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Why does Elon Musk want to get mankind to the Mars? How will that be financially feasible and benefit people if that ever happen?

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Retards won't be able to get there. Earth will basically be the ghetto in 100 years.

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once rhe infrastructure is in place earth could dump all the unwanted and the overpopulation in general on mars, just like europe dumped their shit in murrica

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Mars is going to be the most depressing, dystopian shithole for years and years and years.

Imagine working at a Tesla factory, Forever.

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Britain said same thing about American 300 years ago. Now it's 100x better than that shithole

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That's a man

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i would fucking kek if this was true because it could totally happen this way. would the decision be made off iq alone? or what are the criteria for retardation that wouldn't allow you to go to mars with all the chads

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i mean to reply to this post fuck lads im sorry

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America was an unmolested, resource-rich continent where you could breathe and do things like "go outside".

Mars is an irradiated desert planet.

If you go to Mars it'll be a long long long long uphill battle to make conditions not-shit. And its not going to be pioneered by an autist CEO who cant handle a pandemic on Earth.

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>cant handle a pandemic on Earth.

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Because he grew in South Africa and knows that the West is following the same path of collapse because of dysgenic fertility (both racial and intraracial).
Mars is a naturally nigger-proof planet because it requires 115 iq just to survive the first month.

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It's worse than that. Anyone living on Mars would need to live underground forever due to its lack of a magnetosphere. It's a dud. Better (and less expensive) to park asteroids in high Earth orbit and turn them into habitats.

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how many shekels to sodomize mars?

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His wife does it for free

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sure, doesn't mean mars is a better option unless they terraform the shit out of it. i mean as far as we know there isn't even any water there. it's a fucking desert planet.

earth won't be a ghetto 100 years from now either. maybe 500 years from now. there's still way too much fucking space. i mean just look at the US. you ever fly over it? it's like 80% farmland and wilderness with huge populations on the coasts.

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wouldn't it be funny if someone smashed this tranny whore's head against a brick wall haha

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Those are men.

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Yeah fuck that. I'll die happily here on earth in my mountain house after I make it and get old

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never mind i guess there is water on mars at the poles. still it's fucking not habitable at all right now and the temperatures are like 100 below zero at points.

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Right is female (female)

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She's perfect

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Elon Musk fled Apartheid South Africa in 1988 at the age of 17 to escape compulsory military service.All white South African males were required to join the army as soon as they turned 18.His family also despised the white Afrikaans bullying culture that permeated South Africa at the time and which landed him in hospital with a fractured skull after being being thrown down a flight of stairs at high school by a bunch of white kids.He didn’t leave because he was ‘red pilled’ on niggers.

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