thru the threads, but i couldn't find an answer to my question, so i'm just gonna ask:
do we need to add any additional contract/coin to our wallet IN ADDITION to adding the ESH contract?
i have the ESH in my Metamask wallet, but do i need to add Ghost? what is the symbol, GHC?
>inb4 read wp
i did, and i didn't see anything. this is my first airdrop and i want to do it right.

>> No.19149324

My birthday was when he did the first announce

>> No.19149339

No, only after the airdrop you can add the ghost contract address. The ghost will drop to your address no matter if you have the token contract added in metamask or not.

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>[Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>> No.19149354

Shit like this makes me so excited for esh and ghost. So many newfags with no idea dumping money into it has to be bullish

>> No.19149369

but ghost is not a erc-20 right? how can it be send o metamask?

>> No.19149494

thanks, anon

>> No.19149515

Seconding this

>> No.19149540


>> No.19149541

You use the same address. It will arrive but until you add the token it wont show up in the wallet

>> No.19149557

Based and ghostpilled
I wish you the strongest hands. Godspeed

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Pretty cool, thanks

>> No.19149632

This and checked

>> No.19149652

Finally the meme I was waiting for!

>> No.19149656

thats pretty damn cool desu, it keeps the hype going even further now until the portal trade. holy shit this is gonna keep pumping through june in the anticipation of thew GHOST mainnet

>> No.19149669

it's ready to blow


it's time to make this happen. how can we organise and follow through? who will lead us?

>> No.19149675

ATH btw

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john of course, just follow his signal.

>> No.19149694

esh going up same time as eth, dual rockets

>> No.19149730

Link me a presentation by McAfee that demonstrates his crypto and technological proficiency. I want to hear the words from his mouth not his ghostwriter

>> No.19149736

i noticed this to

>> No.19149788

Mainnet close to drop. I'm expecting $20 ghost by mainnet

>> No.19149790


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ATH at 2.41
I'm really starting to believe I'm going to make it. I'm finally going to make it.

>> No.19149825

And people think Craig doesnt inspire confidence kek. Also his guitar technique is bad and he should he feel bad

>> No.19149862
File: 17 KB, 229x292, 1367276_13320_720b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if that video doesn't inspire you and give you confidence, i can't help you.

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>asking me to trade on idex
>esh/eth pair has market liquidity of Rai stones

what the fuck is this shit, there is absolutely zero liquidity

>> No.19149877

You guys think we might see $3 today?

>> No.19149882

I asked for a demonstration of technical knowledge not memes. This is obviously a CIA project and McAfee is the frontman

>> No.19149884

how many coins do you have anon?
1k here, just going to wait for ghosties and not try to sell early because i didnt invest that much
50/50 on if i'll end up regretting not selling early right now

>> No.19149901

>doubting McAfee
>doubting glowniggers
stay poor

>> No.19149916

I'll take the NSA over the CIA anyday in a glownig tech gauntlet

>> No.19149978
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>tfw too late on another opportunity
>tfw jeets are still going to tell me to buy now to bump up the value of coins they got for fractions of a cent

is there still time at least to get on this before cuckddit?

>> No.19150004
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The greed is getting to me bros

I have 2k esh I only spent about 2k on, but I want more. I'm thinking of selling some of my collectibles to afford more ghost. I've tasted the blood in the water and I can't fucking stand not having more. What do I do?

>> No.19150007
File: 34 KB, 467x502, 1342654_00840_1920c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look, man i'm not going to suck your dick into buying this shit. if at this point you still need convincing, i don't know what to tell you. you've either showed up here today, or have ignored it until now, and you want someone else to do a fucking presentation on John McAfee's technical prowess.
it sounds like you have already made up your mind, but are experiencing a bit of FOMO.
you are still early, and you can make money.
if you're not on biz to make money, you might enjoy facebook, twitter, instagram, and reddit more.

>> No.19150008

we have a good 4-5 days until the pre "news" dumps
expect at least 10% a day in that time but who knows beyond

>> No.19150027

Anon I can only afford 90 ESH TOTAL
Stop being greedy. Profit is profit, this won't be the only crypto to moon

>> No.19150053

Imagine the kind of power you could have though, anon. The more money the more power,if this is guaranteed to make more money that guarantees me more power

>> No.19150076

Literally not what I said. I want to HEAR john mcafee directly demonstrate his technological prowess. Protip, he can't, because hes a frontman and has none. Honestly I have ignored Ghost up to this point and decided to check out a general. I've been very disappointed pls step your shill game up with facts over memes.

>> No.19150083

You are investing with feelings again, anon. You will only make yourself miserable doing that.

Take your profits and be happy until the next big crypto comes. We will all make it, but not at once

>> No.19150098

Stop imagining and stay on the ground you faggot.

>> No.19150107
File: 87 KB, 750x750, 1449521_02920_1920c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>honestly, i have ignored ghost up to this point
i know. you should continue to ignore it. you were on the right track.
why are you even in here? other than to try and shrink our raging Ghost boners?

>> No.19150109

Jesus Christ imagine being this retarded. Crypto is smoke and mirrors, McAfee could just be snorting coke off a hookers tits all day and it wouldn’t matter.

>> No.19150123

May 24th the roadmap and other info is released

>> No.19150140

GHOST to the moon

>> No.19150158

But we're going so much higher than this, aren't we?

>> No.19150172

Yes but so will hundreds of other cryptos

>> No.19150189

I was genuinely curious because I didnt know much about McAfee. But then you linked me that atrocity so now I know what I'm dealing with. You have been helpful so I do thank you. I will not be back. Oregeno'd this whole time

>> No.19150199

Probably because the SEC might get involved if you actually structure a proper pump and dump campaign.

>> No.19150201


Why cash out so early, you are going to miss the ghosttrain?

>> No.19150231

Sociology experiments suggest people will betray always for the Honda.

>> No.19150248


>> No.19150264 [DELETED] 

WTF it was leaked to Uniswap


>> No.19150278

interesting scam idea. appreaciate the effort!

>> No.19150289

increase the gas to 20-30 gwei at least

>> No.19150301

How long did this take you to set up?

>> No.19150330

nice scam pajeet

>> No.19150361 [DELETED] 


Token address:


>> No.19150376

nice scam poo in the loo

>> No.19150400

Ding Ding

All aboard the ghost train, $3 here we come.

>> No.19150421 [DELETED] 

What price can we expect in 6 months based on tokenomics?

>> No.19150452
File: 399 KB, 675x350, E003A396-21FB-44BA-8C36-E95E8CFE27EA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





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All right faggots, bought into this pnd merely for shits and giggles, when do we dump? Any /biz/ telegram group for getting the memo?

>> No.19150473

tfw fud + fomo
poorfag that doesn't want to lose from ESH dump post airdrop but also doesn't want to miss Ghost bucks from dumping myself

>> No.19150474

The drop of Ghost makes it too unpredictable. Hard to say if people will hold after the airdrop or not

>> No.19150479

How does 80 trillion dollars sound?

>> No.19150501

The first major dump will be from $20 down to $15

>> No.19150508

20$? ESH or Ghost?

>> No.19150525

i mean i did a 5x and still only sold 50% many people would declare me insane

>> No.19150565


Still you gained some money that's better than most of /biz/

>> No.19150583 [DELETED] 

Why not make it 80 quadrillion while you're at it?

>> No.19150591

How the fuck do I do that?

>> No.19150605 [DELETED] 

Holy shit, you actually waited that long before researching why it was taking so long?

Holy shit.

>> No.19150608

well i still have 2700 esh left and that seems more then most here

>> No.19150636

Sounds good fren, see you on my 500 mile long yacht!

>> No.19150685

I tried transferring yesterday. Said it would take 23 hours. I'm new to this shit. I mostly use /ptg/. I only ever have ~$100 a month to trade. I got into XIO when it was 5 cents, and I've had 2 ETH sitting in a wallet since before it was $1

>> No.19150686

why the fuck would you shill ESH now? If you're going to shill, do it AFTER the ghostdrop

>> No.19150690

I'll ask here since I know lots of you are using IDEX paired with Metamask: I can't seem to buy though Wyre with my debit card anymore - I tried three different ones, still giving me the same errors

For reference, I mean like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAMcRpNsltY

Did they fix this?

>> No.19150701

i use metamask, so it has a button that says "speed up"
then i go to advanced tab, and set gwei.
20 works for me most of the time for quick transactions, but sometimes its busy and i have to go higher

>> No.19150705

what exchange is ghost going to be on? I dont want ESH only Ghost

>> No.19150711


Correct, I have about 2000 and 1 SDEX

>> No.19150760

I'm trying that, and it keeps crashing on me. I can't even move my ETH back to my original wallet now. Fuck, I'm frustrated

>> No.19150769

From leaked claim process:

You have ESH in your wallet for the snapshot
you are airdropped a ghost erc20 token
this token can be traded immediatley on the exchanges.
when main net is up in June there will be a portal where you swap your erc20 ghost for proper ghost hosted on the ghost blockchain.
that new ghost will be traded on the exchanges and hopefully more.
monday there is anouncement of new exchange listing ghost.

>> No.19150788
File: 133 KB, 960x826, the coincidence of life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tg link= GHOSTTRAIN21642

>> No.19150806

this means you add t.me like with any tg link

>> No.19150845

which exchange are you using? i used McAfeedex and i an into some delays, but eventually it worked
one time i was freaking out and cancelled several times, which caused a fucking traffic jam and it took hours to sort itself out.
try reloading you wallet, then try adjusting gas
you can also set your default gas price higher in your wallet so you don't have to redo it every time

>> No.19150867

Heard a whisper earlier that new GHOST will be hosted on APL mainnet also.. stacked up just in case

>> No.19150906 [DELETED] 

Look up your address on https://etherscan.io and click the Txn Hash for the transaction in question. Then, click "Click to see More", and you will see the Nonce of the transaction.

In Metamask (https://metamask.io), go to Settings and set it to allow custom nonces. Then, go to Uniswap and create a new swap transaction, set the gas price high enough (see ethgasstation.info), then set the nonce to the one you saw on Etherscan for the stuck transaction. Then send the new transaction.

The nonce of a transaction is used to establish the order of transactions from the same account. There can be only one transaction for each nonce. So by using the same nonce as your stuck transaction, you're replacing it.

>> No.19150930

What the fuck is up with windows and mcafeedex, keeps asking me to "insert your security key into the usb port" but im using metamask and have no security key

>> No.19150970

just press cancel idk why it happens. shit website desu haha

>> No.19150990 [DELETED] 

Isn't mcafeedex just a frontend for Uniswap? Why not go to Uniswap.exchange?

>> No.19150999

Why does anyone care about selling ESH back. I thought the whole purpose of buying ESH was to get ghost. You are essentially buying ghost right now and ESH is just left over. Who cares if it crashed after ghost airdrop? Or do I not understand this project. I have no ghost btw.

>> No.19151009

this makes me laff so much because it's britbong slang for pedos

>> No.19151024

just close it. it doesn't do anything

>> No.19151057 [DELETED] 

Yeah, it's especially funny hearing Brits use it in its blockchain meaning. For example, Gavin Wood, in his Yellow Paper (the specification for Ethereum).

>> No.19151091

i fucing bought 40$ worth (1000 ESH) i swear if i get 50 ETH out of this i'm so super happy. my lost eth.

reminds me of XMR which i sadly sold at 2$ being a total n00b. this time i wont do that mistake.

>> No.19151113

Where did you get this info from

>> No.19151123
File: 29 KB, 282x232, clean up aisle 7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't look now, anons, but this is on the catalog right now. it's both based and disgusting, but he has a point.

>> No.19151136

tfw you know ghost token is just going to be the price of esh at the time of transfer and it will take forever to actually be able to buy and sell ghost on a reputable exchange

Im just waiting for the ghost dump

>> No.19151176 [DELETED] 

>it will take forever to actually be able to buy and sell ghost on a reputable exchange

It will take about 1 minute for it to have a decent amount of liquidity on Uniswap. After an hour, it will probably have as much liquidity as any pleb needs.

>> No.19151193

Can anyone explain to me why having my money in an exchange would be different than having it in a regular wallet when it comes to the airdrop?

Aren't exchange wallets identified in exactly the same way as all other wallets?

>> No.19151241

based retard

>> No.19151250

i'm assuming this, but my caveman understanding is that if you keep it in an exchange wallet, the exchange itself would absorb your airdropped ghost.
you should move it to one of the wallets listed in the white paper.

>> No.19151266

my pleb understanding: they dont actually have a wallet for you thats why its instant, they just change a number in a database
when you withdraw is the first time a coin is moved

>> No.19151357 [DELETED] 

When you send cryptocurrency to an exchange, you're sending it to accounts for which THEY have the private keys, which means it becomes theirs. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they give you a credit of equal value in their centralized (non-blockchain) database. You're trusting them to honor that credit and to give you back your crypto if you want it or to send fiat to your bank account if you want it.

The reason you need to have your ESH off of an exchange is because the exchange will probably not credit you with GHOST when it is airdropped into their accounts. They never promised you that they would credit you with anything other than the token that you sent to them.

>> No.19151405

So I bought eth on coinbase but won't let me access it says I need to wait 10 days!

>> No.19151444 [DELETED] 

Yikes, sweety.

>> No.19151452

you've missed the boat then m8
coinbase has always been instant for me, maybe you can email them or something

>> No.19151485

Metamask's safe to store your ESH for the ghostdrop, right?

>> No.19151495

this coin is going to dump so god damn hard a day or two before the swap.

>> No.19151499

Thanks very much, this makes sense.

>> No.19151554

clearly i'm too fucking stupid for this shit. i have my etherwallet and MEWconnect on my phone. how the fuck do i see my private key so i can link it to meta mask?

Wtf mayne

>> No.19151567

you need to buy with a debit card, not bank account

>> No.19151597

Potentially, but it's still 1-1, so your amount of ESH determines the amount of ghost you get and ghost itself is probably going to be forced to enter the market at the same price as ESH in order to not instantly give a ton of people a high valued crypto they would instantly sell.

If Ghost is more expensive then everyone would just instantly sell Ghosts.

If Ghost is less expensive then it would be easier to get Ghost directly from exchanges - though admittedly you risk missing the pump.

>> No.19151612 [DELETED] 

Just send your ETH/tokens to your Metamask account. No need to import an account.

>> No.19151616

just like the whitepaper right

>> No.19151618

Do not bother linking it anon, just send the crypto to your MetaMask via the code provided under the account name.

>> No.19151645


is this the only planned way to release tokens

>> No.19151660

A lot of Ghost is probably going to get locked then which is bullish. The only thing I'm worried about is Mcaffee is wanted in the US which may lead to legal troubles with his coin hurting its value

>> No.19151666

Continuing from this >>19151618

Linking accounts can take a while and honestly, you do not have a while. This could seriously pump because of the announcement on Monday, let alone the potential gains you will miss if you mess around linking the accounts.

You have time to link the accounts afterwards - but even then, why would you? Not sure what you gain from having the accounts linked?

>> No.19151728

Checked and coincidencepilled.

>> No.19151730

Nononononononono wrong. The more liquidity on smaller exchanges the better

>> No.19151734

Probably not honestly, but the early adopters are always the ones to make the most gain.

Say if we don't get a mass hype/adoption via the announcement tomorrow - ESH would still likely be a minimum of $3 before the 25th.

1-1 would then occurs with GHOST starting at around $3, then by rolling it out to exchanges it could probably hit $4 or $5 - before its usability determines if it'll dump or pump.

If you get in now, you can ride the hype of the announcement and the ensuing pump, then use that as a method of choosing if you want to exit before or after the GHOST airdrop.

Personally I think ESH will be $5 when the 1-1 happens. GHOST will also be $5, rise to around $7 with exchanges hype and then proceed to consolidate to $6 before the market interest either pumps or dumps it.

>> No.19151762

bumping this, please help a brother buy more ESH, even just knowing it only affects me helps

>> No.19151849

Somebody forwarded me a message from a private telegram, apparently someone working with GHOST

>> No.19151853

>by rolling it out to exchanges
I don't think you'll ever see Ghost on other exchanges.
The whole point is that he wanted to create a privacycoin that could be traded on decentralized exchanges, specifically Mcaffeedex.
Because Monero can't be traded on a dex, which ruins the utility of a privacycoin because the exchange has your Monero address.
He wants Ghost traded exclusively on Mcaffeedex

>> No.19151914
File: 78 KB, 555x538, googie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IDEX Withdrawal limits unless you go full goy and submit your id

why is biz so ϲuϲked

>> No.19151920

What mcafee wants is irrelevant, exchanges will list this shit on their own.

>> No.19152018


>> No.19152044

No. Ghost is dropping the same number of coins as ESH. The remaining 75% is being released through 2040 like EVERY other currency.

>> No.19152083

I just spent 1,000$ for a little over 400 ESH. Did I fucked up?

>> No.19152100

>babby's first airdrop
Thanks for pumping my bags.

>> No.19152136

it will be going up by 10-20% for a few days still so definitely not, after that no one can tell you

>> No.19152154

You didn't even read the post two above yours.

>> No.19152303

So... Is this real or just FUD?

>> No.19152417

ESH supply is fixed.
There can only be ~13M
All of the ESH in an Ethereum wallet will be matched by a Ghost in the airdrop.

I'm not sure what you're asking.

>> No.19152538

see >>19152417

Once the snapshot has been taken wherever the esh was at that time is where the ghosties will be dropped to.

Esh can still be traded after that time.
erc20 ghost can be traded at that time
both have fixed supply.

when mainnet is online in June. all erc20 ghosties are traded in via a portal for real ghosties. these are the privacy ghosties on its own block chain.
once mainnet is up is when new ghosties start getting minted the supply will slowly increase until fully depleted approx 2040

esh will still be traded
erc20 ghosties are a placeholder for your real ghosties when mainnet comes online in June

>> No.19152734

Is it too late to buy? I've been in a depressive stupor for months and didn't do shit when I read about it just cats I didn't have the energy.

>> No.19152750

Buddy, this shit is easily going to $10 before the 25th. It isn't too late.

>> No.19152773

No, McAfee has not even turned on super shill mode yet. If he plays his cards right for us, we are going to eat so good, fren.

>> No.19152897

Alright I'm all in

>> No.19152929

where are the memes calling it the new bitcoin?

>> No.19152950
File: 13 KB, 225x225, j2PAj1cD_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19152967

ATTENTION: IDEX volume is down 2k and buyers are cut in half. Its only the 17th. Guys we need to shill this coin or growth will come to a halt. Spread the word EVERYWHERE. We need this to PUMP

>> No.19152985

anyone on the 1up train? How high we pumping it?

>> No.19153042

He's probably waiting for the mainnet launch.
He doesn't need more SEC up his ass.
So he waits until after the open source code for a decentralized network is already public, because then it's no longer "his" it's entirely decentralized.

>> No.19153053

Why can't I sell ESH on uniswap? It keeps saying my balance is zero for some reason.

>> No.19153073

have you added in the token contract?

>> No.19153147

>esh/eth pair has market liquidity of Rai stones
>rai stones

>> No.19153192

Nevermind it was the wrong ESH contract. Thanks lol

>> No.19153221
File: 28 KB, 620x413, 4F26964F-27C8-48F0-B596-3C3EFF430329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi biz

>> No.19153306

>clearly i'm too fucking stupid for this shit. i have my etherwallet and MEWconnect on my phone. how the fuck do i see my private key so i can link it to meta mask?

just make a new metamask wallet and send the money to the new ETH address?

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