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I bought at $23 dollars... Big mistake. It has now halved. Do I hold on or sell??

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Why did you buy it? What did your analysis consist of and what was your plan? You should stick to your investing plan.

... you did put some forethought and make a plan right?

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Hold my friend, its more likely to go up then down friendo.

Also make sure to coom as much as you can so that you dont concentrate on price

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I bought TQQQ before the bottom March, and I'm down 40%.
But I can just hold and wait for it to recover.

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You fucking retards know you're not suppose to hold leveraged ETFs longer than a day due to decay, right?

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OP here, what should I do?

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At least TQQQ is going up. SQQQ is going down

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its exactly 39% of the all time high which makes me think youre a larping fag

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Grow a pair

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The long (bull) variants are actually good long-term buy and hold investments, only with high volatility and awful Sharpe ratios.
Don't believe me? Go compare the total return of SPXL vs IVV/VOO:
$10k in both SPXL and VOO on 11/05/2008 is now $101k in SPXL vs. $36k in VOO.
Even better, these products (at least the ones targeting broad indexes like the S&P 500 or exchanges like NASDAQ, not niches like "junior gold miners") survived through the greatest volatility the market has seen in decades, including multiple circuit breaker flips, when the last time they were triggered was all the way back in 1997 during the Asia Crisis.

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damn. you holding?

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I've been holding for roughly 2 months.
My friend's holding about 140 at 20.

You gotta have some thick fuckin skin if you're going to short the U S of A.

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Why? This is a joke thread right?

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I wish it was. It just feels like a waste to sell now :(

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>At least TQQQ is going up. SQQQ is going down
Sorry, I wasn't trying to make you feel bad.
Keep in mind that these funds are also bets against volatility, and in fact can lose money even if the market moves in the direction its oriented towards if it does so with enough volatility (you did see that table in the prospectus, right?), which makes SQQQ (IMO) inherently riskier, because the market crashes where it performs best are also often periods of high volatility.

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You do what you want, man.
You'll either breathe a sigh of relief,
or hate yourself

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If I were you I would sell, put the money in TQQQ, and forget about for a while.
Maybe take some profits along the way at opportune times.

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These are the best, most informative replies in this thread, and have zero replies?

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Okay, listen. Thats just awful advice.
We're 2 months into a pandemic and the government is considering printing out more money, and he should rotate out of shorting on the bottom to longing the top? what the fuck

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sell at market close and don't do it again

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shut the fuck up kike

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Yeah bro, just exit your triple leveraged short at the end of a Return to Normal period after a month of crabbing, and go into a triple leveraged long, after it doubled in value.

that's more stupid than what *I* did lmao.

Woah, who did you study under to figure that one out?

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The problem with SQQQ is that it's a double whammy: short (so the potential upside is finite vs long, where it's theoretically infinite), and the periods when it performs best (crashes) are also periods of heightened volatility, which eats into the return.

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He will get just as burned with TQQQ as he would with SQQQ.

I dont think you've noticed, but we have a *reported* 14.7% unemployment rate,
And a Government printing out a couple Trill every other month.
and we're 2 months into into our own pandemic thats gonna hit 100k dead real soon, and now its starting to hit kids.

The stock market right now is propped up by unbridled optimism, and the rug is going to be pulled out from under everyone.
These are uninformed people who put their stimulus money into a stock market that the government already put their money into.

I'm not the smartest retard on the shortbus, but I'm pretty confident in saying that if you invest in TQQQ now, you're ngmi.

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It was only a matter of time lol

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Leveraged derivative 3x products have a short history. By the time our current crisis is over I think we'll see multiple reverse splits in some popular ones. For example I bet SOXL eventually gets btfo

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You do realize that the market won't be allowed to drop until dumbass put gamblers and inverse etf bagholders are completely broke. I think at this point we're floating on puts alone.

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Everyone was margin'd up to their eyeballs leading into the great depression, too.

I dont care how many guh's it takes.

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you would be making a huge mistake to sell now, right at the start of another cycle down. look at after hours, look at the dump into the close today. everything is overbought, and overvalued, including amazon, which is what props up the QQQ and kills SQQQ. i'm in at around $12 and already locked in some lossses with it but still have a small position left. i also have SRTY and SPXS. tomorrow's going to be another red day. sentiment has shifted back towards fear. look at how much TVIX popped today. why on earth wold you sell your SQQQ right now, and lock in that loss. absolute brainlet move. don't be like me. I sold part of my SQQQ position at a loss, like a little bitch.

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Amazon is already having a lot of issues with employees getting all fucked up from corona. And honestly, now I try to avoid ordering from Amazon because they have a lot of cheap chinese bullshit.
I've expanded my shopping horizons and there are a lot of good specialized websites that have been hidden in the shadows.

Costco isn't included but as an example too, I went in today and they were empty of employees, almost like a ghost town.
I'm thinking everyone who panic shopped got it said and done and now no one needs anything and is consuming very conservatively. Probably will take a hit in earnings in the long run.

As soon as the market crashes, its going to happen faster than you can blink.
like bitcoin, which dumped 1200 in a matter of something like 10 minutes.

the sooner they can execute the dump the less people have time to react and correct. its all just a scam.

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selling your position would be admitting we're so penned in that fiscal policy actually works

short it fren

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i have a pretty good feeling about tomorrow

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absolute state of BOBOS

KEK i knew these bobo shilling degenerates are retarted but THIS? OH NO NONO HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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If you're gonna quote the whole thread to call us retarded, at least spell retarded right.

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oh no the heavy BAGS OH NOOOOOO

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Hey, listen buddy.

I bet on my own expectations, and I am confident in where this tire-fire of an economy is going.
Do you think I held on to an inverse ETF for so long because I am easily swayed limp-dick?
It might be a wild concept for someone who only expects number line go up, but I'm not swayed by government printing and a circus of knife-catchers.

This bitch is going down whether you like it or not. And anyone with half a brain's been trying to tell you for the past 2 months.

I'm going to remember you -specifically- and i'm going to laugh at your expense.

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I really hope you're right

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fuck man, me too

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>loss aversion

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>suppose to
Stopped reading

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Get the fuck out I made the same mistake once
lost a shit load
the market no longer follows valuations thanks to faggots at FED

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55% TQQQ
45% TMF

Been a long hodl for me in a fuck-around account that I have. Made really good money actually.

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Bro it’s literally bouncing off the timeline ahahahahaha

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