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what would you do with 150k?

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buy 5 stars and wait to be a millionaire

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Keep it all in ETH

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Ride the ghost train.

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All in fantom

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this. put some more in and get 1k ETH

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buy lots of silver

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i wish this were good advice it just sits there doing nothing

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How does 150 LINK sound?

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wait for XOM to go below 40 and go all in. That would be 1,200 dollars a month in dividends. Keep reinvesting and ride oil back to the top. Turn 150k into 350,000 within 4 years. Dividends would be close to 20,000 a year in additional income

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Half in BTC, 25% in ETH, 25% in XMR, HODL til a multimillionaire

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All in on ANJ

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All on 27 at the roulette table. $5.4 mil here we come.

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buy eth then flip it for btc at end of 2020 (easy 2x imo)

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All in on whatever the next pnd penny stock is

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Lose even more money than I already am

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Dump majority into commercial real estate. Buy a dope sailboat with the rest and fuck off.

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>Commercial real estate
>no one is working
Anon.. I....

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triple nets or multifamily buddy

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When people can't afford rent? Commercial real estate might not recover from this

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blow and trannies

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Pay off all my student loan debts and then invest the rest

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You only responded to half of my argument. Plus if you planned right you can afford to cut rents for a bit especially since you can work with banks to freeze mortgage payments.

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Pay off my debts, the rest I dunno
buy beer I guess

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Throw it into a fund that nets me at least 10% annually.

That’s an extra $15k on top of my $70k salary.

I would take a lot more vacations from work and also afford stuff I couldn’t in the past. Also help my parents with bills.

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Coke and underage hookers

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I don't think commercial real estate is a good investment for someone with only 150k to spend. You are taking on a lot of debt as commercial demand is dying around the country. You would probably have better luck waiting for a big dip in the markets and going all in with some good dividend payers

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multifamily is residential real estate not commercial retard

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Lose it

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I'm ignoring this bait.

Actually triple nets would be very good. You can leverage that 150k and bring in a passive 50-80k a year and it'd be corporate backed. Essentially you'd have a physical bond.

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i want to do one of these two

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I got a combined 200k USD from my parents and grandparents for graduating from college. Kept 30k and put the rest away into an index fund.

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Invest in my own legal commercial cannabis grow

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>buy 5 stars
5 stars of what? Urbit?

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Retire in Cambodia or something

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>wait for XOM to go below 40 and go all in
will XOM go back to 40?

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All in Cardano and Never work again from Staking.

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SP500 is a valid option?

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Put a down payment on a house or investment property and use the rest for repairs and marketing to make some passive landlord income.

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Gamble it all away on Tesla calls.

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5 stars of what? Urbit?

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I would gamble some of it on CCL, I think they are going to make a strong comeback. They have no problem with bookings, people want to go on cruises, they are just shut down because of the virus. 8% drop today on some bad news, good time to start buying it.

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should i buy leaps?

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Hire a photographer and about 6 models to come to bonnaroo with me and my gf. Have them model my clothing line, buy them all skimpy matching outfits, buy a bunch of drugs. Fuck them all. Have fun at bonnaroo. Buy a house. Buy my family’s restaurant so my mom can retire. Marry my gf. Put her in charge of the restaurant so I can work on my clothing line.

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It's going to hit $2 and float there for years.

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Buy more link

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wholesome anon knows when to quit the rat race

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spread 100-125k evenly over btc, eth, gold, silver, and otm options and down payment on a small house on big land with the rest

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