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I think holo sucks

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Fuck jannies also

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faggot ure>>19128626

>> No.19128708

Look who has come back to report another one of my threads. I'll fucking destroy you

>> No.19128740

i didnt it, u faggot. ure a janny

>> No.19128753

You're a fucking whore for janny. You snitch on me to him.

>> No.19128765

fuckk off hole for bbc, i dont report none

>> No.19128788

Fuck off with your faggot fantasies. I'll fucking punch you until you sell all of your holo

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fuck hole , why do u rage. i bet u want a dick from tranny in ur ass. u dont have power to punch me, i will beat u to blood

>> No.19128831

I'm not raging faggot. I'll fucking snap your limp faggot wrists and bear your face with them. You won't even fucking know what hit you.

>> No.19128844

i just kill u with knife or mini14, faggot without balls

>> No.19128865

Kek you probably couldn't even pick up a knife with your limp wrists

>> No.19128882

but i can knee ur balls, babe lmao

>> No.19128902

I'll just recover and make you lick my boot. Your knee doesnt have enough power to keep me down for long

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Stfu lolicon baka

>> No.19128935

it have power, i tell it strong to knee ur balls, u faggot so dirty.
stop with ur pervert dreams, i will peee on ur face


>> No.19128960

Kek I will get my dirty boots and stomp on your face. How would you pee on me then?

>> No.19128980

pervert, caught and tie to tree and pee

>> No.19129002

I'm a pervert when you're saying you will tie me to a tree and piss on my face? How?

>> No.19129019

shut up, u interesting how i will pee on u. i will do pee bombs and throwing in ur gay face

>> No.19129037

Wtf is a pee bomb? Did you learn that from pajeet? You're a faggot pervert

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what the fuck is going on in here lol

>> No.19129058

water booms just with pee which kids use, ure a retard gipsy

>> No.19129067

Kek you aren't even strong enough to throw them. It would probably fall back on your face

>> No.19129081

im strong, im a power for beat ur balls, u will scream like a pig

>> No.19129097

Shut up about beating balls faglord. I could just pick you up and choke you before you even got to them

>> No.19129101

ure skinky poo cant do it, ure skinny skeleton with no power, lets punch u

>> No.19129124

Kek you're the fucking skeleton. I could just sit on you and break you

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i can kill u with my fucking ass, u faggot.

im a fat, u fag

>> No.19129170

No you have a skinny ass. You won't be breaking anything. Maybe I will crush your ass with my boots.

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thats was my real photo, thats me i paid to this whore

>> No.19129211

You won't gaslight me fag I know you're the skeleton whore. I'll fucking break you in two.

>> No.19129241

im a fat tattooed roastie in reality. thats real photo from me

>> No.19129465

are u dead, im kidding

>> No.19129512

Shut up fag. I'm tired. Maybe I will just go to sleep while you call janny on me

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nooo, stay here for tits

>> No.19129557

Wtf nipple is showing. Janny is going to be very upset

>> No.19129579

yes, i get ban soon but u will be ok?

>> No.19129599

Yea why wouldn't I be? Janny won't ban you

>> No.19129611

they will one report me im under 18 lol

>> No.19129616

Nice thread about holo guys, keep up the good work

>> No.19129634

Kek maybe he will ban you. I will be ok though. I need to sleep anyways. I'm tired. You kept me up.

>> No.19129645

nooo, weak person. fine, sweet dreams. i will banned see ya by 4 days

>> No.19129656

Serious question, Holochain is still around? Their project never made sense from an investment perspective.

>> No.19129670

This is the worst samefagging I've ever seen. Are you retarded?

>> No.19129682

he is from georgia, im from eu

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