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anyone with an IQ above 80 can see that airlines are fucked. so what? he should have liquidated two months ago.

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investors hate buffett. They will likely invest in spite

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I don't get this, why are they selling at a loss?
People are never gonna stop needing to fly/travel

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Investors WISH they were Buffett.
Everyone here was emulating him just earlier, as if "monkey see monkey do" investment strategies work.

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you sell at a loss because smart people don't fall for the sunk cost fallacy.

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William Gates informed him of Pandemic 2, scheduled for this autumn.

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Remember around mid-march when there was a leaked federal report that said we could be seeing the Chinese Sniffles for 18 months?

How many companies do you think could last through over a year of massively reduced demand?

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buffet's strategy is only beneficial to first movers. You only get rich from your 401k when you're old about to die and don't have any use for money anyway. Venture Capitalists have the exact opposite strategy.

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because airlines won't be recovering for years
so the potential loss over those years outweighed just selling now

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it will even out. Most companies had a lot of dead weight employees they just had an excuse to fire.

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lol, this.

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You know companies have to pay severance right?
In some cases, massive severances.
You dont just slice off the bits that are weighing you down with zero repercussions.

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lmao "even out" is what happens when a supplier puts a price up, not when the entire world economy gets put in a coma indefinitely.

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Why do I keep forgetting about this, it’s kinda scary biz. Every pandemic ever has a second wave that hits way harder than the first. Are we gonna be fucked from a cytokine storm? Pls

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>I don't get this, why are they selling at a loss?
The jew has been bragging about cheating on his taxes since he was a child. He sold his stocks months ago before the hoax cough was even made public. He's dating his transaction to today, at the bottom, to show it as a loss instead.

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There isn't going to be a second wave because first of all, it's not even fucking real in the first place. And second, even if it was real, there would still be no second wave. Why? Because it's not 1918 anymore. The quality of our sanitation and water treatment services are amazing now, making something like that almost an impossibility. In 1918, they didn't have any of that shit.

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exactly and we don't know what companies will be around or which will merge with which. It's a mess. Why hold onto United when there's no guarantee it will even exist in 5 years?

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half of my networth is in berkshire shares. i am financially ruined. how does a 90 year old fuckwit with access to THE william gates not market sell everything in feb.??????? this is fucking atrocious. he sold airlines at a loss like a fucktard. this is the last time i fall for a normie shit-ass cult of personality.

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bruh, thats some peak ignorance posting

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How do we make money off this?
Short Berkshire shares, short airlines?

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I bet you lose your shirt every day

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i bet this fuckwad boomer gets all the braps he wants from his 10/10 trad wife. fuck i wish i was a billionaire.

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He’s probably shitting his pants. This is going to mark the end of capitalism, or at least greatly accelerate its demise.

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at 9:30 AM EST open a short position on AAL and DAL. At 12:30 close your short position. At 12:31 take your profits and reinvest them in BRK shares, presumably at a ~5-10% discount. Don't do this later than 12:50, big boys get back from lunch and then eat yours.

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>tfw attempted to short call UAL at 12.50 last week
>tfw thought clownworld rules would apply and yield me a tidy sum
>tfw some stocks are such obvious losers that even clownworld economics cannot save them

Needless to say the options expired worthless.

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>Short Berkshire, he said

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Could Warren get away with marrying an 18 year old?

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>not market selling all assets and reinvesting in LINK
never gonna make it

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nah, wont be a second general market crash (sorry everybody in the thread that missed the bottom).
it's simply understandable to bet on airlines failing because who wants to travel now?

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Who would want to get trapped somewhere if another outbreak happen?

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Why didn't that quality stop the virus now?

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Warren could get away with anything. He is a 90-year-old toddler with a penchant for making shrewd business moves. No one sees him as a threat until Mr. Market has you in a corner and he is your only savior. Buffett could televise him rawdogging a school bus full of trad lolis and everyone would still think of him as "sweet old uncle Warren"

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he's 120 years old, he's accepting a loss because he won't live to when it recovers.
not like he needs the money but he probably figures he can buy something else with the airline money that will increase in value quicker than airlines will recover

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>The quality of our sanitation and water treatment services are amazing now

Yes, but viruses mutate and adapt alongside us.

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he knew the airlines were fucked, his bet was on whether or not the fed could keep control, and he lost

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>could televise him rawdogging a school bus full of trad lolis and everyone would still think of him as "sweet old uncle

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Joe would be the one to slip up and Facebook Live himself banging his pizzagate loli harem.

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Nice burn

THERE WILL BE A SECOND WAVE. All of the Bank CEO'S know it, virologists know it, Bill Gates knows it, Warren Buffet knows it, the CDC director knows it....Everyone knows it will happen, tool.

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That’s where you’re wrong kiddo

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i might do this

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what is there to get away with??

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>i bet this fuckwad boomer gets all the braps he wants from his 10/10 trad wife. fuck i wish i was a billionaire.

Would smash...

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>Never sell at a loss, even if it means cutting your losses
Ah, tried and tested /biz/-strategy

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>another outbreak
The first outbreak is just getting started

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buy and hold is the best strategy for long term investors
there are many fags like you that are wannabe traders that think they can beat the market by trying to time ups and downs and get eaten alive

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>he insists corona virus is fake
>he thinks they wont fake a second wave


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there'll be a second wave for sure, but they won't close anything again. they will just let people die.

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Yep. And after a big stock market crash like this, you're only selling at a loss comparatively anyway. If you're using your funds to buy some other stock you expect to bounce back you're not losing anything (except you can write down a loss for tax purposes possibly)

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Ya pls pull out

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>trad wife

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Remember that we saw the biggest number of fortune 500 CEOs resigning this quarter?


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Oh my god I don’t even think you realize how stupid this post makes you look... trying to back your claims with “didn’t have any of that shit” which doesn’t even involve how the virus spreads in the first place. What’s up with these democratic cux that think that we’re too advanced for X. It’s Insane what this board has come to

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Gotta keep those Stonks up until they liquidate.

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Probably something you wish for. Government having full control so the system is “fair” you fucking totalitarian moron thinking the governments of the world actually care for your well being. They DONT. You have a chance at escaping being another drone feeding their queen with capitalism. Every other system you have no chance at escape. Fuck you brainwashed lifeless robot drone. Have fun at your factory job you fit right in

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B r u h
Lets not be too quick to assign political ideologies to cucks :^)

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Yeah, what a weird coincidence...

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They all cashed out big time.
this is probably the largest example of insider trading in American history, if not world history.

Ya'll remember how hard those stocks pumped leading into the big drop? AMD went from 48 to 58 in a matter of roughly a month, then everything dumped hard.

Looking back this shit was the biggest honey trap imaginable.
and its STILL bringing in fresh money.
How many people used their "please dont loot" money on the stink market thinking they'd beat the globe?

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Selling airline stock at rock bottom before bailouts. I dont get it

>> No.18835216

You don't do that unless you anticipate worse to come.

Which implies this isn't the bottom.
And it never was.

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I wish I had insider information. I hate being a wage cuck pleb

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You need to learn how to network you dumb faggot 7 degrees of seperation I am 5 people from actually knowing Hitler work in yiur skills dumb faghot

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We're at the "return to normal" stage

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Should i sell all my stocks on monday? Am considering it. Ill walk away with a profit. Dont think the charade can go on much longer.

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an anon told me to follow my gut

>> No.18835504


Should've sold a couple months after the yield curve began inverting. You've really been playing with fire -- luckily for you the Fed has been willing to further mortgage our future to prop up boomer bags. Get out while you can, quickly. You should be still up considerably after an 11-year bull run.

How much longer are you willing to wait? Do you really think we're going to make a new ATH when we're dipping into a depression? Don't be clowned on

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Also if you wanna do a real pro gamer move, dip out and move right into Bitcoin, which is about to start its next bull cycle.

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You think the Dow is going to zero according to that chart? Lol

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Everything or only certain ones? Here's a list of some of my portfolio.

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need cash to buy a boarding pass

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Only the plebs are gambling in the stock market wanna why, I opened an account with Robin hood last month and I am straight fucking loser.

Anyways, put on every airline 100× leverage let them burn

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The lock down is killing people anyway, the new antibody studies show that millions were already infected, mortality is less than 0.2%.

>> No.18835614

Ever since I played RDR2 I have seen so many parallels of my life with that Dutch faggot.

I feel for Arthur.

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>He hasn't realized the American dollar is literally confetti at this point

Who gives a fuck we're having fun until the bombs drop faggot, ww3 is incoming if you can't see it by the time is here it'll be too fucking late

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Yeah that 0.2 percent are the ones controlling the fed, literall fucking boomers who would rather burn the world than catch the meme flu

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This fucking asshole has consistently said airline stocks are a losing bet, yet once again he invests in them and loses his shirt.
His big thing is holding stocks for years, whats his quote "buy a stock like your plan to have it for the rest of your life," OK guess thats not airline stocks
What about his being greedy when others are fearful, the market is all fucked up right now and this old coot is sitting on a warchest of 45 billion. is he selling to drop the price then he is going to swoop in and buy the entire airline? either way his selling signal is going to fuck the market up esp airline stocks this week.

>> No.18835678

So it's bad when someone comes in with a realistic opinion of stock market should crash but it's a-okay for the fed to pump it?

>> No.18835699

you don't just "walk it off" with a plague.

Letting it spread unmitigated with kill us significantly quicker.
we have 67000 deaths that'll hit 70k in a matter of a day or 2, with the largest lockdown in human history.
we went from 5,150 deaths in march, to 63,856 at the end of april.
that is a multiplicative increase by the factor of 12.

dont let anyone tell you we're gonna be okay, cuz we wont.

why do you think I bought a gun?

He's human like the rest of us.
you should see how quickly things turned around for the moneyed and prestigious during the great depression.

>> No.18835716

Bro what, what do those 2 things have to do with each other? Both are bad

>> No.18835733

Look, tried and true long time strategies only apply in the 99% of the time in history and we happen to be in the 1%. Nothing wrong with changing according to the larger environment.

>> No.18835780

Can't wait till we return to normal.

>> No.18835816

>People are never gonna stop needing to fly/travel
of course they are, stupid.
rolls royce is having its biggest layoff for 30 years
tons of airlines are laying off their staff
the world will never be the same again

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But according to this now would be the time to buy? And then sell everything in three years before it crashes.

>> No.18835860

>ignoring the science

What about UN estimates that over 100 MILLION will starve because of trade disruptions? or the fact politicians are getting off that they have an excuse to be authoritarian. You can limit the spread without fucking everything.

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To expand on this for sake of some good ol' fear mongering,
If we were to see an increase this month by the same factor of 12, we would see 766,272 deaths.

I don't think that's possible, BUT my maths predicted we would have ended the month with 67k dead and i was off on my count by 2 days.

There's beliefs that the United States is Over-reporting
And beliefs that the we're under-reporting

The thing that's concerning is we have 50 states undergoing various stages of viral infection curvature.
We're not all fleshed out, yet. not even close.
So who the fuck knows where this is going haha

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I don't touch trading, but I also see no point in holding on to an asset that's in a death spiral. "Buy and hold" doesn't mean you have to watch it crash, faggit.

>> No.18835908

and what do you think will happen if our supply chains and sources become breeding grounds for viral contaminants?

The politicians have always been fuckheads, this is no surprise.
But we are in a position where -if we can not work together at least for the sake of our own health to minimize spread- we'll all be choking on lung fluid.
And once we are at our weakest, everyone that has a bone to pick with America will have an opportunity to fuck us up on home turf.

>> No.18835912

>dont let anyone tell you we're gonna be okay, cuz we wont.

nobody has ever died before now, we have no idea how to continue living, neck yourself cunt

>> No.18835934

Out of curiosity, do you know how to get your own food if grocery stores stopped operating?

Have you even stocked up on food since this began?

>> No.18835942

>Berkshire "sells" their airline stock

Didn't they sell weeks ago?

>> No.18835961

Thats insulting to those that considered mentally retarded.

>> No.18835963

Ahhh, the classical nothingburger move to destroy the economy and on top people who are controlling the system like Buffet, heavily linked with (((everyone))) were losing a few billions in that process.

Yeah...makes sense. Peak reached, second wave cancelled, depression cancelled. V shape recovery incoming

>> No.18835977

Exactly both are affecting the market when they shouldnt be able to. I was expecting the anon I responded to as being one of those "stocks only go up" and hate went the manipulation makes stocks go the opposite way

>> No.18835988

isn't this old news? i heard about this 2 weeks ago, if not longer.

>> No.18836006

I have room to grow my own food, if necessary, and I can fish or hunt if needed - or I could just get someone to butcher a cow/pig for me. I'll be fine out here.

>> No.18836054

admittedly based.

I'm working on my dad's backyard right trying to get it squared away for farming if needed

>> No.18836069

If you’re waiting to get started “if needed” you’ll be too late.

>> No.18836087

I knew that but didnt want to admit it.
The whole place is overrun with weeds.
I'm just trying to cut down the fire hazard at the moment.

im ngmi t b h

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>> No.18836126

>People are never gonna stop needing to fly/travel

Umm have you missed the part where many countries have stopped travel

>> No.18836136

Yeah that’s a hard lesson but look, nobody expected buffy to have twitch-like reflexes and sell on a dime. His whole thing is to figure out that some company “buys ping pong paddles, ping pong balls and rubber strings. Then it attaches one end of each string to a ball and the other end to a paddle. Then they sell these contraptions at a profit! It’s amazing! You can see if they are over- or undervalued by dividing their stock price by their paddle pile”

>> No.18836183

>this aint your grand daddy's stock market

case in point, grandpa's having a hard time

>> No.18836201

Well said.

>> No.18836225

Nah, I personally want the government to fall as well. Rolling for total destruction of civilisation & Uncle Ted's dream coming true.

>> No.18836257

Y'know, the wild west 2.0 would be pretty comfy.
Not initially, though. It'd be real shit for a bit.

>> No.18836416

So my brainless persona is assuming short sell some on Monday for some quick gains?
Am I right my frens?

>> No.18836460

Yeah. Thank goodness he hates crypto, imagine if he had gone in with $100B in 2015 and then pulled it out and in every time he read in financial times that bitcoin was/dead/mooning.

>> No.18836467

Its 37k not 67k deaths you tards


>> No.18836488

Whats the movie ?

>> No.18836497

wheres that from?

>> No.18836746

He is a good example of the survivor bias.

>> No.18836765

Here's the truth: Buffett did well for a long time. With a mixture of smarts and plain old luck. His time is over. He knows his decisions in the last few years were a failure. Every god dies.

>> No.18837108


pretty much. plus there are far too many CVG fags in here.

>> No.18837127

Jews can summon accounting wizards to write the loss off on their taxes

>> No.18837150

its not a fallacy you inbred moron. It a psychological effect.

>> No.18837186


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>buy high, sell low

Incredibly based. Buffet /ourguy/ confirmed? KEKE!

>> No.18837254

You bitch ass niggas should wake the fuck up and try to understand that billionaires are in a whole different ball game than us. They get inside knowledge that you can't even imagine way before and act accordingly by it while probably diddling kids together or something. Hell, they can even create the very conditions that make themselves richer. Even these losses of the Buffet are probably calculated and accepted beforehand because you can't wake the goyim up with your inside knowledge obviously or you will kick out from the Big Club. He is going to get some hefty tax returns or do some magical tax evasion bullshit or something with these tricks.

>> No.18837259


lol, he looks dejected as fuck. He shuffles off this mortal coil by end of year, cap this. Old people in good health die when they lose their life purpose.

>> No.18837375

Exactly. What to think about monopoly rule with the context of covid?
State driven corporations, like the Chinese ones, are very competitive and adaptative towards a shitload of clusterfucks.

>> No.18837470

>Buffet is a literal Nobody for 99,99% of people
No doubts his influence is way overestimated, I’m 100% convinced he doesn’t belong any Masters of The World group.

>> No.18837840

if your buying a stock and planning on holding it for a decade or two, now is A perfect time.

>> No.18838090

what app is this anon ?

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File: 38 KB, 616x635, GOD PLEASE HELP ME.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is how:

>> No.18838178

Better sell at a loss than get wiped out by a bankruptcy. Sure in a few years things will be more or less back to normal, but it's not guaranteed the companies you buy now will survive until then.

>> No.18838217

The CDC mortality chart for ALL causes of death shows that the total number of deaths is actually 3% lower than last year at this time. So don't give me that gay ass counter argument about a lag in reporting. You people are retards.

>> No.18838483

>People are never gonna stop needing to fly/travel
Yes they will, the admin boards are getting familiar with video conference.
The romantic view of have person to person meetings with firm handshakes and shoulder taps is about to be a thing of the past.

Same for tourism. The instagram travel hype will eventually fade as people will the shammed for traveling and even blamed of spreading if they get sick.
This virus is killing of the cancer that was globalization.

>> No.18838572

Theres still lots of other reasons people fly. People get new jobs and need to fly across the country or world. People get sick and need to fly to get to a hospital. People fly to visit family and friends. People take vacations. Flying is safer and quicker then driving it isnt going anywhere. Alot of smaller airlines might bo bankrupt but that was a problem before this happened

>> No.18838621

>what is a long distance relationship
>implying people won't want to go on holiday
>implying people don't have family abroad
half the planet needs to fly several times a year, deluded

>> No.18838637

>Theres still lots of other reasons people fly. People get new jobs and need to fly across the country or world.
Yeah... grandma likes to fly to florida in winter... do you really think that is what airlines make their money with? Fucking retarded faggot.

>> No.18838658

So if the demand for flights halves, what happens to the air travel industry?

>> No.18838696

It won't halve you retard. Do you think we are going to abandon flying and start using ships to cross the ocean again?

>> No.18838702

they halve their orders for new aircraft, fire some staff and cut budgets - and probably dividends. Do you seriously think the air travel industry is done for?

>> No.18838737

He buys partnership interest in companies or the entire company and is not buying common stock like you or I. Look at the deal he did with BofA, he got like 8 or 10% dividend and he got a heavy discount on the stock price. Value investing is a good strategy for all investors but mimicking his moves to a T is not only dumb, it's impossible.
Comparing retail investing to what Warren Buffet is doing is like comparing the guy who rents an extra bedroom out in his house to Blackstone's $140 billion worth of apartment buildings under management.

>> No.18838763

It doesn't matter how deadly the virus actually is it matters how all these stupid fucking regulations are going to kill businesses in the long run. How the fuck do you make an airline profitable when you have to have everyone be 6 feet apart And why do you go on vacation when you can't even go to a restaurant or a beach

>> No.18838784

>he should have liquidated two months ago.
He probably wanted to but they wouldn't let him.

>> No.18838800

HE made his money from BERKSHIRE RE and GEICO. He doesn't know how to TRADE.

>> No.18838809

>How the fuck do you make an airline profitable when you have to have everyone be 6 feet apar
Double or triple the ticket cost like they are already doing. When the demand picks up again the ticket price will lower

>> No.18838814


>> No.18838818


>> No.18838837

its literally called the sunk cost fallacy, absolute animal

>> No.18838876

Ya OP sub 80iq's make up at least half this userbase. Have some self awareness

>> No.18838891

didnt this carpet seller say bitcoin is bubble while bitcoin rose from 1 dollar to 9000 dollars today?
anyone who listens to him is an idiot.

>> No.18838937

Hows that going to work when people don't have the money to buy them? Airlines are going to be taking a huge hit so long as we have these stupid policies in place. Restaurant industry will too. Most restaurants can not be profitable at 50% capacity and this is going to stretch into the summer months which is when a lot of them make their entire nut. So yeah, say goodbye to a lot of retail and restaurants. All for 37 thousand fucking deaths. If there was a literal world war going on right now we would have a stronger functioning economy.

>> No.18838959

You got that wrong senpai... airline DID take a huge hit a month before corona chan

>> No.18839016

>Wow, you really think GM is going bankrupt? You think the car industry is done for?

>> No.18839049

It also enforces local development. No planes, no special trades with other countries.

>> No.18839065

Just invest in rail companies

>> No.18839080

what a retarded comparison.
Firstly, I didn't say a single airline wouldn't go bankrupt - I'm sure they will.
Secondly, the car industry did survive and will continue to do so so you're basically proving my point. Dumbass

>> No.18839122

It's literally a fucking flu that only is only deadly to people 80 year olds. I think we will be laughing about this in a year cause we crashed the economy over a fucking flu

>> No.18839151

You let the invisible hand work its magic around the sanitation regulations, obviously. Airlines should take advantage of the oil surplus to offset fuel costs and wholeheartedly implement space rules between passengers - they should still break even and they'll help the oil market rebound. The dumb thing would be to stick with the tuna can style seating and get your ass wrecked in court when passengers catch corona and start the class action lawsuits against the airline. There'd be so many angles to work from that a lawyer would be salivating.

>> No.18839183

They will have the money because a 1,000 dollar flight is still way cheaper and more efficient then taking a 7 day road trip In a car or taking a 2 month boat ride

>> No.18839184

Sure. A guy who literally, one of the richest ones, owns whole jew companies and big junks of global important business has nothing to say and is a nobody

>> No.18839202

I've accepted that if Warren Buffet can't make money in airlines, then I probably can't either.
What does look to be value investing this week are financials. They got spanked in March, re-balanced, and the stocks are still quite cheap. Hidden in the 10Qs, J.P. Morgan and Goldman both posted record trading profits to help offset additional capital requirements to cover credit spreads. Everyone is going to be carrying big debt bags out of this throughout the summer, and as long as defaults don't surge, banks and credit card issuers are going to be collecting some fat fees on everything from loan issuance to servicing Aunt Gemma's credit card balance.

>> No.18839238

I've made 60% in returns on airlines, buffet sold the bottom like a retard

>> No.18839243
File: 92 KB, 719x750, CDC-Mortality-Rates.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a fake hoax virus being used as an excuse to purge shitty businesses and worthless employees, allowing the elites to absorb that wealth while you become poorer. CDC mortality chart for ALL causes of death is actually 3% lower this year than last year.

>> No.18839271
File: 421 KB, 1024x1686, NPC IS REAL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its like you faggots forget we had many more deadly diseases like the spanish flu. Sadly sheep like you forget this and just listen to CNN about how this is the deadliest disease ever and you will die if you get it etc...YOUR A SHEEP

>> No.18839279

>No car accidents
>No other virus who can spread and kill ppl
>No lethal accidents at sports
>No public transport accidents


Buffett isn't gambling with 100$ like you are. He cannot straight up buy out companies and sell them. You were mostly leveraged too like a real gambler.

>> No.18839301


>> No.18839305

Which means Monday is going to be seriously green. I could see the return to normal being higher than the new paradigm

>> No.18839322

Good sheep.

>> No.18839353

It's just funny that people randomly cherry pick statistics and make their opinion based on nothing. The next week they make a 180 and base their opinion on another random statistic. Just get lost retard.

>> No.18839377

Not even gambling I'm doing what Buffett always talks about buy companies when they are undervalued. They dropped like 80% because of some scared boomers thought the end was coming.

>> No.18839403

OK?!? So all these theories put aside.. do you think I care WHY i lose money? Or do you think I care to fix the reason why I lose money?

>> No.18839426
File: 107 KB, 1000x1000, bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not falling for this bait. And that chart is from the CDC.

>> No.18839458
File: 29 KB, 600x700, 4807767__142368ccb8bb9f59b40d26d9ae2434f4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.18839491


This is mandatory listening before the market collapse




>> No.18839499

video too long... who has time for that?

>> No.18839517

Just explain me why every fucking country on earth is going into hard lockdowns - even extending them to OBVIOUSLY destroy (((their))) loved baby - the economy.

Once you can give me clear answer to that, I might change my mind that this is srly a nothingburger, but so far nothing makes sense.

(((Their))) well protected baby - the economy, especially in the globalisation is all the got and built up for years / decades. A few police state agendas were easily possible to implement on a way more eco friendly way.

>> No.18839520
File: 266 KB, 692x634, Menacing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18839537

Cause its controlled by 80 and 90 year old boomers who dont give a fuck what happens to the economy they just dont want to die

>> No.18839557

>anyone with an IQ above 80 can see that airlines are fucked. so what? he should have liquidated two months ago.

please stop posting about this senile old man. he is not a good trader

>> No.18839561

Like I said. This is beyond retarded, get you logic straight, lmao.

>> No.18839571

Exactly, and if it was a hoax, they wouldn't be afraid of the virus

this anon is correct, fake virus posters are retarded q anon boomers

>> No.18839573

I mean I sold my airline stocks a month ago and I'm a retard, so he can't be that smart

>> No.18839592

this is Harvey Price tier retardation. Do you seriously believe that? Do you fully believe that the people in charge 'don't give a shit about the economy'? You thick fucking idiot

>> No.18839641

It's not a secret the virus is most deadly to the elderly. No they dont care if it tanks because they are already rich and they will just buy the bottom when it recovers. If they did nothing, no lockdowns, then they would die and their zoomer grandkids inherit their money which is not what they want

>> No.18839692

>buy when there's blood on the streets

>> No.18839695


>> No.18839705

his first wife was a commie that corrupted him for life and made his children useless
at least his obsession with numbers kept him investing

>> No.18839805

Because it makes them appear competent as leaders and because all the (((models))) were predicting death tolls in the millions not tens of thousands. Not everyone took the Chinese approach. Sweden is doing fine and didn't nuke their economy.
I think quarantine early on was the right idea, back when we didn't know what we were dealing with. Now we do and now that the cards are on the table you're seeing who is doing this as a power grab and a way to secure federal funding to bail out their bankrupt states and who is willing to be proactive and reopen the economy.
Maine is on an indefinite lockdown and they have 33 fucking deaths. You could make the argument they are worried about travelers from MA and even southern NH but then all you need to do is close things to people who aren't state residents. It's retarded.

>> No.18839850

How come in 2009 when h1n1 killed 500,000 in one year no lockdowns happened? Because it only killed young people and babies so no one cared, but now a disease that targets rich people so they shut it all down

>> No.18840054

wait a second here.. are you saying I should care about african babies dying?

>> No.18840167

Buffet has a incredible team of people he works with. They know what is coming down the pike. They will soon be buying the strongest and most profitable businesses. The world economy is changing and smart investors are getting in position to POUNCE!

>> No.18840249

BRK shares are 275k a piece asshole

>> No.18840293

The true big brain post. Based and 5-D Chess pilled.

I bet he’s still holding his Kroger stock.

>> No.18840307

>the world will never be the same again
All because of a fucking chink common cold....

>> No.18840452



>> No.18840486
File: 72 KB, 612x795, BRKB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18840489

it goes like this until it doesn't

>> No.18840547

Pandemic 2: Electric Boogaloo

>> No.18840566

How do u even invest in a 90 year old. This guy dies and Berkshire drops 10% on the day LOL

>> No.18840575

Can someone riddle me this:
When Buffet announces that he either is going to or already has sold a certain part of his portfolio, how come it's never being picked up by analysts and observers as it happens?
Shouldn't there be huuuuuge spikes in volumes, abnormal high options open interest, etc. etc. observable when someone like Buffett liquidates one of his massive holdings?
How come everyone is only ever baffled after the fact that he announced it?
Or is he selling off the counter (under the table or whatever) to other institutions or investors to avoid showing up in T&S or in the options chain? (if that is possible at all)
Could someone please elaborate?

>> No.18840638

The economy was going to crash anyway. It was inevitable. But they were afraid of massive protests against corporate greed, massive social unrest, etc so they needed a divertion to draw the attention away from them when they let it crash. There are people that are so low IQ that they think the crash was actually caused by a virus.

>> No.18840648

Shit's gonna hit the fan but you underestimate the normie. People are getting closer and closer as confidence grows. All the boomers started taking out their antique cars and harleys en masse as of yestersay here in the northeast. They're either gonna bail out the major players or there's going to be an explosion of low cost airlines taking advantage of years of dirt cheap gas and impoverished tourism economies.

>> No.18840686

>There are people that are so low IQ that they think the crash was actually caused by a virus.
If there will be an actual crash, 95%+ of all people will easily believe it's because of DURRVID19

>> No.18840698

It's not like he sells everything in one day

>> No.18840711

>They're either gonna bail out the major players or there's going to be an explosion of low cost airlines taking advantage of years of dirt cheap gas and impoverished tourism economies.
The FED/central banks will eventually become majority owners of most key industries and companies over time so no need to worry.
Just as the BOJ will eventually own everything in Japan through their perpetual ETFs and REITs buying program.

>> No.18840732

You don't say

>> No.18840741

You have betrayed your IGNORANCE!

Berkshire has an incredible team of brilliant people. Buffet may be an obstacle in the growth of BRK!

>> No.18840804
File: 26 KB, 400x363, z THEY DONT THINK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18840980

:D yes le me entrust my millions with the man who just lostt billions.. great idea. Thanks anon

>> No.18841025

so you can buy it for even lower. Don't catch a falling knife.

>> No.18841221

Problem with airlines is that they need to spend around 10 billion dollars to make 1 billion and the risks are far greater. While even safe stocks like bank stocks that have slow growth and lower risks have to spend like 10 billion to earn 2 billion. The risks are far greater for airline stocks and reward is half.

>> No.18841279

He's saying that Buffet as the greatest investor, shouldn't there be more people following his investments after he announces he is buying something.

He's right but Buffet doesn't announce his purchases before buying them and spike in volume wouldn't be that much since be only buys multi-billion dollar companies. Also instead of trend purchasing after buffet, people can just buy his stock to match those returns.

>> No.18841284

On monday, right?

>> No.18841326
File: 106 KB, 632x1952, 1576196005478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all spy put bagholders
get fucked retards

>> No.18841363
File: 97 KB, 545x304, ohn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He took advantage of a fake pump, he knows it's artificial and Fed propped up. Got out of his bags, but I don't believe he thinks airliners are doomed, he's literally FUDDing now. Wants them to crash harder and then buy back in at an absolute bargain. No one who was traveling regularly before is going to change their habits.

>> No.18841429

every billionaire probably has some sort of shelter with life support to sustain them for a hundred years if things get apocalyptic

>> No.18841633

that is funny, you see, rich people are not like anons.. they do not build a bomb shelter in the woods. but thanks for the laugh

>> No.18842200


>> No.18842312

Good, more cheapies for me to sit on when the stocks 3x from the recovery. In buffet’s own words, don’t bet against America

>> No.18842384

Buffett initally bet on a V recovery so it made sense to buy cheap airline stocks. Now he thinks we're heading for a L or a long U recovery so airline stocks no longer make sense.

>> No.18842432

Everyone should start buying airline stocks to pump the stock just to mock him now.

>> No.18842441

and so am I

>> No.18842455

amazon has to spend 135 billion to make 1 billion. How is that a better investment?

>> No.18842484

millions: clown!

>> No.18842545

>you think oil is going to zero according to that chart?

>> No.18842678

>Buffett initally bet on a V recovery
In case anyone still had lingering doubts that this senile idiot wasn't completely retarded

>> No.18842778

Investing Millions and Billions is SO DIFFERENT than 100s and 1000s and 100,000s of thousands.

Most of us are "poor investors"....

>> No.18842930

im not one for the acceleration meme but when is the war with the chinks coming
im bored and frankly have nothing to look forward too

>> No.18843034

same, plus I hate chinks so that helps. I could never get on board with the whole 'Russia bad' thing but nuking China seems like a decent idea

>> No.18843270

Corona in China desu America wwnt under second oni kun

>> No.18843491

I have never really gotten that either, I assume its a boomer thing about commies. USSR pulled off the most impressive spy operation in history,infiltrating the manhantan project and had stolen the tech to build nuclear bombs before even most of the executive branch of USA government

>> No.18843608

It only ALLOWED the USSR to survive for a short time....


>> No.18843785

The misinformation on covid 19 leads it to be the disease that were saying we are misinformed by. In short, one day you will be 80 or your body will feel 80 due to exposure.

>> No.18843831
File: 295 KB, 643x718, 29386222_704406819948731_8270560158149509120_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sounds like you're one for the acceleration meme desu

>> No.18843965


Yeah, they will use cruise ships!!!!

>> No.18844099

THE fuck is a "carpet seller"?

>> No.18844130
File: 44 KB, 1024x1365, 1585096044148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Juan Brown is an AA B777 F/O who runs a YouTube channel under the ID "blancolirio" with 170K subscribers. His latest video has no talking. It was shot out the window of an airliner landing and rolling out at PIT and shows dozens upon dozens of parked AA mainline Jets. There's some text giving some numbers on 1Q loss and some other stuff. We know about how many jets are parked but still seeing it like this makes it a lot more real.


>> No.18844184

But why is that? Or is it because they spend a lot of money on growth, acquisitions, R&D or is it because it's a bad business? We're comparing well establish business that pretty much as little to no growth on profits and revenue to a tech giant that's profit and revenue growth is around 30 to 50% YoY.
I just took a look at Delta's revenue growth, which has been around 3%.
There is a reason why investors are giving Amazon a premium value and a discounted value for airline stocks.

>> No.18844200


>> No.18845358

Fuck it... I was mocking y'all before, but I just can't resist easy money since I'm a degenerate gambler. I just bought $6,000 worth United and am gonna let it ride. People will ALWAYS need to fly.

My wife is going to kill me because of all the money I've lost already. And we really needed this money to buy a new car, but I just don't wanna fomo'd.

>> No.18845577

yes, more maloney-chan memes pls

>> No.18845596
File: 395 KB, 709x668, mike vs sergey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18846331

You should buy longer dated puts.

>> No.18846410

Why? He must have made ridiculous bank buying that bottom and dumping on retards over the last two weeks.

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