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xrp is a $0.2 stablecoin
change my mind fags

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It's actually a $0.1 stablecoin

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Why? Sold all mine, bought Doge

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>down over 95%
>done nothing but dump since hitting ATH
>no sign of trend reversal

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thats exactly their point, that is why they dump just enough to keep the price in check.
in fact the pump up to 3 dollars was a negative to them, because ever since them they are out of the digital money race.
t. just read the ecb report where xrp got rekt by its own pump in the stats

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I swear the desperation is making xrp youtubers more retarded. Now they swear XRP is going to be worth over a grand when it cant even make it back to $.40. So sad.

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XRP is dead. Maybe you get a 10% bounce from here. MAYBE.
The new crypto to pump and dump is going to be Proton XPR. They're literally just trying to capture the XRP market as much as possible (at least the half that didn't move over to LINK). Buy in at $0.015, hold to ~$1, and dump it hard.

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