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I sold off all my 10,000 shares at a 33% lost today

I quit

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Fucking Kek

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Lets goooo. Went back in before twitter announcement. To the moon boys

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You really let this smug fucker fool you

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> that shit was 500$ 20 years ago

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Stop making fun of me. I'm going to do a flip if you push me any further.

Is it to late to buy back in? How hard is this going to moon?

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Shoyld i buy in or is this just a bunch of hot air? I mean say a buyout doesnt happen. How much would mvis stand to gain if its just a contract?

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my thoughts right now. Kinda feel like I'm priced out considering I could have bought below $.80 and I'm not sure if $5 is hopium or real

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Sold all my MVIS for 5/15 calls on ET. Don't get chucked like uavs anons

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Currently about 0.02 USD/minute
At that rate it will have rearched 25 USD tomorrow morning

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lmao this shit is so fake I cant believe people are buying it.

doesnt matter though, big gains already from the after hours niggers.

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I'm sorry you got dabbed on but fuckin hell man, you screwed the pooch.
I'm thinking I might buy a few more shares down here in the $1.30 area just to show solidarity with your very retarded ass. Does that make you feel any better?

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yes :)

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>Based anon sticking out his head for his JUST'd m8.
I'm so happy i have friends like you

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