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Tesla is out of California! Elections have consequences!

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Looking at the comments it’s obvious that a lot of people don’t understand economics at all. There is a ton of comments by people from California and even the Bay Area that are just like “Oh well. Bye Felicia”. There is no recognition that this is a huge economic loss for not just the Tesla workers but for the whole state and Northern California region. And for what? So some unelected official can go on a power trip?

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you think these people have real jobs? Massive percentage of our population is in government day care

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If I were a shareholder or on the board of directors of Tesla, I'd be so fucking nervous right now allowing him to be at the helm. Elon Musk is exhibiting so much volatile and unpredictable behavior, and what's worse is that he's doing it in the most problematically public way.

>calling Tesla overvalued on Twitter
>renouncing all physical possessions
>naming his kid something everybody will mercilessly tease him about as he grows up
>getting into a pissing match with politicians over painfully irrelevant stuff, and threatening to move Tesla to another state in a stunt that would be an extremely expensive operation that could disrupt the stability and momentum of the company
>saying generally stupid childish shit like he thinks he's a bad boy Tony Stark

This guy tweets like a combination of Kanye West and Jaden Smith. I dont know if the company or the SEC will get his ass first but to any responsible investor, he screams "loose cannon" and is a walking, tweeting sell signal.

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I don't think the market agrees with you, fwiw.

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He's the only CEO of a publicly traded company with any balls to speak out against corruption.
If you can't handle that you're going to have a rough time in the coming years

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Why would they care? They all just get gibs that comes from the magical money machine.

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Hes tony stark.
Remember all his advanced future technology

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He's not speaking out about corruption though, he's one of the dark enlightenment crackpot tlibertarian retards who think government should not exist at all. On top of that he's a business owner so both of those together mean that of course he opposes mandatory stay-at-home orders and will say shit like that. I'm amazed that people like you believe that it's an actual ideological stance and not just a runaway narcissistic, capitalist mentality.

>believing businesses make decisions based on good ethics and morality rather than just to buoy the bottom line

I think the company will probably do fine but Elon Musk is a retard

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>move Tesla to another state in a stunt that would be an extremely expensive operation
lmao you are oblivious

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nothingburger and i bet Tesla stays in CA

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>Elections have consequences!
>For businesses

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CA loses again. The best decision I ever made in my life was leaving that shithole 15 years ago.

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where did you end up? i'm seriously considering getting the fuck out of southern commiefornication.

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I think he sees that this whole thing has been blown out of proportion by the left for the sole purpose of tanking the economy in hopes of beating trump in November. In that regard he is right to reopen his plants. He's not forcing people back who don't want to go back but he isn't going to let his doors be held shut for a political power play.

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Tesla becoming a based company is a face turn I didn’t see coming desu

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How long would it take to find land, build a factory, and have it completely tooled? How long to arrange all the business infrastructure to operate in a different state--- supply lines, labor, etc etc? To get all the legal considerations squared away in a new state? It's a waste of money to pull off a temper tantrum like this, and on top of that it's a waste of time. Tesla isn't even turning a profit right now and lost almost a billion dollars in 2019. Musk said that at one point in the past Tesla was mere weeks from having to close. They can't afford it and Musk is full of hot air. This is a painfully stupid, expensive move just so Musk can thumb his nose at the government of California.

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california is a fucking shithole full of smug idiotic shitbags that have no clue what the fuck they are talking bout. the entire state can sink into the ocean and the rest of the country would be better for it.

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Go ahead and put your money where your mouth is and open a short on it, pussy

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I noticed he left only after he got his billions in subsidies from Cali.

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>move factory to a state with no income taxes
>cheaper to move factory there then be in shithole that is comifornia
yup he's so volatile. If i was a head of a company based in california i would have left years ago.

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smart man, fleece them like they fleeced people of their taxes to pay for illgals.

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Tesla fanboys are SEETHING kek

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Funnily enough Nevada is sucking in a shit ton of California manufacturing work right now

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>50% of those posts are bots
why do retards take twitter seriously?

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Nice conspiracy theory you tinfoil hat retard. Wanna tell me about your black helicopters too?

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Are you hiding inside from a cold pussy?

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and a shit ton of Californians...

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I moved to Colorado for a job and I am now in Texas. I miss CO though so I am planning to move back. Both are superior to California though.

Just note that locals of every state are rightfully annoyed by cali transplants who leave their state because its a trash fire only to vote for all the same things that turned it into a trash fire.

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I think you're on the wrong website kiddo.

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wew that webm

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>Elections have consequences!
>tesla joins the hundreds of companies moving to texas
>bring their liberal cali employees with them
>vote to turn texas into California
>elections have consequences!

lol you idiots

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calicuck seething because his taxes funded elon's factories and now he's leaving without paying the bill lmao. Californians are born cuckolds

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did he delete the tweet i cannot find it

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the tone of this post implies you think covid is really a threat that warrants shutting down the world. you don't really think that do you?

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You sound like libs talking about trump. The things they hate about him, his base loves. Yeah he’s eccentric and unpredictable, but for his fans (and critically, customers and investors) that’s part of his muh visionary rockstar appeal.

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Lmao. If he wasn't in control of the company the stock would likely be sub $50 a share.

>I'm scared because he chooses to be upfront rather than passive aggresivr

Thats you. You sound like those annoying passive aggresive coworkers who would froth at the mouth when I'd throw their nonsense back at them.

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I mean if I was as rich as him I'd take my business elsewhere if the government was doing stuff I didn't agree with.

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That's a smart move he made. I want to open a business that technically doesn't need a brick and mortar location. So even though I'm in california I intend to open it in a different if certain things occur. That way taces are extremely low and i avoid having california trying to siphon profits

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California is a shit hole. I cannot even walk down the streets in a suit without people telling schizo nonsense at me.

I am with Elon on this. Let the place soak in its own piss and shit filled streets. I plan to move to Texas as well when I have enough saved up to start a engineering business.

Things will get better once everyone who can produce actual wealth is gone.

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Uhm hello? Based department? I'd like to file a claim....

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>Musk said that at one point in the past Tesla was mere weeks from having to close.
Ya, in 2008. Try digging relevant information from within the last decade.

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Cope harder. You’re in the wrong part of California faggot hahahahah

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Californian here, we were the 5th largest economy before tesla and we'll be the 5th largest economy after. And besides, why try to save manufacturing jobs? That shits gonna be automated in 5 years anyways and all the designers and engineers will still be working in California. Let texas have the factories with nobody working in them besides a foreman.

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Spoken as a true retard. Venezuela used to have the best economy in South America and destroyed it with socialism. I grantee you that if CA split from the USA and its constitutional protections it would turn into the same thing in 10-15 years. The fact is that commiefornia is run by a corrupt one party state that cant lose. Everything is being propped up by Pedowood and tech degenerates while strangling the actual productive sectors they have/had.

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Ghost shitcoin threads and California hate threads, you guys really know how to put out quality content

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Tesla is nothing to the state of CA. Otherwise Newsome and Santa Clara would have made his company "essential". If Tesla leaves, nothing will change.

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>Venezuela used to have the best economy in SA and destroyed it with socialism
Spoken as a true retard. The socialistic policies enacted by Maduro helped their economy when you actually look at the facts(I know thats hard for retards like yourself), and their current state of affairs is largely a byproduct of the US trying to fuck their economy(when the US wants to do something it gets done).

I know you can "grantee"(how the fuck do you fuck up the spelling on that, only a true retard can misspell something that bad) that California would be fucked but when you actually get into the details you'd see its the rest of the US that would be worse off. California would be a better place if we didn't have to pay a bunch of tax money paying for retards like yourself to get educated in red states, paying for the subsidies for your farmers(our farmers are self sufficient because we can take care of our own, in fact California probably gives them too much support if anything). I'd love take the surplus we put into the federal government away and see fucks like you squirm.

>Everything is propped up by pedowood and tech
The stupidity to say our economy is propped up by these two industries is just astounding, they're huge industries of course they're a major benefit. But ask yourself, who do you want to bet on, entertainment and tech? Or manufacturing, the supposedly ACTUALLY productive sector you reference. Fucking dumbass.

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Um, excuse me sweatie, but these are Essential luxury electric vehicles that absolutely have to be made right NOW.

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No, it's not. There's a small tech boom outside of Reno, the vast majority of the state has no infrastructure or communities to support a large migration from CA, and Reno and Vegas don't have the resources for it. That's why when people talk about leaving, Texas is usually where they look at.

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Go fuck yourself bitch

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poorfag cope

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If Elon had greased the right palms in Sacramento, that's what they'd be saying.

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>Losing like a little bitch this hard

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The homosexuality of califags is truly amazing. Deep down they know that their state is fucked. The sad part is that most of the believers live in the bay area or socal which are actively trying to kneecap the only part of the state that helps the world, the agricultural central valley. There is a reason why there is an exodus from your shit stained state.

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>the only part of the state that helps the world
What do you watch when your small brain get bored? What are you typing on right now or are you using Amish witchcraft to communicate? Only the poor are leaving, bye.

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Everyone's lining up to suck Elon's dick over some angry tweets.
Every other state but Cali thinks this is some Big-Dick move when in reality its just an unprofessional CEO having a mini-meltdown during a quarantine

He is more than welcome to shut down his factory,
lay off his employees with severance,
remove all his equipment,
find a new factory location,
build a factory,
train new employees,
and get back to building cars that no one is in a position to buy right now,
and manage this all during a shelter-in-place.

I would be more than happy to see this happen.
He is not the one who has to worry about getting all fucked up because he's not the one exposed, it's all his employees that'll be working the car mine.
Tyson is a essential business that handles our food, and they just had a massive outbreak. So Cali should bend over for a ~Cool~ CEO for the sake of building cars?
Go ahead and have him, you fruits. You guys opened up places like Hair Salons and shit that have maximum exposure involved, so you guys obviously know whats for the best.

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>Only the poor are leaving
Tell that to every state that is within at least 1k mile radius of your shitty state. Everyone from Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Texas, New Mexico... etc hates you faggots and how ex califags move to them and then vote for all the same shit that turned commiefornia into a trash fire.

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lmao 2 ez.

Yeah nice refutation of my points.
>Uhhh well deep down you know Cali is fucked!
Nope, and I gave the reasons why thats not true. The agricultural industry of Cali(my dad works in it so I actually know more that you'd think) is fine.

And besides, the exodus is overblown(net migration is like -100k a year which isn't that big of a deal for a state like Cali). Maybe you can't see the writing on the wall but the age of Manufacturing in America is over. Keep trying to save those sectors that won't exist in 10, 20, 30 years while tech reigns supreme. Not to mention having the entertainment capital of the world. Go ahead and bet against Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix.

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bunch of betas appealing to college degrees. only a stupid person thinks having a degree makes you smart.

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> I can do more in one day than you can do in years in your little flyover state
Sucks to suck, have fun with them

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ITT: /biz/'s first intelligent poster

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>hates you faggots
Let them, I'll continue banging 10/10 girls in Hollywood, then go get Korean BBQ with my boys, take a trip to the beach, maybe take a camping trip to Sequoia, think about which art film I want to see at an indie theatre. Even though Disneyland is boring its still better than whatever fucking entertainment you got in Texas, what are you gonna do, watch an oil derrick go up and down?

>Vote for all the same shit that turned commiefornia into a trashfire
You've never actually layed out what is so shit about California? I'd love to hear what it is.

>muh taxes
>muh cost of living
You get what you pay for, why dont you move to somalia? Hear cost of living is really cheap over there, and you know what? They wont even charge you taxes! Doesn't that sound great for you?

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The market is efficient, so Musks insanity (see: BASEDness) is priced in

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Ole musky is also on a power trip. They're all idiots

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Now it makes sense why he would say the tesla stock is overpriced. He knew he would do something completely idiotic like this.

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lmao. fuck California.

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I love watching commieforniafags rationalizing how awful their state is. I guess all that shit on the streets and needles in help accent the area. I sure bet all the people from Iowa are envious.

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That’s why it’s so amazing an even greater asshole can come along and outsmug them

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tech is moving out of California and into Texas. also, young tech workers don't want to live in ghetto like San Francisco that has homeless, heroin needles, and shit all over everything.

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>overpriced electric cars for hipsters are what we need NOW

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ya'll ever get rashes from how violently you circlejerk each other?

>> No.19008595

>I don't like the third largest state in america because it's major cities downtowns are dirty! :(((((((((
That hillbilly education in full force

>> No.19008596

No, I get some good laughs from seething calikikes though. You guys could write books on cope about how your state isn't shit
You two should get together some time and get to writing lmao

>> No.19008606

>you have to go back

>> No.19008618

what state are you from?
not that the answer matters or anything

>> No.19008625

you live in Mexico

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Elon is going to get torn several new assholes when the full Wrath of the SJWs lands upon his doorstep. Forgive him Lord, for he is but an arrogant manchild twat, one who knows not what for hell fury he doth unleash

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New york. You're kind of the most pathetic poster itt desu. You keep making single posts because you're seething that your state is getting shit on, but no one really bothers to even read them

>> No.19008656

it's a weird business decision. Not financially, Texas makes way more sense than California.

but politically. Isn't everyone who buys his product an ultraliberal sjw?

>> No.19008665

oh yeah, New York's a state.
Saw it on the news a couple times or something like that.
Ya'll got that uh, monument thing right?

Very Cool

>> No.19008685

California isn't part of the south. Why do you imitate southern rednecks?

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Haha good post my bros! I tried to give you all gold and an upvote but this stupid site hasn’t enabled those features here yet xD do you mind if I repost your fantastic talking points on my lgbtq blog? (Don’t worry I’ve disabled the comment box)

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you live in Sudan

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>Tesla drivers = ultraliberals
well, they maybe were, before Elon took to defecating in their soup. While his fanbois were probably more so inclined, I suspect the liberality of actual Tesla customers probably overstated tho

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probably rich people who vote for tax breaks.

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>I suspect the liberality of actual Tesla customers probably overstated tho
Yeah I'm just going off anecdote. All the 3 tesla owners I've ever met are moderately wealthy and love the smell of their own farts.

>> No.19008822

Lol oh no needles and shit if you walk down some fucking godawful streets in a 4 million person city. Holy shit I literally could not give a shit, first off I don't even live within 200 miles of San Fran, but even the times i've visited its just been 5 star Sushi resturants(I can give you some reccs if you ever want to taste good food again since I know you retards cant get Wagyu beef or fresh fish imported into your flyover states) and symphony concerts.

Like I said before, i'll keep doing all the great stuff my state has to offer. Enjoy whatever the fuck texas has.

The stats about "tech moving out of cali" are largely bullshit, the rate of tech companies opening shop in texas or wherever is increasing but thats like saying this 2 year old is gonna be taller than this NBA player because the 2 year old growth is faster than the NBA player. Follow the money and you'll see where everything still is, California and Washington.

>tech workers don't want to live in ghetto like San Fran
Thats your projection, and I'd even agree with you that San Fran isn't the city for me but theres no reason to think that its true that tech workers aren't willing to live their, all evidence shows that they can't stop it.

>> No.19008945

Its amazing how hard leftards try and legitimize the real world dystopia they created the bay area.

>> No.19009024

>...learn to swim...

>> No.19009027

>without people telling schizo nonsense at me
you wearing the suit to court then?

>> No.19009032

That's called the blue wave

>> No.19009038

Not an argument. Have fun with your hillbilly broads with fucked up teeth.

>> No.19009046

Oldfags who bought the Roadster were different, they were people who had to pay as much as $50k in advance for a car run by a company who never made 1 single vehicle before. It became a status symbol to have $50k that didn't hurt if you didn't get it back on an electric car.

>> No.19009051

Fuck that, I’m red to the core but I am solar-ed up and have two Teslas in the garage, soon to be three

>> No.19009107

Good. A fool and his money.

>> No.19009177

lo fucking l

>> No.19009195

Nice larp

>> No.19009216

Tesla is an absolute dogshit company. That doesn't mean you should open a short on the stock, because fucking retards (i.e. you) will always outnumber smart people and the stock will keep behaving irrationally.
Any smart person understood that Ripple is an absolute scam non-crypto shitcoin. Still, if you had shorted it in 2017 you would have been wiped out

>> No.19009230

>Only argument was to say whatever state he responded with is not mentioned by pop culture
>State he's from is more important than California. Double down on retard argument anyway

>> No.19009231

Who elected musk?

>> No.19009320

Fuck Elon Musk, get the fuck out of here.

>> No.19009369

Yea volatile unpredictable decisions like moving the company to a state that will allow it to make much more money OH NO. It's his company he can do what he wants with it faggot

>> No.19009415

Shut up you stupid nigger


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>> No.19009480

Then why did he build a factory in California if it's so bad for business you stupid nigger. Elon is a seething cuck he isnt going anywhere.

>> No.19009564

I don't think that article is that knock down argument you think it is.

>Here are the reasons why other places may be better
>look at these 4 cities, one of them now has the 4th most tech tenants! This one has some offices from IBM, Ebay and Apple(where are all these companies headquartered should tell you everthing)! This one has a low cost of living!
This doesn't actually mean shit. If you had the stats that tech was fleeing Cali in droves like you fags want to proclaim you'd post them.

>> No.19009628

Dumbfuck the tech start-up nerds are the ones who are willing to pay $4,000 a month to live in SF and have driven prices up. That combined with our corrupt state government allowing it to happen as long as the check clears.

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