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I’m graduating this week and I need to get a job. What skill can I learn in the next month or 3 months that will get me a high paying job? Would Solidity be best or data science? Or something else?

I’m a physics major, but I have no actual technical skills. I’m very good at math though.

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Indoor Ranch farming

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You can learn to suck a mean dick in 3 months. Good luck applying for jobs when unemployment is approaching great depression levels.

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Wont tech companies still be hiring and maybe even expanding with increased demand for their services?

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You can learn to put on kneepads properly.

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>tfw class of 2019

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That isn't how recessions work. You have no skills and no experience. You are about to be competing with a massive wave of qualified candidates that were recently laid off. Apply for everything. A paycheck is a paycheck.

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Also, it’s retards with no actual skills getting released. I’m willing to learn some actual skills and I’m confident that my physics degree prepared me to be able to do so.

Boomers are slow at learning new skills, especially with computers. There’s a reason companies always young people to whore out their brains to optimize their shitty ad revenue algorithm.

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>skill can I learn in the next month
>high paying job

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I said three months also. I’m a fast learner.

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Stay away from data science. Way overhyped.
Go for cloud solutions architect or cybersecurity. Both have certs that pay big money if you pass, which isn't even that hard. Both pay well and are growing in demand.
Another option is something to do with 5g or IoT, assuming these play out and are not also overhyped.

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You'll need to put both of your hands together for this one buddy

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are you seriously asking if solidity would be good to learn for getting a job? fucking kek. anon....no. nobody is interesting in hiring devs with solidity experience. that's a 2017 meme. we use solidity cause we're crypto nerds and we like too, not because it's a marketable job skill.

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>Stay away from data science
I agree, but I’m not looking to make a career in any of these positions. I just need a nice job for a year or two so I have a good flow of income, so I can build up enough money to take on some other projects I want to do.

I just frankly care about whatever tech position has the lowest barrier of entry for me to get into. Do you still a cloud training architect is the best path for that? I gotta pay for these certs to take the exam right?

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Well you seem to be confident that you already know everything. Just remember - the real world is exactly like your cushy sheltered university existence.

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get a job in cis (computer information systems) as a it support technician. good money and ez af

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>cloud certificates
>OP has no technical skills whatsoever
These are hard even for CS graduates
They are even hard for CS graduates with several years of on the job experience
>3 months
>muh physics degree
get fucked OP, you arrogant piece of trash

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CS Grads are retards. You and >>19121888 sound like insecure retards. Leave my thread.

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Could the mods please range ban this trolling fuckface, please?

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Well THIS insecure retard has a high paying salary and multiple employees. I actually skip over applications from well known schools because the kids are always smarmy know it all fucks that I end up having to fire within 6 months.

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Take your meds schizo.

Figured you were insecure about going to some shitty state school. No one cares about your mediocre SaaS business and your puny X00,000 net worth doesn’t make up for your boring life. Leave boomer.

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tdx - complit faggot here, class of '14

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Bro. If you like anal, just sell you ass like i do.
I suck cocks for money.

Practice makes perfect, but you'll be a pro in no time

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>nice job for a year or two so I have a good flow of income
>tech position has the lowest barrier of entry
You are delusional. Even in a great economy you would have to start at the bottom like everyone else. You have no experience and no skills. Also, no tits

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Ok retard. Not everyone is mentally slow like you.

Based, cardinal bro

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You seem like a real stand-up guy. Who wouldn't want to work with you? You'll have no trouble finding a job.

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what an entertaining thread.

Welcome to the land of unemployment

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Delusional boomers

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I was like you when I was younger, I went to a top 10 school and was incredibly confident when I graduated. Life will hit you hard once you're out of school, things aren't as easy as you think.

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I always hear this from alumni. I never think it’s going to be easy, but I don’t care about that, especially when I’m young. I want life to hit me with its worst and I want to show I can get back on my feet when that happens. Decrepit boomers get all tired and pissy because they were cringe alcoholics and druggies. There’s a reason they all look like ghouls once they hit 30. Nothing I hate more than a boomer trying to drag me down to their sorry state.

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wow it's another larp just like that other mentally ill schizo's larp from a couple of days ago, gonna be honest you've got to refresh your shitposting it's getting a little stale

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Take your meds. This is the first thread I posted on /biz/ this week.

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man for someone asking for advice you're pretty hostile

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commercial drivers license and join a FKn union

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apply to literally anywhere in the country, that's what I did (2020 grad here too) and eventually got a job states away from home. you have to be flexible even if moving out is going to be a huge hassle.

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What’s the job and what’s your background?

fuck off

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go back to r*ddit newfag

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Start with an internship, in the fall, assuming they will be offered then, also make sure it's paid.

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Should have went to a real school pal. Not some overhyped calicuck school.

Imagine graduating and not already having a high 5 $, mid 6 $ or further education.

The absolute state of Copeford.

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>tfw class of 2k8

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Jump off the gorge you snow nigger

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reared against the arch of heaven

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Why don't you wait this mess out get, get a master'sn then transfer to a cushy 6 figure finance job in 2 years. If you graduated from Stanford that's nowhere near difficult

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That means debt and I’d have to wait a year to apply

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good luck kiddo. you're going to need it when you see reality. Most of us are millennials who graduated into the '08 crunch. We had to grind.

Also, didn't you have 4 years in college to figure this out?

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You didnt attend Stanford then lmao. If you didn't even consider doing your coterm and paying for it by TA'ing / eZ fellowships (which most people do) because the kung flu, in a very easy streamlined application process, then you aint here. There's a reason why so many more ppl are coterming now, you mong.

>t. Class of 2022

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Go be a quant. I got a physics degree from a shitty ivy and now am a trader. good money, non of that gay SWE lifestyle

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Yeah, I don’t actually go to Stanford, but I go to a peer school. I’m not going to post my actual school here.

How did you do that? Did you have any internships related to that?

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>How did you do that? Did you have any internships related to that?

No, I'm just smart and had a good GPA, applied online

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Based. I thought that was really hard to get out of undergrad. How long did it take you to get it? Did you do any side projects related to it?

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Took me five months to land a job I was satisfied with taking from when I started looking. I had experience writing and running a real trading strategy live with my own money (not with bullshit TA stuff but actual quant strategy). But no quant finance internships.

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>i dont actually attend stanford

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>CS Grads are retards.
Lmao, have fun trying to find a tech job with no experience and no idea what job to even look for you braindead arrogant kid. I was interested in helping you but nah fuck that.

You got this apparently, what could you learn from a bunch of retards already in the field

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lmfao he goes to Berkeley, thinks it Stanford

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It’s a /sci/ meme faggot

Thanks for help

Lol, I would never go to school on the West Coast :)

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Lambda School

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Keep coping. I have a 87,000 starting in July. Most of my class has the same if not better.

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It is becoming increasingly uncommon for IT professionals to not have a degree in computer science and not understand software development. Software development isn't some dream job, it's what you make it like any other job.
There is plenty of opportunity in other fields like medical, business and other STEM fields (lots in engineering, especially petroleum/geographic/civil).
Expounding on my point earlier, the leader of cisco has basically said that Devops and "hybrid IT developers" are the future of programming.

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FAANG employee here, get some certs OP. Bitches love certs

That is, the recruiter bitches that don't know shit about the job and see certs

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how did you do on the pre-interview assessments? I'm a math major but I suck at quick mental arithmetic, am I just fucked? I really enjoyed Stochastic Calc

I've already been axed by two assessments now and I have another one due next week. I'm not gonna get a job at this rate

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Go to medical school. its the only safe way to a career that will pay a lot of money because with your skillset you can prevent death of aristocrats. If they dont pay for your services, they die. Doctors are kings

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wtf is a "hybrid IT developer"??

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I’m a banker with no degree and it’s fun actually

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how? I heard most BBs are austistic as hell about degrees. Are you a teller or an actual investment banker?

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Burger flipper

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>as soon as you're unemployed, you're at risk of starvation
This is what socialists actually believe.

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>The threat of starvation
>In a country where the poor are obese

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Coding is probably the gayest job ever. Join the military, apply for nursing school, do forestry, become a landscaper, garbage man...whatever. Or find some really specific niche like watch maker or coroner or crime scene cleaner or something

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