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I am going to quit at 10k. Crypto is the most toxic space ever and shit is manipulated. Stocks are like 10x better. Crypto could drop to 1k at any moment, because the whales want to/stablecoin regulation by government. I have developed so much hate to this scam space. Pump it to 10k today and I am out


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Good decission anon
It drives you fucking crazy

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>and shit is manipulated. Stocks are like 10x better.


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I have lost almost 5 grand with playing around on stocks in the last weeks. Yes stocks are better HAHAHAH

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>stonks are not manipulated

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>Crypto is the most toxic space ever and shit is manipulated.
no, it's just cause you are a retard and leveraged on bitmex and lost everything

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Buy a kek stack of kleros and unibright

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me too. After 4 years in crypto I have finally realized it´s a scam. This whole space needs a cleansing

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>Dear Diary,

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U know where never getting to 10k now right anon u just fucked it for everyone else

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See you at $20k

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In all seriousness, look in to hex before you bail man. I know it seems like it's all shilling for it here, but look in to the fundamentals.

Richard is an old guy in this space, and he does value the promise of decentralisation. It's actually the first ethereum token ive seen which does not have a big centralised component... There's a reason it's done 61x since the low.

The space is toxic, they don't have a clue what real decentralisation looks like, and this is why they hate hex. Hex is also probably the only other crypto I've seen since Bitcoin which has geneuinely represented a financial product in a decentralised way using only game theory to become self regulating.

You should see the people in the community as well, they are building like crazy and are already delivering back to the community.

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