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I’m not gonna make it.

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I want to kill myself.

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Congrats! You sold the top, be comfy and buy back at $2.00

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he's buying

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No I bought at 4.21

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You what?

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AHAHAHAHHA HOLY SHIT I forgot theres always someone who buys at such a price

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Trips of truth
I want to kms as well
Sold at $3.50
Bought back at $4.15
And on top of that I only own 3500 LINK
Never in my life before was I this depressed

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Good work op. Nothing left to do but wait to get rich. You think people who bought Bitcoin at $4 give a shit when it fluctuates less than a dollar?

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Sell now

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Just relax. Youll tell your asian grandkids about how you bought link at 4 bucks

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How’s weather in Tel Aviv?

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Considering the link/eth pair you are fine. Sell at $5 if you find you have babby hands.

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Swingies always get the rope

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it’s evident I bought the top. Now what?

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Watch your money bleed

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The /biz/ way: Buy high, sell low

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You'll be fine. Just hold it and think long term. Don't be weak.

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I knew about chainlink for so long the pain hurts me.

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I thought coinbase didn't take a fee if you used a bank transfer

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This is your average biz user.

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Same here, knew about it at mere pennies level. My average buy is $1.60, but honestly I'd still buy it at the current price if I found out about it today, which is why I understand how Twitter buyers are feeling right now. If you believe in the tech and can see what's possible, then buying now makes sense. Assuming you plan to hold for a few years.

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sell buy back lower

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Not using coinbase pro and getting raped.....

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W-why'd you do that, anon?

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I have only 777 link.

I will only ever have 777 link.

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>that fucking fee