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road to financial freedom edition

>what is XIO?
https://xio.network/ a DeFi project, really lowcap (300k) it's very unlikely you heard about it before.

>what the fuck it does?
Ok beside being an uniswap and DeFi meme and they are pumping lately...
They are making a defi lending platform but the main difference is that interests are earned UPFRONT and not over a long period time. It works for several coins - including LINK (interest paid in LINK) - and they also have stakedrops because you can use the platform for decentralized crowdfunding too.
It's in Private Beta (pic related) I'm convinced the project will skyrocket once it's going to be live and gets listed on a more mainstream exchange, I haven't seen such an undervalued project in a while.

>Why should i have to buy?
it's a lending platform where you get paid interests upfront and it works for LINK, do you need more reasons? it's only on uniswap (hottest meme right now) and also you have missed out on ANJ and ESH, you don't want to lose this one as well right anon?

>where to buy?
only listed on Uniswap yet but with very decent liquidity for the size.

Get your ticket today anon, with this low mcap it won't last long!

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Been hearing more good stuff bout Uniswap lately. Right now i still got my ETH on Idex. Might switch cuz im hungry for some micro cap gems.

Will look at XIO, thanks!

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you don't need to deposit or anything just use metamask or whatever wallet you like then it's literally 2 clicks to swap a token.. Uniswap being really hot lately

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sounds good! would you think their token Bomb will also start to grow?

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it already did x20 or smth not sure if it will have another run.. looks bottomed for sure tho...

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ITT: Samefagging.

Why would a lending platform pay out upfront? That way, they can't grow fast as they'd have to finance a lot upfront.

And too many mee-too DeFi lending platforms lately. Every wants a piece of pie, but AAVE is the top dog.

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Except in a DeFi environment the platform is not paying out of it's pocket but rather the borrower.. So no growth hindering

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bought a comfy 50k stack yesterday @ .00006

Thnx fren

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>AAVE is the top dog
so what? no room for competitors? Also you sound really unaware of how DeFi actually works.
On top of that, wild ICO craze is one of the main factors responsible of jinxing 2017 run so what's wrong with XIO business model?
>pic related it's (you)

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Ez af i see!

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yup, welcome to ETH

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Just bought some I hope you're right OP

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are you the guy buying 17 eth worth??

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Yes, did i fuck up?

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you making me FOMO so yes :<

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liquidity is okish so no you didn't fuck up but now you gotta help get the word out about it kek also digits are clearly telling you you did right anon

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you're going to make it

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nice, looks like a promising pump and dump, and we're pretty early.
volume doesn't just increase 800% from thin air.
tnx spectre satgang or whatever

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this guy gets it
none of the ones you mentioned btw

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btw i suggest you to provide liquidity for the pool so that you actually make your holdings grow

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how does that actually work?
like your coins bounce from eth to whatever coin you put into the pool.
what if the coin you put in moons and people buy it from the liquidity pool, you're getting more eth and less moon coin
on top of that if eth drops you lose twice

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you're basically becoming a trustless algorithmic market maker and get paid fees for providing the liquidity

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this. it's big brain move

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Where can I find price info for XIO? Newbie here.

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forgot to mention but XIO Foundation also incentivizes providing liquidity on Uniswap by giving out additional rewards

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At the moment you can get over 100% more just with staking and providing liquidity. This will go up a lot soon.


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Thanks. Sounds promising, might just throw 2eth at it and see what happens

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welcome anon

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Why does my uniswap transaction say the estimated confirmation duration is 14h?

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because you likely did not change gas price in metamask. try to speed it up in metamask or cancel it and redo with an higher gas price

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ETH is being a clogged pussy these days cause of insane normie activity that are going to pamp our bags

>> No.19085576

Did a little of my own research on this one. Willing to put my money into this. Thanks for the heads up faggots

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share your research fren, am in 10eth now

>> No.19085932

Would you like to increase that stack?

>> No.19086025

sure :)

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yeah share what you got that i might have missed i am gonna add to the general

>> No.19086095

share with up senpai

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I'm getting some of those sweet sweet BITCOOOOONEEEEEEECT Vibes in here

>> No.19086242

Stay poor.

>> No.19086306

Bought link @ 0.15 :^) cry more pajeet

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lol what a faggot i bought at 4 cents on etherdelta also with bitconnect a lot of people made bank so what's your point newfag

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That relying on pump and dumps is just that - gambling on whether you sell before they dump on you. It doesn't have any connection to investing it's pure gambling. They made bank on a ponzi scheme whats so glorious about that. Plus fuck you all p&d shillers.

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implying LINK is different and you don't rely on sergei not pulling the trigger to dump his ponzi on your sorry ass

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>you right now

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Fucking solid OP. Ahhhh yes, linkfags. Enjoy watching another shitcoin do multiple x while you sit on the stupid fucking link bags you bought 2 weeks ago but claim you bought in 2017.

Anybody who bought that scam coin in 2017 is way. the. fuck. out. by now.

You know how I know you're a link newfag, fagget? You talk about the. fucking. tech. Bahahahahahaha

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Never used uniswap before.
How exactly is the price for a swap calculated?
And what does the pool thing do?

>> No.19087458

you basically can read the slippage you get for the amount you wanna buy and it says the LEAST amount of coins you are gonna get from the swap. remember to adjust the max slippage you are willing to pay to be higher than the one reported for the swap or else the tx will fail.
>And what does the pool thing do?
see >>19084440 you become the market maker

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Hmm I like this meme. OP you say I'll become financially free? how many XIO to make it?

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Basically the liquidity pool allows you to be a market maker and get rewarded for it by getting some of the trading fees and price is calculated according to the liquidity

You can learn more about it here:

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100k to make it. minimum 50k to consider yourself in the game

>> No.19087937

I'm in the game ! based af

>> No.19088040

aight ima get in this motherfuckin game. Uniswap seems very straightforward, it's a swap, right? All these fucktards questions are making me a little nervous. They're just fucktards right?

>> No.19088103

they are just fucktards. Uniswap is a game changer and has been around a while now, it was a project from the ETH foundation

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uniswap is ez. if you dont get that you are ngmi

>> No.19088236

it's like the easiest shit possible. the only 2 things to remember are set up an high gas price in metamask and set up the right slippage.
dw fren you'll make it worse that can happen is thattransaction fails and you don't swap

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Uniswap is so catchy and easy.. it's the single best project to ever come out of ETH ecosystem

>> No.19088718

fuck metamask

what is a safe gas fee, im trying to dumo some eth in this and my transaction is not going through

>> No.19088748

Reddit ERC-20 tokens are making ETH go full crypto kitty in peak bullrun so go with the highest you can afford if you're in a hurry

>> No.19088927

click on gas price and set it to high to not have problems. it should confirm in seconds

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unironically true

>> No.19089206

> doesn't know how to use metamask
> fuck metamask

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The fuck do I answer, guys?

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This post alone made the volume skyrocket. This has been out for a yesr already and the volume was laways pitiful. What have they done in the meantime? OP are you trying to dump bags or is this an actual uncovered gem?

>> No.19089438

They are just building their app and not making waves.. already have 2 startups in their incubator and try to provide value... community is small but solid.. this is an uncovered gem sir, plain and simple

>> No.19089446

thx for the profit boyz. I love free money

>> No.19089461

if you want the nsa, fbi, cia & irs in your asshole yeah, say yes

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i actually bought before posting the thread and trying to get bizbros on board like old times

>> No.19089487

But I'm a poorfag Eastern European. I was thinking of answering Yes so I can see when the big daddy whales are planning on dumping on everyone+me.

>> No.19089648

Based af. Arigato OP.

>> No.19089652

fun fact about that project is that there is very few whales, token distribution is actually great

>> No.19089685

1000% volume increase in the past day? that's an impressive pnd

>> No.19089715

except... it's just a pump?

>> No.19089752

dump cant be far off

>> No.19089866

cope desu it's like 500k mcap

>> No.19089931

give it a week or so, just ride the wave bro.
surely you've got gains from all these pnd's shilled here. throw something at it.

>> No.19090038

go back to discord faggots

>> No.19090157

yeah idk tho, mcap is still like $400k. I haven't bought yet, can't decide.

>> No.19090166

How much are yalls stack?

>> No.19090218

10,000 here. Feeling comfy. Thanks for the ez money, biz

>> No.19090228

that fucking HEX scam pumped 1000% because of Unibright so you can count on this scam mooning too. I'll be on the sidelines though.

>> No.19090239

Nice me too.
What do you think are the stack amounts?

>> No.19090253

nah fuck that. Just bought. It's a legit project with 4chan shills and a sub-$400k mcap. Don't overthink this anons.

>> No.19090284

Nvm got some numbers here
50k is doable at these numbers, but i dont want to use my eth. Just using my gains from my other stacks.

>> No.19090361

Exactly. I bought in at +150% and I'm up pretty good. This thing ain't stoppin anytime soon.

>> No.19090404

Also... how do you even P&D on uniswap? You can see the liquidity yourself

>> No.19090422

where do you see mcap?

>> No.19090424

Does staking work with the coinbase wallet app?

>> No.19090453

try it out an let your frens on /biz/ know
recommend trying it on metamask if coinbase wallet is a no go

>> No.19090465

I've already doubled my money. Will probably stick around until $0.06?

>> No.19090504

yea I'm staying till multi million mcap at least 5mm I think it can defo shoot there

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I hope 15 credits translates to 300 Xios at the very least. 150 xios per month is pretty terrible.

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>> No.19091169

Here's a tip - it's not gay if you don't make eye contact

>> No.19091212

You guys should also check out EPIC Cash.. new mimblewimble coin with a 200K marketcap.. 3 cents a coin (6 Million circulating/21M cap) only mimble wimble coin you are able to mine with a CPU, check it out

>> No.19091331

Is it too late to buy this? I hate getting rekt but this seems like way more upside from here even after the initial spike

>> No.19091399


>> No.19091442

it's under 500k mcap man anything under 1M is def a good buy

>> No.19091450

just throw what you can afford to lose at it friend

>> No.19091479

do i throw more at this, literally saw got in like 3 hours ago and already x2 but i only threw 0.5eth in, i am poor though

>> No.19091501

and i don't take my own advice>>19091450
because im a gambling addict

>> No.19091662

Bruh it is an obvious scam but people will buy in. You are legit just gambling when the bottom falls out.

>> No.19091689

It just dropped 30% in under an hour

>> No.19092006

goes up 200% on the day.. small dip... complains

stay poor desu

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>goes up 300% in 3 hours
>man it just dropped 30%

>> No.19092088

>he post about it after he gets a bag and it moons

Thanks a lot bro. I love getting dumped on.

>> No.19092133

literally impossible that you aren't in profit

>> No.19092259


>> No.19092408

yeah dude you'd think he'd post about it first and *then buy his bags, that way all you cucks could front-run him and he could fuck himself out of free money from the gem he found and literally just gave to you faggots for nothing

I don't give a fuck what you buy anon - you will never fucking make it

>> No.19092425

It’s down over 100% now

>> No.19092494

oh fuck we're in negatives already?

>> No.19092523

Started in the .04x
Now we’re in the .03x
You retards just got huge bags dumped on you. Uniswap.info and look at all the transactions. Was up 200% earlier and it’s barely clinging above 100% now. I’d look through all the addresses with the big sells but I don’t care that much.

>> No.19092567

wow it's down over 1000% right now, XIO is the new oil, fuck me

>> No.19092626

“Small dip” but you guys just wiped off a whole 1c off it’s valuation dropping bags on these retards. I don’t care, I didn’t put any eth in. But anyone not looking at uniswap.info and seeing the price absolutely tank is retarded. Went from +111% to +104% as I wrote this.

>> No.19092659

+88% now LOL it’s in free fall

>> No.19092707

are you just seething because you haven't bought? at the beginning of this thread it was at 2 cents, it went up to 4 and now who has some xio is looking to unload and it's quite normal. also the only one who really jinxed the price is an anon who bought 10 eth worth when he saw this thread about 3 hours ago and dumped the same amount for 22 eth about 1 hour ago. You are literally trying to fud bc you are salty you didn't bought. now gtfo

>> No.19092719

>huge bags
$50,000 liquidity oh wow look at this amazing display of wealth please do not dump on me whale sirs

>> No.19092742

> barely clinging above 100%
jesus what a piece of shit, pedestrian fucking 2x on the day. You're probably like me, used to shitcoins that never dip, just straight up. 2x smfh

check again broheem, down 100,000%. This brainlet above was all over it, strong maths on this fuck I tell you

>> No.19092744

No I’m trying to prevent morons from buying the most obvious pnd in /biz/ history. Anyone who bought when you first posted lost half their money

>> No.19092775



>> No.19092788

stay. broke. faggot.

>> No.19092797

It started at .043 cents today when you retards told people to buy
You’ve sold it down to .030 as people bought in

Obvious pnd

>> No.19092882

are you fucking dumb? everyone who bought when i first posted is now in profit retard >>19092797
it was fucking 2 cents go check time of this thread and price at that time asshole thankfully it's a dex so it's everything onchain

>> No.19092889

can you get anymore retarded than that ? I'm not entertained yet

>> No.19092910

>i don't care much
>9 posts by this id
you are just trying to cope for not buying.. it is an awesome call and i don't blame the ones who are selling at 300%+. also tell me a coin that does not have a pullback after goin x3? fucking retarded

>> No.19092912

It’s back in the .02x now kek
I feel sorry for biz

>> No.19092982

It's at negative 98% for the day?? Are you a literal retard? Downie face, catchup on ice cream, etc?

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