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>Risking losses on ESH
>Waiting for an airdrop instead of just buying GHOST directly

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shhh. Delete this

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Its a gamble that ghost will be worth the same or more as esh at the time of the airdrop. So you then can sell your esh and have more than buying ghost directly.

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That is some pretty strong cope from someone who missed out. Enjoy paying the huge premium, oh wait you wont because you were too cheap to get in now or before, you definitely cant afford ghost.

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You’ll be buying from me, brainlet. How much should I charge? $10 sound good? Or maybe you’ll fomo in when I decide they’re worth 50

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Who’s going to sell you ghost cheap?

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>he thinks ghost is going to be under 20 million marketcap
Imagine not understanding why there's this much hype

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It's currently $1.40, ESH is $1.64 ESH 1:1 GHOST why pay more?

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Whales who control the supply control the price. Each coin will be minted with the soul of a suicidal ghostlet, which is where the name comes from.

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No one kek. Delusional no ghosties. As stated in the whitepapers “No Ghosties for trannies”.

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state of /biz/. can't figure out supply and demand

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If all ESH are bought.. who can buy ghost ?

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Brainlet acting big brain. 15 million starting supply with more buyers than sellers. Most sellers holding for the long term to see if it flips zcash or monero.

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Who has the most ghost, people who bought in at one cent? Meaning almost no one will be selling until we decide what we want to charge no ghosties

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Maybe esh is used in conjunction with ghost. The whitepapers might give use cases or purposes for esh.

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>/biz/ can hardly figure out how to buy ESH
How the fuck are the normalfags gonna pump this if it isn't on binance or coinbase?

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You'll be buying my ghosties and I ain't selling a single one of them below $50.

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Were you here for Nano in 2017 with Bitgrail and Mercatox? It's the same concept

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>Most sellers holding for the long term to see if it flips zcash or monero.
And it will.

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Ghost is going to have an on ramp with the lowest levels of KYC you've ever seen. Coinbase listing will be almost irrelevant. Look at the tech they just bought.

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Too few people right now understand where most of the demand is going to come from. Those masternodes aren't going to come cheap.As of right now, only 74 wallets have enough coins in them to run even a single one of them. You want to have your own masternode? Get out the kneepads and start sucking one of the <30 people who have over 50k. You can get a slight trickle from stakes, but it isn't going to be shit in comparison, and the whales are getting the staking percentage too. Now you may be asking yourself at this point "why do I want this faggy coin anyway Monero can get me my danknet weed". Well, you're right, for now. But when bath salts man starts shilling his coin to his danknet friends on how the transactions go POOF like a motherfucking ghost? You're going to kill yourself for not buying at $5

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Also I wouldn't be suprised if over half the whales right now are alphabet wallets hoping to corrupt the masternodes. You can consider those coins gone, never ever for sale again.

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>alphabet wallets hoping to corrupt the masternodes.
? meaning?

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Nobody knows how the whole thing will work until the whitepaper drops. If it runs similar to onion nodes, where masternodes can partially observe the transactions, they will want as many as they can to log them. That's what they've already done early on with TOR. It's pure speculation on my part since I have no idea how it will function. If I was a glowie though I'd be all over those masternodes in hopes of turning them into honeynodes.

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would be a glorious pump. inveting a crypto that needs a billion in pumping to spy on so FEDs have to act like a pump group. oh well, printers ggo brrr

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if they were run similar to onion nodes wouldn't that make mcafee a glowie?

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There's theories that he actually is but there's no realy way to tell. Honestly I don't even care. I don't do drugs and the most degenerate thing I do is fap to sad panda doujins. I'm just here to get my easy NEETbux.

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Glad to see I'm not the only thinker here. It goes like this guys, are you (yes, you Rajesh) with your ten dollar stack a whale? No? Do you think whales are people who are only, or even mainly invested into this? Whales that are richer and smarter than you will take profits. They aren't waiting for every ten dollars they put in to turn into a million, like you. They merely need to say, "oh, that's nice" hit the sell button, and I'll be scooping that shit up off the floor after you capitulate. Even if its not you Rajesh, maybe Prakeesh down the shitting street has been eyeing a nice moped lately....

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You mean to tell me that this guy worked for the government at one point with high level clearance then saw all the nonsense that the government does , so he quit and ran his own cyberse curity software where he sold his company for 70M then dived into bath salts and hookers shitting in his mouth and living with 10 prostitutes where one of them pointed a gun at him while he was asleep and tried to rob him but was unsuccessful then he told the world about the government and the powers that be of the corruption and then allegedly murdered a guy in Belize , Ran as a Libertarian Candidate in the fucking US then got arrested and then broke out of prison and almost got assassinated a couple of times and has since been on the fucking run , and will become a martyr because everyone will want to use GHOST as his memory will live on as his political opponents try to kill him because he exposed the Epstein shit to the fucking world is going to make his own fucking cryptocurrency with its own blockchain and for its DEXes and who has 1M followers on Twitter which he shilled XVG and PIVX which both returned 1000x+ ROI on Investment isn’t going to push this fucking coin to the fucking sky
Then you are absolutely fucking retarded and deserve to be poor. Personally I’m all In.

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Switch Insider here. Look, I don't have much time for that, and I 'll delete this thread in thirty minutes. I saw with my own eyes the leaked whitepaper. It IS AWFUL. I can't describe anymore, but you should sell sell sell right now.Exit as much as you can and buy back after the whitepaper because the airdrop is still free money even if ghost has an awful whitepaper.

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is that for real, the transactions are erased?

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That's one of the main features outlined so far. Details are still unknown.

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damn big if true. how tf didn't I hear about it sooner, how long has it been shilled here?

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Here's the link, just be mindful that the whitepaper hasn't dropped yet. It'll be released 8pm CST today.

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>he posts about bath salts to get the attention of his druggie friends
>Then drops ghost bomb on people which will make it easier to get said drugs

Is this 4d chess?

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bath salts are literally sold on 7-11 counters

theres nothing illegal or darkweb needed about it

and only flyover hellhole living or shit drug euros need to buy drugs online
fucking kek

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thanks anon, I can't decide if I should buy some esh right now or wait

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Well it’s the risk you take. It’s dipped back now. Maybe it dips more maybe it doesn’t. There is a lot of support around 76000. Try buy in around 77. Or you fomo in when it doesn’t drop and hits 0.009

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i already bought some, will buy more if it dips. I'm so late though I could kms. what do you think will happen in the run up to the 25th? I might out more fiat in next week

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Support child porn anonymity by buying esh ghost today

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imagine making these memes

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You're a faggot

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Kill yourself

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You first kiddy diddler. But support ghost by all means.

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It’s a psyop to ruin it. Report and move on.

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With no whitepaper, do we have any idea on the supply of ghost? Here is why I haven’t bought ESH:
>ESH, 15M supply, get 1:1 ghosties
>low market cap, seems like moon mission
>whitepaper drops; ghost supply 6 gorillion, with 5 gorillion for dick-dinner man
>after airdrop, both coins are trading at .20
>there there cuck, you still have your ESH, it was free tokens, why are you complaining?

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If this is true ghost will flip btc

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Support hidden child porn payments by investing in ghost

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this but unironically. Why would I sell a store of value that protects my identity AND I can stake?

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Theyve given the total no of ghosties, its 13.5 mil at first

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Zhz s did d did f fkfhd ssjhsb d dud f fkfjc f ffjufbfififbvffnuf f difbf. Ddjvf f djdvf d he f djdvf f

Support the producers who rape and murder innocent children by investing in ESH ghost which keeps child porn payments hidden. Invest in a murdering rapist named John mcafee because you're Aryan and don't care about little Guatemalan children.

Shddjdjff djxjjce a djdhx s dichd d dud f sjfb f fnsud r. Soshdveis d disbe

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