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Imagine if Obama was president? He is not a billionaire? How could he ever afford to pay his citizens $1200 for staying home??

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You joke about this but a lot of people literally believe this, that's why he wanted to sign the checks. The US government has been corrupted in ways we have never seen. Might seem funny now, but the fallout we will be facing in a few years won't be so funny to you. Look at history to what happens to the citizens of countries that collapse after corruption spreads.

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obama the nigger would have paid just trannies and roasties

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I Want Trump and his Family to Run our Country for the next 100 years

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I dead serious no joke

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people are actually this dumb?

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brainwashed soi zoomers opinion is completely irrelevant

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Ultra cringe

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You joke but I honestly think Obama would have fucked this up, not due to his own fault but because of those around him.

The Democrats recruit their thinktanks and advisors out of academia, they're idealists and big lofty thinkers who like to talk big but forget that the real world isn't a college campus ans reality isn't a thought experiment. They have ideas and policies that sounds great on paper but often get torn to shreds in the crucible that is reality.

Meanwhile, the Republicans recruit out of the bussiness world. They're realists and pragmatists. They understand the realities of the system we live in and the steps we need to take to presereve it. Just look at the trump checks, the Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility, but they fully realized thar if the government didn't step in and through the people a little socialist bone the economy might actually collapse. They compromised their ideals to keep the country afloat. They know how the world works and how to get shit done.

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>the Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility

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>sounded great in '60
they don't even sound great anymore, public shaming and pol. correct flawed their minds to the point that they can just argue by pity

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Image triggers me. Someone calling others stupid but confuses average for median.

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Well, I suppose I should have said they like to PRESENT themsleves as the party of fiscal responsibility.

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you made the cut

you still understood it though right?

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>The Democrats recruit their thinktanks and advisors out of academia, they're idealists
The democrats recruit lawyers and bankers just like republicans

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>Meanwhile, the Republicans recruit out of the bussiness world.
Trump sure as shit doesn't. All he wants are yesmen and gets rid on anyone who rocks the boat against him. Fauci's currently the only one I know of who's provided some kind of pushback and survived

God I miss Carlin. He would've been wonderful in this time

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Most of Trumps cabinet are donors or activists, and extreme loyalists. They all have different conflicting agendas, mostly directed by their own self interest or idealist agendas. Trump himself could care less about and specific policy he just wants pump his ego. That's why there is historic corruption in pretty much every corner of the executive branch, DoJ, DoD, dep. of education, hud, there are ethic scandals and blatant corruption everywhere you look. The list of examples are so long and frequent they have become common place and normalized. This is by far the dumbest, lest coordinated, most corrupt administration in history. Trump only cares about political posturing and reelection, he lets his underlings have their way with the rest of the government.

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>You joke about this but a lot of people literally believe this, that's why he wanted to sign the checks.
I just got a letter yesterday from the IRS, on White House letterhead, ostensibly from the president, bearing Donald Trump's signature.

The letter was to inform me that I received the stimulus via direct deposit, but it went on about how the president courageously signed it into law, and how it supports hardworking Americans, shit like that. Clearly propagandizing the thing.

Did everybody receive this or is it because I'm in a blue county in a blue swing state?

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I got it and I'm in hard blue Massachusetts, but I'm pretty sure it went to everyone

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Yeah, if you're this stupid you deserve it. Don't care, Trump 2020. Rosemary.

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White people love him because they are rightfully being replaced; they cling to their Trump thinking he will save them, even though he's the biggest kike that's been in the oval office ever.

Do you guys think pissing off this many people is a good idea? Once the opposition is in power, shit is going down. You reap what you sow, cumskins.

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I live in a deep deep blue county and I got nothing like that.

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>They have ideas and policies that sounds great on paper but often get torn to shreds in the crucible that is reality.
Trump's wall hit the crucible that is reality.

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I got it. In a deep red state.

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The fact is that the people of the United States are now abandoning democracy, this perverse form of government, and appointing the great son of the USA, the Greatest son, to life-long president with unlimited power.

This is a solution that the whole world is moving towards toward dictatorships like successful countries today, Russia and China, are already dictatorship and very well run where people are happy and live in prosperity unlike in democracies.
They are more fortunate and live in better prosperity than those who have worn us through life in democracy. Democracy is a curse of Satan that has unfortunately adopted from Satan's own land; France.

When President Donald Trump becomes the eternal president and is followed by one of his children or his particularly intelligent son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the people of the United States will also experience personal happiness and prosperity. Then one of those conflicts that now rages in the US escapes.
The United States, through Donald Trump's eternal presidency and successors, will become God's blessed land.
So what will happen to the world?

There is no doubt that that every nation must choose a form of government based on knowledge and happiness for the country. Most of all, we need God's blessing.
Who other than Breitbart, Fox News and /pol/, in the last two years, has been completely right when it comes to the six biggest problems affecting the world, namely epidemics from the pharmaceutical mafia, lesbians and homosexuals, cultural Marxism, the climate bluff and the relationship with France?

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sweet fascism larp

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Hello Jaden.

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As the wise pastors Jan Aage Torp, Fred Phelps and Rodney Howard-Browne have pointed out, it is perfectly natural that the strongest in every state should take over the responsibility to govern the country. they has referred to Jair Bolsonaro, Rodrigo Duterte and Viktor Orbán.
Now I do not actively seek to be protected by western states against Satan and his tenants by being recognized by western Christians who rule the world. But it is true that God's blessing on Europe and America overpowers everything else. It has shown us all over the past year.
So we are no stranger to forming a common front against democracy and that kind of Satanism with President Donald Trump and his family will defeat. This is also something that the United States itself wants to happen. They will show the way for the rest of the world, and it's innocent people in distress.

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Yeah gamer slouch Don with an 85% administrative turnover rate, who walks up onto stage and claims no responsibility, relies on Easter miracles, and doesn't listen to his medical advisors, as well as blocks and fires anyone who goes against him. Even reduced our Pandemic response powers.

We're much better off than when we were with the President who prevented Ebola and H1N1 from becoming widespread.

Nothing says "fiscal responsibility" like reducing your own power to protect your country for the sake of some more money in the bank,
And then panic printing an insane amount of money when things get all fucky.
Why put oil in your car if it still runs without it?

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gay and premature stages of a cuck

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Russian Bot Confirmed

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Obama would bail out KFC and Koolaid

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>Republicans keep the country afloat
1 out of 3 covid cases are in the US. We privatize hospitals so they don't stock up for a pandemic

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yeah we're fucked. when i heard about states hiding their medical supplies from the feds so they aren't seized and auctioned then I knew that was it

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There’s a lot of people this dumb in the country. Scary.

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>i want jews to run my country for the next 100 years

based zogbot

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how could obama do this to us

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>pro trump thread
>suddenly all the angry ignoramuses are nowhere to be seen
makes me wonder

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Trump 2020. cri moar falseflagger

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So how are you going to spend your check anon?

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Got it as well. Posted a thread, but no replies. Looked normal on my phone, but 4chan turned it sideways, so sorry about it if it turns sideways.

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4 more years!
Just the type of people who freak out over him make me want to crown him lifelong king of America.

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Other side was in Spanish.

I live in Illinois btw.

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>lifelong king of America
it doesn't have to be a long life

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Love or hate him
4 more years is very likely at this point.
Let’s be honest
Look hard at yourself and be honest

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