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down $647, feels bad man

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I'm up 7 inches
I'm down 7 inches in your mom


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I'd like to intercept the food going into her mouth with my cock ending up in there instead.

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fuck you i'm not selling these tanker stocks

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Who is that woman btw? She's gorgeous?

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Thats a man

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hmmm pic related

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i'd intercept you with a fork and feed your little incel sausage to the dogs

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Lana Rhoades

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Squeaked out a $16 gain on the week, lol. Gold and silver mining stocks outweighed my meme oil tanker stocks.

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>down 898 for the week
>down $2500 all time

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shes gotta shit that out some time

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Up $1500 last week. GHOST TRAIN BABY

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Down 25k

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imagine that bite coming out the other end

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ouch, what are you holding?

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hello? based department?

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down $150 from initial, 600 total

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up 12 grand from ESH/GHOST haha

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How to buy ghost?

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You made me look I’m up 20 bucks lol. Mostly cash rn but SLV is keeping me afloat vs. my longs

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There's something oddly disgusting about that image OP. Is that a pornstar? What the fuck is that slop she's eating? She missed her mouth and has a food stain on her tits, she's got two cheap napkins stuffed down her front and she's wearing a bandaid on her finger. Just revolting.

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>Is that a pornstar
Yes. Retired and now a huge social media influencer and YouTuber. Makes 6 figures a month.

Pic is rather disgusting honestly

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Pornstars can stop working bu they can never truly retire.

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I'm up 600,000
You're a worthless loser. kys

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She could have been such a decent mother and wife. Sad what they have done to our country’s daughters.

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Was up with ANJ $1500. Jumped off at $500.

Up $5000 with ESH and now XIO.

People actually lose money on investments lmao? Just browse biz all day for moon mission, get in early, and set a stop loss.

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Only up like 500 this week. I withdrew my original 2000 investment so that percent is wrong. It should be 275% increase from original.

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up 600k.

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Up 40K. Thanks ESH

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This guy ain't lying. Looking at the recent etherscan page it's crazy how so many have $50000 worth ESH. Than the 1:1 GHOST claim for the real goodness.

We're gonna make it.

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