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Trade directly via a new tab in the Brave browser if use Binance. You can choose from:

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sauce anon

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Eh, I'd rather hook in wanchain or metamask. Separation of concerns.

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Will Dogecoin be implemented in the future?

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what is the best way to trade coins if I live in the US? I tried to sign up for binance and it called me a faggot from the US and then I tried to sign up for binanceUS and they said I'm still a faggot and my state isn't supported

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Time for round 3 and it’s just 11 am here

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Proof? I can't find it
Also those tits are bad.

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Jews don't allow goyim living in New York to use it, sorry.

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One can only hope, Lad.

I'm sure you can get some better answers from more versatile traders, but I mainly just use Coinbase and Gemini to cash out.

Live on desktop. Its up on my Windows PC and my Mac; not on mobile yet. Also, those are prime sweater dicks lad, you've gone mad.

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Metamask would be nice, don't think it will happen though. Coinbase should be next up sometime over the summer.

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Found this as well

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Visiting from another board exactly because of this. I've literally never done crypto before out of laziness to look up the best options. I don't want to invest or anything, literally just buy donations and shit for people that ask for crypto.

Is binance safe for that? I'm always sketchy about in-browser sponsorships

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I've never used Binance personally, but a lot of Anons here do. Many of them leave their crypto on the exchange, which you shouldn't do honestly. They lied about being in Malta's jurisdiction, and have done some shady stuff you can read into, like crashing LINK to 0 so someone scooped up a few million LINK for $100.

All exchanges are kind of suspect. I think I'll move a small amount over to Binance to try it out, but its one of the biggest and most used exchanges out there.

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Use the BAT you accumulate to buy whatever on binance and send it to your wallet. By far the easiest and cheapest way to get into crypto

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Good idea. Going to start suggesting it in BAT/Brave threads.

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That webm is mesmerizing

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Thanks for the info anon, might open one then, and maybe start farming BAT like >>18787254 says if I can stomach having ads again in my browser.

I've been looking at metamask after >>18785712 suggested it as my main wallet, is it as secure/private as other ones? That whole spiel about 1 phrase being my entire identity sounds pretty sketchy and prone to phishing.

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sauce please!

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Brave ads are pretty non-intrusive. Its just a little pop up notification in the bottom right corner like a regular Windows notification. You don't even have to open the ad if you don't want to and you still earn the BAT.

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What do you guys mean? There is already a built in metamask in the desktop brave, I use it everyday.

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you have to click the ad to earn bat.

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scratch that. I'm retarded.

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That is the most disgusting mole I have ever seen.

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I don't understand how people are still sleeping on BAT. Brave is working on something huge here. Just wait until they start expanding the utility and start growing the userbase beyond the 14m+ that they already have.

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Binance is the best untrustworthy CEX out there

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Really? Oh, the extension right? Yeah, Im retarded.

Self serve ads sometime in May and I can't wait. Should see some price action.

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the fuck is BUSD?

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Binance USD, their stablecoin

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Get 'em out...

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>sometime in May

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Some lad posted the GitHub progress in a thread a couple days ago. It was scheduled for completion before mid May, so if you're familiar with GitHub you can check it out there. Didn't save the screenshots.

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im on day 6 of no fap im getting stronger and weaker at the same time

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How long you trying to make it? I made it 2 months then I relapsed

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as long as possible my record is one month
got any tips?

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Wtf srsly, I got hundreds of bat in multiple browsers

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when i go to confirm my wallet it wants me to signup to uphold. is this normal batanons?

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Yes, uphold is the exchange they use to allow you to withdraw your BAT.

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Unfortunately, lad. Don’t have any complaints about uphold aside from it being full KYC. Only option for now until Coinbase integration.

Thanks for that, lad. I have a bunch of her stuff but was dreading looking through TBs of thot content to find it.

Based. Going to convert some?

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Lol i focused in on that fast. It's pretty gross looking desu. Weird shape

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Can i use one uphold account for multiple bat wallets across devices?

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Yep. Can’t connect on mobile yet though.

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Kek, I haven’t noticed until I saw the posts. If you want a non gross moled thot, I’ll start posting them.

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Yeah I’ll trade for some knc and loom

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I love Brave Browser and BAT but sometimes I can't help but wonder what the fuck they're doing.

Get me fucking COINBASE widgets, COINBASE KYC cash-out, COINBASE partnerships. I don't want fucking Uphold and I certainly don't want fucking Binance. It's like Brave has the right ideas but poor execution. BAT's gone done the same path. At least they're building though.

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that's an interesting idea. Could start a little swing-trading fund simply with the BAT you earn each month from Brave Ads.

HOWEVER. You'd still need to do this through fucking Uphold, because that's the only way to get your BAT off the browser. Brave really, desperately needs more options than just Uphold. Give me Coinbase or fucking Gemini.

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What’s a make it stack for BAT?

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i bet when the shirt comes off those things r 6 feet apart

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Don't wank

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I made it 8 months, mainly since I’m so desensitized to thots and it got easier not to watch porn for me towards the 2 month mark.

Hide thot posts and stay on blue boards if you’re not going to cut down your 4channel time. Also find something to fill your time in advance when you feel like fapping. Plan watching some movie, anime, vidya, go workout, or something and reserve it only when you feel the urge to fap. Do it right away and you kinda don’t think about it when you’re emerged with what you’re doing.

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10k minimum, I want to have a million one day. Its far off but I've been getting better at swing trading.

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