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So I've bought the dip and acquired my first Bitcoin.

pic related

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Better have loose hands

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don't tell me you actually learned something here

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I learned that Craig Wright is the only one capable who can free us of the fiscal establishment's tyranny.

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bitcoin shitcoin vision is worthless meme coin. d00mp it before it d00mps you

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That wasnt the dip anon..

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excuse me?

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that was just 1.22 bil out there will be more before the halving of 2020
No worries it will go back up

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its gonna dump some more lel

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nice $10k soon

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nah craig is a statist boot licker jew puppet
you fell for the oldest trick in the book: controlled opposition

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don't listen to that cuck
the dips over as far as bsv is concerned
it's only up from here
bsv will never be this cheap EVER AGAIN!

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we will see i predict double digits before eoy

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He's not even good controlled opposition. Who the fuck looks at the slimy, smug little faggot & thinks "that's a man I'd trust". I really don't get it.

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Somebody here is butthurt that he can't buy drugs and cp on the net anymore, soon.

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Wtf you were supposed to buy high and sell low

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the born contrarians and assorted edgy cucks
the sort that won't recognize consensus when it bites him in the ass

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it's never going back to double digits

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How can people be this retarded... Craig Wright is a fraud. 10 years of fraud.
2016: "i'll show my private keys in a few days"
2017: "i'll show my private keys in a few days"
2018: "i'll show my private keys in a few days"

Man's a fraud. Stop believing his bs. He's literally about to be anal raped by the law. Reduce your ego and sell your fraudcoin

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be patient when btc hits $5k it will be double digits

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deluded beef

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go back to your low iq circlejerk

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>gender fluid

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screenshot this.
When BSV goes to 0. You will kys. Your fragile little fisherprice ego won't be able to take it. How could a known fraudster have lied to... you?! The 140IQ megabrain fool

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also, I hope you realise creg with his miner puppets gonna hard fork so that satoshi's coin will belong to creg and he will dump them on you?

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calm your tits lol

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Bagman here. ama

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you are too stupid to see you are going to lose
all the fud is focused on craig and not on bsv
>muh fraudtoshi
too much of pic related and stuff like
to be a fraud, you've been misled by greggles and his personality disorder, sad!

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Congrats, you bought a Chinese miners 8,700X! You should've bought something that hasn't mooned yet, like Nervos. Enjoy your 80% bleed!

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lol. "Dr" Wright

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>all the fud is focused on craig and not on bsv
lol where have you been the past 2 years newfag?
it has been explained thousands of times why bchsv is bullshit and why it will fail to deliver any of it's promises no matter what.
craig is an entertaining and annoying character at the same time. so he gets a lot of attention he works very hard for that attention tho. he is basically and old male insta thot

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Imagine buying a Bitcoin instead of staking ETH ahead of the launch of the stake coin GOD

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so you bought a BSV and not a BTC?

worthless. useless.

BTC or gtfo. BTC is king and will be for the foreseeable future. If you want to diversify maybe pick up some ETH and LINK. Everything else is a shitcoin.

Honorable mentions to DOGE, dogecoin is great. I have some just for fun but it actually performs really well and works great as a currency.

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He bought BSV, I doubt OP has $10k to his name and bought cope, the coin

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The best part about doge is it doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. Good loyal doggo

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obviously bs as well
i was in college in 2005 in a midlands working class town, we had some shitty website called turnitin scanning all our work against the entire internet
if a university doesn't do that, well i dunno what to say.
>posting anonymously and suggesting the reader reports it to relevant authority = being used for nefarious deeds
greg afraid of being found out, he keeps switching medium accounts when he fucks it up, pic related from his previous fud article

look at where this "paper" is stored
it's on an unsecured old server of some website in cyprus and i couldn't find a single additional source of this paper
one thing came to mind
>created by greg out of craigs paper
>and planted on this old server
it also doesn't match the formatting of the other articles.
>craig is x
see, always about muh creg

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dogecoin is a meme that fully knows it is a meme.

And it is a wonderful memecoin. The community is the best in the crypto world.

1 doge = 1 doge

now and forever.

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10% in bsv

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90% link

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BTC will go to $5,000 in a month

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Soo... you're a moron, is what you are saying

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and satpilled

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>muh shitty uneducated opinion presented as fact
>more blablabla
>moving goalposts
>more blablabla
exactly what you are doing faggot.

let's recap on why bchsv is bullshit and fails to be anything resembling bitcoin...

what bitcoin is:
- a trustless permissionless publicly auditable ledger that is also secure
- a non-custodial peer-to-peer electronic payment system
- a network of nodes enforcing a common ruleset shaping a common reality in a trustless manner
- the longest blockchain under the consensus ruleset with the largest commulative hash proven by a specific form of proof of work
- a protocol that describes how consensus is reached on ordering transactions and how difficulty and coinbase supply adjusts over time
- a greater consensus on the ruleset that governs the protocol
- a standard reference client implementation created by nakamoto and maintained as an open source project
- an unspent transaction output spendable to a script returning true

what bitcoin is not:
- a whitepaper
- a gargantuan garbage dump of stale data stored immutably forever
- whatever satoshi said in a forum post
- whatever faketoshi dreams up in delirium
- whatever sv jeets shrill and rave about currently

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>digital coin is defined as a chain of digital signatures
a bitcoin is an utxo not a chain of signatures. nor was it ever since first release. satoshi wrote that paper in 2007 but in the first release he already added scripting and smart contract support.
>segwit breaks the chain of digital signatures
no. the witness is segregated to an extension block which is merely a transaction structuring decision with several obvious advantages but the signature is still there when it needs to be.
there is no chain of signatures it's just an utxo, but it takes a special kind of retard to say it's not bitcoin.

one more thing to consider:
litecoin adhered to the bitcoin whitepaper 100% in fact most of the source code was the same. but nobody ever considered it bitcoin. if you accept the cashie definition of bitcoin then litecoin is bitcoin (or was before segwit because of cashie retardation and not understanding bitcoin and or segwit)

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here is a multi choice question:
what can you spend as per the bitcoin protocol?
a) signatures, bitcoin is a chain of signatures so i can spend signatures with signatures
b) an unspent transaction output provided you add a valid unlock script that executes to true
c) i'm a cashie retard so the whitepaper!

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here is the crypto redpill:

bitcoin was meant to solve one problem in particular: how to build and maintain a trustless permissionless ledger, and how to make transactions trustless and permissionless.

everything else is either bullshit or a technicality. the blockchain is a means to an end not the end itself the immutability of the bitcoin blockchain is a means to an end, the pow is a means to an end not the goal.

bitcoin was born to store and transact value information that is released to the public has zero value. anything put on a blockchain has zero value. the transactions themselves have zero value after the utxo set was updated and confirmed sufficiently.

the blockchain as technology is absolutely shit and retarded but there is no other way to make bitcoin work for now. we are stuck with it. people that say bitcoin is useless but blockchain is cool got it all wrong.

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>deletes old tweets
no wonder

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there are two main ways to fake a satoshi signature
1) signature reuse (a tx signed by satoshi is passed on as "random" message or "satre").
2) a failure to prove a hash that is verified ina signature belongs to an intelligible and not reused message. because from the public keys anyone can generate a valid signature for random "h(m)" such is the nature of ecdsa.

both has been provably done by craig and others which is why private signing seances are worthless. in fact they just about prove the scammer can't sign properly which would be a much lower effort stunt.

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P2WPKH nested in BIP16 P2SH

witness: <signature> <pubkey>
scriptSig: <0 <20-byte-key-hash>>
scriptPubKey: HASH160 <20-byte-script-hash> EQUAL


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Checked and based.
Just look at all the seething coretards and maxis you riled up.
Buying BSV now is like buying BTC in 2012.

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a bitcoin is an utxo not a chain of signatures. nor was it ever since first release. satoshi wrote that paper in 2007 but in the first release he already added scripting and smart contract support.
>digital coin is defined as a chain of digital signatures
>Segwit breaks the chain of digital signatures
is a coinbase a bitcoin or not?
because based on that definition it's not bitcoin. but that's evidently wrong.
>We define an electronic coin as a chain of digital signatures
then https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/9b0fc92260312ce44e74ef369f5c66bbb85848f2eddd5a7a1cde251e54ccfdd5
is not bitcoin. there is no chain of signatures it's just an utxo
the blockchain is part of the consensus mechanism but represents zero value in itself all the records stored on it are absolutely and completely worthless if they don't help you in building your utxo.

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there is no adoption bsv is not used to transact value there are no fees to sustain the miners, it's all bullshit spoof

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>Shut it down

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the point of bitcoin and the pow blockchain is not to store every last transaction forever but to provide a mechanism to build the correct utxo set in a trustless manner. the utxo is the only thing that truly matters. long term the data embedded in the transactions is absolutely useless garbage even the witness (sigscript) is useless junk what matters is that you can build the correct utxo from scratch without trusting anyone.

so the blockchain will eventually shed all the junk. and this includes old transactions even. we can't do it yet but we will do it in the future when pruning the chain becomes the norm.

btc utxo size is about 3gb right now the last 100 blocks are an other 200mb and around 50mb is the block headers up till that. you need 5gb to run your own full node and that's quiet reasonable even on a smartphone.

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look what happened... sv cucks don't want to talk about the tech anymore they want to talk about their imaginary boogieman.
>happens every time fyi

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Normies will moon BTC during halving, then we dump
Buy the rumour, sell the news

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Your shit coin is about to be binned off along with Ira's case https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.flsd.521536/gov.uscourts.flsd.521536.487.0.pdf

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BTC is going to pump and dump

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bitcoin will go the way of myspace. Any high iq anon knows that

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>So I've bought the dip

You bought BTC at double the price it was in March. And youre proud of yourself.

This is how people make money on bitcoin. People like OP give it to them. They buy high.

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imagine shilling the segwit scam fork this hard
bsv is bitcoin

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>4 hours ago
Congrats on this OP. Seriously.

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You're welcome, fren. Keep stackin' sats.

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it's already dumping. there is no normies intrest. it's just another tether scamaz. this dump is going to be epic

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ok so CSW and Satoshi are wrong.
Small blocks are the best.
So why ETH and other cryptos incrase blocks size and try to scale??

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Because increasing block size it's the next logical step. Kek, it's right there in that comments, you shared. Digits confirm. Corecucks are dumb. LN belongs in the trash. Fuck Blockstream.

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Welcome to the BSV club!

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Based and BitCoin pilled.

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100% in BSV

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24 BSV checking in. Hope I'll be able to double that in the next few days

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imagine not being able to grow a braincell for 3 fucking years!
cashies will never fucking get it. they are incapable of understanding bitcoin. and good riddance.

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24 kek. i got 210 on my cold wallet and ready to buy 100 more on this btc crash

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>Buying ANY crypto before the great cleansing

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>16 posts by this ID
>He thinks he can prevent fundamentals from taking over if only he countershills BSV enough in BSV threads
>He thinks this level of desperation is a good look for his precious segshitcoin

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The name alone is a fucking joke. Satoshi's vision? Who cares about satoshits vision. He invented bitcoin like the wright brothers invented the first airplanes. So do Boeing care about the wright brothers original vision for aircraft?

FUCK NO. Other people always build upon the original invention and improve upon it. Satoshi is a name. A meme? or computer nerd? who cares. ultimately we're thankful to whoever invented automobiles because now we have lambos, but no one cares about who invented cars or what their vision was. we build on it. like Vitalik Buterin building Ethereum.

Eth new ath in 2021

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he thought this was the dip..

>> No.18995814

Good luck being underwater for the next twenty year faggot

>> No.18995820

ooooh you noobie don't even remember how this all started?
>all the fud is focused on craig and not on bsv
now the narrative shifts... how convenient. eventually all discussion about bchsv and bitcoin devolves into intense but tired gregging.

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it started when team satoshi was hacked blackmailed by "someone" (greg) and all his info dumped on wired and gizmodo when they refused to bend over

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not even worth talking to you about the protocol anyway
it's literally over and btc can't compete
no lightning network
no fees
no scaling
and no patents

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same old images from 2017 or 2018 at the latest. so little has happened.

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>ooooh you noobie don't even remember how this all started?
If you would've been there from the beginning, you wouldn't spew such nonsense.

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wanna cookie?

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If you get an opportunity to sell above 9k, take it. We're going much farther down

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lol, your argument is fully in favor of bitcoin. not the shitforks bch and bchsv.

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I'm here since the end of 2017. Nothing can hurt me anymore.

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