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Once COVID-19 is over, I’m moving out of this shithole country. I lost connection with all my friends and have a boring job that has become my life. No point of staying here. I’m 24 and never left North America.

Where should I move? I’m going to have about $20k saved up around September.

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Same boat as me... wondering the same for awhile. Canada is finished

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Anywhere you go you will be alone. If you cannot keep friends in North America you certainly won't be able to in any non English speaking Country. Maybe Australia but from what I gather that's an even bigger shithole

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Leaf here too I just want to get out

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Alright bros where are we going? Lots of people will suggest Thailand but I feel like I can’t handle living in a shithole like that for the long-term.

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25, if I liquidate everything I'd probably have about 30k in my pocket but the options are slim. Ontario is an overpriced hellhole, if Alberta decides to Wexit I'm moving.

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20K CAD I assume? Man I'm also a leaf and when I look at the exchange rate it's depressing

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U think Ontario is over priced. Clearly you've never heard of Vancouver. Where a million dollar house has a guy shitting on the street in front of it

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dumb niggas all of you. you actually need money or a good job/skills to leave canada. most of you are retarded.

ill be leaving to an american branch of my company in 2021 - feels good man. Canada’s been good to me

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Alberta here, scared as fuck cause the economy is collapsing and the leftists have tried to kill our oil and gas industry many times.

We are fucked, one third of downtown Calgary was empty before this.

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Unironically China / Korea / Japan. China gives free rent to teachers.

Buy some RVN or LOKI while it's low and move to Asia + save while you wait for it to moon.

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We're running a 300billion deficit, they're disarming the populace, bailing out tax evaders, the RCMP shot up a shelter while hunting for a gunman.
Oil is more or less dumpstered, and with it a third of our economy.
Housing is unaffordable.
United Front commies are fucking everywhere.

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Me too. Working as an essential employee at a law office right now. Hours cut and I'm making less than I would on CERB and the faggots receiving it have the audacity to lecture me about doing my fair share.

White ethnostate.

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You would have to be retarded to go to China as a Canadian right now.

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Prague Czech Republic

Very tight relations with Canada due to world war 2 bs, hot women, based culture in central eastern Europe, super high quality local brew pubs in every city, great nightlife and surprisingly wholesome outdoors culture, especially hiking

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Haha bros Canada really is fucked but I have so much family and friends here so I'm not really sure what to do. I'm also in the GTA which sucks even more dink. I'm comfy living at my parents house for now but I'd like to move up to northern ontario in preparation for the great collapse. I feel like the cities are the last place you wanna be when it happens. It's not a matter of if, it's when.

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Are you a lawyer?

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Go see the world op.

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I feel like us leafs will be the first to see the collapse of the west. We've got a country that can't manage it's way out of a wet paper bag, no national unity, going bankrupt, an incompetent tyrant at the helm, and the only people who are happy are those in cities who will lose their shit when housing melts.

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Yeah I might just fuck off for a while then come back and see if I can get my job back.

It’s a terrible idea and might ruin my 30’s but I’m tired of my life. I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing fun my entire youth so far.

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What kind of retard would see everything that's happened and say to themselves, "China seems nice".

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No, just a clerk. Their phone system isn't set up to forward to home phones so I have to stay in the office by myself forwarding calls and sign for parcels.

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Get a better job that sounds like shit

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I moved to Canada 3 years ago.
Shit is comfy, lived in 10+ countries
Make 240k CAD doing a pretty much lazy job.
Stop crying you have no idea about how easy life in Canada is.
Def on path to become citizen.

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Found the CCP pajeet

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What kind of job pays 240k CAD? That's top 1% income

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Anon, I have some bad news for you.

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Yea they don't know how good they have it. Other countries are shit.

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This... Some people is oblivious, that or they are just retarded.

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You’re fucking rich you asshole. How can you confidently say that to us working class plebs? Canada sucks for anyone who is “middle class”.

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Housing sucks here in Vancouver but can go snowboarding everyday after work. Mountain biking in summer, shit so pretty man.
Coming from other countries work life here is blisss

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Tech? Man you must have some amazing credentials, I work in dev and making 90K salary which is considered pretty good around here

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Lebanese American and Canadian here. Look bro, I know it seems the end, but Canada is still pretty comfy compared to the rest of the world. Trust me, I know both sides of the world. you may regret it. or not. But you must choose something inimaginable, like liberland. Go research it. Choose something so not mainstream, that you are gonna be the whale there and be a new leader. Don't choose copy of your country or asian weeb not so dreamy world. Do what you want in the end, but think about it if it's really a good choice. I hope you are larping fren.

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Anywhere in Asia desu. Personally I'm going to move around within asia every few years. Its a lifestyle change tho, prolly not gonna make much money so thats a decision to make.

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Texas is the only answer

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too many coloureds

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Where u work?
Just spam leetcode for 3 months and get something better.
Might move to Seattle for that sweet 350k usd with low taxes. Dunno if I wanna get shot though.

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Move to mexico

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New hampshire

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>spot the chink

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Yuropoor actually
Where I come from the chinese are all poor, come and it's like Lambo,Lambo..

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Are you talking 240k CAD salary or are you including stock options or anything else? Also, how many years of experience do you have? Are you a lead dev?

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i hope western canada just fucking splits fuck ottawa

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Yeah that's total comp obviously.
4-5 years experience, but I moved as soon as I found something better.
Managers always saying you should stay long or it says u flaky blablabla
Should have paid me better. I moved 80k -> 120k - 170k -> 240k
Already planning the 350k+ Seattle move.
My friend that studied with me at home just did a 28k-> 32k move lol
There is money in tech, we are lucky and should just grab it.

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Have any Leafs actually made it? Had lives they don't consider a failure? When I read the experiences of anons in other first world countries, I feel like ours just don't compare. The college/university experience is simply nothing here compared to what it is in the US. Our politics are much worse in every way. Someone making $60k in the US is basically a fucking 1%er here. Nearly every guy I've known here since being done with school has been some combination of broke/addicted to drugs/depressed/not going anywhere in life. Don't get me started on the roasties. It just goes on and on. This place just seems to be shit in every conceivable way.

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Those are the PRC United Front kids who form a fifth column in our country.
We're being colonized pretty quickly.

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Fuck China go to Taiwan instead.

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Also all the benefits we get is just silly. We are treated like children.
Free food, massages, nap at work, laundry service, videogames, ping pong...

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I used to live in the states and trust me, you've got some advantages. There are shitholes that the worst chug reserve can't compare to in America.
That being said, our university is a shit ton of work for no benefit (particularly if you go to a "good" school like UofT), our housing market is abysmal, Toronto women are unbearable, there's no sense of a social contract beyond that which is directed by the media.
I mean out east and the countryside it's not quite as bad.
But let me put it like this, Southern Ontario and some other places aren't like a country, they're like a giant airport, and Old-Stock Canadians are the workers, not the customers.

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Unironically Ukraine or Poland
Assuming you are white
If chink or nig nog then kys

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no its not, any senior position in software/tech companies have those salaries and after taxes u only keep like half of that

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The stupidest thing about Canada is that construction and real estate make up over 20% of GDP. Like how does that fucking make sense? how can housing and real estate be where all the money comes from? The gov't keeps inflating this retarded bubble and all the real estate retards are going to eat shit eventually. Nothing goes up forever, and if it looks like it's going up forever, it's in a bubble. It's like investing 101. Helocs up the ass, mortgages up the ass, 0 interest rates, 1.76 dollars owed for every dollar of disposable income. What a bunch of retards. Have dry powder if you're young

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>all the real estate retards are going to eat shit eventually.
And, they're the only people who are currently happy because they're riding that bubble.
When the dump happens, our country is going to fucking lose it's shit. Urbanites will be defaulting left and right, ethnic communities will shore themselves up, Chinks will intervene in big ways.

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And fuck Quebec

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If you struggle in Canada, you're gonna have a tough time anywhere you go.

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Ukraine has the highest crime rate in all of Europe is it safe to go? I always wanted to grandparents are Ukrainian immigrants

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I was living in Mexico before shit hit the fan and all the tourist cities collapsed. It was awesome I made like 1/2 the money I do here. That money goes a long way down there though.
Life was honestly much more enjoyable there.

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Sigh let's just make a LEAF crypto premine and hype it.

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>t. Vancouverite

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Why so you can make 500 dollars a month?

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canada really that fucked? was planning on moving to victoria in the future, place felt perfect when i visited

all else fails i'll go to ukraine and live in the exclusion zone i don't even care anymore

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Getting really sick and tired of these racist crackers blaming "chinks" just because they are smart and capitalizing where white Canadians fail to do so. Stop the blame game and just accept that the Chinese are superior

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Victoria is better than Vancouver but still pretty bad.
>what’s your opinion on Lefties? Because Victoria is the most left place in the country

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Superior at having ties to some Chinese super corporation or the Chinese government? Your average Chinese person isn’t moving here

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>the Chinese are superior
The ones who move here are criminals and liars, and their children. Having no honour and crawling over one another like insects isn't superior, it's disgusting.

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Canada is infact the best country in the world...Travel around other countries see for yourself and learn.

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Do you have a degree or self-taught? Any recommendations for the fastest easiest path to get in the door? Bootcamp + leetcode?

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Is there ANY place where you can attain a standard of living equivalent to Texas or one of the no income tax states without the fed taking a cut or AT LEAST no capital gains tax?

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They have openly expected liberalism and rejected the (((Soros))) they are the last standing populous of white Christians left in this sad existence.

I will meet you there anon, godspeed

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If u cant make it here in canada dont expect to make it elsewhere. Its literally kindergarten difficulty here.

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