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What's your answer to this?

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Day of the rope NAO

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Who gives a fuck?

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what's the question?

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heh.. nothing personel kid

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imagine how much more they would have gained if there weren't a pandemic

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Oh no people that are good with monies make more monies, why dont they farm or build schools and hospitals for children in Africa, I dont understand this world anymore

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Cantillon effect.

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wow billionaires who own large percentages of shares for the largest companies in the world are gaining wealth when those shares raise in value after the dump a month ago. color me surprised
how can something as simple a liquidity be too complicated for so many people to understand?

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They dumped on retail investors then immediately bought the bottom that they themselves architected.

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oh wow we gave them 90b in tax cuts during this pandemic. shut the fuck up.

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could have been you too if you were smart

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>stimulus bad

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> Market go down
> brrr
> Billionaires collectively get richer as the money flows into the stock market and thus their personal equities and businesses
How fucking mental.

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They haven't gotten richer. The money has gotten worse.

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They made their money by exploiting workers. Their wealth is simply the surplus value of their workers’ labor. Read Marx. He completely understood the mechanics of capitalism, and no one has managed to refute his core observations. Only ad hominem attacks.

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they should be killed

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Americans financial institutions are the exact self-protection anti-competitive communist bullshit they claimed to have been fighting for the past 70 years. This is the part where the king of the playground collects every last baseball card so everyone switches to something else.

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Hows that boot taste?

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it's comparing their worth at the bottom of the dip to their worth after the market recovered... no fucking shit they got richer. who comes up with this shit?

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If the past few months has shown anything, it's how worthless it is to compare wealth of billionaires when so much of their wealth is tied up in stocks. All those billionaires also became billions poorer during the crisis as well, it's meaningless numbers.

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Buy link

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poor people tend to be dumber
see [insert group you know i'm talking about here]

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Idk I don't run crying to big daddy government to fix problems in my life like you do

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It was literally inside information, except legal because enough money was involved.

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This. We have socialism and it is for people with over $100M. These people are not allowed to get poorer, ever.

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Billionaires don't wear boots. Commie secret police do. Now fuck off.

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all the value is online
People went online more
>how come these companies went up?

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cantillon effect. also active management in this specific case.

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America is getting looted right before your eyes and this is your response. Fellow Americans are going through hard times while the country is being robbed and this is your reaction. You need to explain to these peoples' faces that they need to lie down and accept it but you wont, because you are cowards plain and simple. Worse, you are traitors. You are the weak men that will lead to the demise of this great country. And for what, because you cling to the hope that one day you yourself will be one of these masterful looters yet don't realize there wont be anything left in the pot to take at that point.

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Nothing. See, not just billionaires got richer - so did all the boomers retirement funds. This is the new normal - print money forever to pump all the markets. They're going to just print money & clear debts. Real estate, stocks, everything - set fire to any books you have talking about "fundamentals" or "responsible monetary policy" & accept it - even more overtly than before, workers & those holding cash lose, boomers & kikes on top win. UBI incoming, infinite neetbux!

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As long as I get my UBI each month I dont give a rats ass. This country is obviously dead who gives a fuck.

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Complete and utter destruction of the federal reserve and scaling back of the government.

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Holocaust the Jews for real this time

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this means that 90% of newly printed money went to the rest. considering that billionairs own more than 10% of curency that's not so bad

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Nobody cares. None of that matters.

Checked & confirmed - there's no such thing as countries, merely different tax farms. Wagies loose forever.

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I could easily live the rest of my life on $2k a month but I don't trust Trump to give it out.

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>invent world changing thing
>sweatshop in china produces it
Brb chinese retards should be payed 1 billion an hour

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Quads confirm we are now NEET nation.

Check my digits again for double confirmation.

Wagies will ragie at their miserable station.

While NEETs celebrate with hearty libations.

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Will NEVER happen. Why would it? That would mean the boomers wouldn't get to retire in luxury whole you have nothing. And the systems only purpose now is to support an infinite corporate welfare state. I mean it has been for a while, it's just now its mask-off. Chinese style State Capitalism, forever.

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>rich getting richer and its bad
havent been here over a year, didnt know you guys became communist

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if your country is indeed dying, you will soon care a lot when you realize all you'll lose that you did not know you had, edgyboi

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Trump gives it out to the jews in Israel. They get even more then that and don’t even have to work.

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>Chinese style State Capitalism, forever.
Isn't it the opposite in the US, the corporations are dictating the government.

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Meh, AnCaps are raging as well since there's no more free market either (printing money means every company now in existence will operate forever even with no customers). Every Western nation is now "communist", Chinese-style State Capitalism.

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You can't turn all that "net worth" into real money without completely collapsing the value of it. It's literally all in stocks. If you sell that many stocks at once they'll be absolutely worthless.

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There's no longer a meaningful distinction between those things. And there isn't in China either. They just went the other way, started with the central planning, then created state owned enterprises for their friends to run.

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Quads don't lie, we're going to make (it to the sofa)!

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When it comes at the expense of normal Americans, yes, it is bad. Dumb braindead /pol/tard. How about you go back and stay where you belong.

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No, he won't. His central bank will just print more money. Or the World Bank will do it. It's a NEET world now.

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the plebs are just happy they got their $1,200 trump bux and oblivious to everything else going on. USA is game over but hey at least we kept the stock market propped up a little longer so it was worth it.

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