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I wish I was fucking dead

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maybe you want to fuck a last time

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me too anon

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what's wrong fren?

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sell the bottom? don't want to FOMO back? well you'll probably buy back 14k. lmfao.

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everything feels so futile and crushingly lonely and the only place I can truly vent is the business & finance section of an anime imageboard
Whats the fucking point

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His dad kicked him out for sucking nigger cocks for free

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I used to but the I started playing the lottery and I have hope again.

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I miss her so much

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I'll sell you hope for half price

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Me too.

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At the very least put that money into something like XLM - rather than gambling it all on lotto.

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Niggers next door blasting music and jumping everywhere. It's funny enough that I have earplugs plus noise cancel headphones on they have to make the walls shake.
My entire life is being forced to endure mind crushing bullshit without any way out

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Whats stopping you?

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>buy chainlink
>get rich
>sell chainlink
>buy a house and a wife

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Looks bullish to me

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Call the police on them dummy. Black people love the police.

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dont worry you will be soon

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this op. record the encounter if you can and then upload it to youtube for profit

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Just let Coronachan take you in her loving embrace

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