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>He thinks the FEDS will let the markets dump tomorrow


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Which is exactly why the markets WILL dump tomorrow
Mumu has gotten too cocky lately and thinks JEROME will always be around to save him from himself

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Wow Venezuelans must be really rich !!

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what point are you trying to make

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it's simple
it's just that you belong on r/eddit

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holly shit dow will reach 100 000 point this year

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This guy is so stupid he thinks that inflation is the reason the US stock market is going up even though I can go out and buy a hamburger or a car for approximately the same as 5 years ago. To drive that point home in a retarded way he's showing a picture of Ven's stock market going up, which is a stock that is actually only going up because of inflation.

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Way too much invested in the stock market. Think of all those 401k's and people's savings. Trump pretty much now controls the fed and the treasury and they're working together to keep the markets from crashing any further. Remember there's an election later this year, no way does trump want to weaken his odds of winning by tanking the economy further.

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they will let the market drop and then Biden will get elected

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Is this real!?

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I have put a lot of thought into that scenario

>Trump stirs shit with China and global markets
>crushes the market and economy
>willingly loses elections
>let’s the bomb go off on Biden’s hands

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If you're actually such a putz to believe that then by all means short.

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damn, been a while since i seen this meme

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Market is gonna drop tomorrow because megaboomer Warren hasn’t spent his cash yet. Nothing else

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J Powell three in the towel

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printing has stopped. The FED said that it would pump 2 Trillion, and it has already done that. The injection curve has already leveled off on their balance sheet. Monday will be red.

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>it takes 0 time between money printing and inflation kicking in

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>The FED said
Lol. Check out this fag. The FED has been lying to the American public for at least 51 years if not longer. There is zero precedent to believe they'll have a change of heart now.

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priced in

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There WILL be more, we can pump this shit higher.

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J-just wait, a-any minute now I'll be right, you'll see!

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But the stock market is not the economy. There is only so much the fed can do to keep the economy safe by shoring up investors. With everyone stuck inside the stock market can't keep chugging along like this.

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Truth is, it will be red Monday. But if it causes a circuit breaker to happen, expect FED to swoop in.

May is going to be a down month, everyone knows it. It just won't go down like it fell off a cliff.

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Inflation of the currency supply doesn't cause inflation in prices until velocity sets in. There is no velocity right now, because the economy is frozen, and nobody is spending. If you don't get into gold now you are going to lose everything.

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Yeah but brainlets see that it’s going well so it must only be there area that is doing poorly and the good fortune will come around shortly

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McDouble was $1.00 5 years ago. It’s is now $1.69 I’m financially ruined and starving

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Deflation is more dangerous than inflation.

t. economist

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>t. ((()))

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>J-just wait, a-any minute now I'll be right, you'll see!

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You're totally on to me.

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the FED can't do anything against a supply and demand shock. once more people realize the real economy will be fucked for a long time, they will abandon the stock market. real economy and financial ecnonomy will both collapse

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Holy sheet how do I invest in this nation bitch lasagna

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By the time people realize something is wrong, their savings will be worth a fraction of what it was.

The Fed is loyal to the government, banks and Corporations, and will fuck over as many small people as it needs to, to give the elites their parachutes.

Buy Gold NOW.

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Don't complain that nobody warned you.

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>hey retard look at this line that tracks the current rate they're printing at

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How does he know to do that?!?!?

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They let it dump in March though?

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that was before they input Gameshark codes

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UBI is inevitable. The stock market will unironically hold up the American people, not the other way around

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Same to you.
t. autist who sailed through his econ degree with straight As and now has gotten rich from investing based on my understanding of macroeconomics.

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This. You have to be low IQ to be like these permabulls

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Lmao you stupid shills

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So exactly how much money have you lost shorting anon?

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Airlines first to start the dump
Checked. Look at the two kiked bulls seething to this post

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PFFFT gonna liquidate many of my positions as I can tomorrow. Intend to get rid of many of my sell calls as well so that I can sell the stocks. The manipulated stock market can't go up if everyone bails and refuses to buy it.

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I’ll be making $ while you are losing your shirt this next week anon.

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Didn't the fed cut back immensely on QE?

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Le bbrrrrrrrr maymay was dead over a month ago

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Haha, but seriously, come on, how much you lost.

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lmao look at this little wolf of wall street over here, can't wait to see your gains on your cute little 2k robinhood account

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Would Venezuela be in worse shape today had they experienced deflation instead?

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The feds should honestly just give the money directly to the government. If they're gonna inflate why not just let the feds spend it directly instead of trying to "incentivize" the banks to buy our bonds that we have to pay interest on?

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what did i miss what happesn tomorrow?

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The worst day in US stock market history

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why what news did I miss?

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you are the retard here, his point is 100% valid

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why do markets even close it's fucking stupid

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>once more people realize the real economy will be fucked for a long time, they will abandon the stock market. real economy and financial ecnonomy will both collapse

Jesus imagine how fucking deluded you would have to be to think that the Fed would just shrug and let the economy go back to the depression era.

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open your search engine of choice and type "bekshire hathaway" or "buffet"

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>bekshire hathaway
will oil be affected by this? i cashed 2k into a wti oil etf

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This is why markets will be BRIGHT GREEN tomorrow just to spite everyone. Everyone expects it to dump

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You're stupid as fuck, even before this development

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The FED is only spending $8B a day now, it was up to 75 at one point

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But until then, all this printing money for investors is doing is transferring wealth from the average person to the top earners who have bribed politicians. Australia has the right idea, everyone who earns a paycheck should own capital.

It's crony capitalism/socialism for the rich at the moment and it's really going to destroy the economy till ubi or something to its effect is passed.

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fucking hello agriculture is subsidized by the us government you tard
what happens when they stop bankinrolling the bubbas that produce your food you stupid fucking retard? mass riots. venezuela. this is what happens with a centrally planned economy

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uuhhhhhhh you do know they were founded in 1913, r-right? and Amendment XVI was (((coincidentally))) passed the same year? R-right? People on /biz/ are smart not dumb I thought.

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Venezuelan foreign exchange up 1000% this year despite active oil sanctions, low oil prices and non-existent tourism

Is their economy basically a shitcoin?

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Its sad how fast this one got out

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>from plebbit
they can't keep getting away with this

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That's 13.8% annualized increase on average, official CPI is around 2%

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I love mumu memes

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>when the FED fucks up so hard even backwater communist nations end up having their stonks go up

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10 minutes until bobos hang themselves

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they are printing trillions and buying the bad bets wallstreet firms and banks made directly at over 100 cents to the dollar on the purchase price, bnks and wallstreet are making a fortune off of this, they are buying this shit directly by printing trillionsand have said that there is no limit to how much they will print. it'll be over 20 trillion by year's end.

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I was talking food generally not one specific item from one specific menu.
>J-just wait, a-any minute now I'll be right, you'll see!

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Forgot sauce.

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Doomers like Peter Schiff "warn us" every single day every single year, "muh inflation" and "muh gold" are the biggest economic brainlet filters ever. You can tout gold as the ultimate safehaven store of wealth but in reality it's just another asset class correlated with the general economy that consistently underperforms other assets long term. Everyone knows the markets go through cycles but equities always rise in the long run, the markets are never going to crash to 0 unlike what the doomers want to believe. Right now the real concern is deflation from lack of demand, inflation is a meme.

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I went long on friday

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the money printing now is to counteract the deflation, the inflation happens later on not immediately upon printing.

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priced in

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Hahahaha I haven't seen that one yet. Fucking great.

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You’re forgetting one crucial detail:
Trump is a moron.

You’ll be amazed how badly Americans can fuck their own shit up

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Then Trump gets re-elected for another term after Dems salvage the economy. Rinse and repeat

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>bekshire hathaway
He just sold his stocks from the airlines who cares

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>I can go out and buy a hamburger or a car for approximately the same as 5 years ago.

Where do you live? Burgers in my area now cost 3x as much as burgers 5 years ago.

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He sold after a 50% dump for airlines...
Yeah sure
Here i bought airlines stocks after the 50% dump.
He's either lying or a retard.

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He probably isn't lying.
He probably did sell, and then announced it in the hopes that people would freak out and follow his lead.
After the prices dump this week from his announcement, he plans to buy back in.

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Guys. Blood bath tomorrow ?

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No you didn't

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Short then faggot.

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>mfw all in bitcoin and precious metals

Come at me faggots.

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Oh I am in a way

Hows your portfolio yoy?

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But it does feed the retirements of the largest group of people who show up to the polls.

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up around 30% over the last 12 months.

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They can't stop it.

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you believe that?

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everyone already expects them to be green because everyone expects them to be red, so it will be red

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It's not so much that he's a moron, but that this is an unwinnable situation.
Him delaying is only making it worse, and him delaying for his own re-election is selfish.
The democrats will not bring anything to the table that's better.

Which leaves it to us to fix it ourselves.
The reasonable Americans that are left are being drowned out by optics and algorithms to steal an election at the cost of the entire structure collapsing.
It's scary, sad, frustrating, but you know some of us keep grinding and the burden is becoming unbearable.

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yeah, I think he was referencing the gold standard 1971 which was questionable since 1933 when they confiscated everyone's and supposedly put it in ft. knox.

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What tips can you share that’ll help us determine whether a stock is a good buy or not? I’m new to this and would really appreciate any help I can get

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Whatever corporation has employees or former employees inside the presidential cabinet.

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so many faggot bears here sticking dildo up thier own ass becasue they are to BETA to become a bull

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Is it too late to buy gold? will it go up more? or am i just going to buy the top again?

>> No.18854568

Gold didn't peak until 2011 after the 2008 crisis.

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