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Let’s discuss this paper by Ari Juels Cornell team and IC3:

Decades of research in both cryptography and distributed systems has extensively studied the problem of state machine replication, also known as Byzantine consensus. A consensus protocol must satisfy two properties: consistency and liveness. These properties ensure that honest participating nodes agree on the same log and dictate when fresh transactions get added. They fail, however, to ensure against adversarial manipulation of the actual ordering of transactions in the log. Indeed, in leader-based protocols (almost all protocols used today), malicious leaders can directly choose the final transaction ordering.
To rectify this problem, we propose a third consensus property: transaction order- fairness. We initiate the first formal investigation of order-fairness and explain its fundamental importance. We provide several natural definitions for order-fairness and analyze the assump- tions necessary to realize them.
We also propose a new class of consensus protocols called Aequitas . Aequitas protocols are the first to achieve order-fairness in addition to consistency and liveness. They can be realized in a black-box way using existing broadcast and agreement primitives (or indeed using any consensus protocol), and work in both synchronous and asynchronous network models.

>inb4 d3l3t3 this

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Good theme song music:

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Interesting part of the paper

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Do you genuinely come to biz thinking you can have a stimulating discussion about something academic? Or are you just that bored and lonely that you post things like this hoping to be perceived as intelligent and interesting? There are people that spend their entire professional lives working on this stuff, if you’re genuinely interested in learning or talking about it, go somewhere like stackoverflow or honestly Reddit would even be better than here. No one is going to engage you here, and I specifically am not because I know you are a neophyte/dilettante at best and have only gotten interested in any sort of CS because you made a little money on shitcoins.

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this has nothing to do with chainlink

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Fug you

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Agree, I discuss anything important on SO, here I’ll just call you a cuck for reading some whitepaper, it’s all about memes and sentiment


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>go somewhere like stackoverflow or honestly Reddit would even be better than here
Oftentimes there is really good discussion.
Moderated forums with usernames and voting are no-go zones and have become internet ghettos at this point.

Thanks for your concern troll post, at least it was bump.

> No one is going to engage you here, and I specifically am not because I know you are a neophyte/dilettante at best and have only gotten interested in any sort of CS because you made a little money on shitcoins.
Lol I worked in quantum computers during my graduate studies, more on the hardware and physics side, but the cryptography and mathematics always interested me.

>pic related and video related is you right now


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fug you

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Also an interesting note on “synchrony”
Was always used to talking about synchronous and asynchronous machines so it’s interesting to think of that concept in the context of a consensus protocol.

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fug you

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No they haven’t unless you are frequenting forums that are discussing subjective nonsense. Also, if that is your education, then discuss the CS with your academic peers. When I want to discuss something academic, I talk with peers on Facebook or email. The best you’re going to get here is some kid who took some discrete math or very basic set theory and vaguely remembers what transitivity is.

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fug you

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>When I want to discuss something academic, I talk with peers on Facebook

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you need to just stop

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Additionally, if you have a resentment for usernames, why do you come to an anonymous forum and insist on having a username?

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you cant have an actual discussion with this retard. you're wasting your time

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>usernames turn forums to ghettos!
>posts on biz with a username


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https://youtu.be/0-Q3cp3cp88 >>18842681
>why do you come to an anonymous forum and insist on having a username?
Because (((their))) time is up
Because I’m a missionary man:

>I need a saga
>What’s the saga
>It’s songs for the deaf
>You can’t even hear it

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>actual discussion

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Has to spell “fuck” in nu-male phonetics
The absolute state of (((men))) in (current year + 5)

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at least use different pictures when shitposting

also fug you

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>Also, if that is your education, then discuss the CS with your academic peers
PhD’s and grad students aren’t as knowledgeable as people think. Most lack the fundamentals and they don’t question scientific dogmas.
After working in superconducting josephson junctions for QCs I realized that the machines they’re making in labs now are not truly quantum.
Like I’ve said in other threads, those QCs in labs are pseudo quantum computers. I suspect the consensus protocols developed by teams like Ari Juels’ in Cornell are the key to solving that problem.
Hardware mechanisms for overcoming quantum de coherence when reading and writing is essential for developing a true QC and blockchain will be revealed as the precursor to quantum machines and time travel.
It’s also why I didn’t pursue a doctorate and stopped at my graduate studies and went into crypto. I knew that’s where the future was.

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blah blah blah fug you

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Also an interesting paper talking about the concept of time at the smallest scales:

A characteristic feature of spatial dimensions is that a particle can move in any direction or remain at rest, while in a time dimension it always propagates in one direction (what we call aging in everyday language). So, three time dimensions of the superluminal system with one spatial dimension (1+3) would thus mean that particles inevitably age in three times simultaneously. The ageing process of a particle in a superluminal system (1+3), observed from a subluminal system (3+1), would look as if the particle was moving like a spherical wave, leading to the famous Huygens principle (every point on a wavefront can be treated itself as a source of a new spherical wave) and corpuscular-wave dualism.

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>at least use different pictures
Weak retort
Thanks for the bump

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What happens on May 5th?

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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fug you

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Working in the garden now enjoying the beautiful sunny Sunday
Stay mad haters

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what's there to be mad about?
it looks comfy

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Making a new raised bed for some potatoes
Extended another raised bed on Friday too.
It’s comfy now with the sun out.

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There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy

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This has now become a gardening and bbq thread

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Was responding to the autist with the 3 word vocabulary
It is comfy (pic related) and more relaxing than bickering with zoomers who aren’t even finished university and bragging about how they surf stack overflow forums
>hint: nobody cares

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We’re going to take revenge on covid for cancelling smartcon
I still can’t believe they’d release the virus just to fuck with the event but somehow I’m not surprised. They’re desperate to stop us at this point.

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This is a very long winded way to tell the thread that you are out of your depth

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Not only that but he insists that there is no way the rest of /biz/ would know more about the topic than him
So not only does he attempt to derail the discussion and concern trolls, he then attempts to fling shit on the entire forum.

Verdict: he’s a normie who regularly browses Facebook and reddit
Which begs the question, is the disgraceful decorum on display really a surprise?
Ive noticed and written about how social media has degraded people’s ability to write and to think and he’s a prime example.

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Social media has made me inarticulate and spacey as well, I don't blame him for cope flexing. Regarding ordering, what problem does "order fairness" solve? I can imagine that it could be used to prevent frontrunning, what else?

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>They’re desperate to stop us at this point.
Our powers of persuasion continue to grow and compound daily
We’ve got jumping Jesuses everywhere at this point (and more are jumping daily). Think of it like multiple Neo’s in the matrix at this point. The system can’t handle that many, especially when they start congregating and commiserating. Which is why we’re raised often, they try to poison the well of discussion to prevent us coalescing into an entity that will absolutely crush their pedophile money printing time matrix prison.


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>Regarding ordering, what problem does "order fairness" solve?
Look at order front running that’s a big problem with DEX’s at the moment.
Ari did a good talk about that topic:
Look at the firms that spend many millions on fiber optic cables to reduce latency times in order to get their high frequency trades in first before others.
The timing of the order and the sequence at which to process them is critical and I agree it should be a fundamental property of a robust consensus algorithm

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All the birds in the neighbourhood know me
They wait for me to finish digging and then they come for the works. I cover them up with soil since I feel bad leaving worms in the sun but they still catch them anyway.
I whistle and sing and wave to them and they actually wait for me to finish whistling and they sing back.

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My son is writing a research paper for elementary school. He is writing about tesla. I forgot about the lightning storm during tesla’s birth. Also i didnt know his grade school teachers accused him of cheating because he did so well.


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>PhD’s and grad students aren’t as knowledgable as people think.

This. In my MBA studies i never really opened my books. I studied business and finance and most of the material was pretty boring. I didnt feel very accomplished by graduating.

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Why don’t you just think of an ordering independent of the timestamp? For example, just hash the transaction or part of the transaction and order it

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>Also i didnt know his grade school teachers accused him of cheating because he did so well.
It’s funny I was accused a few times as well hahaha
Especially in highschool when I took advanced math courses a year ahead and had the best grade in the class along with another cute and athletically thick chinese girl. We later banged in university hahah, I couldn’t help it she was built like chun-li and I showed her a Mandelbrot documentary and we got it on with Arthur c Clarke and Mandelbrot narrating about fractals in the background in my dorm room hahaha.

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>we got it on with Arthur c Clarke and Mandelbrot narrating about fractals in the background in my dorm room
it was this documentary:
ultimate comfy memories
I later found out she had a boyfriend so I didn't pursue it any further

>Why don’t you just think of an ordering independent of the timestamp?
they reference that with their asynchronous and synchronous examples
they mention using things like block numbers instead of time to order things

>My son is writing a research paper for elementary school. He is writing about tesla.
this is a great resource

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This i am getting into now. Been using the law of attraction with amazing results.
It should be called the law of belief.
Just like the laws of mathematics if you have been using them incorrectly but all the sudden you use them correctly the laws do not hold your mistakes against you.
Similarly as soon ad you start using the spiritual laws correctly they also reveal secrets. There is no withholding.

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I heard something is happening on May 13

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the gold is in the ground my friend
you can't eat the fiat paper they print
you can't eat gold and silver bars for sustenance
health, food, water, shelter, good family
that is true material wealth and is timeless

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Something with Oracle and singularity.

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we need to go deeper...

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My ears are open

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vegetable gardening is good for your mind body and soul
working the land is an ancient tradition and is a great hobby to do, especially now that everyone is at home and food prices are going to continue skyrocketing it's also a frugal way and healthy way of living
you save money and the food is better and you're healthier from the exercise
that's a 360 win

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just post frazzledrip hrcvideo already, kek

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there were some good psychedelic moments in that documentary
also chegged
lots of digits lately

also while you're working in the garden and doing handywork preparing raised beds and greenhouses and landscaping, your wife can prepare meals from homegrown ingredients and tend to the house
if you have kids you teach them about it and it's great if you do it along with a close friend so they can help you offload manure and soil that you buy in bulk
the only thing you need is land, but if you have land it's better to do something with it
it's not healthy to live in a big urban environment for long, it warps your psyche
I lived downtown for almost 2 years in a high rise new condo (on the 42nd floor lol) and had to leave since I didn't enjoy seeing yuppies and homeless everyday

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I’m growing pot plants to get high

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>t. skippy and the boys
>pic related
>inb4 pizzagate was (((fake news)))

chegged and based

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Funny enough my father in law has been staying with us and has been working daily on our garden.

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>inb4 pizzagate was (((fake news)))
pic related
total conjob
hilarious how Trump stole the term for himself and used it against them almost immediately after

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>inb4 pizzagate was (((fake news)))

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I havent smoked weed in 60 days.
I love it but i do end up usually smoking a lot more than i plan on. I somehow end up making small changes to my life and day just to get an extra high in so i decided i need a break. Hasn't been too bad actually.

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That’s good. Yea you need a break every once in a while.
But in all seriousness gardening has helped me cope with the loneliness and sadness I feel in my life. I guess it gives me a purpose and something to care for. It’s amazing how much you can learn from plants. They truly are intelligent life.

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nah, i'm serious
it's all so tiresome

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God bless

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bumped an interesting but off-topic thread

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