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Saw a chat showing decline in average testosterone and sperm counts over the decades today.

It made me sad to be alive in 2020

what do?

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About to fix that problem right now anon

Care to watch

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ummm ok

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Hit a vain lol

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literally zero reason not to take testosterone,there was a study that showed trading success is directly correlated with testosterone levels

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That is fuckin rachet bro is it even worth it?


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Why not LSD

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Yep I was red pilled on testosterone and adderall a while ago. Us millenials are fucked. Our attention spans and motivation are beyond low.

I make more money now then before by a large margin.

Yes its totally worth it. Get a script for adderall and some testosterone or enjoy your future in front of a screen. I have a job now and a pussy to fuck. None of those things I would have without testosterone and adderall.

The injections are only scary at first. I had a panic attack my first time. You get over it.

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Makes sense. All the badass traders I can think of have some level of receding hairline.

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Micro dosing isn't exactly my cup of tea. I would not recommend it. The objective is to get out and make money not come up with the next new Fitbit design.

Leave micro dosing to the tech bros.

Honestly I code myself but still see LSD as a waste of time.

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I am close to starting on test, tell us your doses and regime?

It's so fucking cheap. I would be injecting sub q because I'm scared as fuck.

>there was a study that showed trading success is directly correlated with testosterone levels

the causality of this could be largely the other way round, desu. Winning things gives you a T boost. Prob is a positive feedback loop though.

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can i just eat pills lol i hate needles

Ya i noticed that as well. All the based CEO's needed hair plugs at some point as well (Elon Musk)

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yeah but if you are in a negative feedback loop it can help u overcome it

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Where does one get test. Doctors or black market only option?

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I get it from the darknet or if you want to sift through shills try Eroids I used Eroids before darknet like empire, silk, alphabay, etc

I do 200-400mg weekly of Testosterone Enathate. I have a busy work schedule so once weekly is what I prefer. And ya it's cheap AF stuff is soooooo worth it.

Adderall is easily obtained from a therapist over Skype or something. I don't recommend darknet adderall. Its normally not real amphetamine plus it's a felony where as steroids probably won't even land you in jail unless you are distributing.

10/10 would recommend. I just sat in front of screens all day like a onions boy simp before Testosterone. Now I have a job and a house in California no less. Only been 5 years on T

You need to inject it. Oral steroids are not safe for long term use nor do they do what you want.

You are trying to put your testosterone levels at what they would naturally be at so you can feel like a normal human.

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A doctor can get it but the hoops are kinda bullshit. I would get Adderall from a doctor but testosterone is such a low level misdemeanor compared to amphetamine it's not even worth giving a shit if you get caught.

Dark.fail and look for Empire market just get Testosterone Enathate. Its basic and it works.

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if you need testosterone injections you've already lost lmao

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thx char poster ur a true fren

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Imagine being cucked into thinking your normal levels of testosterone are normal

Sperm counts have been going down almost as much as Testosterone


gtfo poor fag

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If you care about need you will never ever ever make it. Have fun being a loser, loser.

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Lol even teenagers needs testosterone these days if they want to be at the same level their grandparents where

Your opinion is based on dunning Kruger syndrome

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>I do 200-400mg weekly of Testosterone Enathate

AIs? HCG? Anything else?

Do you know your blood levels?

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Yes HCG is the best way to cycle off but desu I never have

Litteraly been at 200-400mg a week for years with 0 issues. A normal healthy man in 1950 would have that level anyways so I have seen no need to get tests or anything.

I feel far healthier since I have been on it. Keeps me active, motivated and hungry.

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Problems do not appear after just a couple of years. Come back in 15-25 years. Good luck with that.

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That is for obese people who do not work out and eat shit. If you are ripped and work out and dont eat shitty processed foods and avoid getting too much plastic into your system you will have as much testosterone as the men 50 years ago. Its lifestyle not magic.

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Crypto is throwing food on walls on an individual basis

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Daily reminder that you can optimize free T levels with simple stuff like zinc, boron, magnesium and lifting weights before permanently fucking your HPTA with bathtub roids from the darkweb.

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>Dark.fail and look for Empire market just get Testosterone Enathate. Its basic and it works.

Do they sell shit like hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin?

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Got any links proving those things lower shbg?

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>Daily reminder that you can optimize free T levels with simple stuff like zinc, boron, magnesium and lifting weights


>If you are ripped and work out and dont eat shitty processed foods

meme and confirmed idiot. Getting ripped absolutely tanks your T and general vitality. You've obv never tried it.

OP is dead right that the only way forward is pinning this stuff. Fuck it, I need to order some and just do it. Why such a pussy?

I will go bald but I guess better a bald slayer than a pretty pussy.

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it's like you want concentric left ventricular hypertrophy bros. one of the other, not both
>t. medfag

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is that an unsterilized, unsealed vial? what the fuck.

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Stoppers just slow you down. First thing I do is always remove it. You a bitch if you inject anything less than 10cc at a time. You want to make it or not?

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Lol lots of opinions here. Look before testosterone all I did was complain about shit and play vidya. Now I have a job and a house plus I get laid. I would rather go bald in my 40's then live like a simp enough said.

Its dynatech stuff see pic. I prefer Japanese Steroids to Canada but I cannot get my hands on any lately. The Yakuza really knows how to make good shit.

Pretty much anything is better then American bath tub crap. Don't buy steroids made in the USA it's all shit Chinese raws made in a bathtub. Bruns like all fuck when you inject it.

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Holy crap anon we just want motivation and money not swollen prostates and ripped muscles.

10cc is insane. I only do 2cc maybe 4cc once in a while. At 10cc I got to many sides. My nips started leaking and all kinds of bad shit.

Anything more then 2cc isn't sustainable long term. This being 200mg per cc

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Test is based. Underage think it makes you sex crazed and so alpha you headbutt your dad but that's a myth or if you have terrible AI and get high oestrogen.

In reality you actually just feel calmer day to day, have slightly more energy, can workout harder.

It's clear its basically a return to the human normal.

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Guys I am literally about to order some rn. I'm in the UK so it's actually not even illegal here.

What needle sizes for subq?
I'll try 100-200mg test E per week, right?

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Getting absolutely shredded at like 6 % does that sure, but that's not what I'm talking about retard.

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Going bald at 40 will be the least of your problems, but you do you boo.

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Why would you inject subcutaneous

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You can pin with just about anything. Hell even insulin needles work as long as you spread it out a whole lot.

Optimally you want a needle at least 1in long and you should stick it all the way in ur butt checks.

If you use a insulin needle make sure to only do a tiny bit at a time. If you inject alot close to the surface it can burn.

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>I'll try 100-200mg test E per week, right?
More than that. Sub-300 you're just risking side effects for no significant gain.

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Fun fact, you can go bald in your 40s through genetics and it does not matter. oldfag here.
you will still get pussy. lots of it. bald doesn't matter.

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When my prostate is the size of a fist and I have to pay for minor surgery because going pee takes to long I am going to look back on your comment and think still worth it.

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unironically go to reddit.com/r/steroids, they have good guides, info, and a solid faq that will help you not get tits

you need to have ready:
enough test for 16 weeks
an aromatase inhibitor
post cycle therapy drugs like hcg
and you need to get bloodwork done before you start, and you should monitor it throughout to make sure your levels arent going crazy

read up on risks and rewards on the reddit faq

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i am in NYC - where do i get the testosterone.

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Post timestamp or you're just a big faker

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I've been wanting to do something about my test for a long time. Deep down I know that being always tired, unmotivated, feeling like a bitch, and not having resolve is not normal. I want to feel FUCKING ALIVE.

What's holding me back is that I don't want all the shitty secondary effects of injecting T like manboobs and back acne, this little thing about your balls not working properly after, the shutdown of natural T production, risk of injecting something nasty that isn't what you ordered, heart attacks at 40, etc. etc. I just don't want to fucking die.

What would you guys do to try to fix this problem without injecting shit that can do a million different things to you? SARMs? Maybe some other supplement?

Seriously guys, feeling like shit all the time isn't normal. There must be something that can be done.

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ya I am totally red pilled on Testosterone

The side effects seem to be minor compared to the benefits as long as you keep it within reason

All the haters seem like onions bois

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>injecting without putting a towel down

fucking caveman

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>Getting absolutely shredded at like 6 % does that sure, but that's not what I'm talking about retard.

Sorry I'm afraid you have no idea about these things. Stop parrotting meme advice.

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>More than that. Sub-300 you're just risking side effects for no significant gain.

Bold claim. Plenty of guys do 150-200, I'm not looking to roid - in fact I'm primarily after psychosocial effects.

I guess everyone responds differently. There are definitely plenty out there who get big results from lower doses than 300.

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23 year old running 175mg subq for the last year any questions?
i have 35 btc
inb4 larp

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>23 year old running 175mg subq for the last year any questions?

Just tell us the whole story to save us asking. Why, effects, equipment, etc.


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I think it's great. Means less competition for someone like me who pays attention to my health and fitness.

I don't care about goyim nigger cattle, and I will ruthlessly exploit and crush them just like the jews do.

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lol Everything wrong with this picture

1: CA time zone fag
2: RBG mechanical keyboard with custom keycaps
3: Is that Solidity code? wtf???

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Literally who Keeps 4chan tabbed next to a programming terminal while working on ETH shit

Is Ethereum based or cringe guys?

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Btw if you have to inject test below 40 you are fucking up badly. The environmental factors which affect your natural test levels can and should be addressed first.

I bumped my natural test 50% in a year at age 32, after considering the side effects of injections and deciding it wasn't worth it.

I will absolutely inject when I'm older but rn it doesn't make any sense.

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All it boils down to is getting good amount of hard compound exercises every week that affect your largest muscle groups (legs and back) WHILE AT THE ZENITH OF YOUR DAILY TESTOSTERONE LEVEL.

So basically you have to do what it takes to lift heavy either in the morning after you wake up, or a couple hours before you normally get to bed. Lifting heavy at the right time during your circadian rhythm pushes your test production steadily upwards.

Yes you get benefit from lifting any time during the day but exercising based on your established circadian rhythm is like discovering super powers.

Also actually sleeping through your full REM cycle. Try earplugs. Micro-disruptions while sleeping due to modern noise levels and distractions are a big part of test disruption. Again this has to do with circadian rythym test production.

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Lol Ethereum is absolutely full of degenerates. They even have a furry dev team.

I also saw all this fud before I did test. Fuck the noise the shit is litteraly God mode you have to actually do it to understand. Some minor side effects are 100% worth it.

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Rustles my jimmies that I used to be into natural bodybuilding and stayed away from steroids, I got a an injury outside of the gym that required surgery and now makes weightlifting basically pointless - now a couple years later I want to start injecting test, and I can't help but think about all the potential gains I'd be missing out on

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>Come back in 15-25 years

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Get off the internet, for one. All in something low like Suterusu, go live your life for 6 months, then sell + be a chad.

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I thought testosterone gave you man boobies

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I'd say 0.5" 27 or 28ga. For Sq you want just straight oil with the eo, good indicator is it will be 200 or 250mg/cc, anything over 300 probably has something to help keep it in suspension and its more irritating. Matters less for muscle but if going in your belly you don't want or even benefit from it at such low doses. If you can handle it I'd recommend twice a week for most stable levels, but once a week is doable. I prefer to keep Sq at 0.5cc max, but with shit like heparin we give up to 1cc all the time, but again it's not oil based so some difference there Sq is actually superior in a lot of ways as it is released slower. Enanthate or cypionate are interchangeable. You'll pay more and get less active mg per mg but if you really want one shot a week I'd recommend 300mg of test deca or undecanoate in the ventrogluteal muscle.

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you mean this

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always suffered from low T symptoms since early 20s. I abused sarms when i was in my teens which had a lasting effect on my overall testosterone despite having done a HTPA restart.

I'm running 175mg SUBQ split up into every other day doses to mantain super stable levels. I use an 1/2 inch insulin needle and inject into stomach fat, you can't feel it and the whole process takes about 10 seconds.

Would recommend everyone to get a male hormone blood panel done, if you're in the lower percentile get on test. If you dont have low T the benefits don't outweight the inconvience of being a human pin cushion

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or this

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Fucking your entire endocrine system permanently is not a "minor side effect". You are fully aware that once you start injecting test you can't just stop. Enjoy munching estrogen regulators till you are 80.

Being dependent on regular injections and availability of Pharma is not something I could abide. I do understand the god mode because I am at injection test levels after a year of hard lifestyle change and discipline. I feel amazing and still can hardly believe what I can do physically compared to a few years ago.

Was it inconvenient and difficult? Yes. Can I take pride that I became human through my own effort l? Yes. Will you develop brain problems and breasts if shit hits the fan and you can't get yours drugs? Yes.

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Ok That ones fake

But ya buy eth if you wanna make it. Obvious reasons

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I am not worried.

I happen to know what is going on and all I can say is welcome to the United Corporations of America anon.

Brought to you by Bill Gates and Blockchain Economics

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Remove the jews so they stop poisoning your food and lowering your test

Also, exercise

>> No.18858043

Too many stupid people breeding anon. Let the Corporate overlords handle it unless you have a better idea.

Remember that movie idiocracy well it wasn't just a movie.

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lol at these retarded T-fudders telling us to "just exercise and eat right, bro!" like that's something no one had ever thought of before, and that we aren't already doing.

Just shows what shitty lifestyles they must have had if dragging themselves out of bed and eating something other than pop tarts led to an improvement for them.

What has changed in your life and personality?

Awesome, thanks.

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Is this true fren? are you one of the chosen?

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I have higher than average test and I am unironically buying SUTER here

>> No.18858258

what should i do?

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Pick up the can

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Tren has a kind of protective effect on prostate it would seem. Less chance of mph compared to test at least. Sides for me a way milder on low test too. Been doing 250/600mg/wk and mclovin' it.
This minus the ai and pct. Just asking for trouble and costs too much for something you'll never use.
What is the color of kings? What is the gay chink bear that can't can't fuck? Gooble them two words and urine luck.
Low doses of 250 and less per week will have no sides unless you have such shit genetics you should have been a miscarriage. Don't do pct until you're coming off for good, and then spring for the top shelf shit, proviron and hcg. Unless you're 30% body fat or some shit ai will just fuck your estrogen levels and leave you with a soft peepee. Estrogen is very good for libido, hard dick, and building muscle. It's the guys doing grams of shit that have to juggle all kinds of drugs. I won't touch ai after doing the gay rebbit cycle of 500 test e/wk. Felt like shit until I got tested and realized what was up, or down rather. Acne is a thing but shoot for high normal levels and it's nothing crazy. I do no soap and no shampoo, skin is fine. Usually I shower twice a day, quick rinse before bed, oil and salt or sugar scrub when waking up. Aztec clay mask with apple cider vinegar is good shit if you want to feel like a king. Do your research and come to your own conclusions but at doses discussed here I don't think you'll have any of the concerns you mentioned.
I was sitting at 275 and 6.3 total/free before hopping on. Pretty sure I'd see benefits at just 100mg/wk with teenage girl levels like that.
Prenatal test, growing up and puberting with plastics and endocrine disruptors, etc.. There's no correcting it. Playing catch up will only go far. The only answer lies inside a syringe if you actually give a fuck and are serious about getting total >800.
Tb500 and mk677, maybe some deca with low test.

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Sorry, I wrote with but meant without eo/ethyl oleate. It doesn't bother me in muscle but it's commonly related to pip and kind of an overpriced meme. More trouble than it's worth imo.

>> No.18858452

>Playing catch up will only go far.

This is what needlefags actually believe. You junkies will find out the hard way what you have done to your bodies later in life.

I highly recommend sitting down and having a chit chat with some older weightlifters who have done cycles of anything.

>> No.18858467

I dont know what exactly youre looking for, but I take modafinil to make me less lethargic during the day and probiotics + multi-enzymes to improve gut health

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>I highly recommend sitting down and having a chit chat with some older weightlifters who have done cycles of anything.

>> No.18858573

Why would we listen to a retard? B&C is what you do if you care about health and want to be a a juicer. Pct is for when you are coming off forever. That's unrelated to this thread though. Having normal testosterona levels is just that, normal. It could even be argued that it's healthier to have normal lab values than dramatically abnormal values. Hard to believe maybe but it's true. I suggest you sit down and talk to someone with normal levels. Maybe suck their dick too while you're at it since obviously you love men.

>> No.18858577

ya I know like wtf do roid abusers who use 10x what i plan to and also stuff other then plain Testosterone have anything to do with it

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Ya that guy is tarded

Body builders are not a good place to go for advice when all you are doing is at most going a little over natural levels.

>> No.18858692

>I happen to know what is going on
What's going on?

>> No.18858821

Best thread in a while. legit the final push I needed to give it a try.

>> No.18858844

Wow. You just lost what little credibility you had with that one

>> No.18859101

You want 2 inches 18 guage.

>> No.18859129

Test alone is hardly going to send you bodybuilder tier my man. A test cycle with good eating and hard lifting will basically put you at 'natty' athlete mode.

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You Think i need some injections? Im looking like this at 6"2. Lifestyle changes is all you need.

>> No.18859254

maybe more test isn't the answer?

>> No.18859334

>directly correlated
inversely, actually. Low test dudes with cooler heads make better trades.

>> No.18859394


Both of you post sources

>> No.18859549

>board full of degenerate crypto gamblers that participate in pnd scams because they have no ability to make money otherwise
>also need to inject testosterone for “motivation and focus”

LMAO this board is just /r9k/ posters that have enough willpower to fall out of bed. thx for the laugh this morning lads

>> No.18859617

Not going to say you don't look natty good, but let's be honest natty good is pretty bad. To look passibly as someone who lifts by mainstream expectation at least test is basically required.

That's probably a bad thing but nonetheless im still going to tell the girls around you i just eat right and get sleep for my physique.

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File: 45 KB, 735x304, 81101D61-BE0A-4A01-AD3B-10F7611B4E8C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A shit talking dyel twink on a Mongolian basket weaving forum is saying you need a lifestyle change

>> No.18860012


You dont need size, some muscle is nice but its more important to be lean. If you are lifting for girls which i dont do, many already Think im a bit too big

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