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What's the catch and why shouldn't I be earning interest on my LINK?

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there's a risk crypto.com might never give them back.

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this is the obvious fear... surely they wouldn't pull of such a scam? has it happened before...

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Not your keys not your crypto

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Ya you sacrifice liquidity but you can apply for their card without staking too. It’s similar to Bitconnect. They exit scam when the cost to pay back investors outweighs the money their trading bots and extraneous fees generate.

Those attractive rates of 8% up to 16% on their coins can be sustained in crypto volatility swings and the bots milking it. They issue coins that are heavily manipulated too so they play against their customers and milk them there too. You’re probably safe as long as the $1billion volume is stable and the price of btc doesn’t shit the bed. That being said they can nope out hard and disappear, but unlikely since there’s still money to make.

Just stake like a 1/4 hodl 1/4 and trade the other half right?

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Too good to be true.
The longer you keep it there the more secure you'll feel until suddenly it's all gone for whatever reason and your fake profits aren't enough to stop the tears. You were so close to never having to work again and now it's over. It doesn't even matter why they failed. You'll harbor bitter feeling the rest of your life as your alarm wakes you at 5AM again to perform drudgery only to be compensated with rapidly depreciating fiat. Once long ago you could comfortably afford your rent/mortgage but since then the FED injected 10s of trillions of dollars into the economy. If only you had your crypto, the hardest of money. You look at your paystub and see the usual tax deductions. There's talk on the news about raising taxes. Your newly born child starts to cry. You go over to sooth him but your wife is already there and looks at you with nervous eyes. She knows your financial fate just as well as you do. Out of sympathy for your pride she never mentions any of it but in the back of her mind she knows there's a possibility to seduce a crypto holder. You also know this but know to never mention it. Maybe, if she is successful, your child could attain better opportunities.

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Just earn the free MCO and sell them for linkies

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Nope, not never in human history has anyone ever lost money on pyramid schemes

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Jade Card holder coming in. Just staked 500. Comfy free netflix and spotify.

Referal Code: fr7r4gsu8x

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More like half a million dollars for a year or two of "free" netflix and spotify. kek

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Funny that a legit company that is insured for 360 million, highest in the whole crypto space. Has Visa cards, more dan 2 million users and 200+ employees is still considered a scam. The CRO token has high interest rates because it's their coin and it has a huge supply. I don't recommend to buy CRO but MCO.

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"Monaco" now known as crypto.com is shady af and has always been
Bunch of scammer will exit scam with your money