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how do i short pussy? There's no way all these girls selling their nudes are making money. Soon they will capitulate and panic sell their pussies and we will get widespread prostitution. How do I profit from this

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>There's no way all these girls selling their nudes are making money.

Why? Cause there's expensive production costs in selling nudes?

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THOT is pretty volatile, trade it as such. SIMP value is at it's lowest right now, so once the pussy demand crashes, scoop up as much as you can and follow the trade volume do dump on SIMP holders during every pump it has

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How angry are you incel?

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Buy HIV drug manufacturing companies.

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Buy a really good camera and get good at taking pictures. Thots will literally pay you to take slutty pictures of them. (Bonus if you have a really nice house and yard for them take pics in)

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Marv does not control Helper's head
Think, before you post

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Growing competition for the same pool of buyers. Many thots lie about how much they make to seem more valuable to simps and to maintain or increase social value amongst women so it doesn't look like they have wasted their time. Eventually you're gonna get some broke bitches capitulating and panic sell their pussies on snapchat.
You don't know shit you stupid autistic fatherfucker it brings me great pleasure knowing I can kick your frail bitch ass
Hmm not a bad idea

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>shorting pussy
Their monetary value will only appreciate because they get NOTHING out of modern men

The only thing that makes them desirable at all is money. Relationship will focus on monetary compensation for the female more and more

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No way you cuck pussy is gonna plummet from all the competition to be literal whores

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Shit there's even virtual deep fake girls now

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Making money as a photographer is super difficult anon. The market is totally saturated with mediocre talent.

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How do we pimp

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Well seems like thot shorts you so I’d definitely say you are depreciating and at the losing side of the bet...

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stay mad, poor and pussyless

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