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Now that the bitcoin market is going up again the shitcoin pajeeting is reaching unbearable levels again, what can we do? If BTC will go up further a lot of new people will be on this board and a lot of them are going to lose their money by getting shilled to put it into bad and overvalued projects or straight up scams.

In my opinion there are 3 ways to possible combat this:

>Mods ban anyone who promotes scamcoins like HEX
My least favourite methode, since I hate censorship and I don't think mods would be great at knowing what is a scam and what not

>Limit threads about shitcoins to one thread
Better than the current situation

>Create a new board for altcoins and move all the altcoin discussion there
My favourite methode since it would limit the possible mod fuckups to a minimum


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based and filterpilled

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>>Mods ban anyone who promotes scamcoins like HEX
Fuck off Richard

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>filtering /smg/

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t. pajeet who got paid 5$ to shill this crap on Fiver

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I said fuck off, Richard. Mods banning hex posters are based. Richard needs to fucking die, just like those people he killed in Panama.

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I agree with everything you said, but mods aren't banning HEX posters, or did that change?
I just think its a problem in general if mods would start to decide which shitcoins are allowed to be talked about and which not
Still would probably save a lot of people a lot of money

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Awesome thanks

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Awe you mad cuz you missed out on hex? Poor guyyyyyy

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Another mad guy

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Country flags, simple as

>g-go back to POL!!!

Its right and you know it.

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How did flags improve /pol/?
Half of the time instead of judging people by their post they judge them by their flag.
It would only be an improvement if two things are true:

1.) The vast majority of the spam actually comes from India/South America
2.) They are too stupid to figure out how to use a VPN

There is a high chance one of those two points won't end up being true and it will just worsen the quality of the board, however I would be okay with a trial period

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nah keep that shit out, last thing we need is flag shitposting. The suggestions OP created are really good ones, everything else is a non solution.

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