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We are reaching based level never reached before!

A VRF is a way to provide a random value which no one can predict without the secret key, but which anyone can verify was produced according to the VRF protocol, using the public key.

The trouble with "randomness" is that if you just ask an oracle for a "random" value, and the oracle knows how you're going to use that value, they can send you a "random" value which biases your behavior. With a VRF, the oracle is constrained to only return a specific value, which you don't know ahead of time, and which the oracle can't predict ahead of time, if you provide data in your randomness request which the oracle can't predict or control.

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t a man

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It's literally dumping. Retarded shitcoin

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Trade into ether before you get wrecked

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Wow. It's a nothingburger

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That is literally a basic function in Java
And those retards are hyping it up
Am I reatrded or are you?

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I thought you said steaking would be announced tonight. When can I quit my job?

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Keep posting op, you must be doing something right

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hes just trolling people at this point. its just sad.

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Neet nodes will provide cheap random data.

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This has nothing to do with chainlink

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What can you do with this other than gambling?

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wow another bullshit news when is this scam going to die?

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Just lol. Sergey talking about blockchain gaming. Linkies think it’s bullish

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Cryptocurrency doesn't moon unless you bought in 2017 or before.

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Yes this will certainly help with gravelcoin

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Nando, you ork! Return my orangutan or suffer the bananas!

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could it be used to continually generate shared passwords across a joint account?

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Moab will win reddit!

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dump incoming

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Incredibly dissapointing. I know, I know, it's "cool tech" but its primary usage is for users who are not on fucking decentralized platforms yet. And if we're going after centralized industries, FUCKING FOCUS ON INSURANCE, DERIVATIVES, FINANCE FFS

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Hey Ranjeet!

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you know, the sectors that were originally supposed to be targeted by Chainlink in the early days. Instead we get
>muh defi

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>muh videogame rng
imagine being a linkie kek

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Did you miss the last night? Chainlink isn’t aimed at blockchain anymore, it’s for secure connection of centralized networks. The programmers of Wells Fargo, Ernst and Young and JP Morgan are working on chainlink github.

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Feels good going 20x in a couple years and knowing another 20x is coming in the next couple.

You can still put your McDonalds wagecuck money in and have a few hundred before we really take off.

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when you can get paid real life money for auctioning an expensive item in world of warcraft and transactions are secured via smart contract and hard to manipulate therefore being safe for video game companies to implement and you make thousands of dollars a year playing online games you wont think blockchain gaming is stupid!!!

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Spoonfeeding time!

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Here comes the faggot from the team to explain why this is a big deal.
Here’s the thing retard everyone is waiting for staking. All this extra bullshit means nothing to people who are wanting to make a return on their investment. Start actually producing a profitable network and you will keep everyone’s attention. If not people we get tired of waiting and move onto some other shit.

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Nice fud. More like 100X then another 100X

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The thing is... chainlink isn't leading some revolution in creating this. You don't need oracles for this. Other blockchains are already doing this.

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>spoon feeding

Trust a rando anon to think for you

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what are you talking about

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Zoom out

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he's just sad he only has 100 chainlink

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>he doesn’t see how this is useful for FUCKING INSURANCE, DERIVATIVES, FINANCE FFS

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>he thinks the protocol was designed for retail investors

Ask me how I know you will never amount to anything

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Am brainlet what does a random number have to do with insurance/risk management for financial products?

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Shame big brain Sergey didn't talk about those markets instead focused on GAMING lmaooooooooooo

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>insurance companies pay out based on random numbers
smug retard is retarded

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Bros will i make it with 5k stinkers??

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>he’s acting like he knows what he’s talking about
Useful for what exactly?the network is not 100% up so no one would be using this anytime soon

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I didn’t imply that. They don’t have a working product and are adding things no one can use right now

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Im not entirely sure but the thing with data right now is trust, trust is so fucking huge in insurance it why we haven’t had variable insurance packages yet. Take a look at all-state Q1 earning calls two things they talk about is increase customer interest in variable insurance products and more cyber security related insurance packages.

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Jesus Christ kys

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chainlink doesnt need your money anymore

game over if you dip

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Probably not by the time they get anything done, they are going to drag this shit out as long as possible.

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Yes. You'll need to hold a bit longer & stake, but yes.

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Fucking brainlets

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Why because I’m pointing out no one is using these features right now?

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Why not actually be constructive you discord tranny? I actually work in the insurance industry.

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Do tell

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>pivotting away from working with SWIFT to being a fucking casino operator


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Paying for random numbers? I can just go to random.org and get all the random rumbers I'll ever need.
What a scam Chainlink is, only being kept alive by you cultists.

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Kek I’m betting he’s from twitter or redit

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>I actually work in a call center k?
Whole lot of excitement over the revelation that “trust is like huge in the insurance business”

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Of course anon, that's more than me lmao

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literally addressed in the QA session where he said insurances are the thing they'll be making headway in next. outlined that it's because the insurance industry moves at a snail's pace compared to technology sector.

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You are.
This is very different from your little unseeded random variable in your silly .jar you made in high school. This is for the big bois. A random number return that a casino could trust. Stay seething.

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More like financial leadership program, but im not gonna give you my company just so you can dox me.

Already saw some of the materials being talked about in the board meetings from our Investor Relations department.

But thank you for caring about my and every other anon financial well being.

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Casinos want the win rate to be house favored. There is no randomness

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Idgaf about your financial well-being. I have a node running on testnet, I got link to stake in it. I want to know what a random number means to a risk management department that needs insurance.

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You are beyond retarded

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>pivotting away from working with SWIFT to being a fucking casino services provider

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If I was a Property and casualty Insurance company guess what im not gonna be using your node, im gonna be using some big boi feed like accuweather, NOAA or one of the insurance leader group to determine if my losses were CAT or not.

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Not true in the least. They just take a percentage cut and earn even more. They want trustless random because that is what people who go to casinos want.

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"Another bullshit news"
Surely your little pajeet pod could have pooled their rupees by now to get you enrolled in basic English language courses, fuckwit. Jfc.

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search the archives yourself >>/biz/
don't fall for stupid fud and specially remember
4chan doesn't obsess for over 3 years for a nothingburguer!! There is real, meaty and juicy meat in this hamburguer.

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Immutable x is going to be the exchange for this there is no need for chainlink

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> Incels with autism don't obsess over pointless trivial shit

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Kek I feel bad for you. Link has been constantly posted on biz because shills get new fags to buy something they don’t understand. New gags make threads trying to figure link out wich makes them feels smart for learning something “complicated” so they make even more threads while feeling smug about it. All the while they are shilling to even more nu fags. It’s a clever cycle.

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Really good image anon!

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Great, now Sergey can randomly generate the amount of links he'll dump on you bagholders every day.

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I know bro, Sergey is saving the world and we're witnesssing it, if they attack the message it only shows the truth

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hoo you fudders, so you want a rain of spoonfeeding? you only had to ask ;)

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curious simbol

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Kek “spoon feed” someone else’s ideas all you want. You’ll still be buying my bags on the next pump

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really curious

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link to vid?

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What bag? the 50 linkies that all you village pooled together to buy? meh perhaps, one cannot have enough linkies

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nvm found it
was on the official channel

Most of you don't know but this is big
If you know some simple coding, you know programming languages have functions for this type of thing as a standard feature.

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EY I'm WAHLKIN ova heeAH!!

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lottery, wellfare, drafting etc

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At this point sergey doesnt even know where chainlink is heading

right now its just DE-FI, then gamining, than he said if he would have to guess , insurance ,



DEFI, gaming and maybe insurance within 4 years?

fuck this overvalued peice of shit it can moon without me im just glad i can finally move on from this fcuking project. its going way to slow for me.

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I was in every thread that you are posting screen caps of. Stop projecting nufag

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>verifiable randomness

One-time pads confirmed, chainlink just ate every encryption standard's lunch.

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We are actually at rank 13, and around 3.50.

This chart is impressively accurate

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why is it big anon

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These anons don’t get it man, one-time pads on demand is fucking great this is the security we need for smart contracts. Not even quantum fucking computers can break it. Holy fucking shit and it needs essentially complete randomness. If sergey and his team pull this off, holy fucking shit this is the holy grail every institution wants.

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I remember this event. People were talking about how some companies would build their random number generators from recordings of noise from stars. It's insane how far people would go to make sure their random number is in fact random.

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Chainlink nodes can literally be monetized now simply through secure one-time password generation. A whole other stream of revenue that doesn't even require API data feeds its incredible.

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interesting stuff looked it up after reading your post.

thanks for the breadcrumbs everyone

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can i make a quick scalp in theta and move it back to chainlink before price goes up again?

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Cloudflare use a wall of lava lamps.

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We’re all going to make it

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Read the blogpost, Sergey is an excellent explainer

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It's more than just that. It ensures security for ALL data, EVERYWHERE. All of the investment in cyberespionage worldwide, is now valued at zero. We are unironically returning to James Bond HUMINT operations only.

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You can run a node to supply the most encrypted password known to man.

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When mewn though..

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That’s awful technology. First, you have to trust a centralized trusted third party (Chainlink) to generare those random numbers. And secondly the security and technology to generate those random numbers is really weak, they are entirely relying ALL their security system on sgx (secret keys, enclaves) so they are adding another central point of failure. Sgx is hackeable and weak, and the manufacturer of this hardware could keep a copy of the secret keys to exploit the hardware and earn some money. Really bad news, I’m very disapointed with the team, I had faith on them but since mainnet release I’ve been watching big red flags such as big limitations, huge coding mistakes and literally 0 improvements. Remember Jonny Huxtable said days ago on medium only 14 projects are using Chainlink on mainnet.

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On-chain verifiable randomness functions are required for Mixicles to function correctly. This points to Mixicles being fairly well through development.
This data can also be used in ZKP.
Why do you need this? Privacy and audibility. You're working in highly regulated financial markets. You need the privacy to ensure payment slates function as intended and can't easily be broken into.
Will the aggregation contract draw upon this when selecting random oracles from a pool and provide even more privacy?

This is an important step forwards. Without this you won't have derivatives or insurance. The side benefit of providing numbers to gambling etc is a nice addition for the oracles providing this data and the use of the token.

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yep, fundamentally chainlink has created the unbreakeable encryption ........ if it was only that we could reach quite a high price ...but it's only a part of a bigger sum. It's really fucking difficult for me to envision the true potential of this monster of a project. if crypto was modern weapons, bitcoin is the flintlock, eth the smith and wesson but chainlink? chainlink is the fucking atomic bomb and the singularity will be the nagasaki in the conventional business.

>> No.19032062


Its completely revolutionary. Lmao They could easily become the standard of OTP generation. They literally decentralized and monetized randomized cryptographic security. Why even try man honestly

>> No.19032075


Just finished reading through this. This is really interesting.

>> No.19032164


There are literally hundreds if not thousands of use cases Chainlink could implement that aren't even known currently, its ridiculous. Seriously infinite possibilites

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this is how dApps are using RNGs right now

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This, its UNHACKABLE randomness. Sergey has literally created TRUE randomness, with Chainlink, which is what Smart Contracts will need to be secure. Ignore shills, we will all make it.

>> No.19032202

Yeah I’d maybe trust that with 20 bucks

>> No.19032218

>linkies think sir gay has solved randomness just adding blockchain to it

>> No.19032234

youre so fucking retarded

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A great one to cap and show to your pathetic discord buddies!

>> No.19032245

>token not needed

>> No.19032247

Maybe Sergey really is Satoshi Nakasagi

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found another retard

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Based! Thank you so much! I was freaking out when discord said it was going to $3 and it didn't move, but you're right this is a great fud post and hopefully people will sell now!

>> No.19032395

Reading from the released blog, it appears the Chainlink team might open the doors to allow more nodes in just for the Random number generator.

>> No.19032410

Oh shit after 4 years of researching and DCA'ing I just sold my entire stack. Thanks for pointing this out I almost got scammed. Fucking kill yourself

>> No.19032457

I think they are waiting for release of tsigs. It leads to staking and opening the flood gates for neet nodes.

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File: 28 KB, 1473x283, Screenshot_2020-11-12 Chainlink (LINK) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics CoinMarketCap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You're a maniac!

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Harmony implemented this months ago

This is a basic functionality of many POS networks

And yet you fucking retards celeberate when chainlink implements this when it’s not even part of its core functionality, and staking isn’t even live


>> No.19033382

checked, stinksharts btfo

>> No.19033415





>> No.19033490

think of the market demand

>> No.19033510


Chainlink monetizes it though and is blockchain agnostic.

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Incredible! So glad for you stinkies this will make the price go up and you will finall....oh....oh no....it's still the price of coffee.....oh no no no no

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No YOU are!

>> No.19033606

Idiot, every cryptocurrency monetizes their functionality in one way or another. That’s what cryptoCURRENCY means

>> No.19033638

Remember that since the start of the year that Sergey has been talking DeFi, gaming and insurance.

The talks today he mentioned that insurance was moving slowly towards production. But he stated that the next real mover was gaming and unlike DeFi, Chainlink will have a virtual monopoly of it as its competitors in the DeFi space are confined to price feeds. Chainlink has just opened up a whole new market with the announcement today. And gaming is just the first VRF market - the low hanging fruit - more will come.


>> No.19033643


Does Harmony monetize VRF?

>> No.19033651

I'm not sure this unhackable RNG could be used for cryptographic purposes if you still need to securely send the decryption keys to a recipient along with the encrypted data. True RNG doesn't necessarily lead to unhackable encryption, any non brainlets want to weigh in on this

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>Provably Fair

>> No.19033684

I was thinking the same after reading the wiki page for One Time Pads. The RNG is only one piece of the puzzle. Perhaps some kind of 2FA system where both parties start with the same seed and then they can access the same RNG whenever they need to access a message?

>> No.19033697

Fck. Can we at least get $10 this year. Is that really asking too much?

>> No.19033726

This is bullish for linkies. Let that sink in.

>> No.19034030

lol so randum xd *holds up spork*
why the FUCK am i not rich yet

>> No.19034064

without an enclave this will never work as node operators can work together and know the results before they're given to the smart contract
Sergey trying to pump the price releasing some half assed shit so he can keep on dumping 500k loads

>> No.19034097

Try and write your own math random function in js or any language as an experiment

You’ll learn quickly how difficult true randomness is to achieve without a point of reference (time, os info, hash)

That point of reference is a security flaw
Look how cloudflare handles randomness w lava lamps
Fucking cloudfare
But I’m sure you’re smarter

>> No.19034112

Alright, thats enough, I'm selling

>> No.19034166


>> No.19034267


Fuck me, we're going to be fucking rich aren't we

>> No.19034277

Two man team is like two planes kek

>> No.19034297


fucking kek, based

>> No.19034302

Rich to me is like a few hundred mill or at least a hundred mill. A million isn't rich in today's world.

>> No.19034339

This happens every single thread/mention of "gaming" that I'm starting to wonder if I'm getting baited fucking hard. Gaming is the business-speak/industry lingo for gambling. You know, that 50 billion dollar a year industry (doubling to 100 by 24) that can be easily taken over by trust less smart contract cassinos to deposit and payout in untraceable secure crypto?

The thing that, by itself, returns 35-50usd/link in staking profits...per year. Not factoring in markets like skin gambling websites and 3rd party boxes/chests that aren't Russian scams.

There's also this aspect being entirely slept on. Verifiable randomness is the backbone of a large and ever growing amount of CL services.

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absolutely based

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>> No.19034526


>> No.19034554

Has this already happened?

>> No.19034566



>> No.19034662

The cope is strong in this one.

>> No.19034695

self aware post

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>> No.19034819

Then why am i down despite holding for 2 years so far.

>> No.19034854

Because you're not holding Chainlink.

>> No.19034879


>> No.19034900

> casinos want rng

>> No.19034909

but does it have a higher shiny rate? been trying to get a shiny charizard for so fucking long, almost 3 years now

>> No.19034926

Online casinos, absofuckinglutely.

>> No.19034939


>> No.19034944

Airline "you have been 'randomly' selected for additional screening".

>> No.19034964

lmao, ok anon

>> No.19034987

Amazing how the effeminate recede from their unsubstantiated positions when faced.

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>> No.19035028

Yes, you totally got me. The online gambling industry does not in fact rely on random number generators for their online games.
And certainly not RNGs that are ISO certified or anything.

You absolute bladder.

>> No.19035040

Literally ANY PoS chain uses a VRF, can't wait for Sirgay to announce he implemented digital signatures into his ERC20 token.
Truly a pioneer.

>> No.19035060

it doesn't matter if those running the online casinos want trustless provable randomness; it's where consumers who dont want to get fucked in the ass will take their money in time. the market will be forced to adopt. casinos "powered by the chainlink oracle network" will become a stamp of legitimacy that consumers can trust.

>> No.19035125

>Literally ANY PoS chain uses a VRF
This is the first off-chain random number generator that can be verified on-chain.

>> No.19035207

But it's still going to be required by law that these websites have a license awarded to them by the gambling commission that states they are compliant with regulations, that shows they aren't scamming customers

Ideally this would replace that entire business model, that industry of third party auditors being required for you to legally operate. But they aren't just going to step aside without a fight, you're still going to be required by law to jump through a million hoops and have to pay the gambling commission and auditors for a sticker of approval that makes your customers feel comfortable using your site

>> No.19035229

Nothing prevents actually trustless systems from getting certifications as well.

>> No.19035393

Thanks for the spoon feeding babe ;)

>> No.19035442

Seeing there’s an ISO cert for RNG, is the chainlink RNG compliant?

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You're all missing the point of why this was created. It is ultimately to support Derivative trading.
The "Gaming" area is a SIDE BENEFIT of what this will be used for. This was ultimately needed for the rest of the Chainlink components.
Mixicles will not work without provable randomness, it simply won't pass auditing.
"the key observations in Mixicles are that tumblers can be triggered by oracle inputs, rather than randomized, and that they can be made compatible with auditing and regulation"

Mixicles provides privacy to things like binary options by obfuscating the payer, payee and the transaction amount by utilising something called payment slates. The transaction addresses are randomised as is the partial payment amount in each payment slate, The more transactions that occur the more secure as it's a nightmare to try to pick any data out by referencing randomised addresses and variable payment amounts.
This all needs to be auditable by regulators which is why you need signed provable randomness.
This has brought Mixicles a big step closer to completion.
It's also needed for ZK-Snarks to generate the initial setup. Just google zk-snarks and derivatives and you'll see why it's needed.

Lastly this is great for reputable oracles. They aren't just an oracle, but a mixicle (handling pay moves) and a generator of randomness that will be used in a ton of different systems.

>> No.19035451

see >>19035229

>> No.19035459

Randomness is used for selecting random spots to audit for example in a crop insurance

You guys don’t understand you can’t do staking and all that shit without randomness

How will your node get drafted for jobs?

Is everyone here 14years old or what

>> No.19035481

Right, if they are compliant. Is it?

>> No.19035493

Chainlink nodes will come in all shapes and sizes, and compliance is just a matter of choosing the right node characteristics, like KYC etc.
There's no ICO cert for RNG systems themselves, but rather for the actors involved.

>> No.19035512

>How will your node get drafted for jobs?
Round robin? Some rng that doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough? It could probably be solved without this service.

>> No.19035519


>> No.19035521

Ah, thanks for clearing that up, I misunderstood that part.

>> No.19035533

>Some rng that doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough?
For internal systems, maybe.
As soon as second or third parties are involved, shit has to be trustless across the board.

>> No.19035566
File: 87 KB, 500x657, 1586986622004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19035780


>> No.19035782
File: 36 KB, 620x672, 60597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ebin epic trader with 300 bucks, congratz you're manipulating that market

>> No.19035801

We need more technical posts like this that connect the dots. Great job anon

>> No.19035833

Are you retards gonna pretend like my digits didn’t rape you? The fucking COPE

>> No.19035844
File: 33 KB, 486x540, IMG_20200504_205103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I caught PSD2 from a gay nightclub called SIBOS. Never again! Many such cases!

>> No.19035959

it's to prevent Sybil attacks dumb fuckerino if you use round robin you can play the system.
if you use randomly used jobs, sybil attacks becomes harder

>> No.19036735

The sheer amount of bitter fudders who didn't buy in at 20 cents just lmao. I have 56k link just know your fud doesn't do shit and i hope the 5 rupees you make you never buy into this. I'm going to get 60k because of this news

>> No.19036769


I dont see the case for gaming though. The house always wants an advantage and lots of these sites definitely rig it against you. Why would they change that?

>> No.19036776

It is because you are wrong you retard

>First true implementation of RNG in existence
>worthless shitcoin
The state of link fud continues downwards

>> No.19036810

Why would you choose the casino that doesn't use true randomness over the one that does? Consumer demand will force everyone to adapt.
But do you know what is going to be way better than trustless gambling? Trustless trading. I can't fucking wait until there is a high volume DEX that can't "go offline" during big market moves. That can't front-run. That can't scam. It's only a matter of time and it will be a truly great moment in crypto when it happens.

>> No.19036849

>The house always wants an advantage
Yeah, that's why casinos always have rigged dice, cards, and roulette tables, right?
Otherwise there's no profit for them.

>> No.19036884

just think for a second, you and me literally, literally bought when we didnt have mainnet, didnt have threshold sigs’ didnt have mixicles, didnt have town crier acquisition, didnt have all those partners.
We unironically bought when we had a nail salon office, a 2 dev guys team, a white paper and the only partner we had was a toilet

And they think they can fud us

>> No.19037022


Usually they do it more subtle. We all know slots have a payout ratio after a certain number of spins.
A lot of gamblers spending their money are retards and wont go to the safer trustless site they will go to whatever one advertises best payouts, even if it means getting fucked like minimum of 10k in earnings before a payout etc

>> No.19037071

>Usually they do it more subtle.
So how do you subtly rig the dice, cards, and roulette tables?

>> No.19037118


They wont.
They’ll psychologically design their system or rules to encourage you to take bad risk and lose whatever you win etc.

>> No.19037201

And meanwhile they have to keep looking for and adopting the best possible randomization for their online games, or risk losing their competitive edge.

>> No.19037236

its pretty hilarious to watch you retards try and justify chainlink's new use being nigger gambling. how far it is fallen. funny thing is HEX has already captured the ponzi/gambling retard market

>> No.19037252

>momma finally brings in the mini hot pockets and gallon yelled drank
>finally mom! Took you so long! Chad says as he wipes his cheesey hands on his shirt, lordash was about to enter the quagmire of sleeping mud and fight the dragon but I guess we can rest here
>Stacey who’s a man but looks like a woman and ted grunt together and grab a hand of mini hot pockets
>chad throws 5 mini hot pockets into his mouth at one time and types “vrf random roll to hit” on his cheesey slimey keyboard but the keys stick together. Chad bangs the keyboard so the keys unstick.
>”yes” Stacey baritones. “Critical hit, double damage!”
>”I knew crypto would be worth it,” ted says
>but then a message pops up. “Need more payment.”
>”don’t worry, I got this. My stimulus check just came in the mail.” as ted pays more bitcoin and shapeshift a it to ethereum which he then changelly to vrf.
>then they all wait 4 hours for the bitcoin transfer to occur

>> No.19037258

What the other anon us trying to say it's that the house edge is built into the game itself, not the randomness.
Think roulette, you have red-black, apparently 50% win-lose with a fair roulette - but look closely, it has 0 and 00 that are green! That's the house edge.
The randomness source is not rigged, the ball still lands randomly, as a random number generator would, but the payout is biased ever so slightly towards the house.

>> No.19037328

Randomness is going to be free on eth2, because it's required for PoS.
EF is spending literally millions on developing VRF asics. VRF isn't safe in its current form.

>> No.19037342


You clearly didn't read the thread. Its about OTP generation.

>> No.19037407

no it's not, the point of vrf is to have on-chain randomness that doesn't rely on trust. For gambling and random sampling for staking. That's basically it.

>> No.19037426

The amount and style of of fud nowadays really irks me for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it. When I was accumulating at below 60cents, I recall that FUD was somehow interesting to me. I would even play devils advocate and argue FUD myself sometimes, just to play around with ideas and think about whether Chainlink was really worth it.

Nowadays, FUD seems really, really genuinely salty and bitter. These fudders aren’t pre-mainnet buyers just FUDding for the intellectual stimulation or to scare off newfags. They really do seem to be full of seethe.... does anyone agree with me? Like I said, not sure why the FUD these past few months has gotten so annoying, but I think this might be why

>>19033333 (this one especially seems to be unironic)

These fudders have a somehow different feel from the fud in 2018. Or is it that, since I’ve made so much $$$ from link, my perspective of fud has changed? Not the fudders?

>> No.19037507

Look at these fudders. Crypto moonbois tend to be extremely tribal about their $500 investments. Now combine that with the thought that they picked a shitcoin, when everyone was screaming about LINK for 3 years on biz, but they were too stupid to see. I remember reading threads by Anons who were complaining about the link “spam” in 2018, and talking about how to filter Chainlink threads. Imagine you unironically did this and missed out on 3 years of autistic discussion like ITT. How would you cope knowing you missed your chance at making it? Denial is a very strong psychological coping mechanism. Just deny, deny, deny what’s going on in front of your eyes even now, “oh it’s another nothingburger”, even as it’s spelled out for you.... sad

>> No.19037536

Fuck off newfag, nubiz is cancer

>> No.19037553

Why the fuck would we be mad about Chainlink expanding its use cases?
Seething copetard.

>> No.19037555

Link is just another ponzi.
All arguments in the vein of "but the price went up" work way better for hex

>> No.19037577

>All arguments in the vein of "but the price went up" work way better for hex
Hex has only been listed for like 5 months lmao.

>> No.19037646

It could help improve Aragon system

>> No.19037650

>Hex has only been listed for like 5 months lmao.
Exactly, and it went up way more than link from its atl.
Link is a successful ponzi for those that bought before the google post. Selling near the top in 2019 was the best exit point so far (don't forget about interest on sold funds).
Hex is on an another level entirely - the most successful ponzi in crypto since early 2017.

>> No.19037666

>buy Hex sirs

>> No.19037694

Look at this fudder. Crypto moonbois tend to be extremely tribal about their $500 investments. Now combine that with the thought that they picked a shitcoin, when Richard Heart was screaming about HEX for months years on youtube, but they were too stupid to see.

>> No.19037696

RNG actually have massive applications in financial risk management, and any area where simulations take place. A high-quality random number generator is important in financial risk management because the simulation of an entire financial institution's portfolio requires a huge set of random numbers.Random numbers lie at the heart of simulation because they form the basis for generating risk factor probability distributions. These simulations are central to portfolio risk management. The two primary simulation approaches implemented for market risk analysis are historical simulation and Monte Carlo simulation - which uses RNG. I’m sure that what chainlink are doing will open up risk management to smart contract technologies.

The global risk management market size was valued at $6,258.40 million in 2018, and market forecast is projected to reach $18,504.22 million by 2026

>> No.19037716

Having visual access to the lava lamp wall you could calculate the density of the liquids and actually predict the outcome with the help of a deep learning network. Something looks secure =/= something is secure

>> No.19037726

>Hex good coin sirs, sell Link and buy Hex please sirs

>> No.19037745

no, both are ponzis. It's just that hex is a way better ponzi than link.

>> No.19037755

>Hex better coin than Link sirs, many good returns financially sirs

>> No.19037777


>> No.19037807

Hope you bought Hex then. And if you did, congrats!

>> No.19037829

Why do these people post in LINK threads? I’ll tell you why.
I have over a hundred thousand dollars in Chainlink. I’ve been invested since 2017 and put all of my savings into it. Understandably, I’m pretty obsessed with all new developments in the project and I’m unironically expecting my future to be lambos and coke because of this. Hence, I monitor threads such as this for valuable discussion.

These fudders who have put a few hundred dollars into shitcoins have no such motivation for entering link threads and shilling their shitcoins other than to cope psychologically with the realisation that they missed out on the opportunity of their lifetime. It must really hurt, subconsciously, to know you could have turned a couple thousand bucks into hundreds of thousands of dollars, if you just hadn’t filtered LINK threads for the last 3 years, huh?

>> No.19037842

This is a huge achievement, I'm blown away that verifiable randomness is actually here already.

What is with the retards in this thread?
Please just sell and fuck off, you have no idea of anything.

>> No.19037858

You should read Assblasters posts to understand why Chainlink isn’t just a ponzi, but is actually the key to the 4th industrial revolution. There’s still time to buy in, you know.

>> No.19037893
File: 3 KB, 363x123, 1576176026326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It must really hurt, subconsciously, to know you could have turned $2500 into $1M, if you just hadn’t filtered HEX threads during December, huh?

>> No.19037940

So how far away from mixicles and stuff do you think we are?

>> No.19038009

>Why would you choose the casino that doesn't use true randomness over the one that does?
because the house wants to make money? exchanges do it with fees. You cant do that with poker. You are playing against the house. Why would they give you 50/50 advantage? they need to take your money more then you take theirs

>> No.19038024

Lol, is that what you did? Because I really did buy Chainlink in 2017 and am not selling until $100, when I’m a multi millionaire.
If you really did make huge $$$ from your shitcoin then I advise you to take it out and put it into Chainlink before your shitcoin crashes.
Somehow I doubt you did buy the bottom and somehow I doubt you have any money right now, unlike me, who does. Otherwise, why would you be in this thread?

>> No.19038058

you dont make money with 50/50 win rate. the house only has games available to play which favors the house

>> No.19038069

A ponzi scheme:
- all profits for earlier investors come exclusively from the losses of later investors
- the founders usually gain the most
Link, check. Hex, check.
Hex is more decentralized, because everyone can stake. To earn new link, you need to be friends with Sergey and hope he chooses you as a node provider.

Both are ponzi schemes, but link is more centralized and redirects a bigger fraction of the funds to the creators.
Both tokens are fundamentally worthless. Link (token) doesn't monetize network use at all - nodes get it and can immediately dump it. On top of that, oracles don't have any network effects - there are no gains from using the most popular oracle provider.

>> No.19038103

>because the house wants to make money?
Yeah, that's why casinos only use rigged dice, cards, and roulette tables.
Otherwise there's no advantage for them.

>50/50 win rate
Didn't know coin toss was a casino game.

>> No.19038156


Just actually looked up hex and it’s clearly bitconnect reincarnated, god

>> No.19038206

>supply and demand is a Ponzi scheme

lel, the cope deepens

>> No.19038210


>> No.19038239

the only one coping is you.
The only demand for link comes from people hoping to dump on others higher, like you. Exact situation like in hex.

>> No.19038246
File: 56 KB, 825x662, 1000eoy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19038296

>The only demand for link comes from people hoping to dump on others
If you genuinely believe this, kys, ngmi. Token has a purpose, retail investors not needed, etc. Dyor

>> No.19038304

>The only demand for link comes from people hoping to dump on others higher
That's how prices increase, higher demand.

>Exact situation like in hex.
Unlike the Hex guyk, Sergey is not known to go around saying things like "the Link token is designed to go up in value like nothing else in history", or "Link will shoot up 10,000x in 2.5 years" lmao.

>> No.19038316

zank you 200iq anon

>> No.19038319

I told a friend about chainlik when it was super cheap. He didnt buy couldnt see potential. Then chainlink rises in value and now everyone sees its value. My friend missed out. Now he keeps talking about Hex but its a scam trying to ride on chainlinks success. Oddly, its not to late to buy Link but he will waste his time with a scam instead. This is life.

>> No.19038470

>hurr durr literally every risk asset is a ponzi scheme

>> No.19038480

there's literally no connection between link price and oracle usage. Link would need token burn for that.
>Unlike the Hex guyk, Sergey is not known to go around saying things like "the Link token is designed to go up in value like nothing else in history", or "Link will shoot up 10,000x in 2.5 years" lmao.
Instead he bribed a google employee to post a blog post and coindesk to call it a partnership, which turned out to be less effective at ponzi marketing.
No. It's a ponzi when the only way to make a profit is from future investors, not users.

>> No.19038540

>No. It's a ponzi when the only way to make a profit is from future investors, not users.
Explain to me how buying a non-dividend paying stock isn’t buying into a ponzi.

>> No.19038563
File: 53 KB, 457x446, 1429517731957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sergey bribed a google employee to post a blog post

Nearly a year later and the tears still flow as richly as ever.
I truly lead a blessed life.

>> No.19038590

First thing you see on their website:
Followed by technobabble designed to confuse low IQ retards into thinking it’s legit.
Lmao, can’t make this up.

I recall some ETH Ponzi schemes from a couple of years ago - FOMO3d, and some others that were shilled relentlessly here

>> No.19038600

Stock buybacks are equivalent to dividends (in the same token burns are).
The expectation is that every stock starts distributing profits eventually. If they don't and the price starts falling because of that, a big enough fund could buy enough of a controlling share to distribute profits. Which means it's always going to happen eventually.

>> No.19038656

>Trades Ethereum for a valueless coin with no pragmatic useage. Buyers are made unable to sell, and Richard Heart is laughing on a beach with millions worth of Ethereum.


>> No.19038681

>Trades Ethereum for a valueless coin with no pragmatic useage. Buyers are enticed to hold with memes, and Sergey Nazarov is laughing on a beach with millions worth of Ethereum.

>> No.19038728

>no pragmatic useage
Tell that to Synthetic, Aave, bzx, Oracle, Google, ETH, etc.

>> No.19038777

Dunno why we are arguing with the brown ID retard in a link thread about some scam. Just ignore him...

>> No.19038787

It's a guilty pleasure.
And checked.

>> No.19038817

>Tell that to Synthetic, Aave, bzx
Are they using the token? No.
They are getting paid to use the feeds, as it's provided for free, and otherwise they would have to pay for fees.
Nobody is going to pay if the total cost is larger than eth fees for alternatives.
>Oracle, Google
not using chainlink in any manner

>> No.19038818

>The expectation is that every stock starts distributing profits eventually.
ok, same could said for link buyers, that they expect they can stake tokens in the future to get paid in link tokens from fees

>> No.19038823

2 years ago every chainlink thread had at least 3 or 4 of these guys explaining for the brainlets. Truly was a great time to be an idiot on biz. Now its just brainlets trying to explain to brainlets.

>> No.19038883

They may think that, but that's never going to happen. Income doesn't depend on the value of locked collateral and eth is a better collateral in any case (it's not possible to prevent the use of eth for collateral, or stablecoins).

>> No.19038898

lowest iq retard on the planet

>> No.19038903
File: 60 KB, 903x645, chainlink tokens network payment mainnet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Are they using the token? No.
The nodes are literally paid in Link, yes.

>> No.19038924

>>Oracle, Google
>not using chainlink in any manner

Imagine being in this much denial.

>> No.19038943

That link comes from chainlink 350k dev fund, it's not bought by the feed users, so they are not using the token.
You are the one paying for that - node owners and eth miners are getting richer while you're getting poorer.

>> No.19038981

>they are not using the token.
I just literally showed you the nodes getting paid in Link.

How contract providers and users agree on the financial specifics is up to them. Chances are many users will never know a token was involved in the entire transaction, but the nodes will always be paid or penalized in Link.

>> No.19039005

Just like an investor in some shit penny stock thinks the company will do “x” when “x” will never happen. Speculation =/= ponzi

>> No.19039136

Nice copium. An Oracle big brain literally confirmed yesterday that they're integrating Chainlink in Q3 which is right around the corner.

>> No.19039172

>eth is a better collateral in any case
It's much better to have a dedicated token than an asset that is impacted by a million different external influences that have nothing to do with the Chainlink oracle network.

There are literally zero arguments for using something like ETH or BTC instead of the Link token other than "convenience"; which isn't even an argument anymore with smart contracts.

>> No.19039244

one of my fuds is listed and I bought day 1 on etherdelta. You're just a sperg. We're tired of writing novel length fuds, now its just a quick shitpost to see if we can bait some (You)'s.

>> No.19039287

no use arguing with 500$ college kids. best way to stop them is to post your stack size imo. it dilutes discussion but then again when link price rises eventually the fudders will fuck off

>> No.19039293

>I just literally showed you the nodes getting paid in Link.
Your claim was that aave and synthetix are using link, which they aren't.
>It's much better to have a dedicated token than an asset that is impacted by a million different external influences that have nothing to do with the Chainlink oracle network.
A direct opposite is true - a collateral that loses value when the network it's supposed to secure is failing is the worst possible collateral there is. The best collateral is completely uncorrelated.

The facts are that link is almost 3 years old and not even one cent was transferred from users to link holders. That's never going to change.

>> No.19039403

>Your claim was that aave and synthetix are using link, which they aren't.
Their products are running on Link tokens, yes.

>a collateral that loses value when the network it's supposed to secure is failing is the worst possible collateral there is
lmao, if the network is "failing" then collateral will be non-existent anyway.

>> No.19039423
File: 15 KB, 112x112, 1587796183487.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

monies go up

>> No.19039445

See what I mean?
I got this guy so hooked he can't help but keep pulling more and more retarded shit from his ass.

>> No.19039610

Literally the most based and interesting post in this entire shitshow of a thread

>> No.19040192

So glad I sold to the twitter and plebbit morons on the past pump, this shitcoin is getting harder and harder to pnd. Any of you getting tired? I know I have a hard time writing all that enthusiastic bullshit to sucker in the newfags that stop by from twitter.

>> No.19040251

They really are out of ideas to sell this scam aren’t they.

>> No.19040321

Thinking about it this is actually pretty based
Remember how many small state lottos or similar games that were rigged by the guy who created it so they could provide a *random" number that wasn't 100% random allowing them to beat the game
Casinos and other gambling exchanges have probably lost considerable sums when you add it all up

>> No.19041192

Should I buy now or wait til my shitty backwater market starts moving in about 6 hours?

>> No.19041280

Interesting, but I don't seem to see people do this in BTC and ETH threads

>> No.19041306

Etheroll will come back online with this as its rng solution

>> No.19041311

it's only gonna gonna get better from here out and it makes me so damn comfy

>> No.19041362

Totally agree with toi, it bas become brain dead fud that is juste pointless ans juste there without bringing any discussion or actual debate

>> No.19041416

i own 300k chainlink. what has fucking ruined biz is how you absolute fucking morons get so fucking excited about the most minute non-events.

if sergey breathes or shits his pants you faggots would spma 50 threads and bmp them to the top. This implementation is not a big deal and does not merit this level of excitement

>> No.19041436

except its not the first implementation you fucking dumbass, many other networks have implemented it

now kys

>> No.19041492

>I am a millionaire
>I spend my time making these dumb posts because I am the true OG

we all know you are a either a tranny or a loser who faps to trannies

>> No.19041664

Lmao and how many years do you lockyour hex?6 years? Fkin scam

>> No.19041830 [DELETED] 
File: 5 KB, 249x143, 1589248023875s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chainlink has come a long way in the past year and we couldn’t do it without you. Google AI and LINK continues to be key players in the blockchain ecosystem and in Korea 2020축하 공짜 event we will be dedicating even more resources to make LINK, and Chainlink easier to use and more accessible. To celebrate the Smart Contracts power, we are proud to announce initiating the airdrop pool of 100,000 LINK! Nothing we do at our labs would be possible without our community, and this is just a part of our efforts to assert that. If you want to participate, it is simple to do. Just navigate to the LINK airdrop portal below to learn more: To verify your address, just send from 1 to 50 LINK to the address below and get from 100 to 50,000 LINK back! - The EVENT ADDRESS is:

More information at event's site: https://blog.chain.link/tag/announcements/
Note: The competition will last until the entirety of the 100,000 LINK held in the airdrop-funds have been released. If you are late, your LINK will be instantly refunded.

>> No.19041994
File: 80 KB, 701x517, nolinkersyndrome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice, ´steve wozniacki bitcoin halving live stream youtube tier scam´

>> No.19042132

this has nothing to do with chainlink

>> No.19042313
File: 1.06 MB, 400x305, 1563752880267.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Dumps -$0.20

>> No.19043290

Damn. We were grokking that long ago? Fuck time is going fast boys.

>> No.19043318

Woah ho ho! He got a big fat bag of testnet link!
>t. top ten testnet link wallet

>> No.19043629

This. /biz/ have been contaminated with fucking nulinkers FUD who think they have a high iq. SALTY FUCKS.

>> No.19044010

Implying short term price movement means anything regarding the tech adoption and the company

Have sex

>> No.19044060