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this is oddly specific anon, but what do cute trannies look like after 50 years? are they a good investment?

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“cute trannies” is an oxymoron

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reminder that you can only make it if your brain is at constant post nut clarity. fap more and then after cumming immediately force your attention to something productive. the first moment a tit or ass comes to your mind you start fapping, then you cum and then you force your post clarity nut attention towards making money.

it also has financial advantages:
>fapping to porn is cheaper and more entertaining than holding a 5/10 3DPD and their mediocre sex
>porn can be easily pirated which makes it FREE
>no risk of getting babby (babby very expensive)
>dont need to pay for STD medication
>dont need to pay for roasties in any way
>can retire faster and invest more
>more money = more chances to make it

or listen to the nofap discord shills that want to drag you into the wagecuck ponzi for life while chaining you to some 3D pig. its your choice

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I'm on year 10. Only 40 more to go

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>It's november 22nd, 2018. The scene before you is one of melancholy. The figure hunched over in darkness before you is anon, his face illuminated by the gleam of the computer screen. It's an ending of sorts. A sunset of the era of the bizarre website the internet knew as "4chan". Anon's fingers type out a fury of vitriol yet in his heart this can't be further from the truth. As he calls another anonymous 4chan user a "nigger-loving kike", he grins to himself but that flash of self-satisfaction disappears almost as quickly as it came. The dopamine which before flooded his brain with lucid satisfaction failed to rear it's head this time. Anon and those like him at one point conquered the mountain of internet debates have found that the mountain is in fact made of sand. There were no foundations of their so called "satisfaction" built up by becoming image board shitposters and they always knew it. But as the (you)'s rolled in, they never thought once to think beyond them and find friends, mend a broken relationship with their mother or a lover. They never once registered that it was all ephemeral. Because perhaps the fate of all of us shitposter and lurker alike is to come out the other side broken...and changed. Perhaps each and every one of us will take our turn in the shadow of anon, hunched over in the prison of our own creation posting in a "how are you holding up thread" for the millionth time as a desperate cry for help and ranting about trannies on /biz/.

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I haven’t jerked off in over 5 days I would literally fuck the shit out of a tranny right now

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thats a big investment. whats the small term?

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>chloe salpa

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pretty based ngl

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>this is oddly specific
Cute trannies (male) are all that are posted on /biz/ dumb weeb

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Lmao imagine reposting this 24/7

Stop trying to keep the incels here in a state of Brain fog And depression

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I know I'm talking about OP's post which was very specific