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>gf seems to be interested in making a PornHub account and upload videos of us(anonymous) fucking there, to cash in on that

Is this a good thing to do or will it be something that I’ll regret forever if I value this relationship?

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whore, dump, /thread

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Post pic of gf?

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yeah but op is a pimp

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>anon larping that he is in sexual demand

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You must liquidate her now, you will live to regret this if you do not, anon!

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>anonymous fucking
>"cash in"
Are you retarded? You won't make any money and your gf is forever an e-whore, even if it's just her body. What is wrong with you?

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no use clips for sale instead if you want to make money

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You won't cash in on a pornhub account of anonymized videos, they are a dime a dozen. The money is in growing a fanbase that feel a connection to you (means showing your faces and interacting with fans) and then having a paywall like patreon or onlyfans.

Might be fun for the kick though, and I suspect that's her real motive for wanting it.

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I left my girlfriend for suggesting the same thing; I obviously waited a long time before doing it so my true reasons were not seen. I just thought she would eventually cuck me with that hypersexual mentality

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its over /biz/ro

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My Indian friend on /int/ told me about a couple who did this start of last decade and gradually they went full degenerate, cuckolding and what not. Now she doesn't even respect him. Don't do it bro

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Do it and give me a free sub

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wise move. there is no sane "mother of 3" that has such thoughts and can be loved.

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Show us an anonymous nood sir pls

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congrats, good decision!

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I love how women just resort to all they know how to do, selling pussy.

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you would actually be surprised


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get your cut (NOT (((cut)))) and then dump eet

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You're going to regret asking

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if you two can beat them there is a chance you can make money with it

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kill yourself immediately

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Don’t fucking judge.

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What about getting into the scat business?
Pic related

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that will make money

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That’s a pic of me u fag

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you look good
whore yourself
make moneies

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will u succ me?

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Dude just cut the bullshit and pimp her out

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of course

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Your gf wants to make porn op for the whole world to see. Have some dignity and dump her you mong

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When I used to watch xvideos, there was this couple on there that started out as a "normal" thing where they would film themselves fucking. Later it progressed into a little bit of femdom. This was around 2013. Around 2017, the wife starts filming herself fucking other guys. Later it progresses into the hubby jacking off to his wife fucking aka cuckold. And then it goes into cuckold humiliation like penis cage, the husband licking off her bull's creampie and disgusting shit. And finally it progresses into total depravity where the husband crossdresses and gets fucked in front of her wife and they both get creampied together.

I don't wanna link that shit but just think that this was a real couple which initially started out normally and now the wife probably doesn't even respect the guy she married 8 years ago. It depresses me from time to time for some reason.

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I've heard them called "sex merchants"

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that a nice way of her saying she wants to dump you and then sue you later on.

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Can I fuck your girlfriend OP?

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You'll get two cents max from that website

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The main problem is that people are going to find out. You or the girl are going to get drunk one day in the future and tell a friend, thinking it's cute and funny, and then you get a phone call from your mom the next day

Doesn't matter if you hide your faces, one of you is going to tell someone and everyone will know, especially at work

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ITT: thirsty virgins trying to get op to dump his bags so that they can buy the dip, but they don't know that op is only larping.

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post ze link(s) monsieur. i shall determine if ze are good or bad

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I've always wanted a GF to do something like this. I watch couples cams and I want to be the guy. Just laying there while your GF sucks yo dick for 2 hours. Or even better has a bff come over and they double team you for more views. What's the best way of finding a girl to do this with? Should I ask the Tinderellas?

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>means showing your faces and interacting with fans
Doesn't always have to show faces. Plenty of amateur anonymous porn

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Uh, that's a man.

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But they don't make any real money.

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Only if you control the account. Also note that if she is posting content without you in it, then she's basically just prostituting herself to other men online. Honestly though the fact she brought this up is a huge red flag and further proof that all women are whores.

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>your gf has pornstar fantasies
>kick her to the curb, retard

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link it dude im curious

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>Is this a good thing to do or will it be something that I’ll regret forever if I value this relationship?
If you break up you will be able to blackmail each other, being the one who wins the one who doesn't give a fuck about his/her dignity.
The degenerate in me: You would be a bull cucking every porn addict that watch your videos, which must be fun
The frogposter in me: You would be sinning and contributing to the fall of the western values which is unethical and shooting in your own foot if you are white

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Who gives a shit. Nothing matters after you've embraced the eternal Void.

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Only smart anon in this thread

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>Is this a good thing to do
or will it be something that I’ll regret forever if I value this relationship?

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NOOOOO NOT THE WESTERN VALUEEEES NOOO. Ever read of what they used to do in Ancient Greece/Rome, faggot? Muh western values are a retarded christian meme, and they should die as such for the sake of intellectual progress.

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So I'm late but, I'm the on-camera penis for one of the bigger pornhub community accounts.

You're risking a lot with something real... We aren't actually a couple, a lot of the community people aren't real couples, it's just for the camera.

100% serious. Ask me anything if you want to know about doing homemade porn for money and stuff.

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Actually I need to go work for my other job right now.

But if anyone wants to know about this I'll be around the thread later

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came here for a link, disappointed

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I'll give an earnest reply to this shitpost since my ex-gf's sister came up to me with a similar proposal:
>Saturated market for mediocre-looking women.
>Basic supply&demand.
>Necessary to stand out. This can be done in two ways:
>1. building a rapport with the audience over a long period of time working as an "amateur" in certain communities.
>2. doing niche fetish content.
Its too late for #1 at this point.
Saturation is being reached in #2 at a rapid pace. You'll probably end up doing extreme fetish shit.
Not being a know personality reduces your value by 50%
Not showing your face halves what's left.

Summary: Its not worth it unless you are either famous, have a level of self-esteem lower than actual porn star or are in it for the long run and willing to "work" for months before making any real money (the more you delay starting with the paid content the biggest the payoff.)

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You don’t make money on phub. Also >>18993237.

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>Fucking your wife/gf on camera for the world to see
>Homosexual orgs with strangers.

Yep, for the sake of intellectual progress, we need more of this. Someone call CERN and tell them they need to start fucking on cam.

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