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Been lurking for a long time and I think I might be starting to understand. Are most posts on /biz/ just anonymous shilling, pump and dump shit, etc?

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I've never seen any actual economic discussion or analysis, so yes it's mostly pump and dump with no substance at all.

Look up where some of the big memes have gone over the years, they're basically all defunct

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Pretty much. There used to be some fun threads and long-running bits (there was one guy who said he inherited a coffee shop and posted progressively more disastrous reports and terrible ideas to jump start the business) but they were drowned out by turbopajeet pumping.

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For stonk fags there is decent discussion on /smg/ every now and then, you gotta shift though mountains of shit for the little gold nuggets. As far as crypto goes though... total shit show. Just a bunch of low impulse control zoomers begging for a get rich quick memecoin to save them from a life of mediocrity.

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Economic analysis? Are you a girl or why do you like horoscopes
At least the shilling here is more honest and not pretending that bullshit models have any real world implications

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Entrepreneurial ventures like this is what I wish we had more of on this board, tired of pajeet shilling.

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>Been lurking for a long time
How long did it take you to figure out?

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The shilling is pretty depressing and it seems to obscure any real crypto discussion. The shilling dominates everything.

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Sometimes you see people from /gd/ or the crafting boards come here for advice and the advice is usually "buy shitcoins fagit"

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Most posts, anon. Most posts. But there is a silver lining, a... gift horse, if you will. A wildcat.

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not all

sometimes i post about wanting frens

and sometime in post in the meth addict schizos thread

or the camsluts one

but the link ones?
come on
even i have standards
i'll never dip to that low of a rock bottom

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No sir 100% Shiva approved legit posts sir.

Pls buy LIT sir.

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Pajeets are banned from 4chan though , my pajeet can't access biz so I have to buy him a pass

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My IQ is 1000 and /biz/ is the only board I can regularly come to and not want to kms.

I've been here for years. There's occasionally good threads. I miss the justings though but r/wallstreetbets compensates. Kinda miss the wojaks too.

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Not really, the pump and dump schemes come in waves. You'll be able to spot bs projects after awhile.

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Yup, and most posts are reverse psychology, others are reverse reverse psychology, and then you do the opposite of what /biz/ was saying.

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