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and why?

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We going to 20k after the halvening happens and this shakeout ends

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100 bucks per BTC

1. no real usage. blockstream killed off adoption.
2. wall of normies will sell off as soon as they reach their 2017 buy-in price
3. no new fake money out of thin air to pump prices (tether)
4. no media hype, "fool me twice shame on me"
5. it'll stick around as a means to transfer money outside banks (buy for fiat -> transfer -> receiver immediately sells for his fiat), that's the only reason it won't go to 0

going to take many years of lost faith to get down to 100 bucks though. goes without saying but we'll never see 20k again.

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I used to have a gf that I could give orgasms with my dick but I can't seem to manage that with the one I have now without adding in a vibrator. I am quite sure the one prior was not faking them because you can feel the spasms on your dick. I've heard there is variation in how sensitive the inside of the vagina for women but it's still a bit frustrating. The guy in the article just doesn't realize his gf want's to cum as well and should bring a toy into the fray..

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Imagine needing a toy to satisfy. Your girl craves the BBC

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end of week ? between $5000 and $12000
end of month? between $6000 and $14000
end of year? between $6000 and $20000

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3k short term, 50k EOY

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... because you are bad at sex? Is he retarded?

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She probably needs more clitoral stimulation. Try oral or a different sex position that stimulates the clitoris.

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Screencapped. See you at 20k

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female orgasm is a porn myth

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eat the pussy goy

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My missus did that so years ago I started masturbating her first, to minimum 2 orgasms just like Sam Kinison advised. After she’s had them she rapes me

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I love eating my gf pussy out... is it true it causes mouth cancer?

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throat cancer or oral cavity cancer, yeah. i think if they have HPV you can get it. i think most 20somethings by now got vaccinated for HPV when they were kids though so you're prob ok if you're a zoomer or late millennial.

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I'm 26 and she's 28. Can it happen only if she has HPV?

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eating pussy is for faggots

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I enjoy it, but I purposely never do it

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eating pussy is alpha af

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haha wew a noob in the open. how are you holding up loser?

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lol suck dicks, faggot.

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ok faggot

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sweet summer child, it'll never happen

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This. Either I make her cum with my tongue/toy before or with a vibrator during. Then I can just Jack-rabbit her and bust. Making girls cum is the most fun part.

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>not making sure she finishes first

So basically this guy's "sex" consists of delaying/preventing the gf's orgasm?

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Why not?

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The USD has lost 99% of it's value and is currently riding on the last wave before a steep hyper inflationary state.

Pro-tip: when basic goods suddenly go up in price it means your currency is weakening

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