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guys help me I want this stupid fucking bat so bad

it's staring into my soul

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so buy one. don't they have them on jmbullion and usmint?

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Don't buy physical silver as an investment right now unless you like getting taken for an asshole stooge.

If you just think it looks nifty then by all means pick one up.

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Then buy one dummy

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why do you think silver is a bad investment right now? because the fed is printing trillions of dollars? inflation is good for precious metals. it's already at $15 an ounce it's not like it can go much lower.

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/biz/ is cornering the market. Join us

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The physical silver prices are at a premium because of panic buying
If you're willing to wait out the panic for the supply chain to catch up you'll get a better deal.

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those are some big bats

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could get a non silver one for under a dollar. whats a good price for a silver one, links?

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Dude get one its a good meme regardless.
I bought a Gilroy Garlic Festival mug the day before the shooting.
Happening keepsakes are the best kind

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Is the frosted one from the us mint worth it for 180? Kind of want one for my collection but not sure if I should buy a few ASE instead

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Because all the dealers are charging 20-30% over spot you iliterate mongoloid. Silver needs to be over $25 spot to make a penny on an ounce.

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i can buy a 10oz bar of silver for 180 on jmbulliion right now, pretty sure silver wouldn't need to go to $25 an ounce to make a profit.

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"panic" isn't going away until nobody in this world has the virus (2-3 years)

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Buy the batty.

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>dont buy the silver bottom
>dont buy the silver bottom
>dont buy the silver bottom
>dont buy the silver bottom
>dont buy the silver bottom

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If you want it because you think it's cool, go for it. If you're buying because you think it's a good investment, go for it. But the returns will be small compared to a lot of other things because you're just investing in a stablecoin

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right, bad goyim don't buy silver until we crash comex

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>spot price
A Jewisgh meme

What its selling for is the real price.

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>Because all the dealers are charging 20-30% over spot you iliterate mongoloid. Silver needs to be over $25 spot to make a penny on an ounce.

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Four ewe

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frostyboi edition

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>minimum spend $250 USD
>$50 USD shipping
I want the coin badly too Anon, but i aint paying $500 USD for 15 fucking ounces

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I'm buying a batboi and I come from the Kleros side of biz. I've literally never bought silver before too.

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>Being an aussie and not having a confirmed bat ordered.
Just pay the money anon, im comfy just thinking going into to the post office and picking up my bat any day now. pic related.

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yes, its worth it. They will be sold out soon

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This is comfy.

Yours is a silver coin defiled with that disease ridden ugly-as-fuck mistake of nature.

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Silver is real cheap at the moment

Buy and forget about it for 2 years

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I saw one of these on my coworker's desk today. Which is strange given that it was 4 A.M. and no one was around. I had no idea silver coins were that small.

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They are on sale today

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Batbois have landed in the U.K. let’s go bois

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perth mint has had my 5 kilos for two months
had to pay in full 5 days after my order with no delivery date yet to hear a word
i here its like this elsewhere
fuck jews fuck jannies fuck dollariedoos

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>he doesn't already own at least one batboi

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that pic though

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damn you have tiny hands bruh

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Damn those frosty bois are kino

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I’ll just..leave this...here.

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Bit the bullet

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Batbois are bigbois

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That better be uncirculated

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Manly tears?

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>Silver needs to be over $25 spot to make a penny on an ounce.

Not if I am willing to pay exactly that or more you nonce. Jesus...

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It looks like a gay pedophile bat.

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Dutch batboi here, just get one anon they are shiny

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Gay as fuck

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If you just want a small silver quarter, you can buy from the US mint.


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Ugly coin

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> $42 for an ounce of silver

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Where get dutch fren?

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my bat boi is next to my bird boi

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they are both good boy

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You have to be quick though they almost sold out, they where cheaper too when I bought them a few weeks ago

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they taste just like chicken I see what the big deal is

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Based birbs and bats

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US mint ships internationally. Are all uncirculated ones frosty, and all circulated shiny? My uncirculated ones from us mint are frosty

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just got 5 in the mail today

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Bat bois be blessed.

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That might be the price if you're buying 50 of those which means about a $10k investment which steps into Bitcoin territory and then which do you think can grow higher and faster?

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