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>usd is going to hyperinflate like a motherfucker
Now my wages will be worth less and so will my savings.
The fuck can I do to no get cucked? Buy art pieces on ebay? Scan flea markets for antique shit that will appreciate.
I need to buy expensive shit from stupid fucks and resell it to art collectors for its real value
Answer Quick please my money is losing value by the second. And no Im not buying btc

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>>usd is going to hyperinflate

No it isn't. Where did you get that idea?

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>not buying btc

UBT then

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Hard assets: crypto, real estate and boomer rocks
It's the inevitable end of every paper scrip system

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buy precious metals

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>Not buying bitcoin
Then you're a fucking retard that hasn't been paying attention & you deserve to be poor. But fine, buy into ETFs instead then & wait until you're old to get results. You're right though, cash is worthless now, you should be putting it into assets as fast as you get it. Or just buy cryptos. Or both, how about that you weak kneed faggot?

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crypto you retard that's exactly what it's for

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>Fed prints trillions to counter deflation from lockdown & economic collapse
>Economy reopens, releasing deflationary pressure.
>Trillions extra are still in circulation
>Credit is basically free
Yeah, gee, I wonder.

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BTC is a scam coin. >>18928234

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>Every country's economy is gridlocked due to a global pandemic
>Fed prints money to stimulate the economy, just as every other country does because it's literally the only thing they can do

Which economist told you that it would cause hyperinflation?

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BTC is a scam coin. >>18928234

It's not even good for the short term. Even silver is outperforming it today.


Crypto plunged 70% with the stock market, it's a hedge against nothing. Precious metals are the safe haven. Crypto is for 1 or 2% of your net-worth in case it really does become the next system of money; that's it.

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This. Nothing ever happens. Debt will rise astronomically but nothing else will change.

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>Don't think for yourself, goy. Listen to the (((experts)))
kys plebbit boomer

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The narrative all these redpilled doomsday faggots follow never go beyond national issues

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Im not buying your fucking 10k shit kid unlike you I wagecuck for a living, I dont jerk off to tranny porn while my parents have to deal with their mistake. Money is real to me, not your drug dealing pedo currency that is 10k

Fucking stupid shit kid

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>Le funny antisemitism meme
Yeah just think for yourself (by reading posts from NEETs on 4chan), the (((experts))) are always out to get you Vaccines cause (((autism))) and the government is trying to control you with (((5g))) drink bleach like based trump says

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why is there rsr on the background

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The most retarded part is that bitcoin is suppose to be the ideal global currency... But everyone buys it not to transact with it but to sit on it and sell it off for more money.

A good currency isn't suppose to be a good investment

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The economy is opening up again - what do you think happens when demand spikes on the back of cheap credit & infinite neetbux? Do you have any idea how much cash just entered the system? Argue with specifics not "give me an authority appeal" like a redditor.

Like I said, retarded. It was created for events like this. And if you think silver has outperformed it over the past 10 years - lrn2math. And if you're that worried about a few little swo gs here and there, store your funds in stablecoins on Ethereum in a lending pool like Aave. 5 to 10% pa on the right assets (mainly backing traders leveraging and whatnot, all collateralized and risk free), so that'll keep its purchasing power going. If you want solutions, they exist.

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>Libtard brainlet's mask slips off completely

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LMAO, even if your chains were broken you’d reattach them yourself slave

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I buy shit with my cryptos all the time. I have a tokencard, basically just a debit card that works with Ethereum tokens. But the main point of capital is to grow - why is that so surprising to you?

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>And no Im not buying btc
Then you're a retard who deserves to lose all your money. Btc is the only asset on earth that's guaranteed to deflate over time.

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Anyone who talks about the US dollar and hyperinflation is retarded, point blank. It’s people either reading Wikipedia articles on shit they don’t understand or watching YouTube videos made specifically for them, created solely to make them panic and profit off their reaction.
>b-but muh printer
Shut up, you dumb cocksucker. The US dollar is the world’s currency. Most third world countries base their entire economy off it and not their truly hyperinflated pesos. You don’t have enough paper in the world to trigger a dollar hyper inflation process.
You dumb motherfuckers even realize what hyperinflation is? It’s 1000% inflation per year. It’s going to the supermarket with bills on a fucking wheelbarrow and still coming up short because the price changed when you reached the counter.
If the fed manages to do this, the world goes belly up. The economy isn’t real, it’s controlled beyond what your midwit brains can believe. It won’t fucking happen.

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I don't care if you do (and wouldn't advise it today, I personally only ever recommend buying dips). Of course, I don't need to wagecuck, since I already made enough off it to live comfortably forever lmao. Stay poor then.

>Muh boomer hard work principles

For what? A bunch of kikes that print monopoly money & tax the shit out of you to cover it? What an absolute joke you are.

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Imagine both being an antisemite and buying into a centralized scam coin which is controlled by banks and financial institutions. That's you.


>And if you think silver has outperformed it over the past 10 years - lrn2math.

Buying a bubble doesn't make you intelligent, moonboy. But buying after the bubble has run its course is even worse. Indeed, perhaps you're one of the three-year-old bag-holders still trying to get people in so you can get out. Anybody who buys BTC at these prices is a fool.

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>Argue with specifics not "give me an authority appeal" like a redditor.

Were you alive during 2008 - 2020? What happened with hyperinflation then?

Do you know any history of any recessions? Did they result in hyperinflation?

>But the main point of capital is to grow - why is that so surprising to you?

Because it's suppose to be a currency, not an investment. If everyone expects a currency to "moon" then why the fuck would you ever spend it when you know $1000 in bitcoin will be hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few years? Currencies are suppose to be stable, easy, quick and cheap to transact with but instead it's a bunch of people holding bitcoin hoping to become rich.

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Ironically a low IQ to midway post
>Reddit spacing
It's like you interlopers aren't even trying anymore

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If you own BTC (which is the subject under discussion), you don't "buy with your crypto all the time." You virtually never do. The fees and waiting-times are enormous. Australian merchants just got rid of BTC altogether, because it was so rarely used and useless as a medium of exchange. Mean-while, BCH has 97% market-share there. >>18930645 is right.

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>Buying a bubble doesn't make you intelligent
Maybe not - but it certainly makes me richer than you, seething cuck lmao.

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>Spacing out your posts so that they're easier to read instead of a huge block of text is "reddit"

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Reddit-spacing is when you make a new paragraph of every sentence you write. Are you new here?

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>Not being part of BRICS
Nice try burger

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Show us proof that you were one of the extreme minority who bought into the bubble before 2017 and then sold at the top. Otherwise you're just a blowhard.

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>Ironically a low IQ to midway post
Fuck off. You are praying for a happening that will never come. You probably spent much of your time in /cvg/ and now moving onto another thing.
The dollar will never hyperinflate and using textbook models as evidence shows how much of a retard you are.
>muh printer guys it’s happening
>disregards thousand of other variables
Fuck off

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Antiques are top tier Chad shit. As the age of ikea and Walmart consume furniture of most homes, and the natural supply drop of aging furniture, antiques will moon hard IMO

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Yeah... but if I had bought at $1 and sold at $20k I would be a billionaire!!!!!!

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>t. Irrelevant bullshit
I have a Tokencard. Goes through Mastercard like a debit card. I take the divs from my lending stakes (Compound, although I switched to Aave recently), transfer to to a dollar-parity stablecoin & spend them like a normal card. I can even withdraw cash at ATMs. I can use Bitcoin on it as well if I wanted to.

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Nope. You get nothing faggot. I don't post anything on here that could remotely be used to dox. I don't give a shit if you believe me or not, you're just one more anonymous redditfag that decided to come slum for some reason.

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Not a burger. India will replace China in 10 years time and Russia will still be Russia. The rest are irrelevant.

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Lmfao, you're one of those retards. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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Any book, website where I can educate myself on treasure hunting old shit people throw at garage sales?

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Even if you could provide proof it would mean nothing. If you make stupid financial decisions, it doesn't matter if you get lucky once. You'll gamble it all away in the end anyway.

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If you don’t like crypto for some odd reason try buying GBTC on the NYSE it’s a Bitcoin Fund

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>2% MER

hahahaha bitcoinfags actually pay for this

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It won't
Deflation is a bigger problem rn

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I do not know.

Just educate on periods and certain designers. Specific countries of origin or materials. It’s all contingent. I find distressed pieces on Craigslist and restore . 100% preference

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Lol why? Because I said you should listen to actually knowledgeable people instead of random neets?

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What part of "buy gold" don't you understand?

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>reading a paragraph is hard

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As much as The Fed gets shit on, they will stop at nothing to achieve their 2% inflation target. They will go as far as keeping near-0% interest rates for over a decade. The only way hyperinflation occurs is if the USD is no longer the world's reserve currency.

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>Using reddit spacing between words


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Gee I don't know

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what is the governments cure for such debts?
massive money printing

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>what was BTC designed for

Imagine being this low IQ

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