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Which unregulated nootropics or mood elevators are 100% not placebo?

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>mood elevators
you mean that you're depressed and need some more dopamine, or you want to fuck with your normal system?

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Lions mane mushroom

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LSD microdosing

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Depends on the specific modification you're looking for. What needs improving, anon?

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Nicotine. No, you don't have to smoke it.

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I'm a different person since I started lionsmane. There's something in there my brain desperately needed.


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Bumping up my cognition/memory/concentration/happiness would be nice.

I said unregulated, sweatie.

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GHB, kind of unregulated depending on where you live.

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Just buy some generic weight lifting power shit booster. They contain shitload of caffeine and other good stuff.

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Do it coward.

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what dose nicotine even do tho? ive smoked plenty of times and never felt anything from nicotine besides a few minutes of light headedness that you get from your first few stogies

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Cognition = clock-speed * concentration. Stimulants help the first a little, norepinepherine helps the latter. EXERCISE. You need to convert l-tyrosine into dopamine, which turns into norepinepherine. That happens when you MOVE YOUR BODY.

Memory = non chemical
REST CONSISTENTLY. A normal sleep schedule, and not eating 2 hours before bed. Drink water.

Concentration = needs met
If your mind is wandering constantly you have unmet needs, or you're a bitch. Tend to your physical and security needs, have sex. Prostitutes count if you can maintain a normal monthly practice. If you get a hooker as a one-off you aren't attending your long-term needs and it'll still be on your mind constantly.

Happiness = joy cap - bounceback
-Your joy cap is serotonin production. If you do not experience elation when good things happen at least every day or so, speak with a shaman or psychologist. Establish a history from childhood forward to identify patterns that indicate mental illness before proceeding. If you're not broken, just sluggish, kickstart with a guided heavy-dose of shrooms, or 2-3 medium trips over a weekend. Consider a microdose 5 days weekly.
-bounceback is a function of dopamine/norepinepherine levels. See above.

If you're consistently feeling like the things you mention are lower than they should be, feel foggy, prone to headache, lethargic, like the world is on the other side of some fine film... Drink some applejuice. Literally. Just pay attention to electrolyte, water, sugar, and l-tyrosine intake.

If you feel like you haven't eaten right for a hot minute, the best nutritional supplement you can give your brain is women's senior-age vitamins. (Right balance of metals.)

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The only non-meme scientifically proven psychoactive compound that is legally available in the West is modafinil/armodafinil. Take 150mg when you wake up and it'll last through the whole day. You can buy some from India for like $0.50 per pill.

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Nicotine puts a floor on your stress response and hot-wires your feelings of satisfaction.

So it's an effective tool to make yourself emotionally survive a long arduous task, like deploying to a combat zone for a year, without becoming an hero.

If you lead a normal life and aren't deprived of basic needs or autonomy, nicotine won't do anything but addict you and ruin your ability to feel satisfaction from success.

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now that's a lot of pseudo-scientific bullshit

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Jesus no dude

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in other words, what OP asked for

Also, OP, stop drinking. Immediately and completely. If you walked into a potion shop, and asked the witch to brew you something to make your enemy permanently depressed, less intelligent, socially incompetent, and prone to various diseases... she would just hand you a bottle of jack.

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Unironically this or coke. Coke is a lifesaver. Modafinal is for babies

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thanks for the info ive literally never asked wondered or cared to look it up till now and just started quitting last week with a vape box but it broke and im already grossed out by actual smoke so life is lookin better already thanks for the push anon.

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cocao powder / chocolate
st John's sort

examine.com has info on all of them.
I would recommend any of them, you have to sort your shit out and supplements are just a crutch

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If you fail to quit, they'll eventually be the only thing that can provide any feeling of satisfaction at all. Smokers can't make it, even if they create true wealth.

t. someone ruined by it

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Not regulated where i am

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TY Based Anon

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>>sleep, exercise, hydration are all memes


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Not the answer to opies question but meth is fucking crazy. Only did it a couple times but the first time I did it, after a rave as a pickmeup, when chilling at home. I was shooting pool and I felt this superhuman ability to visualize exactly how the balls would travel and played perfectly when I’m normally just an average/decent player. I literally transcended to a mental state that could visualize all the complex forces and spins and pulled off impossible shit that would make Mike Massey jealous. Good times.

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>What needs improving, anon?
Let's assume I want to improve sexual desire and connection with partner

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Modafinil and lionsmane good answers
However phenibut is my favorite (excluding LSD microdosing)

Pheni is really cheap and has high safety and low amount of negative side effects.

It basically decreases inhibition without making you a retard like when you're really drunk, and lasts nearly the whole day. Powerful stuff, it definitely made a more outgoing, fun and adventurous.

It's only dangerous when you use it as a crutch, just like any mind-altering substance.

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Have you tried viagra?

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Sounds like you took some MDMA, LSD, or shrooms at the rave xD

But for real, if you have a good psychiatrist who can help you monitor dosage, amphetamines can be HUGE helpful. It makes me too edgy/irritable so I don't do it any more, but back when I needed to be quick on the trigger and real aggressive, it was the best.

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Wild Yam

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why coward? Phenibut is nothing

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phenibut has been a game changer for me

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Coffee. I'm told it may or may not be good for you.

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too norepinepherine into the body generates stress... I'd avoid

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What does it do for you, lads?
Help with anxiety by any chance

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>Coke is a lifesaver
could you explain why? I am afraid to go with pronstitutes with coke help me?

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>I literally transcended to a mental state that could visualize all the complex forces and spins and pulled off impossible shit that would make Mike
lol ahah

This is the power of dopamine enahncement. It helps you to stay focused.
The high is cause by the dopamine rush into the Nucleus accumbeus

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>Have you tried viagra?
It only work if your problem is physiologic not psycologic

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Neuroplasticity; creates new neurons in the brain, strengthens connections, stuff like that

I take it at night, feel boosted when I wake up in the morning, like things just come easier, like having to call a business or a new contact, stuff like that. If I take it during the day, I feel nothing, but everybody is different

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1/2 - you.
Improving connection will be an expression of desire, so focus on the former.

The best drug for sex is arousal, which is a set of cumulative hormones/neurotransmitters. By cumulative I mean they don't metabolize nearly as quickly as they're released, so they build up over time. So TAKE YOUR TIME. Literally learn to ramp things up incrementally to keep the fire roaring. It's a skill ;P

To increase peak arousal, i.e. the time between initial arousal and release, think anti-depressant. If you basically nut when she looks at you, your baseline serotonin production is shit and that one little burst is enough to trigger. You have a low ceiling. You can skip the prescription SSRI by improving your day-to-day woman life, and identifying your "love language," or the specific inputs that trigger the release of serotonin/oxytocin. (gifts, acts of service, verbal affirmation, intimate touch, or quality interaction.) If you are unable or unwilling to pursue a sex-life, identify a charity or service where you can express your love language. (i.e. if you're a touch person, work with the blind. They literally just need someone's hand to hold.)

If your life is already characterized by consistent coverage of your need for love and acceptance, but your sex life is still shit, see an intelligent and experienced dominatrix. Set ego down for a minute and get to know what really makes you tick.

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>phenibut has been a game changer for me
explain why please

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>So TAKE YOUR TIME. Literally learn to ramp things up incrementally to keep the fire roaring. It's a skill ;P
basically an aromatize inhibitor for my Testosterone production?

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Can I take oxytocine in pills?

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i have terrible anxiety and phenibut allows me to feel normal. the anxiety would lead me to make sub-optimal decisions because my mind wasn't where it should be, but now i'm the least anxious person on earth. it's just as effective as xanax for me but without the intoxication and memory loss.

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>If you do not experience elation when good things happen at least every day or so
What the fuck? I being elated by something routine for normies? I can probably count on two hands I have been truly elated about something over my whole life.

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intersting - ive been using low doses of phenibut lately and when i used to get a big afterglow i used adderall and it was amazing synergy.

how do you use them together?

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To improve your partner's desire, see arousal as a function of time, above. Study neurolinguistic programming from "pickup artists." (It isn't a magic trick like they tell themselves, it's just a fact that thinking about sex is arousing and NLP is a whole framework to create delightful innuendo quickly.)

Offer your partner a trip on serotonin-enhancing drugs together - experience crazy feelings of unity on shrooms for example. It's a great anchor she'll remember later.

Maintain the sexual frame, and remind both yourself and her that sex is the primary reason for your relationship. If it isn't, stop being monogamous immediately.

If you're a bitch, nicotine helps. Don't do it tho... it'll ruin you.

If you're an asshole, smoke weed.

Alcohol ruins her sexually. Horny now, but less arousal for a week after. (horny =/= aroused)

Any stimulant or dopamine agonist will reduce time-to-orgasm for either party. (amphetamines, coffee, etc.)

If it makes your skin flush, it'll make her cum harder. Peppers, ginger, etc.

Increasing the volume of music and movies increases her adrenal response to whatever you're watching/rocking. Adrenaline is a practical substitute for dopamine in this context.

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Lions Mane has some stuff that reduces the long-term wear and plaques inside the little sheaths that neural tissue runs through. Something to do with increasing neural plasticity. I'm no expert... But Paul Stamets is:

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are you sure without memory loss? I have seen that it has also memory loss as long term side effects (amnesia anterograda)

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>Any stimulant or dopamine agonist will reduce time-to-orgasm for either party
Is it modafinil or coke good in this case?
I have red that people on coke can't cum fast.

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phenibut and tianpetine.
phenibut withdrawals are nasty and the likelyhood of having them increases really fast the more successive days you take it. personally i advise against it.
tianeptine is great but i think due to regulations its harder to find and more expensive now.
the rest is placebo. lion's mane, racetams, etc are all horseshit.

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of course i'm sure. i was addicted to xanax for a while because i used it so often to help my anxiety, so i have a good frame of reference for comparison. i don't take more than a gram of phenibut at a time though, usually no more than twice a week. i have heard of memory loss at higher doses.

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kek, on modafinil and coke, you cum when you want to, as many times as you want to

who cares if you cum in 5 minutes? You can literally fuck 8 times and cum all 8 times in the span of a few hours. Well, it's 8 for me, I hope you have a bigger number

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Anxiety is made worst by drinking. If you do that, don't. If you don't drink and it's still an issue, it's usually the norepinepherine thing. The full metabolic cycle is here:

The long and short of it is that your body uses all this shit to metabolize stress. Or, the chemicals associated with it. You need to have a certain amount of these metabolic tools on-hand to absorb impulses of stress without experiencing "emotional overload."

'swhy I tell people to drink applejuice. It's dummy good at dealing with a brain that needs a constant supply of l-tyrosine, water, and sugar.

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>tianeptine and kratom
these are mood elevators that 'work', but only because they are opioid receptor stompers. Tread cautiously. They can be nootropic only inasmuch as they attenuate anxiety which allows you to not freeze up during high performance situations.

also a mood elevator that 'work's because it is a GABA receptor stomper. Tread cautiously. Ditto as above regarding anxiety and performance.

Duh. But, you have probably been drinking caffeine so long that it's no longer enhancing your performance but just staving off withdrawals. You've probably forgotten what your baseline even is anymore.

>fish oil
probably the only proven supplement that boosts your brain health without any/many downsides. Even so, too much fish oil over time and you can make your cell membranes more easily damaged, since PUFAs oxidize easily.

>vitamins and minerals
If your diet is shit then take a multi, as many essential nutrient deficiencies can manifest as cognitive problems, e.g. with vitamin d or magnesium. Megadosing these won't do anything for you though. Just make sure you're not deficient.

>diet, sleep, exercise
dumbass, you were supposed to start here. If these aren't sorted, then sort these first. No stimulants after 4PM. 8 hours of sleep a night. 2-3 hours of moderate aerobic activity weekly. Lift some weights maybe. Don't be fat.

Pretty much everything else is a crapshoot. I take lots of supps and hope for the best out of them but I readily acknowledge that they're probably not doing anything other than giving me expensive pee. I do like lion's mane and reishi, but it could be placebo too.

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And what does apple juice do? Lower anxiety?

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Never use chems to replace parts of your sex life that need improving. Use them if something is broken and you need a metaphorical cast while the boner heals

But yea if you're already good, both of you taking an oxy and having a unity-fuck can be transcendent

And that's a problem I bet. We aren't talking like... LEAPING for joy. But definitely excited. Heart pumping a little, maybe some autistic flailing... Joy that's super tangible! If that's missing, there's something wrong.

Stimulants can burn you out, and that has a dramatic effect on orgasm timing. Whether you're tryina cum during onset or falloff matters.

Never trust the sexual anecdotes of people who do hard drugs. It's like picking your control group after the experiment.

the anon above in >>18997585
mentioned that taking lionsmane at night changes the effect. I've always taken mine in the morning, so I'll swap to nights just to see what happens. Any experience with timing on those?

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It's just a solution with by-and-large the exact nutrients your brain needs to produce this shit.

Any time a system crashes, the recovery phase experiences more turbulence/variability than when that same system is experiencing an ongoing stable load. This is just a natural emergent property of dynamic systems. So if you're dealing with an emotional issue like anxiety or depression - characteristic of a crash in a certain neurotransmitter - recovery can be made a lot smoother by a consistent input of whatever you were lacking, rather than spikes of that input. Applejuice is something you can sip on all day, in this case.

This is in contrast to a problem where a fundamental emotional need isn't being met, or a thought-scar has formed and they need to build a bridge around it in a short period of time, like 1-3 therapy sessions. In those cases you commonly see a system shock with something like MDMA that causes an immediate overwhelming rush of whatever's missing; which creates the emotional context for the brain to run a chkdsk.exe

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Saved all your replies anon.Good stuff.

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Ok but does it reduce anxiety?

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Nicotine, when smoked, makes you look cool and can enhance conversations.

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Interesting shit man.

Ive always been super strong, always had an emotional wall up.
I think i must have past trauma. There days after smoking weed and doing shrooms i feel the powerful wall breaking.
Now getting anxiety, and plenty of physical manifestations causing paranoia of heart attack and stroke with this corona shit causing it.
My shrooms experiece, i only took 2.5 it was cool and fun but i talked most the whole time and it was extremely physically uncomfortable. And i gained zero deeper knowledge or break thoughts.

Any advice

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yes and no. Paying attention to your norepinepherine production is how you ensure you can deal with anxiety when it arises.

The fact that things are causing anxiety in the first place is a separate issue. Anxiety is created as a response to considering an undesirable future, or anticipating the fallout of a negative even. It is NOT caused by stress of events themselves. A jumpscare is not anxiety - anticipating a jumpscare is.

The anxiety/affect system is linked. Your brain will produce dopamine in accordance with the release of adrenaline and cortisol. This dopamine is intended to provide you with the affect necessary to create an alternative, less stressful future. The physical acts you undertake metabolize it to norepinepherine, which cleanses the cortisol. (This is a gross oversimplification.)

If you are having ongoing issues with anxiety, don't drink, eat well, stay hydrated, and exersize... you're likely anticipating a great many horrible futures and seriously need to calm your tits. Find a shaman, sit in some sweat-tents or saunas, do some shrooms. Smoke some weed. Deal with your bullshit and start accepting that your future can be made happy.

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I have the exact same addy, and Pheni

I take about half a pill, and feel like a god for a day, but the come down can be bad

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I take it at night and actually I tend to wake up drowsier the next morning than if I hadn't taken it. But that wears off relatively quickly and then the rest of the day is spent feeling a little more in tune with everything, like I am experiencing everything with more granularity and detail. But, with that said, it still doesn't rise above potential placebo.

I don't take it in the day because I worry it'll give me brainfog. Might be unwarranted though.

If I take too much too long, it tends to make me hypersensitive to stimuli. Small background noises can drive me insane, lights are too bright, etc. Once again, might all be in my head.

With the fungi perfecti LM specifically, I sometimes microwave a small amount of water in a mason jar til it's near boiling, empty a cap into it, put the lid on and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. The idea is you're helping break down the chitin cell walls with extreme heat and releasing the components that actually are psychoactive. I believe they say they already steam treat the mycelium but I notice it seems more potent when I do this.

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I guess i was asking if something like apple juice is a short term solution to being panicky i guess.
Any small hacks are great.

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I think the same can be said for chronic marijuana use. A toke early in the morning or late at night can be chill but you really have to see for yourself the types who smoke/vape all day to realize what a poison it is - but this a rule you can apply to anything.

All things in moderation, almost anything is toxic in some way when you abuse it - "muh weed never killed anyone", haha, yeah right pot zombies are totally dead inside.
Coke dick is a thing, in that you aren't going to be performing like a stallion if you rail a bunch of coke first. It makes women horny but is a poor choice for a man who wants to get a hard dick.
I'm currently working with my gf to reduce her xanax dependency. Appreciating these insights.

>> No.18998461

Sounds like you need an ego-snap.

Some people talk about ego-death being a huge thing, and in some cases yea I could see taking it that far. But for me, just 5-10 minutes ego free is always more than enough time to reset those impulses to guard my emotions. That's like a 3.5-4g dose for someone my size - average athletic burger male.

Always important to do these things with a shaman you trust. There's a lot of knowledge that goes into dealing with the logistical issues like someone being high as fuck and barfing 'cuz they forgot to eat a light breakfast first, on top of the patience and discretion to offer a safe space for self discovery.

You should expect to have at least one or two sessions ahead of time to establish a baseline. Just walk in the park and run through the life story. Give a couple topics for them to ask about during the real session when all you're thinking is HOLY SHIT EVERYTHING IS SO PRETTY WHEN MY PUPILS ARE DILATED

Set aside at least 30 minutes during your trip to just stare into the campfire and give some no-bullshit honesty directly to yourself, and let your shaman ask those questions. Commit yourself to overcoming the obsticals you find. Then, enjoy your trip <3

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Oh fascinating. I hadn't considered busting open the caps like that. Nice xD

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Hard massage the palm of your left hand during an attack. Weird, but works. I do this to girls when they freak out and they think I'm a god.

>> No.18998527

L-Theanine + Caffeine is the only nootropic combo I've found that isn't a hard placebo.

4:2 ratio of L-Theanine to Caffeine, and lay off the soda/coffee/tea if you take it cuz it'll fuck your ratio up.

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I take modafinil which helps keep me alert and feel awake. It's nice because usually I feel fatigued and groggy.

Unfortunately since this corona nonsense started modafinil has become hard to find. All the sellers on DNMs are out of stock. I'm all out and can't refill

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>I'm currently working with my gf to reduce her xanax dependency. Appreciating these insights.
good luck, man. xanax is a motherfucker. wish you and your gf the best

>> No.18998580

That combo was one of the things close to the top of my list of shit to try. Any advice to source a correct 2:1 ratio pill for cheap?

>> No.18998662

switching to valium helped me kick the zannies. Valium is a lot less strong, is longer acting, and doesn't have the same miserable withdrawal symptoms. It's much easier to kick valium than xanax, so switching from zan to valium is a good first step to quitting. trying to quit cold turkey is pure hell so it's better to taper off by switching to something less strong and then gradually reducing the dose & frequency.

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for those who actually consider taking drugs, what coke and meth really do is tie you down to physical reality. Your presence in the physical reality increases and thus your energy exchange with it becomes more efficient.
But in order to do this it shuts off your senses to the higher realms, like the astral and spiritual.
This is stimulants.
Opiates like heroin, lsd, dmt do the reverse, they shut off your senses of the physical and animal realities and you are better able to "hear" (sense) the astral, mental, causal.

The point is that it's ok to take these drugs once or twice, but if you take them too many times you risk damaging your spectrum of senses and stunting your evolutionary spiritual track.

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I don't source combo pills, so I can't help you. Both caffeine and L-theanine come in trivially mathematically divisible pill units, though.

>> No.18998767

But what if one comes in metric?

>> No.18998776

She tried to quit cold turkey which she had done before, something I would NEVER have recommended mind you. On the same night she decided to cut the xanax, she tried some weed butter I had made which was extremely potent. I told her DO NOT EAT ANY MORE OF THIS TONIGHT. Well, she is quite a troubled gal and has serious legit insomnia and sleep eating disorders. She knocked her self out so hard on the butter that when the xanax withdrawl hit, she became catatonic and unresponsive, I woke up to a bed covered in puke and she could not speak to me.

Was in the hospital with her for over a week.

>> No.18998804

They should both be coming in milligram dosages.

>> No.18998813

Sounds like it could be a neat one off experience if you are looking to actually solve a problem or gain insight with real self-directives, but in my personal experience meth users have been the most treacherous and vile people imaginable

>> No.18998853

ive been reading most of your replies to this thread, you seem interesting...are you a medical professional? I suppose it doesnt matter, but your knowledge seems to be fairly concise, are you just well read on these subjects?

I have a rather odd question relating to aphantasia and mental image projection...do you know any of any medications or treatment that could help with this?
ive experimented with various drugs and psychedelics, one of these substances may have affected my ability to simulate a mental image. for example i cant really picture a persons face if i try to remember that person, but this applies to everything and not just people, i can no longer see things in my minds eye... im not sure if people can normally perceive closed eye visuals. for example if i try to picture a cat in my mind, i know what it appears to be more or less, but i cant see it. I have the memory of form but i cant perceive it in mind, if that makes sense. i dont know if that is normal or not.

ive had some other serious issues; such as anxiety, depression, drug addiction. ive stopped the drugs and ive been taking prozac for about a year which does seem to help with depression and anxiety, i feel quite reliant on it now though. exercise seems to help my state of mind a lot also.
my sexual functioning is completely fucked though, i have desire to be with someone i just dont think my dick will work though

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That is because they are (almost) completely shut off from the higher realities, including the highest one of good/evil (ie conscience).

>> No.18998910

that's rough, I'm sorry to hear that. Benzos can be helpful if you're dealing with anxiety but I know how addictive they are. because of the horrific withdrawals trying to quit becomes worse than whatever made you start taking them in the first place.

going from Zan to valium did the trick for me. It was a little rocky the first day but after that I adjusted. It took a few months of tapering off but now even if I don't take one I barely feel any withdrawals. I'm hoping i can be off it 100% pretty soon.

>> No.18998941

What about Ashwagandha? Improves test, reduces anxiety and improves cognition and endurance

>> No.18998942

By the way you will not actually solve any real problem, for that you need intuitive insight which comes from higher.
I'm pretty sure meth such increases cognitive "computing" kinds of capacities, ie it will make you better at playing chess, calculating things, or indeed playing billiards. It also gives you a huge confidence boost but this is merely your presence being fully restricted to the physical reality.

>> No.18998952

>Opiates like heroin, lsd, dmt
Please don't bring up opioids and tryptamine psychedelics in the same sentence and describe them like they're the same drug and do the same thing. They couldn't be any further apart.

Psychedelics in non-heroic doses can just as easily enhance your presence in the world as remove you from it. It just depends on set and setting, tripping in nature vs tripping in a dark room.

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Wtf anon I have that book right here beside me on my desk as well as the sequel book A Guided Tour of Higher Consciousness. Mr Bentov seemed to know a lot about the deeper mysteries of life.

>> No.18998986

You're right, my bad.

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alcohol is a solvent, not a solution

>> No.18999038

Mr. Bentov was unquestionably a genius.
What you might not know about him is that he spearheaded project Gateway for the CIA, which was recently declassified. Even his daughter only found out after he died (in a very suspicious plane accident).
He also engineered Israel's first rocket. There's clips of him at the launch, wait maybe I can find it.

>> No.18999116

Joking lol.

I'm just some guy on the internet, but I'm glad our conversation can spark some thought.

I did a few SSRIs for short periods of time, 2 months each, in a couple doses. I don't like 'em. I think they're evil. It's hard to put my finger on it, but they just felt... wrong. Insidious somehow. I'm not paranoid and don't believe in "meta"physical, so it's embarrassing to have such a subjective opinion... but whatevs.

They can make orgasm more intense in very small doses because you have to trigger a certain % of your serotonin receptors in order to cum, so you have to build up a LOT of serotonin before it overcomes the drug and hits that critical receptor coverage. If you can't get hard there's a problem. Orgasms wash your brain, they're very important. (That's why you see no-fap demoralization posts so frequently.)

Lionsmane will help immensely with imagination and cognition stuff, but don't be too scared about your own development. It's pretty easy for us to visualize things that are concrete and specific material objects, and when we're a kid that's basically everything. As you age, everything becomes more abstract as a side-effect of deeper understanding. You'll find yourself becoming less dependent on your visual processing, and using more connective parallel processing between different conceptual areas. That's a totally normal and healthy thing. (In other words, a child should visualize the only cat they've ever seen when you say "cat." But saying "cat" to an adult should evoke a verbal idea 'cat' linked to a series of potential visual parameters like 'orange' or 'black.')

If you don't have a plan to get off the prozac, make one. You NEED to identify the root deficiency in your life that's causing depression, and eliminate any barriers to overcoming it. Taking "no" for an answer is depression. Being unable to act is constant anxiety. Prozac can help you function in that context, but it won't fix the issue. That's on you.

>> No.18999142

Thanks for the advice man.
How does life change after these break throughs tho?
Less anxiety and getting over fears and shit?

>> No.18999190

This take 2 scoops of C4 at 5am and workout at home for an hour to feel god mode for the rest of your day.

>> No.18999216

Turmeric does good stuff too, I would suggest anyone to add it to their diet

>> No.18999224

But still I should point out that drugs are not the way to grow your spectrum. I have friends who used prolonged LSD and completely withdrew from the physical world over time. In that sense it can be more insidious than actual opioids.
Meditation is better.
I seem to recall him being one of the people in this but I might be wrong
But yeah he designed it.

>> No.18999357

good on you, benzos are a mind and time killer
and the withdrawals are literally deadly to the point of inducing seizures
This makes a lot of sense, meth users in my experience were just as you said totally cut off from the conscience and any kind of ascendant spiritual/moral compass
I have never done recreational doses of LSD more than a few times a year. I always look forward to returning to baseline after a trip. However, I have microdosed LSD and straight up forgotten I had even done it until I start wondering why my day felt so amazing, and I remember I took a micro. Recreational doses of shrooms/lsd can be really useful for talking through emotions, micro-dosing has far more potential for wellbeing in the long run however in my personal experience.

>> No.18999377


>> No.18999397
File: 7 KB, 267x189, space_pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're right. Good beer is a solution xD

The life changes you undergo when you let go of ego are commonly profound, but seldom unexpected. The impact is almost universally unexpected - people come out of a trip like "eh that wasn't like a rollercoaster or anything, what's the big deal?" But then 2 weeks later are all "I SEE THE LIGHT"

Basically you lose the ability to lie to yourself, while at the same time experiencing a greater willingness to connect and empathize with the world around you. You hear people say things like "you become one with the universe," which is spiritual-person talk for "you have a shitload of serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine all at the same time, while simultaneously experiencing synesthesia."

The synesthetic aspect will be profound for you, because you're already well attuned to your sense of cognition. When your visual cortex is able to connect directly to your auditory processes and vice versa, you may be better able than most people to enjoy watching music or listening to the ASMR of bouncing tits. It's a good thing to practice - it helps a lot to be able to think about things with physically more of your brain.

In terms of dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Shrooms and MDMA are used in a clinical setting because you will be intensely suggestible in this state. You will *not* experience anxiety while approaching emotionally difficult subjects, and will instead be able to process them more fully. This opens the opportunity to really dig into a subject instead of reflexively avoiding it. It'll be the best therapy session of your life.

But seriously, if everything is basically good and you're just looking to connect with yourself... some pretty lights, lube, and a female shaman who'll suck you off... or at least one you don't mind laughing at your wanks. Just enjoy it ;P

>> No.18999407

be careful fren, the fact that you forget even microdosing at all doesn't strike me as very healthy. But to each their own.

>> No.18999438

100% this. I make a pot of reishi, Cordyceps, lions mane and a shit load of Chaga in a tea everyday. Let it simmer for hours. It’s the best medicine on this earth. I got my shit from ZNatural goods, don’t get cucked by amazon paying top dollar for a measly oz of medicinal shroom powder.

>> No.18999457

why do you think ssri's are evil? in my case theyve helped me a lot, i was a fucking mess 2 years ago. ive had depression issues for a long time though, like 15 years.

i tried to cure myself the first time by myself with cannabis and mushrooms,etc. mushrooms had a really positive effect on my depression and pretty much removed it entirely for a few months if i remember correctly.
i find psychedelic trips to be absolute hell though, or at least i did, but ive never had the opportunity of a good set/setting.
i havent done psychedelics in many years but i feel like i need it badly. i really want to explore those realms deeper.

ive had seriously bad issues with sex/fapping, like my drug addictions this is another. porn/fapping has severely fucked my life. its become a crutch for me and diminished the pure enjoyment out of it, just like chasing highs.

ill look into getting lionsmane, maybe im overthinking the visualization issues, maybe it is just because im getting older. Thanks for your advice.

>> No.18999473

Try Cordyceps mushrooms it improves circulation and lung performance. Old people take it to reinvigorate their sex lives. You can also make a tea for the beta glucans, antioxidants and neuro-regenerative properties with the blend I mentioned earlier in the thread

>> No.18999529

Complete meme

>> No.18999543

What's best for energy? I often find myself with low energy, lethargic and unable to get up when I need to. I get bouts of motivation that are like a storm, then go back to having none.

>> No.18999585


Its safe too, trust me. Just eat 1 of the microspoonfulls (8mg). Shits nuts

>> No.18999625

PRL-853 and a light stimulant (caffeine). Make sure to eat and hydrate

>> No.18999633

You probably want Phenibut anon. Just be careful with it. It’s legit and powerful stuff. I take it in low doses around 3 times a month when going out or socializing. Better than drinking for sure. Just don’t overdue it, many do because of how great it will make you feel.

>> No.18999637

modafinil works well for me. makes me feel awake and alert, more assertive and aggressive

>> No.18999674
File: 58 KB, 512x351, hug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yo marrying an Indian bitch must add 100 years to your natural lifespan xD Pajeets be swimming in shit-river lookin' healthy as hell.

Yo link us? That tea sounds like the shit.

I'm so glad SSRIs worked for you! They're the only thing that CAN work for someone who naturally produces too little serotonin to function normally. Like an angel's breath for those people.

I don't think the chemicals themselves are evil, that would be anthropomorphizing a molecule. I think that the initial trigger that set me off was noticing that the only thing I've ever brought to a doctor that did NOT result in examination or discovery, but DID result in a prescription, was any mention of mental or emotional issues.

I have been a medical professional, though I'm not licensed at the moment, so I'm familiar with the basic procedures that are universal to any interaction between a professional and a patient: ensure safety, establish baselines, review history, etc. etc. This goes for traumatic, systemic, pathologic injuries... Literally anything. Yet for some reason, the very same doctors who would ask if I'm allergic to anything because I came in with a broken toe, won't ask about my medication history before prescribing a mind-altering substance that affects my core sense of self and ability to experience love. WOW. Tell me I shouldn't be suspicious, let alone terrified that this happens every time I ever decide to try a new drug and go ask for a prescription, consistently without variation, among tens of doctors over the years.

Good luck on your trips anon! I hope you find peace. Just remember, life is suffering. Without that suffering is simple non-life.

>> No.18999699

How the hell do I get it though? Been really wanting to try it.

I drink a ton of caffeine. PRL-853, is it not good if I drink too much coffee (I'm close to 600-1000mg per day depending)

>> No.18999760

If you need to "feel" "tangible" joy then you're actually broken as a person. You're no more than a worthless junky desperately chasing feelings. Happiness is for good goys. The only thing that's important is contentment which is emergent as a function of sufficiently exerting your will upon external reality.

>> No.18999779

I took it before work and the only effect I noticed was just general well being and improved communication as opposed to FUCK THIS WAGESLAVE JOB AND ALL THESE DRONES REEE

I have no tried any consecutive form of microdosing, and truly microdoses are even less ppm then I took that day

>> No.18999826

dark net markets

usually you can get it pretty cheap, like $0.50 per pill. but right now it seems every seller is out of stock, probably because of the covid situation

>> No.18999876

This is cope. It is a person rationalizing pain by out-grouping those who experience joy. When you read his writing, does it sound like yourself the whole way down? Or just the part of yourself on top?

Joy and happiness are not the same things. Joy is the word we use to describe what you rightly point out is temporary - your experience of the release of neurotransmitters associated with affect and correct anticipation. And happiness is indeed the long term fulfillment you experience through consistency in your mission.

They interact meaningfully and both are critical to an optimally functioning brain - the topic of this thread.

Joy, specifically, is what you experience during times when you're most readily able to learn. If you do not experience tangible joy, it indicates the need to increase your production of those neurotransmitters. What they feel like to you isn't nearly as relevant as the importance of offering your hypothalamus the I/O minimums it needs for targeted learning. If your life is a boring fog, you won't naturally specialize into things that you enjoy, you'll just randomly remember tons of random details about random shit with no real control over your intellectual development.

>> No.18999945

Amphetamines only "tie you to the physical world" because that is YOUR default "mode". For someone that's"lives in their head" and is thinking about 500 years down the line instead of consciously consuming "instantaneous" surface level physical reality (like they probably should be, as much as I might like to disparage people who "actively" "live" in the moment) amphetamines are absolutely crippling in that regard, you end up zooming out on the scale so far to things you'd realistically never have the power to effect.

They probably also enhance intuition in someone that thinks in that sort of way to the point of "apophenia"

>> No.18999984

You've never done meth, or are an inherently "non intuitive" type of thinker to start with

>> No.19000014

is no meme kid, i tried it

>> No.19000047

>l for me. makes me feel awake and alert, more asse
in europe i get it from eufinil

>> No.19000050

Interesting stuff.

Interestingly enough ive never consciously lied to myself.
I said ive always been powerful - i mean ive always been confident enough to be myself and everyone loves me for it. And i was neevr easily shaken.
I could always read people like a book and have a strange amount of knowledge about how people respond to shit - and their basic patterns.
But i also see its because i didnt empathize at all, i looked at weak people in a stupid "just get over it" way.
After weed my empathy is much better but it re-awakend deep fears and made me stary over thinking.
But i still def have some kind of hidden issues. A good friend of mine died and i hardly felt anything.
Maybe ive always had elements of depression and never knew? Maybe ive never known what life undepressed is like?
I always thought i was happy and fine and content and enjoying life..

I dont want to feel like "i wish i was the old me who was powerful and cared for nothing and never felt anxiety or pressure"

But im in a middle ground of not breaking through and having extra anxiety..

Any other advice?

>> No.19000094

no significant breakthrough was ever made on meth, buddy
It was Hitler's downfall too.

>> No.19000103

ive seen a fair few doctors in recent years, most treatment or advice ive received has been fairly lack-luster when it comes to mental health, all the GPs ive seen were all quite keen on prescribing SSRIs, its like their go to duct tape.
prozac/fluoxetine luckily has had some positive effects for me, my anxiety is very much under control these days, having stopped smoking weed has helped hugely with this also.
depression is a vicious beast, ive found it has much to do with being dissatisfied with ones self or the direction of life. for me i live quite an ascetic simple life, wanting less seems to help, to be desire-less.

>> No.19000147

To elaborate..

Ive always been a bit low energy, but i was always cool calm and collected.
But i definitely have said No to going out thousands of times even during high school. And with gfs

When i finally tried shrooms 2.5g, i felt the physical manifestations of depression. I was outside and the contrast kept changing- it showed me light and vibrant and dim back and forth.

I started feeling like poison is in my veins and my sides were aching and my neck and back like eveything had poison in them. And i still get these types of feelings now with anxiety and weed smoking daily.


>> No.19000174


>> No.19000238

I’ve been on adderall for 6 months now and my cum doesn’t shoot out anymore, it drools out. Is it the drug or the fact I’m 35?

>> No.19000250

You were the one who used the term joy, and in fact just confirmed exactly what I said, while also projecting your own thought process about "out grouping" onto my words.

Joy is simply not required for optimal learning, and being in "an undirected fog" is not the same thing as not feeling joy.

>> No.19000291

It's both. Can also cause hair lose at extremely high doses (100+mg/day)

>> No.19000436


>> No.19000488

I've tried a lot but what really works for me is 10mg instant release Adderall a day, trying to leave two or three days off a week to recover. Very high dose trt was also a big game changer, but more so for social and mental gains outside of the focus and alertness Adderall gives. I do 250mg/wk in two or three divided doses. I did dxm for a while and though it was my favorite it also makes you dumber, if it doesn't make you a better person then it's just not worth getting high on it. I did mushrooms a handful of times, low and high doses. The effects took a while to be noticed but years later I still have them.
I also do other aas, blast and cruise style, with tren being a favorite but I don't really feel the sides as much so it's hard to relate to other stories. I just get real playful and cocky, no angry outbursts, but the night sweats are ridiculous, you could squeeze my sheets into a glass in the morning and I wake up multiple times throughout the night. Most jobs drug test lo I'd get legit Adderall, but outside of Olympics and sportsball no one give a shit if you're roiding, but you might get questions if you start gaining 5lbs a week. Just say you used to be big as a teen and are getting back into shape or deflect with a joke and ask if they're calling you fat.

>> No.19000505

Sounds like the transition from sentience to sapience. You can be 100x more intelligent than you are now, and still wouldn't be sapient without the experience to amass wisdom. Many humans grow old and die without ever making the transition. You can see it in their eyes when someone has yet to birth their own soul.

From what little we've shared, I think that your mission is the most important thing for you right now.

A lot of anons, like >>18999760 have brought up the difference between gratification and fulfillment, and that's the key value shift someone experiences during this transition.

As your software kernel moves from an experiential to a motivational context, it adds a layer of processing to all your inputs. Things feel different because you're experiencing the world as a continuum, where you used to experience it as granular frames minutes, weeks, or years long. People say things like, "I used to have so much fun with this thing, and now it just feels empty." Or worse, *everything* feels empty.

Sentient women solve this with social drama, sentient men solve it by fighting or spectating (sports) and there's the obvious giant crossover.

Sapient people can't do that. If you don't know that your immediate satisfaction ALSO satisfies your long term satisfaction, it will feel empty.

My mission is to put an o'neill cylinder in orbit. If I have to die some day, and I'd really rather buy a new brain or invent heaven, the thing I would count as a worthy legacy would be giving humans at least one home off-planet. (And, you know, escape the plebs in my citadel.)

Before defining with unerring specificity what my tangible, material mission is for my life, everything was empty. It took maybe 8 years for me, between sapience and understanding my mission. It was worth the effort.

>> No.19000556

Blessed and based thread.
What to take for postpartum depression? Besides allepregnelone whih is too expensive.
Also is lions mane mushroom a 5alpha reductase inhibitor? How to use it without getting a broken dick/brain like finesteride?

>> No.19000581

I get headaches with a large caffeine dose, but if you're tolerant you should be fine. 500mg is my max daily.

I'd give PRL a try without anything else, unless you're addicted and would withdraw, which at 600-1000mg caffeine per day you probably would.


..... if you're too lazy to google it yourself

The primary effect you get is "fear-extinction" which fixes motivation in a significant subset of individuals.

>> No.19000633

Joy is an experience. What I'm hearing from you is a dismissal of that experience as a potential indicator of neurochemical balance, which feels emotional in nature since there is no scientific basis for dismissing a point of correlation.

Our brains are self-similar in form and function. Identifying patterns in experience does provide insight into the underlying system state.

The midwife will know more than the doctor I bet. maleanon here, but I don't think I've ever once heard a woman talk about any part of the childbirth experience without mentioning that the midwife was the expert at every step

Lions mane isn't directly psychoactive, it improves the underlying system. (i.e. it physically improves the tracks the neurotransmitter trains drive on, rather than manipulating those neurotransmitters themselves.)

>> No.19000679

So do you have advice for how to move forward?
Higher dose of shrooms? Seek healers?

>> No.19000815

Gotcha. I'll look into it. Doesn't seem to be much about it, and pretty old info. Really appreciate it, any more info I'll gladly take.

>> No.19000896

I personally do a high or heroic dose every couple years, and always have a healer who works for me. (I'm a touch person, so my massage buddy lowkey becomes my confidante.)

Whatever type of love act gives you ASMR, find someone to engage in that sort of act with. And find your mission.

The "Alpha Male 2.0" system by BlackDragon is an exceptionally good guide to getting male ducks in a row as it pertains to long-term happiness.

>> No.19000944

You know 4:2 is also 2:1?

>> No.19001184


Why not?

>> No.19001501

St. John's wort herbal tea. Try two cups. Using it right now. Really help with nighttime light to medium melancholy

>> No.19001536

It affects everyone differently. I gave it to 20+ of my fraternity brothers in college and effects were null or positive, about 50/50

>> No.19001559
File: 466 KB, 1079x1327, Screenshot_20200510-203028_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine never taking AYAHUASCA and floating on cloud 9

>> No.19001604

What's typical entry level dosage? Can't find hard information on that, but I see it being sold in places.

>> No.19001792

unironically eat a head of garlic each day.
closest thing to the limitless drug.

>> No.19001802

Cigarettes. Isolated nicotine is for idiot vags who don't understand nature.

>> No.19001807


>> No.19001841

I quit last January from 5 years.
Withdrawl was not nearly as bad as quitting caffeine (6 cups of coffee a day for months).
After quitting, I feel more relaxed than before. Once you've built a tolerance it really doesn't do anything.

>> No.19001852

How do you get it from India? What websites?

>> No.19001873

Huperzine a

>> No.19001952

Viagra is over rated anon. I got generic viagra online from himsDOTcom. I didnt need it but wanted to try it. It doesnt give you a raging everlasting hard on. If you take it on an empty stomach about a hour before starting sex, then do a LOT of foreplay the resulting wood is solid, firm, and beefy. It wont help you with busting your nut too early and it doesnt help much with if at all with "recovery." Did have some strong orgasms though. Dont know if it was because of the amount of foreplay but when I busted it was pretty nice.

>> No.19001975

Yea the withdrawal wasn't bad for me. I used vape to ween off - you can get a gallon of propelyne glycol to cut it for pennies on the gallon. But after... even years after I felt like I'd dropped a standard deviation on IQ. Like my entire existence is a lower resolution. I should never have tried it. More likely than not, I'd have been able to deal with the stresses of the day without an heroing.

>> No.19002035

Dont take phenibut. DONT TAKE THIS SHIT. Withdrawal from this crap is the most hellish thing ive ever gone through in my entire life. I literally became psychotic, hallucinated and became deeply depressed for 4+ months, now it’s been 6 months and im still not back to normal. Depersonalization/derealization 24/7. I have crazy fucking mental resilience, most people would have killed themselves by now. It fucking RAPED my brain chemistry and it will take some time to get back to normal. There’s a subplebbit called quittingphenibut. Hear the horror stories there and judge if you ever want to touch this shit. Some people argue withdrawal from high doses can be worse than benzos emotionally-wise.

>> No.19002225

These are like essential oils for autists

>> No.19002228

Has anyone mentioned Shilajit, yet?

>> No.19002307

What, do you not clean your fabrics with eucalyptus? ngmi

>> No.19002440

holistic wellbeing is no joke, our ancestors were far healthier than us.

psycho-pharmacology and nutrition are not memes

>> No.19002515
File: 140 KB, 779x569, 3C7CE234-BE70-4000-9067-63C0B2B9FB92.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


PsUeDo “””NeW aGe ScIeNcE”””

>> No.19002525

Does anyone else get negligible effects since your eternally depressed. 0 friends, no one knows you, nothing to really look forward to other than an end.

>> No.19002596

Literally none. If it has any significant effect on the brain, it is regulated.
Modafinil is prescription only so not completely illegal.

>> No.19002606

Depends on the drug. When I was homeless and alone alcohol had almost no effect. Now that I have dopamine in my system already, drinking half a glass of wine will make me tipsy.

>> No.19002638

Yes anon, nutrition and medicine are memes. Congratulations on your insight into the truth, you may go in peace now knowing that you have nothing to benefit from these practices.

>> No.19002750


Nigger, it’s called sarcasm. I understand it’s hard at times to discern who’s Jew’ing who but I had thought I was being rather evident with the actual text, use of alternating caps, quotation marks, and pic related.

The material religion of modern science and healthcare is an absolute joke. My first brush with holistic remedies was when I was having a terrible toothache on the weekend and was without insurance. I went to Chinatown and found a herbalist who gave me some tea to drink and it made my apartment smell terrible but damned that (coupled with oil pulling by swishing coconut oil in my mouth) didn’t stave off the pain and infection until I could afford the root canal.

>> No.19002821
File: 55 KB, 396x400, 1583527912032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there is medicine that can help with this situation. when you are truly depressed and you feel like there is no hope or you lack the ability to think straight or even about the day that lies ahead of you.
you need to get your brain chemistry back to some kind of normal baseline.
ive been in that situation, i lay in bed for two years until the muscles in my legs began to atrophy. i wanted to die every fucking day. the feeling of hopelessness is always there, lurking. there are ways of treating it, you should get professional help from a GP or even better a psychiatrist if you can afford to do so.
you could try something more drastic like magic mushrooms, but i cant advise it, if you are mentally unstable.

mental instability is serious and you need to consider yourself sick, you dont want to land up in hospital or prison.

>> No.19002826

JCM pharmacy. They accept cryptos too

>> No.19002867

noopept. love from russia

>> No.19003299

I've only tried tadalafil but the results were crazy. I have powder and eyeball it because I can't be assed to weigh it every time. Painfully hard, sometimes hard when not aroused. It might help me finish slightly faster but I think it's mostly mental and just from being rock hard. I get hard again easily but still need 30 minutes or so if there's any hope of cumming a second time. May not be a daily thing but it's fun if you have a big weekend planned. take the day before and day off and your g2g for a great night and next couple days.

>> No.19003319

kratom is decent and legal. sort of an opiate like high. if you use it every day you'll get dependent on it and get withdrawal if you stop taking it though, so be careful.

>> No.19003384

having done LSD a fair amount of times I can't imagine what DMT would be like especially if you start having a "bad trip". Like some of the shit I experienced on LSD was crazy. Granted usually at the end of it I feel that it was beneficial to self growth but still...imagining anything tripper than LSD/shrooms is pretty hard for me.

>> No.19003421

how am i supposed to even know what they sell? their page doesn't even have a list of products or prices.

>> No.19003475

same anon

>> No.19003521

Phenibut will make the biggest autismo feel like Chad once or twice but it has side effects and diminishing returns

>> No.19003555

grow a monotub of psilocybe cubensis and put your ounces in capsules
You'll have neutropics supply for 1 year under $100

>> No.19003613

this guy is probably some kind of larp or a faggot, I took this stuff for a year + daily and had basically zero withdraw symptoms after tapering off with ease

>> No.19003725

Sex isn't a need. Psychology is the biggest, by corporate-propaganda propped up, pseudoscience in history. "Shamans"... kek. Imagine being so mentally fucked up that you can get happy from fucking a whore anyway. There's a reason many people off themselves after visiting one. Rightfully so. Are you from /r9k/?

>> No.19004227

I typed CTRL + F for mucuna and didn't find anything related.

Just dropping this gem here.

effects on me: I feel happier
and somehow I feel less noise on my head
then today I took half of a med spoon again
and I somehow feel stronger
I rly feel I would do amazing at lifting
and perhaps more energetic/less procrast
it's not like a huge difference, I think there is some subtlety in it
but I'm also paranoid it could be just placebo
I'm wondering if I should taking it for 2 weeks and then stopping one
or just one-one
ok, new update
I definitely felt some other effects
somehow I feel more horny and aggressive
but somehow this aggressiveness is mostly connected to sex (I haven't took them for more than a day)
I spent more than 24h awake and barely slept and woke up pretty enerfetic
energetic. but something was a bit too much
I'm making that distinction because one of the meds I took made me aggressive and willing to fight
and I"m super peaceful
definitely a lasting effect
I just took half a TEAspoon this time kek
no more soup spoon or medium spoon
and feels the best
so far

>> No.19004252

This is cope.

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