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>be leftist demagogue
>run on a platform that the rich are responsible for everything bad in society
>when I get to power I print loads of money to give to my friends and pay for all my nonsense
>when inflation goes through the roof and the economy goes to shit say that the rich must be taxed more to get out of the crisis
>when they refuse ramp up the anti rich rhetoric and gather even more support from dumb people
>rinse and repeat

It's so easy being a leftist politician, you can do whatever you want, give all the money you want to yourself and your friends and if the rich refuse to pay the bill you can just blame them for everything and gather even more support.

Can anybody explain to me why any leftist politician would ever be restrained and not drive the economy to the ground when it's on their best interest?

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The rich don't pay for shit. EVER.

The middle class, what's left of it, always picks up the check.

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The rich, or atleast the gulf between rich and poor that is caused ultimately by the rich, is responsible for everything bad in society though

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It's amazing the right still thinks Reaganomics was a good idea when the middle class has it worse than they almost ever have. Plus we haven't had an actual progressive economic platform in the United States decades, just corporate cocksucking neolib bullshit

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>in the United States in decades*

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what happens when the middle class inevitably chokes to death?

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We'll all find out in 10-20 years.

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The rich will just move their money abroad, they will never pay for the plebs. The only thing you'll achieve if you try to take their money is that they move their business overseas and you end up with nothing.

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two sides of the same Jew controlled coin

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I envy them desu

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Anyway the point of the thread was to show that it isn't in leftist politicians interests to fix the economy, the more broke it is the more they can blame the rich and gather support from brainlets.

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>Republican majority in control
>85% of Trumps administration replaced of resigned
>Voted against impeachment even with clear cut evidence
>President removes anyone who speaks against him
>Blocks Fauci from testifying on corona response
>President incites protests against his own lockdown
>President demands signature on "his" stimulus package that house and senate deliberated on for days on end
>President refuses 3rd party oversight of bailout, one of the only stipulations of the bill he contributed nothing to
>Expertly navigates us into an Oil crisis
>Muzzles his medical advisors
>Fumbles around with his own unproven Coronavirus cures on livestream
> -As head of the most powerful nation on earth
> -To a country that would buy up a nation's total of medical gear and resell it for 700% the average amount

>30 Million people unemployed
>Heading into the greatest depression in American history

>It's the democrats fault still
>And we're the dumb ones

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well, "leftist" obama made the rich even richer, didn't let banks fall and bombed/"intervened" the fuck out of some more countries. if that's a leftist in your definition, then "leftists" in the rest of the world are extreme leftists and right-wing liberals are their left.

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Yeah nice way to completely change the subject retard

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What if I told you that the governments policies are what slowly eroded the middle class and created such a big divide between the rich and the poor.

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Honest question here. Why don't you conservatives just write her a love letter instead of these passive public displays of affection?

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Americans have never seen a real leftist politician, wait til you get a Kirchner or a Chavez and you'll see exactly what I mean.

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You ARE the brainlet you fucking moron.

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You and everyone else anon

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One word at a time. I'll start.


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One day you'll understand that leftist politicians don't have your best interest in mind dumbass. They know that if you're well off you won't listen to their crap, you only listen to their crap when you're poor, that's why they'll never allow you to stop being poor.

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yeah, and who pays politicians to approve/implement said policies?

latin american leftists are a complete different type of leftists also


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>that leftist politicians

"Leftist politicians" is made up of such a large swathe of people it's laughable people lump everyone together. There's actual infighting and disagreement between people on the American 'left.' When was the last time there was actual Republican infighting between each other? They usually just fall in line and tow the party line

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Latin America is a window to the future to see the hyperinflation that's coming all over the developed world

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>"dont attack HIM, attack HER"

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You realize that people that are well off don't vote for leftist demagogues right? Only poor angry people vote for them, that's why it's always in their interest to keep you poor and angry.

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He gave a long list of reasons of why the orange man's bad. You gave 0 reasons and only "orange man good".

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Attack him all you want, just do it in a different thread, or at least answer the question in the OP, and then make a criticism, don't just change the subject

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God I want to fuck the shit out of her

Her tits are enormous

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>Can anybody explain to me why any leftist politician would ever be restrained
Because they fight with each other over the spoils and they are put in office by the richest of the rich, who have their own agendas.

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Who are the leftists currently printing trillions of dolllars?

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>You realize that people that are well off don't vote for leftist demagogues right?
>What is Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington, Oregon

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Why do I have to defend Trump, I made this thread to attack the left not to defend Trump, but answer me this:
Would Trump benefit from destroying the economy and blaming his scapegoats? Because the left will really benefit from destroying the economy and blaming the rich.

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>highest unemployment in American history and largest bailout in American history

sounds like the leftist demagogues are going to have a pretty strong voter base, if thats the case.
It's almost like these people are put in a position of being "poor and angry" before they vote for someone who appeals to their poor and angry sentiment :^)

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>Would Trump benefit from destroying the economy and blaming his scapegoats?

Not intentionally, but the dude's an egomaniac who also has no real interest in running a government which is why his WH staff essentially run free to do whatever they want

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Now do the rich in the south or the midwest

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