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Sergay speech tomorrow

>Sergey is speaking tomorrow at 9PM(EST) from Consensus distributed, the virtual vesion of the Coindesk conference where mainnet was announced last year.


Then on May 12th


>Ian Keane, Head of Solution Engineering (UK and Ireland) for Oracle.
>He will discuss The Singularity, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI, IoT, Analytics, Blockchains, and how they all tie together to create a future which Arthur C. Clarke, Kurzweil, and Asimov talked of. Come and learn how Chainlink can bring all this data together by allowing the combination of technologies to create externally aware automation. Understand the impacts of this data on trans humanism and the concurrent social implications of automation.

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>Ian Keane

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Thanks for the bump kike.

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the jig is up, its over. time for bed

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>time for bed
I think not.

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Crypto - no utility besides speculative investing. No mass adoption. Close to zero use case actually declining. When have you used Bitcoin to pay for anything, rhetorical question. Stop being the XRP bagholder. I'm not here to argue, just think about it. Wake up. DYOR. Godspeed.

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ty op, will check it out

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Did you sage?
Or was it this fudding faggot here >>19008124

No probs, it's easy to miss things, lots of things happening all the time.

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What does this mean?

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It means sergay bout to dump 700k loads all over stinkies.

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God I hope so. Link flew to the $5 ATH shortly after the last 700k batch.

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We're hitting $10 EOW

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Cope, link is going to sub $1.

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1000eoy is FUD

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you had 2 years, subhuman

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Stinkies honestly think link will make them rich lol.