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>20 hours

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based and keanepilled

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They’re going to have to stop doing this at some point.
Subjecting themselves to scrutiny when you linkers are once again let down after hyping a nothing.

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Is that when sergey is going to dump another 700k?

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It's going to be absolutely nothing. Sergey's not even going to be speaking.

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Copetards come crying.

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How am I coping? Does this faggot work for sergey? Is he going to announce some retarded partnership? I swear linkies are the most deluded retards on the planet.

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You don't understand how everything works.
While you can't live everyday without thinking about my chainlink wallet, team is moving forward, meetups, fireside chats, conferences, collaborations, endorsements and partnerships doesn't matter anymore, nothing matters anymore. ChainLink is accepted as a standard platform developer for oracles and smart contracts, digital signatures on blockchain. Nothing ever matters anymore. Chainlink won and OP is just an echo to fags like you, to remind you, you missed the cheap train.
You will buy chainlink at 17.50 dollars, it's a fact.

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ok now this is based

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Based, now we just need to wait for the market to find this out

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he actually already announced q3 for Oracle integration you absolute retard

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Ian said during the northeast meetup oracle will “literally” “no exaggeration” be bringing “trillions” to the blockchain using Chainlink

I’m pretty comfy desu

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This is already priced in. Just another nothing burger again

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You are wrong, you should be watching the panel on programmable money at consensus.

It just started, you still have time. Chainlink won't make the major announcements, companies integrating their tech will.

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kek this
It was priced in last year

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Too bad Dr. Stephen Greer is on Infowars right now. No one is watching that nerd shit.

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whatever keeps the copium flowing anon

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>Ian said during the northeast meetup oracle will “literally” “no exaggeration” be bringing “trillions” to the blockchain using Chainlink
Aghhhh godddd, please stop

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I don’t understand what announcement you’re expecting? Oracle already said they are integrating.

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>bought at 0.20

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bunch of fucking whos

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I don’t know why you guys are entertaining FUD anymore
This shit is rocketing past a few thousand within the decade

All you have to do is put it on a cold wallet and wait now

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Hey fag I never said I expected an announcement. The fact that a big brain from Oracle is speaking about chainlink and confirmed q3 (and not beyond) is comfy enough for me. keep seething though

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By the way for the fags in the thread
Q3 for software companies following agile is august

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that's the gayest thing i have ever read on this board, congratulations anon really.

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No problem microdick

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>Does this faggot work for sergey?
No he works for Oracle lol

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Literally who

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Dangerously based

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Would give anything to be in that pic

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Based and link pilled

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checked and correct (link)

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anyone has a link op?

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Id confirms legitimacy

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Don't just click links on this site. Just look it up.

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Chainlink is easily going to thousands end of decade

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How can it ever be $17 when the team specifically said in white paper it will be a stable coin pegged to the cup of coffee and they have 2/3rd of the supply to make good on this?

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1000$ EOY.

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This post is so based, my mom grew balls.

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This is not correct set of outcomes.
It's a fact.

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Post the actual paragraph, Rinku.

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Trips confirms the confirmation.

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>id is fACTTPnl
>Facts totally to the point, not lies
Based and oraclepilled

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i fuck you

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You fundamentally just become a trillionaire.

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I currently have 0 LINK and am FOMOing hard, how much should I put into this to make it?

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all in, faggot

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We already knew this from the slide

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Hello? Are you there anon, it's me, anon. I'm here to tell you that you need to become delusional. You need to let go of your fears worries and cares. Take a deep breath and realize we are all one. Contradiction and opposition are necessary to generate new experience. But really we're the same being that is growing and evolving every day. Chainlink is part of that experience along with Thomas's man boobs, adelyns shitty spelling, Sergeys sweet sweaty smell after a round of big macs. Buy chain link anon and enjoy being delusional

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I'm not the black part of the being

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Because american culture is centered around Sergay.
They have holidays for Linkies.
They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free Russians like Sergay. They listen to lil link music.
They elect a Sergey as their cultleader. They dress and act like Sergey.
They draw the entirety of their modern culture from Sergey.
They post sassy gifs about Sergey.
They streams in worship of Sergay.
Their biggest event of the year involves throwing yacht parties in honor of Sergay streaming about oracles.
They use Linkies slang like "1000 eoy" and "Nolinker". When you say "Sergey Nazarov" they're not thinking of the father of blockchain agnostics.
They're thinking of the Linklet.
Their cities are completely overrun with linkies.
They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with linkies and their global police force of marines .
Their men sit around watching Sergey´s streams while their women sit around watching pepe talk shows about chainlink.
They worship Marines like 42 and send linkies to olympics.

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fundamentally based

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Those are some thickk factts fren

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put me in the pee pee poo poo

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Wednesday sers

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you had 3 years, kys is easier

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Fernando wasn't the only person at Oracle interested in Chainlink?

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Have my babies>>19042502

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I am proud of what Chainlink achieved.
I still remember those early days of doing a conference in the toilet.

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Im a nolinker and this is clearly based

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I literally posted this already >>19043258
we need to stop forcefeeding the plebbitors

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Yes you're the black, brown, white your worst enemy your own mother. You are the root cause of all psychological illnesses. You are the best and worst parts of history. You're the cannibal and the conqueror. But mostly you're a boring NPC who follows the rules that you write because you love organisation and patterns. We are all one

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When is this exactly? Someone getting a livestream going for us, I went to check registration and its close unfortunately

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>Steven Greer
I'm all in on the ayys but that roid addicted chimp will never have my vote.

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how can you listen to anything he says and thinking voting matters?

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It's at like 6am PST

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You stinkies haven't even hit $10

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this literally shouldn't be surprised whatsoever. LINK is unequivocally the industry standard. What you should be getting excited about is more and more value being moved to the blockchain because that will translate to more money in the linkmarines' pockets.

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