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Sergey goes on tomorrow @ 6pm PST / 9pm EST


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Will Sergey make a big announcement tomorrow?




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Yes, I think so.

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Absolutely not. The only ann he could make would be tsigs or Mixicles. Remember Sergey allows other companies to announce first so he won't say anything regarding swift, Docusign, and the like

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Yes, when has Chainlink or Sergey ever hyped anything up like this before?

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Nope. The big announcement happens on the 13th.

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Possible but I doubt it, i do think there will be a big announcement soon (before the end of june)

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what habbens if it's new shirt and new slides??? 0_o

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Its a nothingburger

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No. Same slides, same shirt, yaddah yaddah yaddah
BUT a bigger stage, still bullish.

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Threadly reminder that the shirt is a warrant canary

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Sell the slides, buy the shirt. This cancels out, just hodl.

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based and chemistry pilled

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Shit I forgot about that, does anyone have the posts about that?

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imagine how tiring it must be to give the same speech every goddman time, and nobody beside the 4chan autists have an understanding of what you are even trying to accomplish

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Found it

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>niggers stink.
And that's were I stopped reading.

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If he wears a new shirt, I'm gonna buy at least 10 of them, I know the autists will have those shirts sold out in less than a week.

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Yes because he did last consensus

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>4channers at a pub trying to get info.
Sounds like a case of unable to organise a root in a brothel.

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He had something to announce last Consensus. Nothing this time around

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who the fuck are they for fucks sake. anyone thinks some important announcement coming from this shit show is bat crazy

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Yes. I'm not a fan of these literal who defi projects taking up valuable Sergey time

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imagine how much he knows about every customer's needs and timetables. he'd be bored out of his mind to have to remediate even the most autistic frogs on what's really happening.

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It's the proving ground. Small fry but useful.

As for announcement, probably Mixicles going live.

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This has nothing to do with chainlink

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Inside her here, I have hacked Sergey's Mac (computer, not burger) and put inserted Jessica.jpg into one of his slides. Its a picture of her with a Chainlink logo on her forehead with 20 dicks pointing at her from all angles representing information going inside her.

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>Nothing this time around
>no staking, tsig, mixicles, implementations
U wot

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Understand that, but Sergey and other members of the team have had chats and livestreams with those teams already. Nothing new will come from having these small fry defi projects there. Especially if their CEOs make their Q&A about themselves and their companies, and not Chainlink

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He already gave an update on tsigs
Staking isn't coming for a while
SN let's other teams announce first so no implementations coming tomorrow
Only thing could be Mixicles

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What’s mixicles?

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>Staking isn't coming for a while
Wrong it’s coming out in either June or July

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Seems legit

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Did you forget you had your fud trip on?

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ChainLink cereal

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Kek, i remember posting that in March 2018

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no, it's gonna be another nothing burger. We are definitely gonna dump tommorow, and if were even more unlucky sergey might drop 500k during the presentation like he did last year.

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this is correct + tsigs
t. insider

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Fucking imbeciles lmao

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He shits on your

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first day here cowboy?

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You have to go back immediately

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No because Sergey will never make an announcement himself and prefers to let his partners do the announcements instead.

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Poll so far is 4 yes 6 no

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Question is, is he talking about the tech/AI singularity or the link price singularity

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when the shirt comes off you will see the singularity

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Do you have autism?

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verily rattlesnakes flounder

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np fren, we're gonna make it

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At 22:40

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Even if the oracle guy announces an integration date it is already priced in

Also sergey won’t announce anything. Like the anon said it’s either mixicles or tsigs and neither of those are ready. Staking is not even in the picture

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veritable rallying frisbees

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Staking is not this year. You realize it’s not a traditional consensus mechanism and there actually has to be data on chain to collateralize right? It’s probably already developed, just waiting to network maturity

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The date set in the pivotal tracker is set automatically and depends on the velocity of their commits. Chico crypto is retarded.

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Is Chainlink a token sold as a promise for future service? If so, then it can be policed by the SEC. If not, why hold the token?

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don't feel too bad, being a tripfag basically tells everyone that you have an extra chromosome so no one is surprised when you fuck up
just hope that no one screenshots it and spams it at you the next time you try to do more shit-tier fud

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>Question is, is he talking about the tech/AI singularity or the link price singularity
They are one in the same

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Chainlink isn't sold as a promise for anything, retard.

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Oh good, I thought it guaranteed some future service. But, really it's just hot air.

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>Alex Mashinsky
What a fucking con artist, Jesus Christ. Look at the wiki autobiography


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Have a No, buddy

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oooooo linkies its back

Report this scam here

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Being early to VoIP gives him a pass

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Halving and triple moon before the age of chainlink is ushered in so basically after this bull the age of chainlink begins but we will be wealthy long before during the triple moon which assume is btc eth and link

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I see chainlink cult threads I hide chainlink cult threads. or more accurately I hide scamstink cultist threads

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Clearly you don't and clearly you don't even use filters.
Why lie on an anonymous imageboard, anon?

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brainlet here, why is he a conman again?

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>when you fuck up
>just hope that no one screenshots it

I've posted this same kind of thing in a lot of event threads before you fucking retard. You want links to the posts? Look at you actually thinking you 'got me'.

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>Sergers in a panel with the guy who invented VoIP

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Or the 20th

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Who is sergey?


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get off 4Chan With this scam

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probably not

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what incoherent, awful rambling

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They all talk like professional scammers. Giving just enough to keep people hooked but never ever coming with something real.

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This desu. I'd rather have Ed Felten than this meme defi shit

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Total scam, sell now
Sirgay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together!

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daily reminder chainlink is a scam

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nothing about the price action suggests insiders are pricing in an announcement

this is a sell signal

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dumping 5 mill linkies in 2 hours fags

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I'd like you to explain how this means I am a secret Chainlink megawhale. Go on. Are you actually on the spectrum?

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>he screencaps his own posts

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Crypto apart youre a huge douche

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No. Same Slideshow, Same Shirt.

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just fuck off already jesus christ
insufferable faggot

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Dumped more Link today for ARPA. Ciao!

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Why does it only get weirder