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>The founder of Crescat Capital says the stock market is about to suffer another plunge.
>Kevin Smith draws parallels between the S&P 500’s April recovery and the Dow’s short-lived “relief rally” in 1930.
>The hedge fund bear warns this is your “last chance to sell” before the market begins the next leg of its prolonged crash.

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God I can only hope. I want to buy a house at the end of this and I'm in an exceedingly recession-proof job (healthcare), so I should be fine

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Priced in

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Always do the opposite of what /biz/ says

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Biz is absolutely euphoric about the halving. So is all of crypto YouTube. So is the mainstream media.

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This is bullish

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you actually believe this jew? A FUCKING HEDGE FUND MANAGER

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>>Kevin Smith draws parallels between the S&P 500’s April recovery and the Dow’s short-lived “relief rally” in 1930.
How the hell do these people take themselves seriously or expect anyone else to do so

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thanks i just sold everything

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>Sell all your shit goy so we can buy in cheap

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Most people on /biz/ are bullish.

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They say this shit on the week end
Fucking cocksuckers

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Bullish about Oil, Tankers, Airlines, Cruise lines, and UAVs lmao

Is it a wonder why SOME of the people on BIZ made it?

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>jew hedge fund manager desperately tries to invoke a mass selloff with bald faced lies so he can buy stocks for cheap

hmm, really gets those synapses firing.

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Always do the opposite of the jews

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Money manager who profits if the market collapses tells people that they need to sell their shares to make the market collapse


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>Biz is absolutely euphoric about the halving
no, we know that short term is gonna be hard
GBR will start in 2021

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it's a conspiracy pushed by those with put options

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and these idiots are expecting some major mooning straight away.

Likelihood is it'll break $16k some time next summer and will have quite the crash and crab between now and then.
Maybe peaking around 12k in next few weeks before hovering at 6k-8k for many months.

literally always happens like that too but it still shakes people out.

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>CNBC counter trading indicator says BUY

Ok, now it's confirmed bearish

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>implying a hedge fund will ever tell you what to do
remember mid march when they knew the market was going to crash? they sold for months silently and didn't say shit, so if they tell you to sell, you should probably buy more

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>compares bitcoin to tulip mania
>price goes goes anywhere from 20% to 70% of ATH for the next few years

>lets compare a stock market recovery to another event that happened 100 years ago

i think its interesting how people always make retarded predictions so if they turn out to be right they can remind everyone themselves but if its wrong they run a very low chance of being called out on it

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Hedge fund manager? LOL. That's like placing bets because the dealer at the blackjack table tells you "Hey, you might win!"

Fucking /biz babbies, lol.

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You mean the guys who bought tens of millions in 6/1 SPY 250 puts last week? They'll crash the market with their weight as they execute this coordinated pull out.

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If it dumps I’ll buy more. If it pumps I’ll be good. Get fucked, I’ve got so much dry powder faggot nig

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the first 4 will be up 100% minimum by the end of the year. i made almost a grand on uavs. sorry you were too stupid to get out before the call :^)

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>God I can only hope. I want to buy a house at the end of this and I'm in an exceedingly recession-proof job (healthcare), so I should be fine

You're a retard. If the stock market crashes, the dollar will crash and you won't be able to buy anything.

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>i made almost a grand on uavs

Wow, just wow, A GRAND!!
Where's your jetpack, Zuckerberg?

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>If the stock market crashes, the dollar will crash and you won't be able to buy anything.

Not in relation to everything else if it's a worldwide recession/depression, which it will be

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up 100% EOY he says

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I think LINK will moon with or without halving so I don't really care

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Me too, but I want as much link as possible. So I'm only gonna buy when it's oversold. It is currently overbought . The halving dump will cause link to dump hard .

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I took their shitty bullish advice and lost a 100
So I am doing the opposite tomorrow and shorting stocks

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Chances Kevin Smith (and by extension, his clients) is shorting everything?

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Everything always seems to go the exact opposite of what people expect and what logically makes sense. So if anything there will be a slight dip followed almost immediately by a massive pump from all the people holding short positions and all the guys looking to buy in at the slightest temporary downward movement

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My shorts are ready. Drop the fucking hammer.

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>He thinks retail investors move the needle
The Jews want their cheapies back for round two.

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lots of people have said this already. the Fed stopped pumping so everything will go in free fall

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This is the GAYEST and most SIMPLE view on economics I have seen since I was born and I'm 83 years old (lived through the 80s).

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it will pump going into the halving, crash by 25-30%, then the rally will begin in earnest and we'll be nearing 20k by year's end

same thing it always does. we are exactly on-track comparing it to the last two cycles; this is 2016 all over again.

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I don't think it will pump anymore. This recent run up was the pump. Dump next

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>Kevin Smith
He should stick to making movies

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based beyond comprehension

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As usual, biz is wrong and sp500 and Dow Jones will go up around 1%
Expect a lot of threads about the clown market

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Id be disappointed, but not surprised.
You could start a traveling Carnie show with all these knife-catchers.

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I bought a fuckton of puts on friday thinking something real bad would happen. My future awaits...

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Based fossilposter

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They’re strongly inverse correlated at this point. Could you be more wrong?

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the literal last person you should get advice from kek

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Lmao hes nearly last nonetheless i still intend to exit many positions nit just cause of him

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Bullish af

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Oldanon what are some of the “next big things” you’ve seen come out of nowhere like cryptocurrency or computers? We’re you an early adopter of anything noteworthy?

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imagine being this dumb and eating crayons every day

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Fuck you old fag I am 20 and I am all in bitcoin and precious metals.

Shut up senile old faggot

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Nice numbers hyper inflation and 100k dow confirmed.

FED is going to pump the stock market to the moon.

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Tik tok nurses don’t get paid that much desu....

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This is a meme. If it’s priced in then why will the stock drop like a stone when the earnings report come out showing an30% loss, when everyone is expecting a 30% loss?

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>Halving dump will cause Link to dump hard.
How low will it go?

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Pulling out of my 401k tomorrow. Probably gonna blow it on drugs and hookers since I have nothing else to do with it.

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I think you meant to say that it would go down 1%.

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What is your portfolio, young man?

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Literally blogspot tier website.I am not saying it won't go back to the same levels as last month but selling off everything is retarded. I bought options and shit close to the bottom last month and have sold almost all of it (except FB that expires in 2022). Swaped it for regular stocks and have 20% cash. I don't mind another dip and using that cash position but if you're selling your entire portfolio to expect it to crash and grab exactly at the bottom, let me tell you, you're gonna have a bad time.

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this bitch of a market reverses more than a mom trying to parallel park.


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this nigga just has puts

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Dow futures were down 350, now 100. Fed will push that to up 50 by 9:30 am

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so anons, its too late to cash out now isnt it? markets are all closed and I still have all my stocks
the first 5 minutes of monday will be a bloodbath and Ill be holding my big stinky bag
If I sell now will that still go through, can I still make it out?

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I’ve been an RN for less than a year and I’ll have enough for a down payment this autumn.
Does making jokes about tik tok ease the pain of knowing that I’m working while you’re getting the last drippings from the dried up teat of the brrrrrr?

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Gonna be hard to make a downpayment when they ask for 10 years of proven income. The first thing to dry up in the market is going to be credit, banks aren't gonna be lending shit to unproven people.

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Meant for >>18852538

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You're a year off the mark there

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Cashed out, bought 5k of SPXS... Burn motherfucker, burn!!

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Im holding my airlines and cruise lines.
Everyone i know is chomping at the bit to book flights and vacas. No one gives a flying fuck.

Because of the ' it'll never happen to me' philosophy. And that shit is powerful denial.

Got oil too.. can let that go anytime.

Not worried about a thang.
Airline and cruise are solid picks.

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Enjoy your losses

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you cannot have my bitcoin, sirs

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