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Exit all markets. You have 22 hours

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nice larp

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Sorry we be whale huntin' tonight

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See you in 22 hours ;P

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no you

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you again?

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you better deliver, my shorts are open since yesterday and there is no bloodbath yet

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Tfw everything is a market

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Larp. No trip codes

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Zoomer or boomer markets fren?

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What was that crypto scam you ran a couple years back willy?

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I hate laprs that don't come up with some quality shit, at least post some fake news or modified yield curve and give a shit explanation why when the markets open tomorrow the only graph coin up in Wall street are the suicide statistics

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Trips or gtfo

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I literally just bought my first stock today.

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you're not willy
t. willy

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im not in any market but thanks for the tip anon

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post the photo of pepe petting free willys nose and prove you're the real willy

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its corona dump nr 2.
did you forget the last one already?

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How can I short everything?

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Willy bot on Mount gox and the first pumo to $1000 for btc

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Seriously. these people are fools if they don't think there is a stock retraction coming any day.

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they at least come as a pair.

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That doesn't prove anything but here you go

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Commencing Sell in May and Go Away Bear market SP500 vs NIKKEI Dump, make up your own minds.

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Stocks are probably going down to a new low. Don't know about the rest.

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im getting nervous...

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confirmed not a larping willy

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Look like good times to accumulate cheap stacks as long as you have a job that can fund it.

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The good time is about sometime after august. There's an extremely high correlation between may bear market rallies and subsequent dumps.

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thanks for the speculation bizbro, best of luck to you

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not the real willy

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so put my crypto into Tether? then after 24-28 hours jump back in? spoonfeed a brainlet some cheerios.

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Willy's tripfag code is iVoNi!
Op is a faggot

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I can understand some people don’t care but there is real uncertainty about the future. If we never retest the March low I will be surprised. The election is coming up and if the dems can get Biden to remember his lines it might spook some of the good ol money into even lower levels.

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How do you know?

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Real whole insiders don't use emoticons like zoomers

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Why would an insider care about fat nerds on 4chan anyway? I guess thats what gives LARPers away. Unless its something threatening to shoot a school, those seem like probable 4chan posters.

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If anything this means we should expect a pump

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Prove you’re the Willy from 2018 and I’ll go to tether

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