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>200k market cap
>Idex listing soon
>MERJ Exchange listing in the future
>He didnt buy CUR
Do you hate money /biz?

This is the next HEX/STAKE/ESH
ez 10x

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token for toy cars? no thanks

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Lol yeah for you they can only be little toys coz you can't afford it even know abt the real luxurious cars..go curio

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Market bought 10k.

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absolute state of /biz/
go buy an already pamped shitcoin and get damped on instead
based and CURrypilled

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I can hardly understand your talk pravik. If you want to shill better learn some english before

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Lol you have no idea what pump is when it comes to small market cap , watch it and you will buy fomo

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Grab an opportunity to buy $CUR
......Tokenization of Classic Assets like CARS
......with All Legal Aspects
......with winning many Recognised Awards
.......Fill your bag or wait for 10x and then enter

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You will understand curioinvest brochure and white paper , go do that , it will save your time and mine

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is KYC required on probit?

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>with winning many Recognised Awards
Well, in that case, how cwn I go wrong?
Many Recognised Awards, you say?
Shit, I always make investment decisions based on quantity of Recognised Awards. That's all you had to say!
Thanks, my friend!

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what does this have to do with RPL?

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You make investment based on research , why don't you just read on their website what exactly it is about , rather thn depending on one liner comments here

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Nothing as far as I know

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i bought for all my money

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Cur token will be THE governance token of the Curioinvest platform.. Very promising guys.. Only 2M supply in total. Scarsity will smash in like hell!! Buy before it's to late

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Guys, i'm confused: it said in the Satsgang thread that Curio shilling would start next week? Did someone not get the memo?

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What is satsgang thread

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This is an actual pajeet token jesus Christ.

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Beyond rediculous low market, tiny supply, volume will boom soon..

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Grabbed a bag after yesterdays threads. Looks promising indeed.

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RPL is dead
satsgang is gay
every shitcoin has pajeets

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Pump it cunt!

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Yeah.. why not i just bought a small bag.

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So wait. You're allowed to sell this without getting licensing from companies?

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This coin is so dumb I can't put it into words.

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Then don't put in words..just go buy

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Government license ..these are pre-owned cars by individuals why you need license from companies

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Out of morbid curiosity took a look at the whitepaper. The fact that it's titled "PowerPoint Presentation" really seals the deal. We've fallen so far down since Bitcoin, Satoshi is spinning in his solid gold grave.
Find a different coin to shill, anons. This shit isn't even funny.

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But sir!
Many recognize awards!

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Where ?


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Probit exhange

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unironically fake news, go poo on a street ranjeet
stay poor

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Thanks! Just bought 100k ;)

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Well FUCK YOU pajeets I already bought ethertanks. Tanks are better than cars!

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>missing out on obvious 10x

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Switch Insider here. Look, I don't have much time for that, and I 'll delete this thread in thirty minutes. I saw with my own eyes the leaked whitepaper. It IS AWFUL. I can't describe anymore, but you should sell sell sell right now.Exit as much as you can and buy back after the whitepaper because the airdrop is still free money even if ghost has an awful whitepaper.

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Yeah, um..think I'm good. Thanks though Rasheed. Btw, do you miss your phone scams?

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no shilling please

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buy support increasing on curio...matter of time

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Market too small.
Curio is a joke folks

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Lol u decide ur investment looking at cmc? Newbie?

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It won't be a joke soon , so enter now or keep posting in 4chan for ever

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you want me to buy tokens to buy a token of a car

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yes, classic cars, will surely moon in this recession, many rich wealth for village

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I want you to research and see the vision and future of crypto use cases ..rest upto you

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read into it,

they are releasing tokens for each car they list

Whats the point of the CUR token? its literally not in their whitepaper lol

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You're right I'm totally new to this, let me market buy a coin with $100k in volume and a hidden supply. Sorry Ranjeesh, not buying your street shit covered sandals today.

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token has no use or intrinsic value.


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fuck this just keeps getting better

are you cunts fucking seriously shilling this? KYS

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token has no use or intrinsic value.


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Argentina and China tend to put their money into physical things like cars to try and fight inflation. I thought this coin was stupid at first, but now I think it's less so.

The level of paheet though is pretty extreme. I still bought a small bag simply because I assume these dirty curry shitters will probably shill like their lives depend on it and trick other street shitters into buying my bags a few months down the road.

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CUR: used to obtain CURV among other incentives and benefits of holding.

CURV: voting/staking token linked to the curio DAO platform. Voting for new assets, staking rewards such as CT among others.

CT: security token backed by each asset. The Ferrari token will be ‘CT1’ this will be listed on MERJ exchange among others, it is this that bridges traditional stock markets(e.g. MERJ exchange) with crypto.

>no value
stay poor

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Its a coin literally for toy cars tf are you on anon

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>This is the next scam/scam/maybe PnD
Why do you say that like it's a good thing

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great fortunes await you

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This is the token which can make 10x..imagine u have bought 10k tokens and it goes to 1$ which it did once already..that's 10000$...do some maths you guys

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None of what you said means anything.

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Lol if you bought 2 days back ..curio is already 2x and you will have twice as much money if you sold today ..does it mean anything?

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That it is either a pyramid scheme or more likely a pump and dump, and that you bought in earlier than me, and now I must decide if I want to join the circus.

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Ok keep an eye on it as it hits 1-3$ in coming weeks ..then regret u did not listen .

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go away pajeet. if you want to make this shit slightly less obvious you slowly build this shit up over time. you don't suddenly post 50 threads a day about some low mcap shitcoin. maybe learn a little bit about viral marketing before trying to shill your pump and dump garbage here.

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Biz doesn't understand tokenomics.
Biz doesn't know what MC is and what is its importance.
Biz doesn't understand scarcity, supply and demand.
Biz is always late .

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stay mad
this is going to 10x in the next few days

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Haters - Stay away from CUR.....as u don't deserve Good Project like $CUR......
Secondly.......you always enter when project goes 10x or more.......
Third...Just wait for announcement of (FIRST CLASSIC CAR SALE - FERRARI).......and then whole world will be running for $CUR but it is only 2 Million so........it will move to 10x - 100x

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Just wish the time you take to type in hatred for no reason, just use the same time in Research ..it will help you, bless you

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This will do 10x overnight before month end. U have to understand the scarcity too.

Curio Max Supply - Only 2 Million
MC - 200k approx
What's coming, In few days:-
1. Spotlight in Fusion Sphere Magazine
2. RTS TV award
3. Mckinsey's Venture Award
4. New Exchanges & 1st First Ferrari Sale
5. Special AI protocol with EOS
6. Curio Substrate Protocols with Polkadot
7. VR based game portal

Haters gonna hate, but bombs are about to be dropped. Low supply will show it's magic.

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Haters are starting to read the whitepaper look at the details and are falling in love with curio!!

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This is just a warming up.. Easy 10x from here.

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Haters will spread FUD to secure their position. Aint selling my CUR bags for you bitches. $1 per CUR is coming!

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You are the dumbest nigger on the /biz/ plantation

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Cur will do 10x... shit coin or not!!

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I´m falling in love with curio also. will bring me many riches. It´s best crypto. Haters are keeping price low. Buy before it is 1 million a cur

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Crazy low supply.. Yeah i will grab some more Cur from Probit Ex today .. It's a solid project imo.

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ffs Lembo boy stop shilling this shitcoin. Team promised bitmex and delivered literally who probit and scammy hitbtc. who the fuck wants to invest in luxury cars. only pajeets fall for this lambo coin. its literally lambo coin and they pay to be on bloomberg just lol. But it tricks the silly pajeets

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bittrex ****

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