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Switch Insider here. Look, I don't have much time for that, and I 'll delete this thread in thirty minutes. I saw with my own eyes the leaked whitepaper. It IS AWFUL. I can't describe anymore, but you should sell sell sell right now.Exit as much as you can and buy back after the whitepaper because the airdrop is still free money even if ghost has an awful whitepaper.

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are there any countries with a free market? asking for a friend

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Fuck pedo faggot cunny posters, we all know you have small dicks.

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Who bought the dip at Spy 279? 288 test tomorrow, either 297 or 279 again next

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>TD Ameritrade
Why is my "Option buying power" different than my funds available for trading?

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China, Russia, and Iran.

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I'm about to throw in another 1000, should I buy draftkings now or tomorrow?

I'm already holding

Could average down my mark if I wanted......maybe that's better. Kos is a bitch rn but i know itll go back up

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Key those markets are definitely not free. The governments will literally come into any business and shake them the fuck down.

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Is vtiq a good buy lads

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UPWK my friend

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That looks insane...is that a solid buy?

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pumping for atleast two days now

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what are some stonks?

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This market is unironically going to 240 by August, but not before it pumps to 300 lmao.

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Good one

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this but with a fuckton of crabbing

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post feet

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I just want to make money bros... I remember it being easier than this?

Based Roy Mustang
What happened to anime being this good? Were all the good ones delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic?

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one of the greatest stonks all time was when the british burned the white house but failed to take Baltimore, since they lost an artillery battle to subdue fort mchenry which was guarding the harbor. Then fucking Francis Scott Key just wrote the words to our national anthem while watching the british bombardment of the fort.

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I’m holding a bunch of 2 week out SPY 300 calls that I bought at the bottom today. If they print I’m never talking to you fags again

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its over for the usa

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OPM and HxH are better

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OPM is fun but I don't think it can compete with HxH and FMA.

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wondering what level of unemployment could result in an uncontrolled chain reaction where even more people will lose their jobs since their companies lose business and then even more companies will lose their business etc etc so what if goes from 20% to 30% to 50% to 70% etc?

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look at all these green IDs, this thread is green

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Is this priced in

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fuck you duck poster you nigger faggot

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Expect Crab until Stimulus passes.

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>off by one

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Yeah maybe. I like it though, pretty funny and great artwork

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RIP India

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Aliens caught on camera.

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Would you buy Russia? I have an investment horizon of about 10 years but until now I only bought US dividend stocks, never an ETF. As I am planning to diversify my investment I think NYSEARCA:RSX might be a good idea.

What do you think ? What are the risks?

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Is there anywhere I can get free 13f forms that are in a clean (not pdf) format?
I keep finding horrible pdf formats from the sec.gov website or a shit load of "pay me 30$ a quarter ;^)" shit like the fintel.io in the sticky

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Dumbfuck nigger

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Does anybody here trade the US 30 year T-bond futures contracts? Since I'm holding TLT puts, and this shit is red, that means I'm going to make money right? This futures contract isn't like the yield where it's opposite?

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Literally all markets just follow the NASDAQ, SPY, and DOW with few rare exceptions. It doesn't diversify really.
If you want a little exposure to potential foriegn growth you should focus on actually developing economies like Vietnam, India, or Brazil

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I need some ideas or insight of what shitty regional banks to buy puts on. I have WFC and MS july shit. Thinking PNC and Ally for some lotto tiny puts

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SIX FUCKING MINUTES before trading closed with Schwab.

This is probably going to fuck me.

Regeneron, Pfizer, JnJ, I don't know how they'll be effected.


That's not at all what happened last time.

I would expect a pump as soon as there's a bill without the extraneous partisan shit on the table, but before the public hears about it. Unless it's a disappointing deal, in which case dump.


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why are you trading something you don't understand lol

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>drones forming star of david

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how are those bags?

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I'm just trying to get an after hours market price. I'm pretty confident I understand what I've already locked it. That's pretty much why I fucking locked the shit in knowing I was out of day trades. Why the fuck are you answering my question with another question?

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Hello, welcome to /smg/. Buy some TVIX on margin and take a seat.

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Got a 287 call at the dip for Monday and a 279 put at the high before close today for the end of the month

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200% based

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march 24th was like the best day ever. it was the day i was born. this year it was green as fuck, last year trump got completely clean from the mueller report. what the fuck are you doing that was fucking over a month ago?

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Based Japs.

>> No.19099308

TVIX is ok, but if you want some good shit, UVXY and VXX are optionable, and then once that's not enough you just end up on /VX.... now that's the good shit right there.

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Why did I trim so much?

>BRIEF-Merck Says Data Show Keytruda Monotherapy Significantly Reduced Risk Of Disease Progression Or Death By 35% Compared With BV
5:48 PM ET, 05/13/2020 - Reuters

where's the anon who made this stuff?
where are you bud?

I could use some more fun OC.

I don't see any activity... but here's what I was doing on March 23rd. I wish I had been more bold and bought harder, but oh well.

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I don't think so chief.

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where my oil kings at?
I need some advice, what do you think about CPE?

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Monaco and Liechtenstein

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What % of the market are non-institutional traders? Just curious about how much individual investors actually matter when it comes to moving the needle.

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PFE has a significant number of U.S. manufacturing sites.

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The last time it was in the news, the number was 80% algos.

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US Banks
>about to get shit on by extended periods of zero or negative rates
>may need to rely on government for support and intervention with less precedent for doing so
>high growth and high valuations, far above recession levels
>high dividends

European Banks
>been sort of functioning for years with zero or negative rates
>known relations with government to provide support and intervention
>price is in the dumps from bad but recovering revenues, little downside risk
>nonexistent dividends

Japanese Banks
>been sort of functioning for 20 years with zero or negative rates
>known relations with government to provide support and intervention
>price is in the dumps despite consistent revenues, little downside risk
>high dividends

Am I dumb for liking Japanese banks over the alternatives?

>> No.19099492

Japanese banks basically zombified the entire country deliberately.

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Guys I want to stop just doing basic trading on robinhood and moving to the next level

Any books I should read or courses to learn stuff like options trading etc?

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with negative interest rates the banks can't make money.

>> No.19099547

If only there were links in OP

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nice thanks
I suspect they're going to be a big target of this since it's "essential medicines" and they're a big supplier of all that basic every day ER and traumacenter stuff

>Am I dumb for liking Japanese banks over the alternatives?
possibly, they're supposed to be pretty weak due to the negative rates. Also deflation and the never-ending economic contraction of japan.
>US Banks
>>about to get shit on by extended periods of zero or negative rates
I doubt negative, not sure that ZIRP is nearly as serious of a problem as negative.

Some anons have tried shilling the strength of canadian banks in here. Honestly, I say don't own financials until we see how this shakes out. Stick with payment processors MA and V and maybe if you're bold Paypal

Shush I haven't finished Princes of the Yen yet, don't spoil it!!

they can't make net interest income, but they can from fees and investment services, etc.

>> No.19099584

I don't know... You'd probably have had to buy oil futures on the 23rd to have lost anything... Shit looking at the history channel I sold a bunch of shit at the bottom on the 23rd, 24th I just deposited some money into the account to bring it back up to 1000 didn't buy or sell shit. I probably just got fucking shit faced... girl friend was in ny and hadn't seen her in 10 days, didn't want to risk catching that shit and giving it to anybody in my office... fuck... at least my uncle i hadn't seen or heard from in 18 months got my number and called... fucking guy actually remembered my birthday.

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>I sold a bunch of shit at the bottom on the 23rd, 24th
yeah I hate myself but I dumped the very stocks I want to buy at the very bottom, and they'll never trade that low again unless something goes so wrong with them that they are unbuyable.

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No such thing,

>> No.19099650

Are those links any good though? Cause people will reccomend anything these days. I don't want to do a whole khan academy course for nothing

>> No.19099679

Zombies need new debt to service old debt. Bank can keep reissuing or restructuring loans for fees in perpetuity if interest rates are kept in the gutter. Politicians become terrified of raising interest rates because killing zombie employees means killing zombie employment.
Currently in the US we are killing a lot of zombie employment but not killing the zombies themselves.

>> No.19099708

You can trust those links more than anything that is said in these threads.

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Are mutual funds just useless scams? Currently helping dad rebalance his portfolio and for some reason he has like 10% mutual funds. I think it was part of the original company IRA.

>> No.19099745

All those boomer portfolios just shill the firms mutual funds. They have the most fucking absurd expense ratios and shit returns.

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>Stick with payment processors MA and V and maybe if you're bold Paypal
In the past i'd have said Square, but I dunno... I think their business model was losing money on the equipment and advertising, but hoping to make it up in transactions... seemed great on paper, but it's probably worth looking at shorting. The people who bought the device own a business, sure there's a second hand market for the devices that are still out there, but it's probably worth looking into the history and making a judgement on short or long. definitely worth a look if you're speculating on financial transaction shit.

you know for a perverted person that takes screenshots of hentai to repost.... you're my friend, cheers to you.

>> No.19099779

How are we looking tomorrow boys

>> No.19099780

They're just shittier etfs, mainly for boomers back when commission free trading didnt exist

>> No.19099798

Just yolo on TSLA puts bro like lmfao how hard is it?

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They aren't scams, per se, but they do tend to underperform SPY et al. with a higher management fee on top.

>> No.19099886

>The people who bought the device own a business, sure there's a second hand market for the devices that are still out there, but it's probably worth looking into the history and making a judgement on short or long.
I forgot to add there's a certain amount of pride one has in their business, and when you have to close the doors it's absolutely devastating in the way that it does lead to suicides... it's just hard to explain... You do everything right and try to live an honest life, and the fucking plague just comes to town, and kills your business.

>> No.19099926

Bulls will be vindicated.

>> No.19099929

I shouldn't have shilled UPWK a few days ago, now I'm pretty sure it'll get bombed next few days.

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Pump in the morning, dump for the rest of the day, followed by an EOD pump finale. Gold will stay in the 1700 range like a fucking fortress. Immovable, indomitable, immortal. Fucking stupid retarded market.

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In premarket and at open bulls will try to push for a follow-up on today's green. What happens after depends on how hard the push is and how much volume supports it. I remain short on the S&P.

>> No.19100020

>algos don't control market movements now
We're all at the whim of bots.

>> No.19100023

Trump will soon issue an executive order that all non-institutional traders will be institutionalized.

>> No.19100032

Whether it's mostly bots or humans making up the volume does not matter to me.

>> No.19100037

I can pinpoint the moment I became a capitalist. I was on like a 6th grade field trip where we had to be on a bus for like over an hour both ways and there was a gift shop at where ever the fuck we were going. There was two choices get on the bus, or be in school, and you know how easy it is to convince children like me who was previously suspended from school for just taking off... So I convinced my father to give me $20 to buy candy and snacks to sell on the bus, i made like almost $50 bucks and had ran out of everything. I try to give my dad back his $20 and he just let me keep it, and that's how I got my game boy colour.

>> No.19100038

I figured as much. Going to get out of that.

Bear tried to fight retard strength crab for like the 4th time and failed. Bull has tried three times and failed. Now it gets its 4th shot.
For some reason 280 is a diamond plated floor and ~290 is a diamond plated ceiling. And we have been stuck here for a month. Gold has been stuck in this same crab. Oil has been stuck in this same crab. Bonds have been stuck here. You name it, its been stuck.
I want off of Mr. Krabb's Wild Ride

>> No.19100058

gtfo euroshit

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>I want off of Mr. Krabb's Wild Ride
You may only get off when you accept that the ride will never end.

>> No.19100077

yikes. rude. we are all friends here, remember.

>> No.19100083

sorry im american.... i just had a cunt french teacher and never learned grammer.

>> No.19100098

shit i started selling more candy out of my locker in jr. high like every day until the vice principal shut me down. fuck even teachers that didn't have me in there class were coming up to me and buying shit.

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>mfw everything is green and bears are losing money on shorts

>> No.19100130

i ended up with one of those game cubes and like at least a dozen of those mini-disks. fucking aced every math test ever since i did all the math in my head with no calculators.

>> No.19100133

Look at SWPPX. Tracks the S&P 500. Low fee, 0.02 No minimum required other than cost of "one share" ($50 will cover it). Forks out a divvy even, 0.87. No commission fee or anything. The advantage is you can put the whole dollar amount you invest to use so partial shares is possible. Can automate it so each month dollars gets dumped into it.

>> No.19100136

oh come on why is dax futures dumping so much harder than the others.

>> No.19100149


Thats a man

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>mwf don't give a shit and love the opportunity life and the markets have brought.

>> No.19100221

I just want to buy DIS but it never seems to get to 98 will DIS hit 98 this month?

>> No.19100250

If stock prices start reflecting Q2-Q4 losses, Disney will almost certainly go below 98 as everything sinks with it.

>> No.19100267

>Am I dumb for liking Japanese banks over the alternatives?
If you had a choice between picking one mega OP character and then a bunch of meh characters, you chose the mega weak character with meh meta in the game as the princess paper geisha warrior that is the Japanese currency. I'd say chances are you are a weeab to begin with.

>> No.19100296
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Thank you anon I remain hopefully, if I end up acquiring Disney stocks at 98 I’m taking my future baby to Disney World.

>> No.19100300

I didn’t buy the dip today. Please tell me it will dip again soon.

>> No.19100309
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Futures red, I think the market is going to be slowly dragged down.

>> No.19100318

>Russell is basically back to where it was on April 8
Really would like to go all in with URTY when the market seems stable but it feels like a lost cause.

>> No.19100355

I liked this one but you can't trade this one on Merrill.

>> No.19100356

How long do you want to hold that mouse? I can tell you back in like 1995 I convinced my mom to buy some of that shit, the stock has split a bunch she's got her moneys worth. I told her to sell it back in august of last year, she didn't.. I told her again around christmas to sell it, she didn't. She's still way ahead, but how long do you want to hold that shit.... You can cost average in if you're getting anxious but you're asking me something I really don't even want to trade. That's a company you just love it or hate it... you marry it and it's with you forever. Maybe my mom already willed that shit to me and she can't sell it. who fucking cares. Long live Mom, and we might need a new adventure featuring the micky and minnie... shit's getting too expensive, and a wholesome new mouse story needs to be made. fucking that was the greatest part of children's cartoons... shit like the smurfs and using all these place holders for people.... just to teach a live lesson about how to grow up.

>> No.19100372
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Well. Tomorrow might be the day for healthcare cheapies.
Anyone know a fund that inverses PILL?

Cramer said he talked to the Abbott people and NYU was running the test wrong. But if the FDA is now expressing concern... anyone know something? Though I don’t have much faith in the FDA after gottlieb’s Juul freak out.

Short? Just based on your widgets?
Seems folks here are saying the trend is consistently bouncing between 2800 and 2900. I don’t watch indices as much as I should while trading. Mostly because I’m more of a positions trader looking to trade around positions in fantastic stocks.

>> No.19100381

Disney Land in Shanghai is open since like fucking Monday, and congratulations man. Just keep the kids and wife healthy and happy.

>> No.19100391

id be OK with letting imperial japan rearm and rebuild a military to give them a greenlight to retake asia and fucking rape china again

>> No.19100405

Sucks that stock splits aren't a thing anymore. Least the good kind anyway.

>> No.19100421

Literally everyone with a brain is saying the European banks are going to get fucked. I don't see how you can be bullish on Japanese banks. They don't do anything besides acquire assets and hope the country keeps brrrrring to inflate their prices. How long will that last?

>> No.19100424
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RTX holders did we hit the bottom? I thought we were going to drop more since today was the ex-dividend date right?

Also whats your guys take on airlines outside of the US. Azul looks pretty good in brazil since they seem to be the largest one with little to no competition? Or do you guys think they can go lower?

>> No.19100434
File: 1.02 MB, 1920x1080, witch-1571950020556-1969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Short? Just based on your widgets?
Yes, I went short yesterday morning around mid-day when SPY rapidly dropped from -0.5% to -1%.

>> No.19100440

Look up institute of trading. You need a basic understanding of macroeconomics.

>> No.19100445

I mean I don't think Disney is really a swing trade stock. It is probably one of the "foundational" components of the DOW. Anyone that tries to short it gets burned. If you intend to just buy and hold it you can chip in like 20% of your target every week.

>> No.19100457

I second this notion.

>> No.19100470

Yeah just think. My 14 DIS would turn into 28 and I'd double my divvy. (when they reinstate it). Then since the value of the stock would be half of what it was pre split temporarily I could bag more of it cheap to boot before it ramped back up in price. Fucking shame they don't do that anymore.

>> No.19100486

that's a gorgeous piece of lingere. what if instead of using the sequins we went with a heavier grade of fabric with paisley or floral patterns and sparkles woven into it keeping the stone in the chest and went from gold and pink to maroon on the tits and burgundy straps.

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Fuck. Look at the GEX index. We're looking at another free fall tomorrow.

>rally today
>almost nothing signalling long term upward movement on the GEX
>similar light inflections on the GEX during high VIX have indicated just a slight dead cat bounce before more drops

See you tomorrow, TVIX Chads!

This is my dream yacht. Thoughts?

>> No.19100510

Now there's an image

>> No.19100511

About 20 years I want to long it.

>> No.19100519

>Also whats your guys take on airlines outside of the US
Bankruptcy threats are real to airlines over the entire world. Even if they can secure massive bailouts it will likely mean that shareholders get wiped out.
Anyone thinking of going in on airlines should really do their DD. International travel is going to take longer to recover than domestic whatever that time frame is.

>> No.19100522

My mom and I were talking about stocks and I told her this story about you baggie. Please stop infiltrating my normal conversations.

>> No.19100549

I'm gonna hold mine till I'm dead. Which If I live to be 100 ends up being 63 years. Gonna hold the bulk of my other divvy stocks that long as well.

>> No.19100559

when is VTIQ gonna change tickers?

>> No.19100561

I asked for good advice

Thanks this is perfect. Anything else?

>> No.19100565

how often has this been correct

>> No.19100572

Long haul divvy gang

>> No.19100580

I'm all in on CHK!

>> No.19100585

Small caps are nowhere near through being gangraped yet.

>> No.19100595

Will do thanks, hope it goes well for you too baggie

I intend to buy and hold and I have 3k waiting for it to sell at 98 or lower. I just can’t justify the +100 price tag.

>> No.19100599

lmao this nigga coping already

>> No.19100602

If this is a 20 year hold then what difference is 2-4 dollars/share?

>> No.19100604
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If I used my trump check to buy spy puts does that make me a communist?

>> No.19100607

Well I used it last week to accurately predict that we'd see huge dumping this week.

Last Friday we rallied 2% on horrible employment data but the GEX went down significantly. The GEX's movement, during a period of high volatility, is often reflected next day. If it went opposite of the S&P500, it heavily signaled big boys moving money out. That following Sunday we saw the midnight pumps on futures stop and the selling begin.

If you look at the greater index during high periods of volatility, little upflicks like today's GEX movement are common as dead cat bounces before the greater fall.

>> No.19100621

Whats your guys dividend stocks? Currently stuck holding the RTX bag and got OKE since its been a chilly spring and probably gonna be a really bad winter.

>> No.19100625

Can always DCA in. Buy a bit now, buy a bit later. Your price paid drops depending on the difference in buying points.

>> No.19100635

How many times do people have to say futures are not an indicator of anything in this general? Futures have been crabbing this entire week and different things happen when the market opens.

>> No.19100638
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Please say psyche anon.

>> No.19100657

No, the opposite.

>> No.19100659

Thank fuck. I missed both opportunities to get more CTL at under $9 a share today.
Do you plan to turn a profit?

>> No.19100660

Coke is not bad. Buffet likes dividends, and it pays the,

>> No.19100669
File: 27 KB, 270x477, Screenshot_20200514-215104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19100670

nuke me once, shame on you. nuke me twice, shame on me.

>> No.19100677

dunno seems too obvious for me and the MMs don't play on the obvious

>> No.19100680

grim... i have the split personality.... i could have been an actor... i could have probably done a dozen different things, i finished in the top 10% of my class because I knew and still know what comes with attention, and I'm a very insecure person.

>> No.19100688

GEX index isn't too well known and is still a bit new.

>> No.19100694

It's a nice long list.

RTX (added yesterday & today)
WFC (added today)

>> No.19100697
File: 192 KB, 600x315, 1sbsniper1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and it pays th-

>> No.19100698

I could but something in me creates a mental block that refuses to buy DIS unless it hits that breaking point.

>> No.19100713
File: 20 KB, 400x400, 1565474585841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At this point DIS is an uncomfortable 18% of my portfolio.

>> No.19100715

always buy disney if it hits exactly a hundred dollars, it always works for me.

>> No.19100725

If you like losing money then yes that makes you a communist

>> No.19100738

yeah if you're looking at 20 years, just dollor cost average, there's no shame spreading it out over the next 3 years to build a position that will last for over 20... honestly some companies you just never sell. I guess I'm guilty... I'd never sell my personal business, and never disclose my earnings. Having 100% equity is always the best.

>> No.19100762

I've been eyeing disney for a while now, this seems like a good plan

>> No.19100776

oh fuck.... was i your mom.. in that conversation... dude how old are you.

>> No.19100785

insecure ppl are cancer

>> No.19100789

Baggie I am your mom

>> No.19100791


>> No.19100792

Mostly LYB, XRX, and CTL.
I'm also gambling on COTY being able to recover.

>> No.19100800

What killed value?

>> No.19100804

what is your name?

>> No.19100814

Mrs. Bagitha

>> No.19100826

Ben Bernanke and the first Quantitative Easing of the 90s.
Right now, the best play for any corporation receiving GIBBS or loans is to dump it into share buybacks.

>> No.19100834

yeah, disneys fair value is about 98~101 so it's a pretty perfect price.

>> No.19100835

i always called you mom... you are so stupid.

>> No.19100845

Was tempted to pull 5k out of my emergency fund and drop it on the WFC epic drop this morning. (70% off). But I'd have hit the damn savings account transfer limit (6 transfers a month max)

>> No.19100848

Wait for sub 95 to get into Disney

>> No.19100854

ok Mrs. Bagitha take that uncomfortable position you're holding. Get a new account and have your broker pull the shares over. Siign the fucking papers and just enjoy the weekend.

>> No.19100869
File: 208 KB, 960x960, girlsfrontlinebear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Revolutionary freedom fighter.

>> No.19100880
File: 92 KB, 1304x751, 2020-05-14_09-30-57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FUCK chink restaurants seriously, I didn't agree to this bullshit

>> No.19100882

uhh how's that trip code generator working out for you? have you faggots figured out how to dox me yet?

>> No.19100893

>You're only allowed to transfer your own fucking money 6 times a month

Why do you even have a savings account? Why not just keep it in your checking account and stop getting scammed

>> No.19100894

Okay guys any more recommended books/courses or a video series to learn investing? I really like learning by watchin videos

>> No.19100897
File: 1.21 MB, 600x336, water7.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19100902

no some states are incorporating hazard pay laws.... you don't look at the labor market do you. what ever just get the fuck out of the blue state you don't belong in.

>> No.19100913

Sqqq oh baby you make me so fine

>> No.19100915
File: 369 KB, 2048x1538, 430FCCEA-C58D-44AA-B2B8-154FDC4B8DA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Fed suspended Reg D

>> No.19100919

Bought some BXRX. Thoughts on this stock?

>> No.19100931

>betting on the mouse
Incredibly based

>> No.19100938

Checking account don't fork out a interest payment. And even if it did most likely it'd be shit. At least with my emergency fund I'm getting 1.5 - 1.7% a month while my money sits there.

>> No.19100944
File: 77 KB, 1138x640, JPEG_20200514_183455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whos buying tvix tomorrow?

>> No.19100946



>> No.19100963

This reminds me of the most silly restaurant charge I have ever personally received on a bill.
>grandparents in town to visit
>take them to new semi-fancy restaurant for dinner
>grandparents are old and have small appetites so they decided to order one dish and share it
>asked for extra empty plate to do so
>bill comes
>charge appears at the bottom: "open food $5.00"
>I ask waitress what the hell does this mean?
>she says there is a charge to share a dish
>I am speechless

>> No.19100990
File: 95 KB, 1203x750, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19101002

There is no fucking way you're getting 1.5-1.7% a month. That's 19.5 to 22.4% a year. If that was the case I'd just keep my money in the savings account. Guaranteed 19.5 to 22.4% a year beats anything.

>> No.19101004

im not afraid to put mypaycheck on the line. food is temporary

>> No.19101007
File: 23 KB, 767x289, 1561231384475.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Caught this gem from a public virtual town hall meeting at my local hospital.

>> No.19101014
File: 632 KB, 507x793, water10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what if that whole thing was a single bunny ear?

>> No.19101016

no don't do it. buy drugs

>> No.19101017

Life is temporary too

>> No.19101025

go all in and post screens faggot. we can use a good laugh

>> No.19101030


>> No.19101033


>> No.19101037

>bought a sizeable chunk of CLNC on margin
What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.19101039

You are absolutely not getting 1.5%/month in a savings account. That would crash the stock market

>> No.19101040

the MMs are the big money boys, hedgies, your own broker etc. they know about it and most of their profits are from inversing retail plays, sometimes even forcing the market to move in a way to steal retail tendies (90% of retails never go positive and quit trading in a loss)

>> No.19101044

imagine this.... $15 minimum wage circa 2018.... and then we lay everybody off.... then we restart again.... god ii hate this on/off switch, i hate the bail outs i hate it.... im going to bury my mother some day. we've touched on the subject, but lightly... she's not even in the home yet. gonna have to have that talk... fuck... my mom isn't going into the home, but... shit maybe i am europoor.... i want my mom to die at home by her family. you fucks don't get iit... old people just die. fucking assholes shut the whole country down because of shit we saw coming, and blame a virus, and protect old people that are already going to die.... don't forget there are people who are not willing to go to a doctor. they can't be in the ground 0. the zoomers weren't even alive for 9/11 we got these youngsters who were not even alive for 9/11 who are now saying you have to stay home and not risk? fuck it... if this is the world, where everybody is a fucking pussy that won't go out. fuck you all this world sucks.

>> No.19101055
File: 25 KB, 460x312, 1588083816038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19101065

This post got me to buy shares in RGR.

>> No.19101070

he is almost certainly talking about APY but thinks it's monthly lol

>> No.19101074

APY I think is what they call it. But it is 1.5 - 1.7%. Most banks your getting 0.10%

>> No.19101076

tell me everything you know about the ticker RGR

>> No.19101094

have you ever seen how car dealers do financing,and sell cars.... he's probably speaking gospel.

>> No.19101115

That's pretty decent but still doesn't beat inflation. Better to let your savings ride on SPX ETFs. Well, maybe not right now but in general.

>> No.19101121

Today was Thursday. Garbage day for many Americans. You know who’s trucks are picking up that garbage? WM trucks, that’s who. It’s under $100 a share right now which is an absolute steal.

>> No.19101131

wait what.... just fucking force banks to work together and make them your customer, not the other way around... some people are so fucking stupid they get walked over.... I hate you push overs.

>> No.19101134

because if your debit card gets stolen, you can either lose $2500 or your life savings
that's why you have a checking account and a saving account. also why you should use credit card for most expenses desu. you can contest false credit cards charges easily.
i literally only use my checking account to pay rent and to pay cc bill

>> No.19101145

Don’t you EVER (You) me again until you can tell me what the A in APY stands for

>> No.19101162

It's a gun company with a 1.3% dividend and 37% payout ratio. Its P/E is almost 30, and I buy a share when I read anything that sounds like sadposting.

>> No.19101164

dump truck more like dumb truck

>> No.19101180

there's fdic insurance... multiple banks is better... fucking stop being bad. if you have piles spread it.

>> No.19101182
File: 2.75 MB, 1380x1762, 503608FE-8BF4-43DE-84D3-C88D167FAAA9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I see.
I’ve got to get a system like you, I’m squandering my ability to daytrade.

That upswing in the gex is almost as sharp as your “steel drop”

The “A” stands for cunny.

>> No.19101189

I work for WM. It’s a great investment long term but I think it’ll drop some more. They do a lot of commercial business which is still neutered. I have shares from our ESPP but I’m not buying any separately unless they drop into the $80’s

>> No.19101190


>> No.19101196

That's what I use my main bank for, a hub. Everything flows into it, everything flows out. I keep very little in it's savings account. Mostly for small shit deals if they pop up.

>> No.19101215

>he doesn't into visa debit cards
>all the protection of a credit card, but it's not

>> No.19101223


What's most likely to go negative?

>> No.19101231

That’s why my paycheck goes into a checking acct that I don’t have a card or checks for. I have a second checking account for spending and I throw money into my savings account manually. Don’t have to worry about transfer limits

>> No.19101232

bros i got puts on PBR and GE, how they gonna do ?

>> No.19101247
File: 79 KB, 936x1180, Trash beats SPX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck? A literal garbage stock is outperforming SPX. I don't even know what to believe anymore.

>> No.19101258

The a stands for autistic

>> No.19101260

listen... i have more bullets than guns... i don't know when ii can shoot my guns... well i can shoot them, but i like hate waste of ammo sighting in my rifles, but the best investment you can is buy one of their guns... learn how to safely keep and maintain a firearm. safety is always #1. and not letting some one else get the hands on your gun is always going to go back to #1.

>> No.19101265
File: 72 KB, 581x443, 2020-05-14_19-27-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19101268

This is the link:

Negative oil was a surprise. Bet people think it'll never happen again now. But what could do it?

>> No.19101279


>> No.19101288

Back in 2000 and something I had a 7% CD and I was too stupid to know it was absolutely amazing and wouldn't last forever.

>> No.19101308

They need to team up with FCEL and turn that stinky methane into electricity and carbon offset revenue.

>> No.19101332
File: 167 KB, 1022x1275, 1588290117421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I’ve got to get a system like you, I’m squandering my ability to daytrade.
Honestly the way I wound up doing TA is really simple. I plowed through a number of different styles of indicators, put them on old charts to see what they said in relation to what the chart proceeded to do, tossed out the ones that were way off, kept the ones that were okay, fiddled with settings to see if I could make them better than the default. Tested and tested and more testings. Came up with some rules to try to eliminate the false signals I couldn't get rid of from my indicators without changing them and making them overall worse. So on and so forth.

Add some experience related knowledge to it to keep me out of trades that were probably bad ideas from an FA standpoint regardless of the TA giving the green light. Like I never short the index unless I get a sell signal after a double top or lower high. This rule allows me to skip the short attempt on the 9 times out of 10 an index dip results in brief selling followed by pump straight back to long term uptrend.

>> No.19101333

honestly i live in a very liberal state, and we used to manufacture guns here we still make submarines and helecopters, but you're better off just getting a gun and getting permits to hunt and doing the work it takes to learn how to cook and hunt.... investing in a company that has already given you all you want... you can give back and take ownership, but you're looking at investing in the wrong way.... You want to be the owner of the company, and you want a profit. If you can't find profit, spend some time in the woods with their product you might find food, but always be ready for a fight.

>> No.19101341

Feels so comfy

>> No.19101355
File: 1.19 MB, 850x1192, 87958A28-2664-4C2D-B28A-575839C8F9A1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Saw that, thought about it, then got distracted by how fucking far Lam Research ran today.
I’ve got too many stocks. WM is tempting but... I think I’ll stick with pharma and foods and chips.

That’s fucking wild. I thought your NRZ position was ballsy...

>you know for a perverted person
Hey. I am not a pervert. I’m just a man with many interests.
But you’re my dude mr. Bags.

>> No.19101356

All weebs deserve the gas

>> No.19101366

I do with all American bank with the money market account

>> No.19101368

They already do that.


>> No.19101376

They pay a nice dividend too. 54 cents a share.

>> No.19101378

Wall Street is betting on NIRP, and Powell didn't explicitly state that it was entirely off the table, thus it is a probable, however unlikely, modality.

Do you have a short position on gold or what?

That's bullish as fuck, at least how it was phrased:
>It will also encourage the U.S. government, including the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Veterans Affairs, to only buy American-made medical products.

But they failed to specify drugs so it's difficult to ascertain which companies, but ostensibly this is a move against CN, so their key pharma exports - especially high volume essentials are most probably what should be expected.

>> No.19101386

Ehh, the amount of money in my portfolio is too small to be considered ballsy. Like is DIS really going to go bankrupt?

>> No.19101398
File: 64 KB, 800x450, 1579467233624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i luv u 2

>> No.19101409
File: 404 KB, 750x1294, 2650023D-8670-40CA-8E9B-017E204703B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No you don’t.

>> No.19101430
File: 413 KB, 720x682, 1585313849061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Opposite actually. Bought in just under 1600. But I want more anon, and I know it will drop again eventually.

>> No.19101431

hey guys, I heard about this new stock called MVIS which has the potential to 10x your money!

>> No.19101433

i misworded this shit so bad.... my head goes faster than my fingers sometimes... what I mean is... by investing in the manufacturer, you're becoming a partial owner of the whole business. You are better off using the product for personal use... in this case it's protection or hunting, murder & suicide... who cares... i mean i know the cyclical nature of these gun manufactures and how 2a always comes up every year, but this year, there's no school... there's no drama and media narrative to blame the random school shootiings that happen... there will be no rush to buy guns since there's enough in circulation... think of them like currency.

>> No.19101434

No. To many kiddies. To many parents with memories. The brands are strong. Disney+ is the big profit thing for them now till the parks are back in full swing.

>> No.19101435

mate lol you realize that would outperform 99% of market with exception to jimmies giga algo

>> No.19101461
File: 203 KB, 933x933, c3a1edde-06ed-4649-9e43-44537bfca63c..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guess you missed the dip

>> No.19101463

I live out of my RH account and my credit card. My paycheck goes straight into GOVT or other stocks and I settle funds at the end of the month to pay the balance on the CC

Cash is Trash.

>> No.19101477

Today i started an investment account and i asked a friend i knew who does some trading and i asked for some tips and they said not to invest because s&p is about to reach a new all time for an unknown reason and 33 million are unemployed and that i should wait until next year if i want to try to make any profits is this true? the only experience i have with trading is doing some stock market game in high school

>> No.19101481
File: 55 KB, 963x535, SPY 35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

think lower, buddy

>> No.19101491

How do you think I do covered calls on BRK.A

>> No.19101503

Gordon Gecko ate two worms today and trimmed a third. He’s been right 4/4 times this week. Stocks go up.

>> No.19101510

no reason to invest pennies right now. look at the news and state of world etc

>> No.19101514

Start small. Trying to find the perfect time to enter is a fools game. Honestly this is about a perfect time as your likely to get. Considering that uh the last time things shat this bad was 100 years ago.

>> No.19101515

once the parks come back, they have a cruise line too... damn don't bet against children unless the world is really ending.

>> No.19101537

This place is not for advice, read the links. That said go all in on MVIS, SNSS, SQQQ, and USO.

>> No.19101542

you can't do that larper... why don't you just stop fucking being a faggot and lying to people on the internet.

>> No.19101546
File: 340 KB, 750x872, 7B29DE13-E6BD-4757-BD0F-BA9E857AACFA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SPY correlates strangely well to my local pollen index.

>> No.19101567

hey asshole!!! what are you doing here?

>> No.19101570

I see I got a response, but must be a tripnigger that I filtered since it's blank.

>> No.19101574

DOCU ITM calls at 3:45. Sell at open. Puts at 10:00. Sell at 11:00-12:00 and buy calls. Sell at 1:00-2:00 buy puts. Sell at 3:30. Rinse and repeat.

>> No.19101584

Them trees bout to be droppin loads tomorrow then. SPY $295 @ close

>> No.19101585

Buy my SANDbags.

>> No.19101593

youre fucked

>> No.19101596

Will the stock market be rendered useless when our alien overlords implement a new monetary system for all of humanity?

>> No.19101595

the corona virus is going to land on pollen and reinfect so many people... it's why the mask policy is in place. pollen infusion.

>> No.19101597

Can a company say “hey no options on our stock!”? Is that even up to them.

>> No.19101602

Who the fuck BUYS $35 puts? Like is there actually someone so retarded on this planet?

>> No.19101615
File: 1005 KB, 1920x1080, honeybees.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's all controlled by big honey

>> No.19101617

>puts on GE

Shoulda done a credit spread instead. GE is a crab stock.

>> No.19101622

stock market as we know it won't exist in less than 20 years

>> No.19101633

I asked you a question... so since you filtered thread, what ever what you don't want to hear doesn't fit your world view and such you're destined to be a loser your whole life... I feel bad for anybody that cares for you because I sure as hell dont.

>> No.19101661

Who sells those puts is the better question.

>> No.19101664

capped and saved

sounds smart, I have to sign up for trading view and TDA and put in the work. Could be cool, if it successfully identifies recurring patterns.

>> No.19101670
File: 69 KB, 396x676, 1589139186897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



made it out up 3% but that was the most helllish hold of my life, fuck everyone who was still shilling that shit at 1.50+ after it peaked

>> No.19101680

If you want risk, invest now.

If you want to invest, wait at least 6 months.

>> No.19101691

People who prey on literal fucking retards. I mean I thought $190 SPY puts were retarded but then I saw it ACTUALLY HAS VOLUME. I fucking give up man. Should I just start writing options like that to scam retards? I'd feel guilty scamming total fucking retards though.

>> No.19101703

it moves specifically to fuck calls and puts

>> No.19101710

damn... i want to invest in my self... 10 push ups and getting my heart to an elevated state... it's just simple. i want risk too.... why do i have to go to sleep?

>> No.19101711

all in with what my dimes or my pennies

>> No.19101731

When I was in my 20's I had an excess of cash each month. Uh sometimes like 700 a month in excess (and I was making even less than I do now which is still shit). Due to living in the middle of nowhere so no temptations to make me blow money (fast food,beer,etc) and also cause I didn't have any rent or mortgage payment to pay on the place I was living. What did I do with my cash? I fucking blew it on games and computer parts, and doujin translations. Sure I saved a nice pile but still I wasted more than I should've. Fuck.. I could've been a rich bastard now. Considering I lived there for about 5 years. 42,000. I could've invested 42,000 and it wouldn't have put a dent in my life style then.

>> No.19101732

The APY on that is shit tho. Selling penny options to retards just ties up capital.

>> No.19101735

It does but in order to use TA successfully you need to have realistic expectations. The goal is prediction rate better than 50%. In order to be a profitable trader you don't actually need 50% success rate so long as your risk management is solid. Portfolio and risk management is a huge component. TA is just a little extra help. And there's a reason those tests where parrots and cats and whatever wound up beating pro traders over periods of time worked out the way they did. Trading on emotion and bias kills returns. The more clinical you are about it the more successful you will be.

>> No.19101742

come on bro i turned like 700 into 9 grand in two days...

>> No.19101743

you can be the house. but you need fat capital. or you risk going negative. even the 1% chance could wipe you out

>> No.19101767

you never own the house... if you don't pay your taxes, you're fucked and out on the street like anybody else.... shit...

>> No.19101773

>buying call options
>stock goes up and you get money
>goes down and you lose money

>buying puts
>stock goes down, I make money and vica versa

is it really that simple to make money bros
I dont want to get wrecked

>> No.19101781

I agree. TA is a tool you use to bump up your statistical edge by a couple points, but only as part of a holistic strategy.

>> No.19101786


>> No.19101793

Yes goy, it’s just that easy.

t. Theta Gang

>> No.19101796
File: 65 KB, 1920x1080, gold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No thank you anon, I like touching them.

>> No.19101828

Didn't the pump today at the end make you realize that they want Friday to be a green day. They're not going to waste all that pump for nothing. Friday will be a good day

>> No.19101838

Tomorrow, we go all the way to test 292. Monday, we waffle around a bit, then drop to 286. Then Tuesday and Wednesday we dump hard when oil futures go to shit.

>> No.19101839

To be fair, the only reason your property lines exist in the first place is because the state draws them.

>> No.19101859

need some advice about $CPE, do you think it will recover?

>> No.19101867

That's the kind of hubris that leads to ruin. But keep thinking you're smart and invincible for understanding basic options trading.

>> No.19101882

I'm not saying there is wrong with the lines, but why do I have to check the state and hire independent surveyors to give me evidence to sue the state and put my case as a plaintiff to a judge?

>> No.19101897

nevermind i got new lines, my lawyer was great.. more liability but more land.

>> No.19101899
File: 128 KB, 750x755, C3396EA5-82FE-47C6-A64C-50F410E032B4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My KO call is getting rather ripe and my T put almost went ITM today. Seems I will go another week without getting assigned.

>> No.19101904

I'm not a complete retard... I'll do all my first option trades on margin

>> No.19101909


>> No.19101916

Out of all the bad oil stocks like Oasis Petro and etc. it tends to be the best of the worst.

>> No.19101918

Got a new thread ready to post. Seems slow so far tonight. When do you anons want it?

>> No.19101925

lol no
>buy call
>stock goes own half a percent
>at market close, your call is now down 20%
>in after hours when you can't trade options but professionals can, you watch the stock pump fucking 3%
>go to bed feeling hopeful for the next day
>tomorrow at 9am, the stock is now down 1% from where you bought it
>sit and stare it at it all day
>your hands are strong
>surprise pump
>your call goes in the money
>you're still down 5% because of theta
I'm not even fucking joking in the slightest. This shit is rigged. Your best bet is to have an actual edge making a very sure bet that something will go up, and taking some percentage of your portfolio that you're willing to risk and buying a far out option so that just in case you didn't time the bottom too well you still have time to be right. If it starts going massively wrong you fucking sell and move on

Buying options days before expiration is degenerate gambling and you're going to lose a lot of money

>> No.19101928

>I'm not a complete retard.
>I'll do all my first option trades on margin

I hope that's just a joke

>> No.19101933

just wear a facemask in the spring... it will help with your allergies, or take benedrile or like that other antihistemine thing...

>> No.19101937

>days before expiration
And this is where you fucked up

>> No.19101957

yeah that's what I said
but I'm also saying even if you're right there's a great chance you'll still lose money

>> No.19101961

To make money on an option do you have to either exercise or sell the option ? Or is there some way where you can just take the profit ?

>> No.19101962

The hard part is picking the perfect entry point to maximize profit and minimize risk of getting bogged

>> No.19101973

Shit JCP can't go under, I just figured out I could sell .50 calls to dumbles thinking they'd get bought by Amazon.

>> No.19101974


lol... i just want to listen. too i'll talk after.

>> No.19101978

nice blog fag. Served you right fucking degen weeb

>> No.19101992

>Buying options days before expiration is degenerate gambling and you're going to lose a lot of money
>tfw I did this but the EOD pump has saved me from myself
Might even make 1k

>> No.19102032

If your still here.
I’d recommend PE, WTI, or ENBL if you’re looking for a cheapie.
Check moving averages. ENBL working on pipeline projected to be operational in 2022. PE CEO was on Cramer and fundamentally look sound. WTI offshore is just a gamble that I didn’t research.

>> No.19102058

Just make a new thread at 311 posts, that's when the bump limit is reached. So, make one now.

>> No.19102070

did you make friends? people who gave you skills you can use in the rest of your life to share with people for profit? you could be looking at everything from the wrong angle... sure its entirely your fault, but can you do something with who've you become and what you want to see other people do?

>> No.19102074

>If it starts going massively wrong you fucking sell and move on

You can be down 80% and still make it out with 25% gains.

>Your best bet is to have an actual edge making a very sure bet that something will go up

You can buy puts. Betting on something going down less risky than betting on something going up.

>> No.19102119

I'll be honest... there are days ii wish i was never born... i wish for nothingness... i wish for really strange things, but to witness two neutron stars collide and make some more gold.... super novas... first contact with extra-terrestrials... ii guess that's why i'm still here beyond my love for everybody who's helped me when i was down... my own ambition is I want to know more. and it's impossible because i want to know what I can't even decide.

>> No.19102125

Sell the option. You only exercise the option if you want to own/sell the stock.

>> No.19102136

>You can be down 80% and still make it out with 25% gains.
yeah you can
or you can admit you were wrong, sell at a small loss, look away from the charts for a few days and come back at it with some fresh research

here's what every new investor does, every single time:
>enter position
>it starts to go wrong
>"I got da iron hands!"
>buy more
>keeps going down
>buy more
>run out of money to buy the next dip
and then it finally recovers and they sell at a 2% gain after a lot of needless stress

big boys sell immediately and don't look back

>> No.19102138

thanks, looking at them now

>> No.19102139

Done, thanks anon.


>> No.19102145

you only make money when you sell.... you never make money on the purchase... that's just sunk cost.

>> No.19102155

lol actually it was pretty fun. Me and a few friends all lived in this house. Other than it was in the middle of nowhere it was cool as hell. Kinda like the college dorm thing. There was this girl who lived uh a few houses down that used to come over a lot. Cause like I said not much to do. Fun times. Lived, worked, had fun, then it all ended. One dude got married. One dude got a new job so he decided to move into an apt closer to to his work. The guy who actually owned the house decided to sell it to the farmer who owned the adjacent land (made a tidy sum in the process). So yeah it was time to move on. Worked out good though in the end.

>> No.19102165

But what if no one buys it ?

>> No.19102263

Then it wasn’t worth what you want to sell it for

>> No.19102523

Your advice would be correct with stocks, but we're talking about options here. If you can't handle price swings, then you shouldn't be playing with options.

You're actually wrong about what new investors do. They tend to panic sell more often because when you've never invested before, you would be more emotional about your losses.


>Those who appeared to panic the most—for example, those who trimmed their holdings by 90 percent or more—had the worst 12-month-trailing performance of all groups.

>> No.19102536

Don't buy options that are too far OTM.