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I'm gonna spoon feed you fags
a) read this
Their q1 report shows this
>Largest Quarterly Raise in Grayscale History: Grayscale raised $503.7 million in 1Q20, nearly double the previous quarterly high of $254.8 million in 3Q19. New investors accounted for $160.1 million in inflows. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and Grayscale Ethereum Trust both experienced record quarterly inflows of $388.9 million and $110.0 million, respectively.
>AssetInvestment Report In 1Q20, inflows to Grayscale Bitcoin Trust hit $388.9 million, the highest level we’ve seen in a single quarter, surpassing the previous high of $193.8 million raised in 4Q19
So yeah, last quarter bulls are back in town like they never been. They are ready to swing their dicks and fuck you cucks. Imagine the biggest black dicks you can imagine, imagine your waifu, mom, husband, sister getting fucked by a big juicy bbc and he’s all sweaty, he just wants you to keep listen to him fucking your precious conscience. That's greyscale. And they are horny.
Now, what is greyscale
>One key thing to remember when considering buying shares in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is that it's not a true common stock. Stocks are shares in a company, while GBTC shareholders own part of an open-ended grantor trust.
>Grantor trusts are required to hold a fixed portfolio, rather than a variable one. Such trusts often hold physical commodities and currencies. In this case, GBTC is a trust that only holds Bitcoin.
Well, and how much is their shares being traded TODAY:
Interesting, and what is the btc pegging to that share
>According to Grayscale's website, each share represents 0.00096524 bitcoins.
hmm but btc today is being traded at 8542
These motherfuckers are selling btc price at +12% and everyone is crazy bullish, what do they know?????

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Now, lets get really juice,
Grayscale ETH
today it's trading at 104,54
according to their site
> Grayscale issued 8,025,200 shares which correspond to about 756,000 ETH at 0.094 ETH per share.
hmm, lets do the math again
>eth today=215
but the stock is trading at 104,54. How is this possible?
This motherfuckers are selling ethereum at 517% premium price
What is this crazy bull craziness
> Half of the 1.5 Million Ethereum Mined in 2020 Bought by Grayscale Investors
These motherfuckers are selling ethereum over 1000$ to investors and they are still bullish. What could they possibly know?They will have to hold for over a year
>The ETHE trust is targeted at investors willing to pay more for regulatory oversight and to avoid risk. Anyone thinking about a potential arbitrage opportunity, however, should note all ETHE shares require a one-year holding period after they’re created. In addition, the trust requires all investors to be accredited, with a minimum of $25K to start.

So, yeah. Don't mess up.
And yes, i don't mention it but just buy chainlink with some eth/btc one the side. We're in for a crazy ride.

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based thread but biz is too shit for this thread

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>commas instead of periods
Why are eurofags like this

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the fuck???? that's literally hacking
how can they get away with this?

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So do I keep accumulating?

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do whatever you want. Just know big rich bulls are buying eth at a massive premium. Massive.

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why the fuck would they buy eth at 512%
even if they have the guarantee to make more in the long run why not buy at the spot price.
even if I had billions I'd never do this, unless some shit beyond my goyim understanding is taking place rn

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Because boomers

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This is big money that can't siphoned through shitty exchanges and needs to go through the proper channels and regulated markets.

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read that other article I posted. They might have bought half the supply of eth mined in the last year.
Their goal is to control the market

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Why dont these stupid fucking nggers buy chainlink already? Blockchain is fucking useless without link and I want to make it already. If you reply to this post and dont hold LINK you take it up the ass so fuck off

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I can’t go on for much longer... I’ve been holding for 3 years now. 13k link stack and I’m literally exhausted. Convince me that it’s gonna be ok...

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>what do they know?????





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Okay thank for clarifying going to buy more

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holy fucking shit?
there's no escaping the system as long as it can be bought I guess
this gives me some sort of timeframe and info to go by.
Bless you anon you've helped me reduce my doubts, we dont deserve your thread

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You can use your 401K to buy this ETH.

My boomer dad bought GBTC because he didn't want to pay taxes on his 401k to withdraw it

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I have ~$20,000 in GBTC & ~$10,000 in ETHE

...only way I can invest in digital assets in my 401K

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The current implied price of eth by ethe is $1130.
That's a lot of sustained buying demand for 2020

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Is crypto going to go through another 2017? Fuck man I wish I had more money to throw into it right now.

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>Blockchain is fucking useless without link and I want to make it already.
Lol @ Sergeys useless token

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>I’ve been holding for 3 years now. 13k link stack and I’m literally exhausted. Convince me that it’s gonna be ok...
The bullmarket will peak in 3 years. Sergey has exit scammed by then though so I would sell those links and buy 50:50 BTC:ETH

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3 years is nothing.

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probably not, you're not going to see every shitcoin go x100, there's more projects first of all, and some big ones are going to take most of the liquidity.
But the market is definitely expected to grow by quite a bit.

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why would you end a sentence in the middle of a number

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Wow, they are lining up to pay over $1k per eth.

I'm guessing this means eth2 and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance has succeeded. Exciting times.

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I feel like we might test ATH on Bitcoin. All the circumstances are perfect. People are getting stimulus checks, the dollar is being devalued and gold is sold out everywhere.

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Why can't I masturbate and read this at the same time?

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mind = blown

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I'm too distracted by the fact you used
but then used
then switched back

What the fuck is the matter with you? Just use the comma for groupings and the period as a decimal point. Also put the currency symbol in front what the fuck.

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a) using the phone to write all that, so you can fuck off
b) copy pasted the 0.00096524

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and people wonder why so much tether is printed

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I agree this is fucking retarded and something is wrong about OPs post. You could still put millions of dollars into the crypto market without effecting the price if you do it right. Why didn't they put the money into mining equipment if they have so much to invest?

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>put the money into mining equipment
>eth is converting to steaking
This is why you're not rich and they are

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High iq shit anon

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is this just another way for them to steal pensions? or are we onto something here?

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and they don´t have a satoshi of BSV.... It will be glorious soon.

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i can't wait for your wails of harrowing loss and grief and despair cashie scum!

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I cant wait for yours you dimwitted segshit high fee corecuck.

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>dumps millions a week into a non scalable shitcoin that doesn’t have a supply limit
>this is considered smart institutional money

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>This motherfuckers are selling ethereum at 517% premium price
How is this even allowed??

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you still don't get it but you will over time. you will probably suicide or become a bitter alcoholic loser like your idol tho.

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>with some eth
outdated shitcoin

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7tx/sec and more BTC wrapped in Eth than on lightning, which doesnt work anyway.... Tell me again what exactly I dont get?

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Can you short this crap?

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btc can do a few billion tx/s as theoretical cap.

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>BTC wrapped in Eth
you mean custodial bollocks? stupid people play stupid games i don't care for. even maker ended badly and that was at least innovative.

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Never waste your time on corecucks.

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Cope harder retard.

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actually the opposite, the situation couldn't be worse:
>usdt printed 3.2 billion dollar sin 2020
>bitfinex(owner of tether sold 30% of it's btc last month (yeah they sold 30% when btc was that low)
>No response from tether CEO/CFO about all the printing, in fact no one heard from them in a while
>Europe is going Ban/regulate stable coin(demand was made in jan 2019, and passed 14 april 2020)

in fact tether printed 210 million usdt in last 24 hour and sent them to binance and other exchange.

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> Tell me again what exactly I dont get?
That 7tps is a good number.

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That's what medium-big money is willing to pay in order not to have to worry about keys and wallets

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link or I call bullshit

well at least we agree on something.

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>Europe is going Ban/regulate stable coin(demand was made in jan 2019, and passed 14 april 2020)
Many big companies in US and Europe are either planning or implementing Ethereum based blockchain solutions, not to mention hundreds of other startups.
I can see a smear campaign against BTC (especially in the borderline communist ones) happening in the future but ETH is unbannable at this point.

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cryptokitties showed how allmighty Eth is and eth 2.0 always 2 years away... lets deactivate the iceage difficulty bomb for the n-th time again meanwhile....

yeah, there will be gnashing of teeths there too.

you are right, let them fomo in once they cant deny it anymore.

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Yeah, but let me get this right:
When they sell it, they get their premium back, if it is below the price of what OP said?
Or do they make a minus on it?

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not blockchain like eth and btc but stable coin like usdt/usdc/pax...
it first caught on their radar after the brrrrr of tether in 2018 and last year FSB(financial stability board ) passed the demand which got accepted just last month which mean their serious about this

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Didn't read; continued masturbating

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Eth 2 starts July 30

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Investors don't really care about the price of what they're buying ultimately, what they care about is the rate of change. Buying 1btc at $1m is no different than buying it at its real price for you as an investor if at the end you're selling for 50% profit. It's just that the entry price is higher, but your outcome is the same.
I'm also not sure if OP really understands how these organizations work. For example isn't it possible that the share represents a certain monetary value's worth of bitcoins, as opposed to a fixed number of bitcoins, and that the bitcoin equivalence they reported was only true for the point in time for which they made the comment?
The real question in the end is how well changes are tracked and nothing more.

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you want to bet?

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dangerously based

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>I agree this is fucking retarded and something is wrong about OPs post
It's not wrong, it's true, and you could verify all this on your own rather than arguing.
The current premium is 515% (implied price of $1108/eth).

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makes me want to fomo all in eth desu

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>btc can do a few billion tx/s as theoretical cap.
which doesn't work in the real world
>you mean custodial bollocks?
there's tbtc coming that's decentralized, each btc is secured with 150% of its value in eth
>even maker ended badly and that was at least innovative.
it didn't end badly, the people liquidated were margin long eth during the biggest crash ever.
The demand for dai is extremely high, the peg is still above $1 even with apr of 0%

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Source? Could you elaborate on this?

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>the song "afternoon delight" was actually about fried chicken.
That makes a lot of sense.

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bump for bullish

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Sauce a nigga
Why would banning stablecoins in europe dump btc?

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Aussie poorfag here.

Holding 6 eth, am I going to make it?

>> No.18769737

if you also hold some BTC as well then yes you should be fine in this next bullrun & make some good money.

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>Blockchain is fucking useless without link
Do you just believe this because enough people on/biz/ said it?

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>tether fud in 2020

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Do you really think boomers are going to go through the "hassle" of setting up an account on an exchange when they can just buy a stock on a platform they are already set up on? While I agree a 12% premium is too high, I don't think most people are going to care when looking for bitcoin stocks.

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why don't they just open up a Coinbase account?

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what a chart

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Based and Grayscale pilled. Endowment funds are in crypto now. Screen cap this.

>> No.18771033

They already have an account on Coinbase.

>> No.18771046


Think of them as an institutional middleman. They charge bigly

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>phoneposting all that text
what a chore, thank you anon

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