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this kills the glownigger and shill

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fake and gay - no hex, no XRP, no how much x fro a girl like this, no he's right you know, no BSV

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childs play

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the WHAT WAS THAT threads have like 10 variants

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satoj shilling has disappeared

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How do I learn such ability tired of seeing such shit coins

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> Filtering out hex
> Only coin where you can actually make 2017 gains

That's wild, anon.

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eat burger

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You're a faggot.

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you forgot hex

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Settings -> Filters
then look at what op is doing

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Eh i feels its kinda out dated

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starter filter

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Do you seethe and grind your teeth every time you witness a L*NK thread?

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>link cry baby cant shill hard enough to get out clean. he bought at $4
>bitches that others wont let him be a con man and make millions...
>by using a board with sub 30 million daily users (only counting those here for 20 minutes or more a day)...
>and half of those only come here to push gold or laugh at every one who didnt know its not 2016 anymore


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*glowing intensifies*

this is who is driving the “board culture” here

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