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350k bought at .000035 btc

Will I make it?

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My bad....
.0027 or whatever
You get the point.
I want to be rich.

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only if you stake it
say if the price dumped 90% from now you will still sell at break even because you gained 100% on your interest

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I bought mine on Yobit and they are sitting there. What the fuck do I do to stake them? I'm afraid to send them to metamask becasue I don't know what I'm doing and don't want them to disappear.

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Don't leave them on an exchange. Create a metamask wallet and keep them there or stake them.

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I have metamask, but am completely clueless how it works. When I send my hex to it will it convert to eth? Will the "0 hex:" show the hex I just sent? Terrified that they will vanish into thin air because I'm a dumb ass.

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Imagine being this braindead and actually falling for this. Wew lads. GGWP

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Hex ran by a known scammer with ties to Panamanian Cartel

Get out while you can.

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Well, many people have made a shit load of money off of it. All I need to know.

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Try staking a tiny amount until you get comfortable with metamask. In was scared to used it as well at first and I'm a frigging developer man. Today metamask is super easy and works perfectly fine.

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Nice FUD man. The same exact argument was used in January and look how you and your FUD-buddies missed out on a 65x pump.

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Your Metamask should show you your Ethereum address in hexadecimal somewhere at the top. This is the address you can send your HEX tokens too. It will not convert to anything or do other strange things.If you don't feel comfortable doing it, just send a fraction first and look how it goes. You don't even need Metamask to see if it has succeeded, you can just wait for the transaction to show up on Etherscan.

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65x times pump sure, congrats.

Do you seriously think this will even come close to LINK let alone BTC?

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This whole thread makes me laugh, OP hope you lose it all and it causes you to learn how to teach yourself

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Ok, I sent a small amount. Shows up in my metamask next to "HEX". Now when I go to go.hex.win it is telling me "please unlock metamask to use hex". Now what?

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go to go.hex.win/stake/
click the orange "add to metamask" button in the upper right corner
(this will add the hex token to your metamask wallet)
click deposit it will show you your metamask wallet address
copy the address and withdraw your hex tokens from yobit to the adress you copied
once withdrawal is complete your hex tokens should appear in your metamask
then go back to go.hex.win/stake/ and stake your coins

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Just unlock it. You should see your HEX in the transfer section, where you can also see your transfer history. The stake section is where you can stake your HEX for however long you want.

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open up metmask there should be an option to unlock or agree to unlock

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Kek this. They can’t be serious rn.

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OP is gonna be just fine. Not having a suicide stack of the coin that has gone up more than anything since the 2017 bull market is what's gonna cause some serious rope buying in the coming months.

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daily reminder that HEX is the only finished product in crypto and you are all going to kys. you kys in feb, you kys in apr, and you will kys all summer long

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Fuck it. I give up. Hex shows up in my metamask, but when I try to stake it says there isn't any available to stake. Too confusing for a newb.

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Dude, just check out a tutorial on youtube, it's much simpler then you think.

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click on stake
if metamask is active your hex will automatically show

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I did. I know what to do. It's showing up in my metamask, but nothing available to stake. How can something that is so revolutionary require a shit ton of steps, wallets, metamasks, websites, connections, plugins, transfers, etc.?

You really think mass appeal to people that have zero knowledge of crypto language will take off? I had BTC in 2013 and every fucking shit coins since then. It was easy, I go to an exchange and buy it. Keep it for a while and then sell it. Now it's like needing a computer science degree to figure it out. Think the average normi knows shit about a metamask?

Fuck it. I give up.

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Sounds like you've done every step successfully except the last one (staking). Why give up now? Maybe just restart the browser, log into Metamask again. Nothing much can be wrong at this point.

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It will get easier over time, similar to how BTC only allowed technical people to get involved in 2010. Get in now or your grandma will invest before you.

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300k staked for 205 days and im buying another 400k to stake for a year

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I'm using brave browser. My metamask (the little fox head in the corner) shows my hex total. However, when I click the "connect to metamask" orange button on go.hex.win it created another wallet in Brave I believe? This is me banging my keyboard iraf:?GERA,,,,;uyt34uih;reagihiujhW;8EWHKJLGASDG LKJHSADLKH ISDAGHKJAFSDHKJ

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my biggest stake is set a week after BPD. theres going to be an otherworldly amount of stakes ended early immediately after BPD. if youre not staked youre going to miss out on all those gains from retards.

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i just staked another 100k without any issue
try to refresh the page and click the "MAX" button in the stake amount column

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after opening mm click on the icon in the top right corner to change mm accounts

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1) Sign into metamask
2) Go to https://go.hex.win/stake/
3) Select amount and length of stake
4) Press stake
Sorry man but 4 steps is as easy as crypto gets.

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have you connected metamask to go.hex.win? theres an orange button that says add to metamask

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LOL link is a piece of shit scam. Talking about pot calling kettle black. Hex will absolutely BTFO link. Its already a competed product with interesting game theory and marketing. BTC might take a few year. But we will get there. HEX is basically BTC with an added benefit of time deposits and being an erc-20 which allows it to be plugged into defi dapps.

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I don't quite understand why /biz/ can't wrap its mind around this token, because it's so fucking simple.

It's certificate of deposit and financial instrument. You can send it and receive it. Just like bitcoin, except there's an actual product: you can lock up your coins for some period of time (akin to a CD). People who don't lock their coins pay some fee in form of an inflation tax. People who lock up their coins pay less of a fee or even see a bit of an increase, depending on how long they lock up.

That's it.

How much is this worth? Simple: it could be worth as the CD market that it correlates with, and how much people use CD's.

HEX has a few thing going for it:
- The locking mechanism might help prevent panic dumping
- It's in the Ethereum ecosystem so it can automatically be used in all protocols that support ERC20
- It's grabs people's attention, if only because of its extravagant creator ("there is no such thing as bad publicity")
- Asia is still sleeping on it. Imagine if they ever FOMO on it.

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I think Brave at one point didn't work well with Metamask, because it comes with its own Metamask clone ("Crypto Wallets"). Not sure if that's fixed now.

You can try:
- Metamask in Firefox or Chrome.
- Or the "Crypto Wallets" feature in Brave

Both work for me and both should work for you. Make sure that when you create another wallet, you import the seed words of the current one and not create a new one.

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People hate making super mad gains. It's the most beautiful project in crypto. It's 3x audited. It's complete. It's absolutely amazing. Stake and retire early it's actually that ez but people will still let FUD and bias cloud their judgement. I end staked a 500k hex(100 day) stake just to see how it would hit me. I only lost like 10k hex(which makes the hex price go up when people do this). So I was able to cash out some gains into eth in literal minutes. Hex is the fucking truth and I pity anybody too stubborn to see it. Lambo szn NIGGERS

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Surprise surprise, I'm trying to send my Hex back to my yobit wallet so I can start from scratch, but wouldn't you know it...
Can't send because insufficient funds for transaction fees. Now there is a whole new set of bullshit literally regarding "gas prices" "GWEI" "Live gas price predictions". You have got to be fucking kidding me with this shit. So I can't even send the hex I have anywhere. This is really cool guys. So user friendly for new users to adopt.

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BTC maxis don't think HEX can be a store of value for whatever reason. HECX literally solves all the issues of BTC (tps, volatility, marketing).

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It's so ez a retard can do it but whatever. You will figure it out. Hop on the hex telegram channel they will help you if nobody here will

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It solves a lot of other problems much better than btc also. It's ok. They will learn the hard way. I still hold plenty of btc fwiw but it's hard to not just pile all my money into hex and print money

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Sending back won't help you. Try >>18756496 first.

But yes, you need a little ETH in your account to pay for processing fees, but not much. You can send them to your address just like you did with HEX.

All of this is bit messy when you do it first, but once you've figured it out it's not really not that hard. On the plus side, you'll be set to play with other Ethereum tokens once you've learned all of this.

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Sounds like a bybit problem and not a hex problem. Centralized exchanges suck dick. Just use uniswap. It's so much better.

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Stick to bitcoin and litecoin.

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Swithched from Brave to Chrome and it works now. That seems to be a problem that could throw some people off. Need to fix that shit.

Also, had no clue I needed to have ETH in order to do anything with HEX. So now I'm off to buy ETH to use my HEX. Yeah, that makes sense. Jesus Christ.

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GWEI is like Satoshis but for Ethereum. So many braindead people are about to miss out on the HEX gains because they can't invest 10 minutes into learning.

It will get easier by time. You are ahead of the curve id you learning now instead of investing in 5 years when your grandma will buy.

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Well Ethereum is like a machine you need to pay fees for ("gas") whenever you want to do something on it, like sending some tokens from A to B. ETH is just what you happen to use to pay for these fees.

P.S. If you still want to use Brave, just use its Crypto Wallets feature instead of Metamask. Works for me.

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l*nk is more of a scam than HEX will ever be.

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this post makes me angry

>> No.18758221

you can't use brave use chrome

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Good news. Nearly 300k HEX staked for 365 days. No clue what that means, but hopefully I'll be rich.

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How the fuck is this shit on nearly 500 million market cap and is still rank 205?

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Because coinmarketcap censors HEX. It's not "verified". Use Coinpaprika until further notice.

>> No.18759526

cause coinbase learnt their lesson with bitconnect and wont acknowledge useless shit

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I love how there is a coin that has made 60x returns in 3 months and you can only find 3-4 threads a day on here about it. People really are addicted to being poor.

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Are we buying the top if we buy now?

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what lesson, retard
CMC lists XRP on their platform with no problem, why would any ERC20 need to be "verified" (pay them money)

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>hopefully I'll be rich
Probably not, but it'll be a fun ride. Remember to backup your seed words somewhere safe, it's easy to mismanage them while waiting 365 days.

Coinmarketcap shoves "unusual/unproven" projects down to rank 200: Look at the market cap of some of the coins there. The one at 200 has a 100B cap with a trading volume of 1$. HEX will probably be released from there at one point. It's a real project with solid trading volume.

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Well said anon. These poor people will only buy coins at the top.

>> No.18760517

Get in or stay poor. Hex will go way higher than it is atm.
It'll take out a huge chunk of bitcoin's value in the coming months.

>> No.18760532

they would have done it already. dude its out since 5 months. they dont want that filth in the top 40

>> No.18760633

Its not even half a penny.

Not even close to top.

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market cap is 500m dude

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>didn't buy HEX
>didn't buy UBT
why do I miss out on all these PnD's/moonshots that /biz/ told me to buy
brb committing sudoku

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>I bought mine on Yobit
you bought a scam on an scam exchange, quite appropriate.
cant make this shit up.

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Hey! Hey! Hey!

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https://coinstats.app/ Best for tracking HEX

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???? that doesnt even show market cap for hex

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how can you not be bullish on this? price manipulation is the best part of crypto. do you think he didnt anticipate people finding this out? do you think he accidentally made this transparent?

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So i go to HEXdex to exchange it but i don't understand (i'm new to crypto) do i buy some eth that i need on my wallet first? and eth as in ethereum right?

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it just outs them as a binance marketing platform for coins who pay them to be listed on top100

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What I found out today that might be helpful to others...
Use metamask in Chrome, not Brave
You need a small amount (.005) of ETH for fees.

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So what's the real marketcap of this shit coin?

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Well im officially retarded.
I tried with like i dunno 10 dollars just to test it out and now i've exchanged from coinbase wallet...
But now where are they... i haven't made an account or signed up (other than coinbase and wallet that is)
Anyone who can help me?

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Is it a must have to stack the coin and what brings me to stack my 56k? Or can i hold my hex only?

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Always test with a small amount. You should know this by now, come on!

>> No.18763177

I'm experienced with metamask and have added HEX manually with the address.
But how secure is metamask really? Can my account only be accessed on my browser on my pc?

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"Should I sell my HEX.win? it 50x'd and I'm scared it will dump."

>> No.18763527


It can't dump because of the principles behind time-locking. Maybe it will retrace with traders taking profits but that's it.

Just hold for 7 years or more and enjoy becomming rich.

>> No.18763619


Metamask is very secure on its own. The only realiatic risk is if someone steals your computer. A way to counter that is to buy a ledger Nano S and connect it to metamask. I use that technique and it works amazingly well. Ledger Nano S also brings many other secyrity benefits which I cba bringing up to anons desu. Always DYOR.

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If i stack 10k for 30 days i got after 30 days only 159 hex?

>> No.18763719

>principles behind time-locking
>75% coins unlocked
biz never learns

>> No.18763721

sorry i´m new on this stack thing.

>> No.18763790

pls just dont do it, you will loose money

>> No.18763820

Always trust if you "loose" money ...

You won't lose it.

>> No.18764038

If you mean stake then yes at the current percentage of staked hex, which amounts to roughly 14% of interest on your stack per year, 159 hex in interest on a 30 day stake seems accurate.

>> No.18764059

What is a good platform for buying shitcoins? Coinbase takes awhile to ever list anything

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When it comes to HEX, how much is a suicide stack and how much is a make it stack?

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100k to 500k for a suicide stack
1m to 5m to make it
10m and up to be wealthy

But this can vary based on whether or not you stake to get BPD and interest and based on how long you want to hold.
These would be numbers based on if you stake your stack for 2 to 5 years.
In hex it's not just the size of your stack that matters, but the length of your stake, because compound interest can make your stack many x bigger if you stake for long enough.

>> No.18764871

suicide 1 million make it 100 million

>> No.18765140

How long are you guys staking for?

What if it dumps to nothing after big pay day and you're still staked.

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It will dump, but it will go back up again, like everything else in crypto. BTC went up and dumped many times. Imagine if you could have bought BTC when it was at it's first peak and staked for 5-10 years and if you got compound interest on it.
But people are too weak for gains that big. If you look at Hex it's the whales and the sharks that have the biggest and longest stakes. The regular folk can't comprehend multi-year investments and compound interest and end up shaken out after a mere 5x, which they'll spend on a vacation or some other dumb shit, but fuck 'em they deserve to be poor.

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>100iq: im ending my stake immediately after big pay day :)
>130iq: im ending my stake a week after big pay day after the millions of panic emergency unstaker retarded niggerfaggots give me all their hex in penalties :)

>> No.18765585

ok, I'm buying

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>150iq: I'm ending my stake after 6 years to let the market stabilize and 10x my stack

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Imagine not doing any research on the actual crypto and founder and just regurgitating ad hominem.

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heart premined a massive stack.
tokens can be created out of thin air to pay rewards
1 BTC can be used to claim 10,000 HEX. that means if only 10% of bitcoin addresses claimed hex, supply would skyrocket to 100,000,000,000 HEX, that's 1000 times more supply than is currently available.
I'll see if you guys are smart enough to understand supply and demand, its effect on price.

>> No.18767058

Dude wtf are you talking about? Number of free btc claims will actually make the daily AA HEX pool go down which in turn will make total supply lower by BPD. It will do the exact opposite of increasing the supply. Jesus, people really need to dig deeper into this before they concoct some retarded fud.

>> No.18767171

>FreeClaims start 90% staked for 350 days & can't EmergencyEndStake for them
holy shit you're right. Heart has 100% control over the supply of this coin. literally no one is allowed to sell so any buys are 100% profit for him.
but the question is where did he get his hex supply? did he premine it in the opening contract?

>> No.18767222

>100,000,000,000 HEX
There's already that much Hex and more dude. Price still pumping. So glad I bought into this 10 days ago. Already seeing 2017 like action. Stay poor, nerd

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