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Honest question I guess? How many of us here are in engineering. I've been wondering that for a while now. (Pic not related)

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electrical reporting in
what discipline are you in OP

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kek, not everyone on 4chan drives a train retard

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civil engineer, specializing in bridges

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does software count

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civil engineer, mostly bridges. stressful, but it covers the coin habit

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Mechanical but I do some software and electrical too.

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i am doing part time eigen vector type of work

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venture capitalist with software architect background

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No one works on 4chan works except for the jannies, and they work for free.

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EE working in construction, ez money

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I have a chemical engineering degree but I've never worked as one and am currently unemployed.

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software engineer, and oh yeah also i like money. i have sold about 140k of stock the past few days (trading window opened), thinking i'll keep selling as long as the stock doesn't crash. was trying to cost average out of my equity but fuck this market is way too risky right now

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ME as well, still mad I didn't go for CS or EE.

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currently in school, double degree engineering/cs
pretty sure I want to choose mechatronics

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lost my jobbie in engineering consulting, clients primarily mining and o&g

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my company's share price dropped 70%, and I never sold my shares in the ESOP. Losing my job was the cherry on top

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Is that a lot of money to you, anon?

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Mech e

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EE working in automation and controls

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sales engineering here

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unless you're working on discrete control. stay the fuck out of my way
t. ChemE

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Mechanical here. Was supposed to take my PE exam in April but beer flu canceled it. I’m wageslaving in tech till I can save enough money to buy some farmland and live off freelance work, market gardening, and stocks.

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a tier or two below them. joined a company pre-IPO, then a lot happened. got a generous stock option grant when we IPOd and the stock has increased quite a lot since then.

yeah. i'm still pretty young. if i get all that it's something that can grow for a long time in vanguard funds or something. it's enough that i can start thinking about how and when i want to quit working (or at least get a comfy remote job or something and not try very hard)

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Final year electrical here. The stuff I've learnt through my degree is definitely interesting and it's conditioned me to deal with high work loads, but my God do I never want to be a soulless pen pusher. Most of the people in my cohort are what you'd expect a bunch of undergraduate EE to look like but I feel like I'm different. They're all low T rule followers. Where do I go after I graduate if I want to maintain my human spirit?

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Nothing quite so exciting I'm afraid

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Polymer engineer here

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Majoring in Civ Eng but my class was fucking boring and I'm probably gonna drop out lmao

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EE student here concentrating in communications and signal processing. Only go part time cause i have a pretty job and a house already but i am ready to be done with school

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I am going to draw an extremely long bow with a nice topping of anectodal evidence for a theory.

Most people I know who are anons were the "smart but fucked around in high school + spent too much time on the internet" types. The kind of people who could get like a 75% on a test without too much effort but really couldnt be fucked doing better because the content wasnt that engaging. Most of high school is just memorizing shit with the exception of the higher level math courses. Math gives you a few tools to remember and tells you to figure it out as opposed to being told to remember the whole thing and regurgitate it when needed. For people inclined towards critical thinking/problem solving most of high school doesnt scratch that itch. They know they could do well but they never really applied themselves because they didnt care and didnt have to. Nothing really kicked their ass.

Enter Engineering (whatever kind) - Anon needs to find something to do with their life. Having been memed on 4chan that engineering makes bank etc... and the fact that it has a low entry score + tough reputation they assume its for them and take a punt. The first year courses hit and they realise that they actually have to work, but its a different kind of work that is activating their brain in ways not experienced before. They dont have to remember a lot, just understand the key fundamentals and use them appropriately. This style of thinking which was not rewarded in high school is now getting the good grades, and filtering out the memorizers.

4chan is genuinely entertaining, but has a ton of bullshit to filter people out. It requires critical thinking to really appreciate it, which naturally biases towards nerdy engineers who think that way. They just happened to find 4chan growing up and stuck with it.

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Marine engineer here. Ez money and only working half the year so feeling pretty comfy.

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Go into construction or heavy industry, lots of work outside and getting your hands dirty. Plus good bantz with the boys

Only do mecha if there is work in automation/robotics in your country otherwise you will just be doing ME work or maybe EE

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fucking based

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I studied biomedical engineering but haven't really done any related work and now I'm a neet.

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Fucking nailed it, goddamn.

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in my third year for mechy.

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Wtf stop talking about me

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>you're here forever
thanks for the validation anon
I must admit I am absolute shit at math though

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also this is scarily accurate

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Do you need a masters degree for that?

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No i was a 98-100% student in highschool without trying while working 30 hours a week and selling dope, and did well enough in university. Things didn't fall apart until I got my degree and trying to pidegonhole myself into a life of mediocrity. Now I just garden trade puts and read philosophy while I wait for it all to end.

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Mechanical Eng, but I work with Business systems.

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Mechanical engineer reporting from the East coast

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Any fellow power system engineers?

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One word - plastics

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Software Engineer reporting in. Backend specifically. I design payment and customer tracking microservices for att.

Not a bad gig. My life is good.

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Industrial/manufacturing Engineer working for a DOD contractor.

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Chemical engineer here

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desu I can't really tell the bullshit from the non bullshit on 4chan
but I am in software """engineering""" so that might be why

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Same friend, ChemEs rule the engineering battlefield. Process knowledge is priceless in the automation world.

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Was anyone else effortlessly good at math until they took their first calculus class?

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Electrical engineer reporting in !

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What are you looking to fund

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Hi boeing or airbus engineer.

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What's your pay and work life like? I'm a final year electrical and considering entering power systems.

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Electrical degree but i do software now

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Software engineer checking in

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do you like your job?

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PhD checking in

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CME reporting in

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fuck calculus

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mechatronics checking in

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EE here

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PhD (computer engineering) checking in.
There's no money in this, what are we gonna do?

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Master in ME and all in in Link

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ChemE working in nuclear checking in

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civil here

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Phd in your mom's pussy.

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Chem technology polymers specialist, never worked directly in the fieled but have done a lot of process enegineering.
Now moved to project managment were I do mostly automation projects. To bad I live in a Pajet like country so not that much $$$ in compare to USA.

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Mechanical into software here.

I'm now a smart contract developer, but overall computer technologist. (Sysadmin, Dba, fullstack dev, vr, shaders, etc...)

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Automation Engineering.
Still feel sub 110iq though.

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Calc is high school material at best. You two have no business being engineers.

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I found some money. Invest what you have in Esh and then lets just move on with our lives

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Software "engineer" here. My job entails almost no math, but it involves complex systems interacting with each other. My money's on orion protocol right now.

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EE reporting in
You dont count, your scum

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Industrial Engineer but now in IT leading a team. Really miss the factories and actual production. I want to make physical shit again like steel while optimizing the production process.

After this team is set up I'll move back again.

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I studied Electrical and electronic engineering, but thank god I was able to get into software development. It's so comfy and pays great.

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>am in similar situation
100 people in a room writing up everything some cunt writes on an overhead projector just to fill time and filter out studens who dont want to crawl ass

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Im specialized in energy technology, its a different name for the same thing i guess

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Electrical here too, currently doing a masters. Working part time, mostly writing code.

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Software Automation Engineer.
I like to Break Things.

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Geology and mining engineer here

Couldn't find a good job in my field because I have 0 network and it is a bit nepotistic world

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I still passed calculus but not "effortlessly" like I did with other math classes. Learn to read fag boy

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Same here. Very comfy.

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Switched to software engineering because it pays way more as a freelancer in my country. During the courses I liked programming way more anyway.

t. mechanical engineer

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That's when I first realized that I actually had to learn stuff to get proper grades. My entire life before that it all came naturally just by sitting in the classroom kek.

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>How many of us here are in engineering.
99% of this board are arrognat cunts

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Engineering? As in actually going to college instead of lying?


>white, fit, clean-shaved upstanding citizen vibe
>but lie like a jew
>find a cool looking job fixing robots online
>did a 1 week long course on robotics n got a shitty little cert once
>Show up with chad energy and mention the cert but dont bring it "Yeah I'll bring it in my first day"
>Get job, fuck big titty milf boss whos going thru her 2nd divorce 2 months in who then ghosts me but I madly fell in love with her fuck you I thought we had something special u bitch
>tell all my coworkers i smashed her as revenge, including all the kinky shit she likes
> get fired
>literally another robot place next door
>get hired 3 days later after I repeat the same bullshit
They ask me if I can fix automated equipment and plastic injection mold presses
>No fucking clue what that is but for 33 a hour sure bro
Robot job is comfy as FUCK. I just kinda sit around all day on my phone until something breaks, then most of the time i can just turn it off n on again or replace something or maybe cut out some wires that look connected n wire up some new ones of the same color n it fixes itself

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Sustainable systems engineer here, anyone who isn't me is fucked.

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What languages do you use?

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Fuarrrk so many mech eng bros in /biz/, I was not expecting this. What made you study this field in particular. For me it was
>be good at maths
>whoaa cars cool
>whoaa engines cool
And then I realized how shit the market for mechies is once I graudated (even with a masters). All the jobs are boring and pay like shit. I need to switch to finance or some shit

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what the fuck?! repair apu immediately!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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lmao @ everyone in this thread. mathematics / finance chads is where its at

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>All the jobs are boring and pay like shit.
I mean, it's nothing close to FAANG/M money with a CS degree, but I've been ~$80-110k/yr depending on stock in a mcol area over the last 5 years. I did have to become a mechanical engineering traitor though and sell out as a manufacturing/process engineer for a tech company instead of doing mechanical design.

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Stationary Engineer, ez pz.

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Working for a major eBike engine manufacturer here.

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mechanical engineer masterrace reporting in

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Dumb question, is it possible to build your own ebike at home? Can you just 3D print or mill stuff?

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Should technically be possible if you have the right plastics. Nowadays we use alloys instead though. The battery is the dodgy part. You don't want to save 500 to see your house burn down.
I've seen bike frames melt from defects in battery systems. I actually advice family not to buy one.

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Security engineer

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Process control engi, mostly chemical industry, resin plants, phosphate production and such. PLCs are for normies kek

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This self-congratulatory reddit drivel is literally NOT me

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If computer engineering counts then me (i-it's called engineer in my language)

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Can confirm.

t. sexual design engineer (primarily computational fluids)

>> No.19085622

I'm majoring in EE, specializing in Systems & Signal Processing
all because I want to design and build my own synthesizers lol
I literally have no idea what kind of job this shit qualifies me for

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Java or C#
Say it.

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>java will get you employed
>c# will get you a career

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Mech E reporting in. Finally taking the FE next week after being out of undergrad for a year. Hope it improves my resume and expands my job opportunities. Fucking hate studying for it

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Broadcast systems engineer checking in.
Easiest, most well paid job I've ever had.
It's a lot of responsibility, and some on call.
Other than that it's sweet.

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True, most here just ride them

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Not engie but I’m in a math major. Thinking of doing Financial Engineering but the fields pretty small where I’m at

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Civil, work for the government. Super easy chill, pay isn't great. Fair tradeoff

>> No.19086932

>still mad I didn't go for CS or EE.
ME here, do you hate money and fun?

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keep apply man, I've been applying since august at the start of my senior year and only now after graduation have I landed two interviews that I felt went great. Both are chemical engineering related, not process engineering tho.

>> No.19087881

Marine sector is mostly heavy industries and operating those systems, so it's pretty interesting to work with the massive engines. Pay for me is fantastic imo I'm feeling comfy
Only downside is being away from home, but that doesn't matter much if you don't have anyone at home to worry about. Honestly just using this to make a shit ton of money during my early twenties and then progress to a sysadmin or cybersecurity job

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quality engineer here, though i wouldn't consider myself very engineer-ish

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