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why do big steps always happen at 2 am (utc +2) ?
it happened before.

anyone with a theory out there?

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This is an American board.

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so everyone gets liquidated while they sleep and then wake up to panic short the bottom / long the top

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as >>18989946 pointed out, europeans are asleep but i doubt that's the reason

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Apparently the biggest cashcows prefer personally signing good old paper checks rather than issuing digital transactions. And the institutions which accept and directly process the said checks have a strictly regulated time schedule.

Simple as that.

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Asians. Buy ARPA before MPC goes mainstream. If you're in LINK, dump before it crashes and trade one bubble for the next. 1248704356758753281

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that's when the daily candle close you retard
bot initiated the dump

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This as well, if we're talking crypto in particular.

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