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I'll kill that quack nigger

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First for loving cunny and hating schizos

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they tell me to buy the dip but it dips again

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So hold

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Just buy the dip, anon :^)

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double down until you hit the bottom, literally cannot go wrong as long as you hav eenough capitaal

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Futures dont matter lol. Gap down in pre market soon.

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I usually buy the dip but when it dips more I sell. Then I buy it again when it goes back up higher than what I sold for. What is this kind of trader like me called.

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>Closest black hole to Earth discovered just 1,000 light years away, ‘VISIBLE’ to the naked eye

Is this priced in?

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Imagine unironically thinking any of these links on investing matter.
Here is a redpill retard.
The socialism for the rich currently going on, saving each other's asses, "too big to fail", bullshit going on completely destroys the concept of what investing is suppose to be or how it should work.

It makes sense to bet on penny stocks and small companies in a truly "free market" but what we have is far from that. The reason you stupid niggers keep losing so much money on the stock market is because you are yoloing on penny stocks that will never succeed but the structures in place dont allow it to happen.
People pump and dumping penny stocks gives the illusion that small businesses can still succeed in this late stage Judeo techno capitalism but its an illusion. This is why there is no such thing on losing on big companies like Exxon and amazon etc if you hold long enough. Because they are immune to dropping in stock for long periods of time since they are being subsidized by the (((government))) and (((each other))).

TLDR: Stop pretending like any of this shit matters. If you want to make money, just put everything on the gigantic companies and you will always succeed.
Welcome to late stage capitalism.

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How to Options Trade

I have been watching so much of this channel on options.

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Aye do ye remember me? child diddlers

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>late stage

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Imagine thinking this is news to anyone.

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A loser. You haven’t lost a dime if you don’t sell. As long as you’re buying half ass decent quality companies they’re bound to go back up at some point. You’re bleeding money for no reason. What’s your money worth to you?

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This is a brutal blackpill that most of biz cant swallow. What a boring world.

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Clearly it is news because I am tired of seeing thread after thread about people losing all their money betting on small companies. Its just not worth it any capacity.

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I bet on and have made plenty of money on small companies. Some go to shit literally zero, some moon. My cost basis on 200 SHOP shares is $54. How about instead of crying, learn how to manage your portfolio better and don’t all-in YOLO on stupid shit.

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It's a bitch because most of us just want to believe in a world that clearly does not exist.

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More realistically, if futures consistently trend upward overnight as they recently have been, we'll see around +0.5%-1.0% on open. Then we get the drop and some crabbing for the rest of the day before another drop at close. Pretty boring.

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I'm not losing money, go be a loser somewhere else.

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>double down until you hit the bottom, literally cannot go wrong as long as you hav eenough capitaal

Not a terrible strat. Re-invest your original buy in for every 20% it goes down from your buy point. Unless the stock goes COMPLETELY tits up, you'll come out a winner every time.

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Reread my post moron. Making money from PUMP AND DUMPS does not mean the stock market is functioning how it ought to be.
You will never see these 0.10 cent stocks rivaling exxon or amazon ever because of the way the current system is setup in late stage capitalism.
It is quite literally becoming feudalism. Making some money off of pumps means nothing

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Just leaving this here.

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I risked everything on calls. I opened a gold account and took out margin. I'm going to lose it all. Fuck it

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I re-read your rant. You’re literally saying nothing and then blaming “late stage capitalism”. What, Mom and Pop Inc can’t compete with Amazon? No shit moron. There is a penny stock general around here somewhere if you want to talk about pump and dump trash.

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They never show in anime just how much noise Japs make while eating. Literally SLUURP AHHH, UFF tier screaming.
Ive seen ducks eat less noisy then them

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I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

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> he bought all in one day

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>he doesn't enjoy his food

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I get that there is no good solution but notice how the opinions are strictly divided along the party lines. Left vs right. Opening up vs quarantine. Landlords vs tenants. Stop the tyranny vs save lives! etc

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Supposedly it's rude to not emote while eating
that stupid thing anime girls do when they take a bite of something they like "OUSHIIIIIIII" or whatever is apparently a real thing

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Buy TVIX before it is too late.

>> No.18918701

Anyone else dumbfounded at Disney’s losses and the stock only dropped a few dollars ...

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And it's always a fucking surprise somehow

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allow me to consult my stock price deep AI expert system

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Teach me position sizing, lads.
Whats the equivalent of the Kelly criterion if the odds are against you.

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Based. Take my money

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What do you imagine the top of a bubble might look like? We finna pop

>> No.18918756

Well shit
I bet that's why they do all that squealing durins sex too

>> No.18918780

Is GEO anon still around?

That is part of it.

>> No.18918782

Not really. I listened to the conference call. Bob Iger confidently explained why Disney will come roaring back after the pandemic. You could say he jewed it, but his word is capable of assuaging investors even when horrid numbers are being presented.

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RTX will fucking moon tomorrow.

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what is the opposite of mooning?

>> No.18918828


This is what I am talking about with the kike socialism at the top.
Why would disney lose stock when some other kike friend can pull a few billion out of his offshore cayman island account and recirculate it into his business.

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My portfolio

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Honestly speaking, is there anything stopping the government from printing money and giving monthly stimulus checks? The amount of actual resources we have didn’t change because farms, mines, factories, research, all the essential stuff is staying open. Everything that was closed was service related. If we base money off of resources, then we lost nothing.

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War with China starts on Sat?

>> No.18918866

Why has it been doing so shit the past couple days? Been considering going all in seemed like a solid stok

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I do not like this future.

>> No.18918893

>futures are as green as this greentext

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never mooned anyone, ever

>> No.18918931

except before amazon mooned ebay was the go to online shopping store
and before exon, getty fucking oil was the richest goddamn man in the world

you ignorant fuck

>> No.18918946

The show will continue until it can go on no longer. COVID-19 was obvious when China reached 10,000+ cases on Feb. 3rd but the market only reacted on Feb. 20th when it started popping off in Italy and a 'pandemic' could no longer be seriously denied.

The groundwork for a depression is being laid now, but the market will only react after it can no longer be seriously denied. The stock market crash of 1929 did not find its bottom until 1933. It will take not only drastic decreases in earnings and consumption over two quarters, but also a marked absence of "recovery", to bring stock prices to realistic valuations.

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Some of you guys are NOT going to make it. Your posts amount to:
>the game is rigged and I'm on the losing team!!
You sound like BernieBros.

Absolutely based. It's honestly been a while since I've bothered listening, I better get back into the practice.

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Ignore that guy. He’s just a schizo that escaped from the /pol/ mental hospital. See >>18918828

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i shorted a stock pre earnings, it was a 90% loss from precious quarter but they expectes a 95% loss so it mooned 20%
>i longed a stock pre earnings, it posted 300% earnings but the suprise waw only 3% above forcasted so it dropped 15%

wtf bros....

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You should not do magic you do not understand

>> No.18919015

that's not so bad

Unless, when you say "shorted" or "longed" you mean you gambled with options.

>> No.18919024

It’s like a carrot they dangle in front of us at 4pm every day.

>> No.18919036

I’ve been trying to listen to a few a week. I’ll put it on while making dinner or exercising. Some are way easier to listen to than others. There are some cringy individuals in management in some companies. Highly recommend listening to DIS, JPM, Apple, Costco. GE used to be good

>> No.18919037

I’m buying 100 shares at open tomorrow. Fuck china

>> No.18919039

as long as people can buy or sell freely on the stock market, it is functioning perfectly fine.

It seems like you are defining "the stock market is functioning how it ought to be" to mean that everything finds some kind of magical 'proper' value instantly or quickly or rationally, which has never been a given under market dynamics in any free marketplace.
u a midwit and a pseud, stay around for a couple years and you might learn something

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>You sound like BernieBros.
Now remember: there will be no refunds.

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I know, I like to joke around jack bro.
Actually did ok today even if it crabbed all day after open. Definitely need patience

>> No.18919081

Think of earnings as a pull of the one armed bandit. What they report and what you get are two entirely different things.

>> No.18919108

the treasury can give out money, but they have to get it from somewhere (borrowing the money by selling T-bills, which means that they have to pay it back).
The Fed can print money, but they can't give it away, they can only lend it or buy assets that they know they will be able to sell back at a later date.
those are the rules, unless they change the rules
they probably won't change the rules

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Also Japanese bakeries are just shit compared to Euro ones.
I could go to some supermarkt bakery and get better bread and sweets than in Nippon.

Not their fault though. Their word for bread, a word that is among the oldest in every language in the world, is pan. Because they took it from the Portuguese when they first met baked goods.

They should stick with the rice balls and bean paste, which both taste fantastic.

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They had a contract with the Venezuelan government-in-exile, and the best the coked-up, washed-up Army vets could do was throw 60 men in understocked speedboats at the Venezuelan capitol city. Pathetic and embarrassing.

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imagine not being able to make bread lmao
lets move to Japan and start a bakery
we can fatten up some cute plump young japs on our tasty bread products

>> No.18919149

does it matter what people buy or sell if thr government comes along every few years and injects billions of dollars into companies going bankrupt?

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>Only I am smart

>> No.18919172

I think we're on more of an accelerated timeline due to having an immediate shuttering of the economy. All of the negative economic consequences will begin to roll around much quicker than we might expect if we were to follow previous recessionary environments. We're already seeing some data, and we'll no doubt be seeing many more headlines in the coming months (after reopening) with a negative tone.

I started tracking it as a way to gauge market sentiment once we began seeing inconsistencies between market hours and futures movements. I was curious to see just how much of the gains we were seeing everyday were actually due to volume that would include retail. In normal markets, it's probably not very interesting of a metric. But right now, along with the decreasing buy volume and higher sell volume, I think it points to a healthy dose of fear underlying the speculative greed. If we put on our tin-foil hats for a moment, it feels as if we're slowly building up to a huge rug pull, with retail being the bagholders in the end.

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There are bakers like him, who close their cafes in the off season, fly to Tokyo and sell Euro christmas cuisine.
I think it easily pays off.

>> No.18919195

what happened...

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The only worthwhile investments:
Baseballs (signed)
Airlines Stocks
TSLA Stocks
THESE GUNS *kisses biceps*

>> No.18919212

yes, it still matters what people buy or sell
and yes, the market still is functional
there will always be some bigger fish in the pond that can come in and buy or sell. if these kids weren't complaining about the fed or the treasury, they would just be complaining about something else (algos, hedge funds, pension funds, future traders, etc.).
the point is, anyone can freely decide to place buy orders or sell orders at whatever prices they want. It's a functioning marketplace. People who have lost money will always bitch and moan on imageboards or twitter or whatever, or you'll get redditors rolling through claiming that capitalism is now suddenly irreparably broken or the marketplace is all a hoax or whatever. They have the right to say those things, but they don't have a proper understanding of what a marketplace is, they're mostly just whiners

>> No.18919213

Quintessential /biz/tard

>> No.18919231

2020 is lit AF with blackholes, corona, asteroids, murder wasp and lockdowns. I think some dyslexic fucked up with the Mayan calendar and it really said 2021 is the end.

>> No.18919263

Unironically a cuck. Don't give in to fear and never sell below your entry EVER. If you only buy stocks that you are 100% confident will climb back up, and then you only need to stop being anxious about your positions to succeed.

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u know the Mayan calendar year isn't the same as the Gregorian/Julian year right

>> No.18919281

>Is this priced in?
Always priced in. NASA scientist already put in their plays, you're too late.

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hullo. please help yourself to our assortment of bioshit penny stocks and gambles related to oil.

>> No.18919301
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apparently not

>> No.18919306

>u know the Mayan calendar year isn't the same as the Gregorian/Julian year right
But the mayan end of world bullshit was for the 2012 gregorian after conversion, not 2012 mayan. The switch was unironically PRICED IN. IT IS ALWAYS PRICED IN.

>> No.18919317

>Visible to naked eye
>No actual pictures

>> No.18919321

Anyone have any earnings for next week out to get into early? I think the best way to play earnings is get in early and sell before earnings. The run ups have been insane shit like 20-30% up.

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Konnichiwa Anon-sama
When will the biopajeets return? They went away once we crashed. We just now started talking about single companies instead of "the market" again, so the gamblers might come back soon as well.

>> No.18919337
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Are you retarded?

>> No.18919339

The earlier you get in the more IV helps you. One week is too late usually.

Its great for writing options though.

>> No.18919340

hey I tested negative for the 'tism and the 'bergers
I just like talking about calendar systems because they're fun

some bio was way up today

>> No.18919341

What if I bought Sun Microsystems stock in 2007? It was a solid, decent quality company.
Or what about Cisco? I bet someone who bought at 80 is still holding 20 years later. It will finally reach 80 again in 50 years.

>> No.18919343
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It's a matter of perspective.

>> No.18919368
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>some bio was way up today
Some bio is always way up. Two are crashing. And the rest is discussed on stocktwits where boomers pour 3k$ into a company where a 1ct price change makes the stock move 5%.
Its just mad to see.

>> No.18919370

bro don't joke about that I lost money on Sun back in the day

>> No.18919373

Sorry I didn't know "unaided eye" meant 10000000x zoom and CGI

>> No.18919384

>I bet someone who bought at 80 is still holding 20 years later.
Too fucking bad. That was a bad call son, but at least you collected divvies all the way. Still way better than being a cuck who sold at a loss only to get into a different trade where he sold at a loss again.

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well hi there cutie!

>> No.18919392

You've posted this everyday this week either explain what happened or change something up. Actually do both.

>> No.18919396

Ah yes, the big restart button. Next time I won’t buy UAVS in the next life..

>> No.18919418

buying was the right choice, holding to the conference call was retarded

>> No.18919421
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I can't begin to imagine how much regret Terry had in his sane moments.

>> No.18919425

What do you not understand? He got fucked.

>> No.18919433

And not in a good way...

>> No.18919437

Not even joking, just calling out those who claim that "all stocks will eventually rebound". Most will until they don't. Nobody knows anything. There are no rules. No patterns. Markets are all about random brownian motion. Whatever you do you either sell too soon or hold for too long. Either way you lose.

>> No.18919439

>When will the biopajeets return?
Probably when it feels like the crab is here to stay for a while or gentle upward trend resumes.

>> No.18919447
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Yay or nay?

>> No.18919461
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>smug anime face

>> No.18919465

baste TVIX poaster

>> No.18919476
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It already feels like the crab is here to stay desu
You called?

>> No.18919484
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/smg/ has two modes:
smug (anime)
panic (anime)

>> No.18919491

>$4 worth of calls

>> No.18919505

You made me look up ORCL. It has good P/E and the company is making money.

>> No.18919510

>Markets are all about random brownian motion.
pffff do you even trade bro?

>> No.18919523


Here comes the late night futures pump, right on time. From struggling flat to +0.6%, with most of it within 10 minutes.

>> No.18919526

lol those mvis thread guys are as bad as Stocktwits wtf

>> No.18919528
File: 164 KB, 1000x800, __nakoruru_samurai_spirits_drawn_by_ichinose_yuu__045b58aebda9092dfa0e409a7ea50016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nakoruru use to give me a yuge boner back in the NeoGeo days.
I wanted her to straddle me and plunge that sword in my chest.
Her and Charlotte good faps before they added new girls to Samurai Spirits.

>> No.18919535

i was dumbfounded and then i thought about it some more:
1. it was priced in....unironically. DIS was dropping days before earnings and puts were already making over 2x...so buying puts right before earnings was actually the dumb move in this case.
2. DIS is considered a blue chip, and any blue chip is psychologically seen as a bargain if it's under $100 compared to amzn and nflx. because boomers and mutual fund managers are too stupid to look at the market cap. also a lot of liberal univ. trust funds are holding disney long-term. so this is why NPCs are still buying aapl and dis, despite weak earnings and outlook. i know it's cringe to say "clown market" and "clown world" at this point, but really that's what we are experiencing. i didn't listen to the call but i assume they talked about how DIS is becoming more of a tech company like nflx since they have disney+ now and acquired a bunch of tech companies to streamline more types of high tech entertainment products. i wouldn't be surprised if DIS eventually buys out small game makers, they already own plenty of app makers.

>> No.18919547

Hehehe. I guess I'll just have to wait and see

>> No.18919549


What about cunny?

>> No.18919567
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>straddle me
Not a good idea

>> No.18919580

Buy Canadian railroads then. It's a duopoly (CN and CP) with no competition. Tech stocks are an abomination. Look at Shopify.

>> No.18919581

It's baffling how every taxpayer pays in thousands a year and how the governement fell over itself in pants shitting terror over giving back a mere 1200 bux. They take more than that from me every month.

>> No.18919592
File: 1.01 MB, 640x906, getting drunk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Penny stocks always get shilled, they pump and dump.
The day after half of the /smg/ penny traders gloat about their money and half cry about their losses

>> No.18919597

Seems like now would be the perfect time for them to thrive though

>> No.18919606

Pajeets moved to pennytech

>> No.18919629

MNLO Chads where you at?

>> No.18919643

anyone else fall for the NET meme

>> No.18919649

t. Kike

>> No.18919652

yup looking to cash out tomorrow on a nice bump

>> No.18919657

Anon you need to sleep

Markets open in about 10hrs

>> No.18919680

I woke up at 9pm CEST
I also dont really have anything to do. Maybe my rebuy will trigger. Maybe not.

>> No.18919683

Whoever keeps manipulating the futures is seriously jewing me out of good money

>> No.18919726

It's all me. He he he. }:^)

>> No.18919734
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>> No.18919743

The federal government attempting to stop deflation is like any of us trying to hold water in a kitchen strainer with just our hands. You may cover up a few holes, but there will be five dozen more you can't close and they will spill that shit everywhere.

The federal government stopped deflation in securities, but deflation in commodities, goods, and real assets is trucking full speed ahead. The government focuses on 'payroll protection' and U.S. farmers are slaughtering their livestock for lack of buyers as oil is dumped wherever and hard-earned tenants flee from business rental properties. We're witnessing the actual, irreversible, real-time destruction of countless billions of dollars of wealth. The government hasn't dealt with 1/30th of the ramifications of this crisis.

>> No.18919758

Why can’t it be both?

>> No.18919761

good post

>> No.18919765


>> No.18919772
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>Knows that the markets are manipulated
>Cant adjust to it
If the casino is rigged to show red 75% of the time just bet on fucking red then

>> No.18919782

Your chinese cold is cancelled. Your deflation boogaloo will be cancelled in a few weeks.

>> No.18919783

Why do I keep trying to pull cute trades and work harder for my gains when I know the obvious easy moves are in front of me? I've been wanting to buy into DOCU for about a year so you'd think I would have went into it pretty heavy when we crashed in March but nope I didn't do it. That's just a common sense move.

>> No.18919794
File: 151 KB, 634x634, 92D44AFB-7EAD-471C-8A45-AEA3FF9B8F5E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’d just like to say fuck you to all the bulls that were mean to me.

>> No.18919797

if the market is manipulated, that should make it easier, not harder to make money. these same retards who say the "elite" wont let stocks fall are buying puts. you've got to pick one or the other

>> No.18919811
File: 6 KB, 189x267, images (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hold still...

>> No.18919818

All reverse image results are r*ddit
Go back

>> No.18919828
File: 451 KB, 979x1391, 2020-04-27 11:49:23_314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made the image and it got posted in reddit you fucking faggot. Here's a cap of them being all salty which I also found through reverse image search.

>> No.18919848

Sure thing buddy

>> No.18919850
File: 178 KB, 1280x720, 1557529120134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not fair bros , why are men expected to provide to women.. Why can't I just marry a rich girl who can provide for me.

>> No.18919856

Didn't seem to correspond to any huge movements in other major markets.

The last two days have been flat out rejections of futures and resulted in bearish market hours movements. 1/3 days the past month has been like that. It's an interesting observation, at least.

>> No.18919888
File: 217 KB, 486x954, questioning and very sceptical 50 cent amgai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just dont do it.
I spend my money and time travelling around the world. never had a gf.
Do with your life whatever you want.

>> No.18919890

>SLV october calls
Thank me in 6 months

>> No.18919914
File: 113 KB, 644x1282, 1584895986357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Simpson's memery exclusive to reddit
You realize it's universally recognized and shit, right?
Literally every board on 4chan has it's own version of this shit

>> No.18919926

I kinda want an offspring. My Mom and Dad's getting old and I want them to at least see a grandson/daughter before they die.

>> No.18919929
File: 56 KB, 796x554, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Raytheon RTX

Moment of truth guys and gals.
Earnings before the bell.

We rise and meme ourselves a moon run winner or we die and go down another $5 a share.

>> No.18919932
File: 281 KB, 720x1079, Screenshot_20200506-223652_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.18919941


You heard the man. Go back.

>> No.18919949

Go back to your containment thread metalfag

>> No.18919952

Everyone already knows this, all the jobless claims for April long since priced in

>> No.18919957

Why do you call pajeets the shills?

t. pajeet

>> No.18919960
File: 8 KB, 640x480, 1576003081359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Clown world, bullrun confirmed

>> No.18919963

>bought in at $66
I want to die

>> No.18919968

When does it come out Friday? During trading day or before the bell?

>> No.18919969

>tfw no pajeeta gf

>> No.18919972

i have a few 62c 5/15 and sweating profusely. on your chart it looks like it is basing at a support level though. but could dip if er/outlook are bad.

>> No.18919978
File: 2.25 MB, 1024x1485, holo hug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would like children too.
But I have not been in love for years, find most women unattractive and unappealing to talk to and have developed a complete disinterest for them.
Only anime from now. Even sex is boring.

>> No.18919979

Alright, here's my list of earnings I think might be worth it to check out. More specifically, I intend to buy calls on these early, so that I can win on the run up, then sell BEFORE EARNINGS to avoid IV crush.
BMO = Before Market Open
AMC = After Market Close

DKNG - Friday 15th earnings BMO
WMT - Tuesday 19th earnings BMO
HD - Tuesday 19th earnings BMO

INTU - Thursday 21st AMC
NVDA - Thursday 21st AMC

NTNX - Wednesday 27th AMC
ULTA - Thursday 28th AMC
DELL - Thursday 28th AMC

ZM - Tuesday 2nd AMC
CRWD - Tuesday 2nd AMC

>> No.18919980


Well within their 52week high if you hold on for less than a year you’ll be glad you did

>> No.18919988

So did I.
Let's be honest though. This isn't a stock that is going to zero. So it is safe in the long term. Just hold on out and collect your dividend.

Options are risky here, but I think it strange the analyst all revised down. Seems like big money is accumulating.

>> No.18919989

>he bought the top

Based retard.

>> No.18919997

Extremely bullish

>> No.18920000

>near all time high when we had record low unemployment
>now nearing 20% unemployment
Its most certainly NOT priced in, memefren

>> No.18920005

priced in

plus so many poorfags are making way more $$$ with the $600 unemployment boost that it almost doesn't matter

my gf was furloughed and made $800 a week vs $1000 every 2 weeks before

>> No.18920007

I hope NVDA dumps so I can buy

>> No.18920008

>Well within their 52week high
Actually I'm not sure about that. The company is new and the 52 week high seems derived mathematically somehow.

>> No.18920009

I’m gonna buy ZM puts and hold em. There’s no way their earnings live up to expectations

>> No.18920010
File: 176 KB, 319x379, DM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ah playing right into my hand

>> No.18920012

shit digits, fuck you, it's ALWAYS PRICED IN

>> No.18920047

You’re forgetting the loads of bullish news and earnings that have come out lately which cause stocks to rise. Even your digits won’t convince me otherwise.

>> No.18920048

>needing earnings

>> No.18920049


They formed out of a merger, Raytheon is nothing new they’ve been a major contractor for some time

>> No.18920050

Just buy the fucking dip
If you had sold some bad ATM CC on SPY in the last four weeks you could already have one circuit breaker hitting the floor and you would still make a profit.
Just buy the FUCKING dip.

>> No.18920051

Yeah, I definitely don't intend to hold any of these past earnings, or if I do I'll have (hopefully) sold most of them at a profit and only get the last few to play the earnings if I'm hopeful.

>> No.18920061
File: 39 KB, 472x472, 1577865352742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gonna fucking make it bros, one way or the other. I've been far too complacent and it ends here. I will make it possible, there is no try.

>> No.18920069

I sold SPCE the day before earnings, because I thought they would tank earnings with shit report and guidance because lmao-no-product
I was right, stock jumped 10%

>> No.18920078

Yeah but they spun off two companies. So the 52 week high isn't real.

>> No.18920087

waste of digits, terrible comment

>> No.18920092

You got a strategy?

>> No.18920095
File: 36 KB, 268x237, smug 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And what is your plan to achieve your goal?

>> No.18920100

Buy low, sell high
The inverse Buffett.

>> No.18920111
File: 6 KB, 200x200, 1354419340971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought that's the inverse crypto.

>> No.18920123

I lost everything. I will have to start raiding my neighbors to make up for lost gains.

>> No.18920125
File: 112 KB, 1280x720, smug citrus 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah yeah, my mistake.
The inverse Buffett was to take a big number and remove the ( ) around it.
Profit guaranteed

>> No.18920126

Same here
But also this. It's a catch 22.

>> No.18920132

>priced in
>literal negative GDP growth in current year
>major tech stocks at all time highs

BTW, if any of you have 2 brain cells to rub together youre going to nut up and pony up a cool $500 to buy a FAT PUT on Paypal tomorrow

>> No.18920147

UBER is the put play tomorrow

>> No.18920154
File: 26 KB, 279x601, trapped.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you buffet you old cunt, I am now trapped with the fucking airlines. When are we going to get more coronavirus cure news so I can GTFO. That or fucking gold has to moon already, I'm sick of this fucking crabbing already.

>> No.18920170


>> No.18920179


Too rich for my blood to have a good shot at coming up empty handed

>> No.18920190

This happened to me with Exxon Mobile years ago. I bought and in one week Buffet said he exited his big oil position in Exxon. The stock nose dived and it took a year to inch out a small 6% gain. After I exited I read that Buffet actually bought some back after it crashed without telling anyone. That prick!

>> No.18920192

>76.99 share
Wtf, you couldn’t pony up the dough for the extra .01 shares?

>> No.18920201

>76.99 KO
I hate you

>> No.18920240


>> No.18920248

Are murder hornets priced in?

>> No.18920272

Waiting for it to dip a bit more so I can purchase 100 more. I've been buying and dumping KOS for a while now, I did that by mistake one time and just left it there for some reason. But now that I know that it bothers you faggots its all worth it.

>> No.18920275
File: 162 KB, 892x720, looking at walking garbage 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>100 more

>> No.18920277

Why do people talk like they have seen Age of Ultron too many times?

>> No.18920285
File: 55 KB, 614x586, 1585429425863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cooked books is bullish
We've been riding on delusion for a decade, ready for it to all fall down?

>> No.18920295

Murder Hornets sounds like a punk band.

>> No.18920302

RTX bros are we ready for tomorrow? Whats your predictions?

>> No.18920317


I’ve never seen it what does this insult mean?

>> No.18920320
File: 783 KB, 340x223, not-the-bees.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18920327

The Aerospace division is terrible but everything else is okay and it tanks until noon where it crabs then goes up to break even by close.

>> No.18920337

If we get cheapies I buy more
If we don't get cheapies I just hold

>> No.18920340

Im gonna go back to college my dudes, I'm gonna have high marks, get a really fucking nice paying job and retire in 5 years.

>> No.18920348

Boeing is really worth double digits. Just need to shed all the index manager bags still holding it.

>> No.18920356
File: 963 KB, 2048x1365, GDC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Replace bees with china's second gift Asian giant hornets.

>> No.18920361

A prajeet is already hired for your future job for 1/2 the wage you would have gotten.

>> No.18920366

When are we gonna get our war fervor bump to share price?

>> No.18920367

It's worth about where it's at as long as the air travel industry is fucked and the MAX is grounded.

>> No.18920392

nothing's gonna stop me, I'm going to kill myself if I didn't make it by the age of 35.

>> No.18920406

aaaaand like that all looking good again. All bear gains gone by the futures already

>> No.18920419
File: 3.77 MB, 444x250, FA9A4FC5-5004-44BE-97FC-38ADA9147ABB.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bill Gate’s wife unironically looks like a man.

>> No.18920427

That's a bull flag if I've ever seen one

>> No.18920429

doubled down on my $9 ET calls right before close, am i fucked?

>> No.18920434
File: 9 KB, 317x317, 00290065-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_00000065-06d3-0000-0000-000000000000_20120911221743_Cage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18920443

In November after Trump wins.

>> No.18920447

Snib snab. Happened last night too, and look where we ended the day.

>> No.18920453

War soon, can't wait to get conscripted :)

>> No.18920503

Anyone ready for all the overnight gains to disappear tomorrow in the last 2 hours? Literal super crab week.

>> No.18920510
File: 211 KB, 730x783, green feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw when the US goes into war and I keep trading their stocks without being a citizen

>> No.18920545

Nice try to cope.

>> No.18920552


That’s fuckin hardcore fuuuicck

>> No.18920561

Nah. Just get a job as a contractor after college. Shit benefits but the pay's good enough to feed a portfolio with.

>> No.18920567

How the hell is there always someone on Wall Street bets who turns 400 bucks into 150,000 on a magical option play; it’s like the hundredth time this has happened. Wtf. How?

>> No.18920578

Bros why is the SPX future only at 2850 while the Nozdoq is at 9000?
The rat told me to invest in consumer good stocks and banks, not tech companies....

>> No.18920585

If enough monkeys make random bets long enough some of them will be right

>> No.18920594

Nah it’s always some autist who thinks a company is about to skyrocket and buys the exact right option for it.

>> No.18920599

Is this bait?

>> No.18920604
File: 43 KB, 720x480, NicolasCage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tech stocks are like tulip bulbs. You might miss out on massive gains. BUY BUY BUY.

>> No.18920615

50 demo accounts funded by ebroker to get people to play options.

>> No.18920633

Trump is unironically bad for the war industry.

>> No.18920654

Its weird because RTX donates a lot to Dems and so do KTOS and other defense stocks.

>> No.18920692

Wouldn't airlines be good to invest in now while they're low? Surely once this pandemic dies down travel will rebound

>> No.18920702

Do we even need missiles for Venezuela? Just need to send more than some off duty boomers.

>> No.18920713

right, like a dead cat

>> No.18920726

As an employee of one of the biggest airlines in the US, I sure fucking hope so.

>> No.18920730

Based polo investing
Everyone has that pent up demand for air travel. Just ready to be let loose.
I'm gonna
*Boeing plane*

>> No.18920747

Checked. Why would this be bait? Not wrong at all bobo

>> No.18920756

Nigga what you hearing in the grapevine? Any memos from management? Wtf!

>> No.18920781

Crabbing isn't being a bobo.

>> No.18920791

Usually just the sound of jet engines but since he's been laid off its only been the sound of hot pockets in the microwave.

>> No.18920799

If it's Boeing I ain't going.

>> No.18920821

Why isn't MVIS listed??

>> No.18920822

Are we about to open at alltime highs? I'm seeing the most ridiculous patterns emerging in my data feed.

>> No.18920825

I think this is likely too. Robin Hood probably does it themselves.

>> No.18920842

ATH for what?

>> No.18920854

If by ATH you mean we open at Tuesday's close and then close slightly lower than Wednesday's close, yes.

>> No.18920868

I told you about the fngu dream

>> No.18920932

How much FNGU do you have...

>> No.18920941
File: 429 KB, 640x582, DDD29573-3293-463B-AE4D-7163CD2035EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18920947

>China’s trade surplus for the month of April was $45.34 billion as compared to the $6.35 billion economists polled by Reuters had predicted.

>China says exports rose 3.5% in April

What a fucking nothing burger, US will get out stronger than before too.

>> No.18920967
File: 39 KB, 640x559, 2C0C7CBD-9969-459A-9BB9-5CF2ADF4FDE5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18920979

still learning margin trading a bit. I was wondering about the minimum requirement of $2000. If i open the margin account with $2000 and use $1000 to buy stock plus another $1000 loaned by the broker equaling $2000, would that cause me to fall below the minimum and issue a margin call since I'll have $1000 left?

>> No.18920988
File: 2.81 MB, 1456x1086, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine a fumo based economy

>> No.18920990

Zero, I must have got them stolen

>> No.18920998

Exports to fucking who???

>> No.18921022


>> No.18921040
File: 5 KB, 541x156, fl_at_ni_ce.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can safely put my cash in T IT TY MO NS TER RS now that I have my hedge formed. I'm going to be so rich.

>> No.18921041


>> No.18921057

What would you say if I told you I was thinking of buying gold ETFs and gold miners...

>> No.18921114

Covid-19 masks and supplies :^)

>> No.18921134


Still can't get over how fuckin funny this shit was, nothing better than QAnon faggots attempting to stage a coup these guys are amazing

>> No.18921150


>> No.18921165

wishful thinking

>> No.18921171

Told the Qoomers that there was FREE toilet paper in the capital

>> No.18921178

I would say Im disappointed

>> No.18921198

Every time I try to find some intelligent discussion/analysis on this site I am disappointed.

>> No.18921210

That's amazingly inefficient
>I want to go gold because I think the dollar will be useless
>good thing if I invest in this gold mine I'll get dollars

>> No.18921229

You'll have to wait at least 2 years more likely 3 to get any return out of a gold investment. Near term demand shock is leading to deflation.

>> No.18921260

nothing. they dump empty shipping containers full of empty cardboard boxes into the sea to boost export numbers. the chinese economy is so much smoke and mirrors, guaranteed they go down like enron very soon.

>> No.18921297

Robinhood has a list of upcoming earnings. Waiting for MESA myself, bloodbath incoming.

>> No.18921330

Thats what I've been saying. The entire country of China is just super Enron. All foreign Chinese assets will be seized when the cards fall (they already are being stealthy seized right now).

>> No.18921397

>All foreign Chinese assets will be seized when the cards fall (they already are being stealthy seized right now).
that's hyperbole. even in the Cold War, shit like that didnt happen. i do agree China's destined for a crash. and I agree with the people speculating on a new Cold War with China as the main enemy. but I don't think we're looking at anything that fast or that severe.

>> No.18921403

Where do china's nuke go if the CCP collapses?

>> No.18921431
File: 105 KB, 314x499, 1574144700305.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont ask me how I know but DOW is going to 24000 tomorrow

>> No.18921444

And it's coming straight back down to 0% so that bulls and bobos lose. Only option sellers win.

>> No.18921448


>> No.18921480

if the CCP collapses, its likely that just another government will spring up to replace it. China is sound as a nation; its not going to Balkanize.
i havent the slightest idea what form the new government would take.
in all likelihood, if there's a major crisis, i expect the shakeup will be WITHIN the CCP. the current leadership tossed out by some ambitious new wing of the Party with new ideas. i think that's more likely than a full-on collapse

>> No.18921502
File: 8 KB, 180x214, 45BA390D-9BBF-4FCE-8CD0-0F1192F9ECEF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It goes to Iraq so Anglos can invade it for bullshit a third time, and you know anglos will fall for it.

>> No.18921504

What are some viable midstream/pipeline/refinery/gas plays?

>> No.18921513

You're looking at ~100% ROI over 2-3 years, so I would say it's a good investment as long as you stick to "safer" airliners like DAL and LUV.

>> No.18921521

Fuck I don’t fucking know anymore. I’m holding natural gas bags right now.

>> No.18921523
File: 22 KB, 480x360, BS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably will get moved to the new CCP hangout of Chicanada.

>> No.18921538

Its okay but a bit lengthy and drawn out.
I wonder - are there any resources that teach the real life practice of trading options for people that are well aware of the theory? I read options futures and other derivatives, familiar with the math and other concepts but never really went outside stock buying/selling. These videos are great but it feels artificially drawn out (120 videos x 10 mins with more repeating than Dragon Ball episodes on TV)

>> No.18921540

What are you holding? I have OKE and so far its good but I am afraid of natty gas being a fickle bitch.

>> No.18921542

I'm disappointed when I look at stock price and values, so right now I'm not buying much
It just doesn't feel wonderful to me, it doesn't feel tense or exciting when I look at stocks and prices. It feels melancholic and dim. The only joy in my life is the stocks I already bought and their dividends, I have a hard time falling in love with new stocks

>> No.18921552

Based USO promised land, going for the very possible 300% run soon not now but soon...

>> No.18921559

Sounds cute and immune to deflation!

>> No.18921565

ENBL and PE.
Holding PE, trying to dump some ENBL.

>> No.18921575

Well yes, they are advertisements for their firm so of course they will milk it.
However, this is probably the most advanced explanations of options you can get for free. The only way to get "better" knowledge is probably to pay someone who does it professionally to explain it to you. 99.9% of people dont even understand what an option is. Options are already a deep level topic, and most people barely know what stocks or bonds even are.

>> No.18921578

Who is buying some SQ with me tomorrow? Anybody?

>> No.18921580

And we are already higher than yesterday. Bears are the most retarded humans on earth.

>> No.18921591

>cheerleading a "side"
Seriously, my dude. You will lose every time.

>> No.18921606

> 32% dividend
Jesus Christ.

>> No.18921610

Looking good so far for someone who bought the dip. Nobody is losing except bears.

>> No.18921651

>sitting on positions for that long
Jesus christ. You'd have made the same amount literally sitting on SPY calls any day the past 2 weeks.

>> No.18921666

Protip to RTX bag holders:
LMT is currently dipping,
If for some reason it wasn’t on your watchlist, and you have a non-robinhood broker that lets you trade before earnings, I highly suggest you hedge against the likely assblasting by selling half of your position and using it to buy LMT.

No... I really wanted to buy the PayPal dip and I’m pretty sure I’ll regret missing it.

>> No.18921677
File: 795 KB, 400x326, 07572642-D6DD-4203-A1CA-E780941F646E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m greedy.

>> No.18921679

i wish i bought more USO during the dip. my oil ETFs have been the biggest gainers. there will be another dip soon right lads?

>> No.18921684

>spy calls
>gambling on something that vanished into nothing if you’re wrong, and you pay high taxes on if you’re right.

>> No.18921691

Even in the wind you can find excitement, we had mattress mania recently

>> No.18921706

Isn't RTX earnings in premarket though? So it is too late by then? What are the odds that its going to be a bloodbath?

>> No.18921712

So? Sitting on SPY bought at the very dip bit of the dip bottom would be 25%. You could get that with SPXL in like 3 months before March. That is just such a boring play.

>> No.18921718

Also what are some based defense contractors?



>> No.18921722

RTX being tied to BA is awful business model. Need to decouple from Boeing Cancer.

>> No.18921723

I'll join you dude

>> No.18921742

>buying the top
Everyone is withdrawing their money and transactions will drop massively next quarter. Next quarter might be their worst quarter in a decade.

>> No.18921757

Oh shit, was thinking of dumping Ford. Abort, abort, abort.

>> No.18921776

I am not ever touching car companies.
But I am legitimately confused by this. Tesla reported the same thing. Literally everything closed in China back in Feb/March yet they buy more cars than last quarter?

>> No.18921796

They lobby everyone.
Rudy Giuliani has ties to Raytheon btw

>> No.18921806

Just a little bit, keeping it to 0.5% of my folio for now so about $500 but open to buying more on a bigger dip or when the corona picture starts clearing up. I could see this being one of those “I wish I woulda bought more” stonks but I can also see another dip.

>> No.18921814

That was just in Wuhan. Though some other countries are getting closed because of corona outbreaks.

>> No.18921860

I'll stick in $1000 myself, I see it going places

>> No.18921865


>> No.18921900

Fuck Boeing.

RTX is seriously NOT based. As has been said, Boeing. Sure there’s tomahawk missiles but there’s also the permanently grounded 747 max. It’s interesting at $45.

GD is questionable, if private jets become very popular they could gain big, but I don’t think that’s terribly likely.

I don’t know enough about NOC. I know they were getting slammed before coronavirus became an issue.

LMT is my favorite. Defense contractor and space contractor, will win big from space wars, if that’s still happening. Actually, now that we have coronavirus as our next big thing, maybe we don’t need the distraction of spacewars?

>> No.18921916

Thread death soon...

>> No.18921921

Still interested in LHX but lazy.

Wish I had the attention span to dig in right now, honestly that tgtx shit is exciting and I almost FOMOed a few shares.

>> No.18921925

Another leveraged option gambler. Good luck with it.

>> No.18921935

Sure. I just don't get the industry.
>sell products that immediately deprecate in value rapidly
Feels like there are still too many of them.

>> No.18921947

If he wants to root for "team bull" that is the only logical play now

>> No.18921956

>Just Wuhan
Just sop talking if youre that dumb. All the numbers are fake s shit in China. Just look at the car nu,bers in the US, sales fell by 40%.
China is fucking lying, as usual.

>> No.18921963

new thread

>> No.18921966

The only logical play is, was and will always be, buy the dip and hold.

>> No.18921984

The worst of both the growth and value play. Jesus.

>> No.18922108
File: 475 KB, 853x480, creepy smile oregairu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Without paying any US tax.
Only 15% on dividends I can completely deduce from my own taxes

>> No.18922224


>Me - Stupid mantis don't fuck with your prey just end i-

>> No.18922239

Happeners are BTFO by virus so now they've moved on to shilling war with China

>You hate to see it

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