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is it worth keeping my crypto in a secure wallet if it's only worth around 2 grand?

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what do you mean, is it 'worth' it?

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I have $3k in RSR but technically it's future worth is about $6.5 million so yes I keep it on a hardware wallet

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it's not a huge amount, is it

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>he hodls and doesn't margin his entire networth

biz = plebbit

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yes. /thread

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If you’re fucking with amounts bigger than 1k I’d say it’s worth it. That 2k could be worth a lot more someday, so why not secure it now.

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why didn't you put /biz/? unbased

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Depends what price you locked in at.

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What the fuck is this

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From another thread that was pruned.

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no. The "secure wallet" thing is a fucking meme there is absolutely no need to waste your money on one of these things it's a vanity item just use a pencil and piece of paper

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it's not worth it to buy these things if you are not using it frequently to purchase.

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i rather recommend this solution instead
bip38 encrypted paper wallet.
you can print it out and store it digitally in many copies for practically free.
secure against theft. cheap. and redundant.

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Neither is 60 bucks but you seem to think its an investment decision worthy of some serious consideration.

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Me and my secretary were spread chainlink hate earlier

Pic happened to have a ledger in it

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Could be worth 20k in a couple years

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You are fucking your secretary? Why?

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>only worth around 2 grand
kek wtf do you think it will be worth in a while..

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People who requires secure or paper wallets for even large amounts are literally brainlets. Not getting hacked by this shit is computer 101 and if you can't manage it, well, you deserve to lose your money.

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yes. that way you don't need to trust any service or worry about your money getting hacked into. It is 100% worth it.

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It’s a small price to pay for the extra comfort

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what are the transaction fees like?

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Of course it's worth it, they're not that expensive. I got mine back in the day when I had about 5k worth of linkies.

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you can choose what fee you want

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That’s a man

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I have 14k on coinbase pro since the last year who the fuck cares just dont go around clicking .exe files lmao

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Is ledger the best wallet or is trezor a better option?

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This is my mindset but about ARPA instead
I don't even care about the staking I just want it to be safe

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if you're paranoid

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I like ledger because it's a bit smaller, so I can store it in a waterproof aluminium tube. The trezor touchscreen is nice but I think it's up to personal preference. I bought the backup pack from Ledger using a voucher code I found online which basically meant the second "backup" ledger was free.

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>just dont go around clicking .exe files lmao
Doesn't help if they get the Mt Gox treatment does it?

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perfect thank you, i have been getting ads on brave for cobo vault, do you have any experience with those?

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>cobo vault
It looks good. It's more expensive aprox x3.
Tbh, I wouldn't just because I don't want to be the early adopter that gets fucked by a new company. Plus Cobo are a bunch of chinks, whereas Ledger are France/USA.
What I did was get the Ledger backup pack and a stainless steel passphrase backup. Cryptocurrency Steel Wallet by Steel Wallet is good, you only need the first four letters for BIP39.

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Just ask yourself: Would you leave 2k in a somali bank account? If yes, don't worry about hardware wallets. If you'd rather have the 2k under your pillow, I'd go for one because the average somali bank is probably more secure than the vast majority of crypto exchanges.

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The hardware wallet is only like 50 bucks, what do you think?

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